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Dream Dictionary - A to Z

Dreams starting with the letter A

Attempt to broken in my home

Attempt in my house

A dead person holding a knife

Alisha ishrath

A shadu anla ilaha illalah

Ashadu an la ilana

Arguing with shayton

Alive people dead meaning

About your boy child broken hands


A dog almost bite my private part

A naked woman showing her body to someone else

A boy was going to ask for my hand in marriage

A dead person giving you clothes

Attar dream meaning

An old friend taking all my new shoes

Asking allah for something

Asking allah for a good husband in a dream

A woman dreaming that a man other than her husband has cut her hair:

Aliens invading earth

A man trying to kill a girl

A man choking a girl by neck

A dead person is slapping me in my dreams

A random boy wanted to kiss my lips

Allah s name

Ai frogs and ex friends


Attacked by parrot

Accuse of raping children

Abandoned girl child

Argumrnt with mother

Attacked by birds of enemies

Adolescent daughters marriage proposal

A man chasing me while am running

Animal head

A girl gave me cloth to wear

Arranging grave

A lady give a man cloth to wear

Animal falling on bed

A man rejects you

A gallon

Allahouma sali

Allahu akbar on body

A man chasing me in a dream

A dead relative talking about black magic in dream



Armpit long hair

Aloft of broken golf


Agony of loved one

Agony og loved one

Accident struggling

A house on fire

Accident almost killed

A women attacking me

A bug

Ant bedbugs



Aharam white cloth



Arabian dates

Ate chocolate cake

Almost getting arrested by israel

A robbery


A woman touching a woman’s genitalia

Adopt child

Allah talking

Alla talking

A spider attack on me

Arabic teacher

Authorities on you

A man telling your very beautiful

Armpit hairs

Apply hair removal cream in private parts


A big cats

Allah will

Animal bitting toy

Animal eating u


Air war

Animal slauter

Arrival of dajal in dreams

Arrival of dabal in dreams

Alive from grave

A cow giving birth un expectedly

A tiger entered home

Albino snake dream treasure hunting

A dead relative offer gold jewellery to me and i refuse it

A man collecting a dead bone



Ants bits

A ship

A shop

Alot of people in my house

A sick person getting better

A person with no head


Abandon babies

Angels in dreams

Appearance of jinn

Animal biting a child

A man watching you while bathing in a dream

Amputated fingers

Attaked by ghost

A girl with 4 legs

Another face in

Alanding helicopter islamic dream

A husband having mensuration

A library but i am always unable to issue or get any book

Already death person drowing

A horse raping a donkey meaning

A wild animal chasing you

A herd of pregnant cows

Animal eating money

Arriving in america

A big leach is on my right foot and sucked a lot of blood

A muslim lady fingering an unknown lady

A dead kid sad



Aerial rootss fall in house

A dead friend who died of breast cancer touched my breast in the dream

Assalamualaikum today i saw in my dream that i bought two snakes and bring them home but my brother killed one snake and one is still with us then i woke up from sleep what does it mean jazakallah khair

A guy asking my hand

A dog entering in your house meaning

A woman congratulating you in dream meaning


Agressive dogs

Attack of bull

A mad man vhmm


A snake lover of girl

A snake as a lover

A mad woman carrying a child begging for money in reality

A loving snake

A deceased person with garlic


A very big bird in the river

An angel decending from beautiful sky

Asking coconut water

Angels over head

A man holding a dasbeeh

A bouch of sugar cane in dream

A big web

A dog killing a cat is n a dream

Attack on kabah

A blue snake bite me

Attending former school

A goat

Attacked in ones bedroom

A man wearing a very clean and white arabian dress in a dream

Aerial roots

Awful co worker

A bright full moon

A wide grave

Ar rahaman

A bird biting me

Advicing your father

A man you live visiting at home





Accused of impregnating a lady

A cat with a white rat in its mouth


Accepting a garment or scarf

An unknown young woman sitting outside my front door

Attempted murder on me in a dream

Attempted murder on me in a drea


A man already have a wife

A funtion

A funtion scenario

A marriage function

A brother that pass away

A piece of meat

Advocado and spider

Advocado and insect

Arabic written around head

Afriend saw a police aresting me

A trench on railway station and under railway lines

About seeing an emuty bag

A man you love kissing on your hands in a dream

Accused pregnancy

A man calling me beautiful

Animal tail dream meaning


A women shows her private parts

A crocodile jumped in water tank

Al qasa

A group of people stoning me

A part of the tooth missing in upper front teeth and the full teeth in my hand

Accused impregnating lady

Argon oil

Allah written in clouds in dream

A bright sun in a dark night

A dead goat

Assisting someone to grind red pepper

A lockdown at my school and running away from soemthing with someone

A boy visiting my father

A man picking me up

An hinged angel with chain shot a fire arrow to people

Asking for help in islam

A strange gray insect flying in the kitchen

A dead person i knew chasing me in my dreams

An unmarried girl giving birth to twins boy and girl

A mad woman chasing after someone in a dream

A crack in house wall

An infidel slaughtering a ram

A married woman getting married to a dead person

Accidentally cut chin

A wife leaving her husband

Abortion in dream

A dream giving dawah

A woman see herself with some white hair on her face

A hot chase

Aggressive orange swans chasin me

A lot of dandruff in the hair

A mother dreaming of her daughter getting pregnant

A crazy woman chasing one in a dream

About to cook jollof rice

A girl you know playing with your hair behind your back

A friend is sick in my dream

Adopting a kitten

Aigns in sky

A woman thief enters home

A woman thief enters hime

A mad man calling my wife

Applying turmeric on feet in dreams

A still born baby

An adult stool in his underwear

Accidentally setting things on fire

A beautiful man in a white dress putting a white blanket on me

Angel with wings

A man in a white thobe with long black hair came to me while i was sleeping and put a white blanket on top of me

Apocalypse and bombing

Amana rassuluh


A queen drinking poison

Abusing a child

A man touching me romantically in a dream

Arguing in your dream

A friend laughing at you and bullying you for your downfall

Animals hunting hen

Almond oil spill

A woman in my dream wearing platform shoes takes them out and walks away

A street of water that has to swim to cross

A river full of dead fish

Apple of sodom

Apple falling

A king praying for me in a dream

A group of bats attacking

A beautiful woman praising your beauty

About red cap

A woman dreamt about a king warning her about her child

Asking for financial help

A dream of picking ripe coffee means

Angel of death taking soul of another in my dream

Aeeing your pet cat die

Applying makeup

A black cat jump behind the face

A man gitfed me a cat

A dead relative giving me sandals

A boy saying read the shahada

A big giant got

Arrows made of clouds in sky

A dinosaur looking fish coming out of tap water

A woman having a male organ

A sheep in dream

Attacked by a cow

A girl eating a crab meat

A man as husband and he is hugging


Ashes of a dead person

A white cat sleeping in my arms

A terrible teenager

A terrible young man is dominating my house

About mum going abroad

A friend sleeping on grave

A person who is moving his bowl

A dead mother eating ginger

Accusation of adultry

Asking quran from me



A black spider

Anaconda inside house

Alcohol mosque

Arguing with stranger about house sale

Ants biting tongue

Attacked by bee

A ship in a storm sea


A grandmother

Amputed leg

Acting as masquerade

As sending in sky

Asking for your hand in marriage


A married woman getting married in dream

A burning tree

A single girl seeing herself getting married to a person sge doesnt like at all

Abandoned child

Angel od death

Asking help to a judge

A clay pot with a hole

A dead person selling clothes in a dream

A guinea fowl laying egg

Anyone appologising in dream

A bucket of sand

A dream of mouse eating chocolate in a dream

A man having discharge on the bed

Animals under my bed

Arrowhead snake

Amniotic sac

After reciting tahajjud i saw a dream i recite tahajjud and praying for myself and tell allah all my problems what does it means


Angry bull entering house

A guy plaiting my hair

A deceased person taking bath in dream

Ascending track from sky

A lost child

At war

Angry noise

Abundance of drink

Allergy on body except face dream

Another woman

A thief rush into my compound stole some item and o ran after him

A widow women giving clock

A lot if hair coming from mouth

Asking my name to fill a form

Allah created jin fire

A woman dreaming of the prayers mark on the forehead

Almost getting shot

Attack by eunuch

A person pouring water filled with ice in container


Areca nut dream namber

A person you don’t like pregnant and having twin boys

Argue with mother in law

About torn ear

Asking people what to do before dying

Any relative is asking for water in dream

A mad man chasing me in dream

A disbeliever carrying an umbrella

A man confessing his love to me whilst crying

A bat entering a house

Alive person dead in a dream

A man was chasing me in my dream

A person with two heads

A sister fingering a sister in a dream

A bunch of young boys fully naked and enjoying making noise

Argument with my mother

Animal in grave

Asking your husband for a divorce

Asking your husband for a divorce in

Asking your husband for a divorce in a dream

A dream about pregnancy in a virgin

A black wolf

Applying henna on hands

Apricot nut

Applying nude lipstick in dream

A dead person entering the home of a sick person dream


A dream about someone put finger in my anus

A man in a bathroom

A man wearing a white towel

Ani dubartii taka sibaalan rukute ajjese

A man coming to see me in my father’s house

A baby peed on me

A mattress

Apnay aap ko haamla daikhna

Amethyst stones

A dead monkey

A small monkey that was in my hand suddenly dies

A colleague laughing at me

An old woman having a baby boy

A black fish running fast in ca


A big marble building


Ants bite in dreams

Angry at wife

Ascending the skies with angel

A eagle attacking snake in dream

A beautiful daughter

A man with a cape

A dream within a dream

Animal running after

A plate full of chicken kebabs

Adopting a stray

A heartless man in dream

Attracted to a girl

A black mice bit my thump

Ash purple

Apple and mango in dream

A necklace

A woman given birth to tripplet boys in a dream

A bird flying out from the cage

Asking for divorce

A dead women wearing a trip of a skull drawn on it

A red necklace

A glass of wine

A non muslim reading qurhan what does it mean

A little girl and boy playing in the bathroom

A boy child naked

Ascending in the skies; flying

Adding water in the bottle of milk

A giant man gave me a tissue

Adorned bride in blue garment

Appling oil on the limbs of someone else

Allah hu akbar chanting in dream

Auto road

A turtle in water

Aidanfruit dream meaning

Asking hand

Attacking goat

Allah on finger

Attacked with an axe

A tablet phone with your photos

A snake which is stand in the toilet of my home


Ayatul kuri

A friend helping me

A friend carrying a dog

Al asqa mosque

Alaska mosque

Alms giving buddhist monks

A man hit me

A dead person hand was my own


Accidentally killed someone

A beautiful house

A single lady sees wedding boxes full of her clothes

Arrangeed marriage attemph to blood brother

A dead person asking for clothes

A girl getting ready for marriage

Adopting a little boy in dream

Aim to dig well water


Al hadi

A dead women giving me a cloth gift

Accepting quran from deceased mother

Asking for breast

A ghost asking for right side of the breast

A woman carrying a baby girl turned her back on me and keep going


A married woman pregnant in a dream


Accidentally drops g the quran

Applying kajal means

A child bitting me in a dream

Aeroplane landing islam dream meaning

An old woman give two chapatis made with butter

Alhamdhulillah engraved in gold

Abort child

Assalam o alaikum

A man with skin missing on hand


Asking to build a room

Art exhibition

A dream about yourself holding a mirror and being hit with an object by another person from behind

A wild goat biting on my hand but didn’t bleed

Ants n rats

A white male come to my house

Attacking my brother with knife

A guy in my dream

An paralyzed person


About kicked out to school

A close person naked


After death

Applying hennah on lips

About school

A deceased person singing

A toothbrush

A duck peeing on me meaning in my dreams

Arc angels

A body with no head

A friend is moving

A letter tied to my leg

Ano po ang kahulugan ng panaginip na malunggay

Ayathul qursi

An old love interest getting married

A friend getting married

A man with no eyes

A person in white

An old friend gave me garden eggs

A woman carrying a baby girl walked out of me while i was trying to make fund with the child

A woman i know carrying a baby girl walked out of me

Ants eating cane

A person see blue flower and allah name what is meaning of that

Artificial intelligence

A lady sucking my pussy in the dream

A man speaking from quran

At height with father who already died

At height

A person bring my room three bags of money

Abandoned temple

Arrow hit

A brick

A mad man chasing a pregnant woman

Animal meat

Ayah tu krusi

Ayah 255

Ayartal krusi

A underground hall filled with water

Aqeeq breaking after falling down

A dead person behind

Animal skeleton

Almonds and figs

A mad man chasing me in a dream

Accused of something and crying

A known person is doing black magic


A cow has only 2 legs and chasing me


A letter to a married woman

Ants graveyard

Ants coming out grave

Aunts coming out a grave

Animal sat on bed

A man is drowning in rain water

Allah telling you to be careful in dream

Aggressive beggar

A snake chasing a fowl

Accepting from or to the deceased something

Applying white colour surma for eyes in dream

A pair of new beautiful shoes

A baby is dead but smiling

An old lady getting married

Allah mentions my name

A massive musjid mosque

Another man walking through my room

A pregnant woman saw her mother inlaw assisting her in her dream

A king brother

A bunch of keys

Abunch of keys

A child dancing

Absence of grooms family on the wedding day

A woman wearing a bangle

A porc

A brown dog biting your butt

Attacking a snake

A married man committing zina

A collegue being cheated on marriage

A dream about uncooked red beans


Asking for charity

Another country conquering another

Accidentally killing child

Allah doesn’t need you by his side

Allah doesn’t need you

Asking for head scarf

A hen with many white chicks

A house

A lot of crocodiles in water meanings


Apni behan ko marna sapne mai dekhna kya hoya h

A beautiful woman

A unknown man

A known man fighting with my son

A disbeliever walking with me

A man taking me on different roads

An unknown young beautiful girl going her own way

A young unknown beautiful girl separating from me

A smiling black cat

A man committing suicide

A boy wearing a golden crown

A white cat fighting with black snake

A person showing up in your bed

A person was in my room someone i know

A person acting possessed

A tight pussy

Adultery with some one you no

A bat enters the house

Abscess in penis

Asking for another chance in dream

Army of mahdi

A smiling dead son

A dead man is a young toddler

A female fingering another female in a dream

Armpit hair is

A black cat with glowing eyes

A guy touching my vagina in the dream means

A dream of cooking matooke

A abnormal man with three fingers

A pregnant lady dreamt of masqurade

A boy committed suicide

Allah miracle in dream sign

A toothless snake tries to bite me but i bite it of

Airplane full of muslims in all white

Arabic word

A beautiful women

As an infant seeing myself in mecca on top a camel

Arguing with future spouse

A known man peeping at me


A stranger stabbing dreamer with a green knife

A bunch of flowers in a graveyard

A dog biting my hand in a dream

Animal bow down

Allah written on sky

Accident and being chased

Avoiding a bad car crash

Abandoned place

A dead person wearing black

A sleeping snake

A woman having penis and licking it sucking it

A man that i love

A fresh groundnut mix with groundnut powder with coins

A lot of spiderwebs around my house

Acrylic nails

A women seeing herself naked

Appointed as government minister


Affected by evil eyes

A snake in a mosque

A big nardil

A kiss

A snake coming out of ur vagina

Angle of dead

Argue with dead father

A war zone area or calamity

Attend wedding

Applying kajal on eye

A girl had wound

A person with a wound

A snake that was overpowered in a dream and a cat that was just there

A man kissing forehead

Abortion in my baby


A bear and its babies

Arrange married

A wounded snake

Allah on my forehead

A disabled young man

Attended wedding

Attending my sister wedding

After fire scene

Abnormal baby dying

Ablution by river water


A bear in the house

A baby boy born to a pregnant

A car crash

A cup fell into a toilet

Attacked by a bull then getting help by allah

A child see herself giving a birth to a fly

A few wooden pallets stacked together dream interpretation

Ants and centipedes

A kaffir praying

Admitting to jannat

Animal with wings

Apple tree in garden

Artificial lake in dream

Ask help from a prince

Accused of something i didn’t do

About husbands ear wax

A dream where a friend is drinking alcohol

A religous leader giving me a shot and saying ill dir in three days

Asking for a second chance

A boy giving you a key

Animals desert

Airplane fall in ocean

An unmarried girl giving birth to twins boys

A man looking at you in a loving manner



Anaconda swallowing cow

Accidentally cracking a coffee mug

A snake on a plate

Aloe vera flower

Arrested in a dream

Accused by impregnate girl

A bird stuck in mud

A widow giving birth to a child then sees blood being cleaned

A widow giving birth to a child

Asking for divorce as husband cheated

Asking for help to others

Ado odi ni oju ala

Applying hair cream on your head

A lot of people

A bird chasing me

Allah and muhammad written in the sky in arabic

A girl waiting

A friend giving us sweet as an invitation


Applying tumeric

A man wrestling with a woman

A lizard tied with robe in dream

A lot of poop coming from toilet

A visit of a pious person in your home

A boy who i know from the past

Ablution duah


A dead person give you prayer beats

A white female sheep gives birth to two young female lambs

A ghost giving me a hicky

A ghost giving me a vicky

A pomegranate tree in a dream represents a pious respected and a rich man lfhe is a merchant his business will always multiply the thorns of a pomegranate

A sun dream

Animal speaking to human

A pregnant woman dreamt of being naked in front of her parents

Accident with car

Abaya wore inside out meaning

Aquatic animals

A white cow kissing a person

A man using the clothing of hajj

A known man in ihraam


A freiend gives shoe in the dream

A man brushing your hair

Adopting 4 cats all in different colors

A woman calling azan in a dream

A woman carrying calabash and pot to my house

Ali grave

Ali bin

An enemy giving me their clothes in a dream

A person with broken leg in a cruntch

Allah writen on moon

A married woman see herself pregnant



Airplane white shirt brown coat

A child sleeping on the floor

Accidentally killing someone

Animal killing in a dream

A dead persons come to you with bright illuminations telling you that someone oppressed him when he was alive

A night sky full of stars visible in galaxy type

Angel scared me into praying

Animals blocking the way

A married man seeing getting married again

Asking milk

A person who has died in white coffin

A bird playing on my thigh

A snake leaking the right foot util it fall asleep and later gets furius

Arguing with deceased


Asking dua in front of kabah

Acution of beautiful crockery

Auction happening in front of my home

A dream where a woman i like living in my apartment as a tenant with her family and they are facing paranormal activity and i try to fight those activity my reciting ayatul kursi but my voice got stop so i run and then the woman show up

As a woman seeing yourself naked in your dream

A crying babby get calm by my hugg

Ayatl kursi

Anana spelling

Amana spelling

Asleep in your bedroom and hearing running footsteps in your room

Acquiring a golden feather of a peacock from the peacock after touching it

A cockroach jump on me

Asking for water by person who is dead

A pregnant woman dream of being gifted a paper money and someone collected it from her

A pregnant dream of breastfeeding her second born

Attacked by a monster

Animal with blue stone in between eyes


A king lying on couch in my living room

A dress made of pearls

Armor of khalid bin walid sahaba

Armor of khalid bin walid

Arrest of ex husband on his wedding day

Angel punishment

Angeles punishment

Aracanut plant flower in dream

A queen give you white bracelets and money

Almost died from aeroplane crash with my last words being shahada

Amputated leg

A dream of daughter of president

A dead father requesting for rice and eggs

A height tree whith tasbeeh

A dead person gave me tea and squeezed my hand

Amulet in dream


Animal eating flesh meat

A relative cooking in a dirty vessel

About to eat in dream

Asking joods


Automobile trasportare

Allah dessert

A coffin entering a mosque

Attack by street kids

Animals in bed

Animal in bed

A man gifting a shawl to me in dream

Am i am teenage girl and got a dream of pregnancy in dream

Airplane landing


A newborn baby girl

A guy saying they are going to kill me

Alif lam meem

Ants in hair

Applying butter on hair in dream

An unknown person in my house terroring me

A robber attacking me

A thief in my house

A man covering me with a blanket

Attending a lesbian wedding

Animal eating human infront

Animal eating human infront of me

A man dream of mad woman giving birth to twins

A red towel

Auzubillahi minshaitan nirajeem bismalihirrahman nirrahim

Animal eating human

Angels training child

A lady attacks a man

Abundance of fig tree

Aurora boraelis

Attending the function of puberty with sadness in dream

A bride fainting at her wedding

A dead father giving carrot to daughter or a daughter giving carrot to her death father

A death father giving carrot to daughter

Attacking by horse

About a newborn

Ashadu la ilaha ila and allah

Arranging bed

A child dream about her father

A big manson

Attempt to enter house

A man with two penis

Aali imran 3:129

A huge clump of cervical mucus

Always reading ayatul kursi

Algae in dream

A burning banana tree

Aiming gun at someone

Allergy on face and neck


A new shoes taken

A dead person opening a door

A stranger looking at me

A train


Adopt daughter in my dream and feed her

Adopt daughter in my dream

Ash in a sore mouth

An egg coming out of your vagina meaning

A little girl touching my vagina

Al buraq

A girl around 6 or 8 chasing me in a dream

Animals outside door

A dead person introducing a bitter kola to you

Attacked by woman

A person going to space

A old lady wearing gold in grave yard

A fight in a dream

A woman giving me banana stem

A man jump down from the roof

Academic gown


A goat running and broke his neck

Abortion dream meaning

A sick person is healed

A friend saw my grandma and grandad who have passed away and when she asked them where i was they said i had left this world

Antiques silver treasure

A person who has died lately

A man passes urine in his trousers

A man urinates in his pants

A fly entering a nose

A wall of trees plucking somgrren leaves with e out

A wall of trees plucking some out

A man wets his pants

A man pees in his pants

An unknown young naked girl

A lion eating a rat


Another baby

A lot of cats inside my house

A thief

A slit of once head

Animal ride

After fajr i dream i was praying at the beach

A man telling me he doesn’t have feelings for me

A girl sweeping the floor of her house with a broom

As soon as it rains after taking the funeral procession

A cheetah kills another harmless animal


Arguing with mother in a dream

Aman dream wife clothes

Aboo bakr

Animal seal

A new prophet

A random guy gave u money on eid islamic interpretation

A guy that’s wants to marry me having an older brother but he doesn’t exist in real life

A red fruit

Attending puperty

Abandoned infants

Amputated a

Amputated ar

Always at a wedding in dreams

A friend btraying you

A friend going against you

A swollen face

Airplane with brother

A man being burnt in fire

A missing child

A normal person being abnormal

A dead person biting me

Adopting two babies

A chair

A lump sum of bride price

A snake swallowing a chameleon

A hip of dirt

A star and moon moving together in the sky

A dead person die


Attending wedding

A dirty sheet

Attack by tiger

Attack dog

A violent disturbance of peace

A bride cheating

A widow seeing her nikah

A girl seeing silver anklet in dream

Animal bowing down upon hearing allah name

A dead person disapears

A person who died long time you see her then she disapears

A dead person appears and disapeard

A big tree falls

A sick woman in white clothes

A bull hitting me

A saw a dark skinned toned man wearing white jubba and those behind a glass and he was standing near a car and i was looking at him

A son dreams his mother that her hair falling what it means

A child eating raw meat

An alive head without body

Attending my dead sister wedding

Ambat leaves

A dream about giving a mad person bread

A seed in mouth

Air conditioni

A person returns the quran o give her on my dream

A flock of kingfishers bird in a dream

A shoe

A dirty woman trying to possess me

A girl kiss

A girl kiss on my cheek

A bite of bird on my finger

A poultry bite on my fingers

A bird bite ony finger

Abbas alamdar

An old man shooting bullet in the sky


A dream about my future


Amla fruit in dream

An ugly snake fighting you

Alligator and shark

Abdominal stitches

Album in dream

Acne pores

A pregnant woman dream of harvesting cassava

A wife dream of her husband become rich

A deceased father smiling

A dead parent smiling

Attachment in the dream

Animal sucking blood

Argue with friend

Attempt to murder

A big white husky

Ano ibig sabihin ng panaginip ng malunggay

A friend chasing me

Asking for tea

Askin for tea

Alive mother dead in dream

Ants on the toilet seat

A woman dreaming of hair on my chest

Anklet missing

A dead person giving me a leaf

A baby girl licks in my face

A member of my family tried to kill me

Ants with eggs

A tennage pious girl smiling on me

A giant person and saying salams


Asking dead mother in law out for dinner with my boyfriend

A person dressed in black so angry with me while i was screaming bismiaah

Allah hugging me

A dream about buying maggi

A dead relative giving me money

Agama lizard on my bed

A cats tail cut off

A boy flirting with other girls in front of me

A boy insulting me in a dream

A cat following me



A cat was licking my husband penis

Advice from a decease relative

Asked to do someone nikkah

Ark of covonent

Adopting boy child