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(Pillar; Post) In a dream, a column represents one’s religion. Ifone sees a column descending from the firmament in a dream, it means a divine favor and a blessing to have a just, compassionate and a forbearing ruler in that land.

If one is hit with a post, or ifhe uses it to beat someone in a dream, it means hearing or exchanging harsh words that describe the quality of the one who is struck.

If one sees himself leaning against a pillar that he bought or which is given to him in his dream, it means that he will rely upon an old woman for his livelihood, or that he will marry an old woman. Acolumn in a dream also represents a friend one can depend on.

A leaning column in a dream represents a worker who cheats his employer, disobeys him and who is a hypocrite.

If a worker sees a leaning post in his dream, it means that his employer will lean toward kindness and appreciation of his workers. Columns in a dream also represent important and strong men who are capable of managing their responsibilities. Owning a column or becoming a column in a dream, and if one qualifies, it means that he will become a leader of his community, a pillar in his own field, or a beacon of knowledge and a pillar of wisdom who is sought by knowledge seeking people. Ifone becomes a pillar in a dream, it also could mean his death, or it could mean crying.

A pillar in a dream also represents a father, a son, money, capital, a partner, a vehicle, one’s wife or a leader.

A marble column in a dream represents a great wealth, a great man, or a great woman.

A column made from granite in a dream represents someone who despises himself.

If it is from stone, it means fast changing conditions.

If it is a wooden column in the dream, then it represents a hypocrite.

The pillars of a mosque represent the Imam, the muezzin, the servants and the people who pray in it. (Also see Base)

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