Deer | Dream Meanings

What does Deer mean in dream?

A deer in a dream represents women and children. Capturing a deer in a dream or receiving one as a gift means prosperity, an inheritance, marriage, having children or overcoming one’s adversary. Slaughtering a deer in a dream means deflowering a young girl. Bringing a deer inside one’s house means finding a bride for one’s son.

If one kills and skins a deer in a dream, it means that he will rape a noble woman.

A deer jumping at someone in a dream represents a disobedient wife. Owning a deer in a dream means marriage to a noble woman or it could represent wealth which is earned from lawful sources. (Also see Gazelle)

Deer | Dream Meanings

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interpreted upon 4 sides: woman, young girl, child, usefulness from women.... Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik
(See Milk; Milking)... Islamic Dream Interpretation