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Dream Dictionary - A to Z

Dreams starting with the letter A

A friend falling from the roof or trying to suicide

Avoiding masquerade in the dream

Ant feet

Angry guest

A unknown man raping me

Ants eating a snake

A ton of small black stones

Arrested by soldier

Aged man blow the ayat on me for good pregnancy

Attacked by a tiger

A big unknown house

Attending a funeral

A relative gossiping about you

Artificial teeth broken and new teeth grows

A travel thats been cancelled

A sufi saint in dream

Adultery by wife

A friend gives you a bouquet flowers

A small snake bite my tomb

Asking for ginger in dream

Amola ati ewedu eating in dream

Always being chased by wild animals

A married woman dreamed of getting married again

A couple naked

Anklet voices

Auntie died and did ghusl on her

Applying turmeric in a body

A piglet chasing h

Always dreaming of the same person

Actress photo

A sick woman

A big stone in sky

A dog

A man putting finger in my belly button forcefully

Arested by government

And explosion and seeing dead in it


Atta huya t

Amala and ewedu

A lot of people in the house

Asking sweets from someone

Asking for help with a paper

A mother cat milking to baby kittens

A known woman

A dream of wearing a yellow shirt

A snake tormenting my friends and i

A man saving you

Asking allah for help in a dream in islam

Asking hindu god for help

Appling makeup to a dead person

Arrival of dajjal

Asked about dead person

A chinese man showing me around in a new business


Alta in dream

Asking if i was pregnant

A cow bite me

Animal with two head

Ash gaurd in dream

Adultery with known person

Apne apko barhana dekhna

A jar of water

Allah written in a moon

Allah written on moon

A friend praying in madina

Applying oil on others head

A pregnant woman see milk in her own breast

Angle huging my husnband

A dead person climbing wall and coming down

Animal cart

Accompany the bier

Apple rain in dream

Angles praising

A white horse running

A snake trying to attack you

A man clothed in black

Algae dream interpretation islamic

A dead person with flower

A dead person giving flower to another dead person

A snake tied with a rope in a door

A dead person giving me meat to eat

A small girl entering my house and i return her to her family

Aunt drinking water

Angel calling my name

Arrow dessending

A girl likes me

A girl asks me out

A large spider

A large critter

A long worm coming out of my finger

A worm coming out of my finger

Asking to memorize quran

Alleen zijn



Aircraft fire

A girl doing blackmagic and making me fall sick


An insolent lady in dream

A very big house

Accident survival of father

Animals eat corps

A wind and a dust in a dream moving in a north direction

A woman with a tail in the dream meaning


Asking for coffin in dream

Asking for coffin

A seas

A dead person bringing you someone


A king praying for you

Arguments with person

Alot of carpets

A married man intercourse with cousin sister

Aunt passes away

A married woman wearing new long dress

Accident head messed up

A blind person stealing money from my home

A woman tie wrapper in dream meaning


Asking for traveling money

A dream that woman smiles at you know do you

Africa front

A big ox entering a city

A cow head without skin

Argument with a stranger

A dead person young son

A friend giving me bag of garri in the dream

A cat giving birth to the kittens

A sick person giving birth in dream

Asking deceased mother for food

Allahs house in front is in my dream

Accused of impregnating my niece

A cat is digging hole

A small snake

A sick person getting well

As an married woman seeing my brest pouring

Anxiety and courage

Appearing in white on greenland

Adopt a cat in your dream

Assalaam alaikum

Animal for sacrifice

A fat black lady buying a dress from me

A dead tiger comes to life

A brother trying to kill you

Attack by three cows

About a girl i like not being able to meet her and then being with another girl i like

A father beating his son 3 lash on the stick

A father beating his son 3 lash on stick

A bottle of water and food being offered in a mosque in a dream

A bottle of water and food being offered in a dream

At the beach with unknown people

A women kissing penis dream

All of my teeth fell out and i collected them

Allan akbar

A plant growing through a rock

A dead person give me lemon

Abondoning a lover in a dark scary and empty place

Abdomen boil in dream

A fraction


Attending birthday celebration of brother in the dream

A baby wrapped in white clothes

Allah wakbar

A mad woman chasing and abusing a pregnant woman in a dream

An insect multiplied into thousands and covered a crawling baby


A friend in prison

A friend incarcerated

Already dead relative

Angel of death fetching you


A function in a dream

A dead women with no hair

A prophet riding a horse and saying something to me

Angry naked women

Around mountains

Aurora lights

A gift that has been broken

Ants walking on skin

A man with a big head

A woman give money to you

A smoke coming in a house but not harmful

A clean water in the basket

A little boy chased by calves

A non muslim rreading quran

African woman covered in blood beheaded

Ash in money box

Allergic hand in dream

Ants in graveyard

Adverse meaning

American hen laying eggs

Attacked by a mad man on my dream

A freind given me cow meat in a toilet and eating together with him in a dream interpretation in islam

A little baby girl calling me my daddy

Avoiding namaz

Angel jibreal

Another unmarried woman pregnant

Asking dua in dream

Ants and mosque seen in a dream

Asking direction to a bathroom

A lot womens sit together

Angel beside me fighting jinns but lost and jinn smeared blood across my face

A pant as a gift

A pack of horses

A woman proposed to me in my dream

Alive lizard coming out of your mouth

Asking for cloth

Anta biting my feet

Ants biting my foor

Auliya allah

Army posts

Accepting money from deceased husband

Animals chasing me

Another person stool

Ants entering the room

A man sees you changjng your clothes

A man sees you changing and leaves

Atta animal in dreams

Atta in dreams

Assistant teacher

A pregnant person

Afer killing change to child

A friend wearing white dress with arms full of sparkling diamond jewelry

Accused of impregnated a lady it was planned to destroy someone

Accused of impregnated a girl

Ants kill and eat snake

Animals fall in well

Animals dead

Apply oil on hair

Accident dream

Arguing with your friend

A dead person not talking to you

Arguing with brother in low


About to be stuck

A bag



A dream of putting glycerin on your whole body in islam

Alot of centipedes in water

A dead person cooking a meal

Ants eating a dead snake

A male geeting me


After fight with family leaving your own house

A mother approaches me to marry her daughter

Alien spaceship

A calligraphy written on a wall

An ugly child

Ankle amputation

Attack by animals

A dream of talking to a fetish priest

A dead person asking for sweet


A sick kid going from hospital to hospital with no help

Attacked by multiple people

A stray cat was in my house it was difficult to get him out

A child

An adult

Ants biting body

A thin silver and black snake in a sweet tray

Adream when someone is tell me their problems meaning

A cup of water

Ayat kept on ground

A dead person is sick

Angry and shouting

A pool of water

A group of family women getting ready to go to a wedding

At school

A snake entering yo vagina

Angry large horse

Allah cerates the universe

Allah in human form

A white horse attacking me

A horse attacking me

A shadow man with a high hat

A ruined grave

A relative trabel with eaeouro plane

Appoint chief

A colleague selling her house to me


An empty hot land

Al birr

A jinn took me to different places


A friend having twins

Angry at mother

A handsome man with long arms


Alive mother dead

Animal cat

A big black pots

About coaco

About cocoa

A girl sucking my vagina

Ashab kahaf

Ashab jagadish

Abundance of food

Assisting a dead person

A grey mouse eating though a loaf of bread

A girl sleeping in my fiancé room

A girl see herself swimming

Another guy loves you in marriage

A black colour bird was comming towards me

Alligator pepper kola nut and bitter kola in the dre

A white snake bite me from the leg

About to travel

Animal trying to eat me

A man wearing my female clothes


A pregnant women picking snail in the dream

A robber

Ash guard in dream

A queen

Aunt died in dream

Arcea nut

An unknown man with long hair who is happy

Accused of zina

An accident that you got saved

A bride kissing me

A bride leaving the house

Ants attack snake dream meaning

Asking a dying person to read kalm

A dead person giving a set of keys

A purple dress

Aunty dying

An evil spirit tries to kill you

Ants on the wall

A girl was possessed by a jin in my dream i have not seen jin in my dream and i started reciting lahor and astagfirullah

A lion trying to get out of a cage

Angry sheep


A dog transforming into a werwolf

Aunt died

Apologising father in dream

A snake trying to get out of my leg in a dream

Abortion in islam dream interpretation mean what

A gown

Annoying whistle in my dream

Animals surrounding me

Ahlulbayt grave

Ahlulbayt gravd

Accidently eating haram meat in dream

About to board plane for damascus but got down

A dream about buying offals from a butcher

Adream about buying offals from a butcher

A woman fighting a man in a dream

A pig trying to attack me

A bottle of coffee

A bottle of tea

Applying henna to someone

A black dog running after me

A old man saying that you had a bad disease which is gone now

A sign from allah swt

A plant was giving me the sign that allah swt loves me

A married woman to herself pregnant in islamic dream

Amputated feet

A bride in dream

Arabic writing

Arabic writing in my bedroom window

Arabic writing in the sky

A dead body in rain

A bride kissing me on her day of wedding

Alive father passing away


A unmarried women giving birth

Arranged marriage

A dream where you are eating

Accidentally eating pork and vomit it


Ayyatul kursiyyu



Ayya tul qursiy

Attack of a shark

Attracted to

A men giving me green duppata

A dream of a married woman who saw a dream many times sees herself marrying for

Ash shura

A wife dreaming of her husband romancing her

A beautiful lady

A woman close to me

A lady throwing stones at me

A child eating meat of pig dirty

A girl with cats in masjid

A dream that i was touched inappropriately by my uncle

An explosive sky

Arguing with my mother

Alcohol and fridge

Asking allah for a second chance

Al haram masjid

Attacked by a black horse

Ants on wedding dress

Ants coming out of skin


A man you love comes to your house

A black thick snake in a dream meaning islamic interpretation

Almond shells

A green ring that controls you and is knowing about you from that ring

A hole in roof islamic dream

A women singig and danesing in a public

A women song and danes ing in a public

Attacking by wild animals elephant snake

Attacking by wild animals



A hole on a cooking pot dream in islam

A known person called my name

Another woman is opening vagina

Anklet missing in dream

Always dreaming negative

A man staring at you meaning


Animals from the sky

Ayatul kursi in dream

Alive during disaster

Am dreaming welt on my body

A large house built for me

A man disvirgin a lady in a dream

A dceased wife pregnant in a dream

Ague with my brother

Another man taking possession of your wife

Amla tree and fruit

Ants crawling on hands

A bright full moon and a sun

A dead person asking for forgiveness

A dead person phone me to say thank you

An unknown child

An unknown child drowning in river

A child dying in a river

A child calling me papa

A beautiful cat

An unmarried man dream: sees his marriage bride is not present bride unknown a crowd of people sees people who had passed away

A alive people seeing dead in your dreams

A male hen biting me in dream

A well full of water with a person found dead in it

A group of ducks were chasing me

Army green

Arguing with sister in law

Arguing with sister in la

A big gecko in my bed

A dead mother walking bare footed in her sons dream

A man folding cloths in dream

Arguing with a neighbor

Ayat kareema

Asking my husband for divorce

Always dream naked

Aggressive kittens in a dream

Attacked by a dead person

A bird in front of full moon

Arab traditional dress

A4ab t4aditinql dress


A monkey sitting on tree

A black cat biting

A small bird moving on my head tried to remove it and it hurt so badly that it started bleeding

A small bird moving on my head

Attacked by animal

Attacked by ani

A young girl seeing herself being married in dream

A women

A girl with baby in her lap

Anzac day

Abdul qadir jillani


Attention from man

Animal hair growing in body

A pregnant woman dreaming of someone dancing

A snake turned into a cat

Another person ksiing my forehead

Another man kissing my temple

A big long snake turned into a cat dream

A bunch of green bananas in the dream

Alive person and dead seen in a dream

A governor visiting our home in dream meaning

A friend as a army

Air plane dream

Aesteroid burst

An eunuch harming me

Attacked by a cat in dream

Attempted murder bite nose and made bleed

At home

A baby deficating in a dream means what

Aunt smoking marijwana


Amla tree


Afraid of fallinf in deep river

A dead person telling you they have come to get you

Angry monkeys

Abulution in dream

Animal eating

Accident done by my son

A dead person asking for mango fruit in dream

Asked to lead prayer

A muslim woman touching my thigh

Angel outside house

A white parrot flying from hand

A baby with red hair

Accident father

A man disvirgin a woman in the dream

A cat eating a snack

A cat eating a snack meaning in islam

Asking a dead dead person about solution to your problem in a dream

Accepting zakat

Ashes and pregnant

A tall white someone who no one other than us can see

A swaying woman dragging me and pointing at my stomach


Arabic written in sky

A man pouring cold water on my head

Aleef laam meem

Allah name

Avocado pear

Adult stool


A dream about peeling egusi

An air craft landed in your hand

Azan in dream


An old biology teacher from high school

An old teacher from high school

A woman in labor

An unknown beautiful house

A snake biting me on the right hand

A beautiful house in dream

Arranging the the prayer as the father is died



Alot of water

Adopting a baby boy

Accused murder

A woman dreaming of a man

A bird comes to my bed and sleeps in what is the meaning in islam

A bird comes to my bed and sleeps in

Arabic written in handkerchief

Asking for statue

Allah pendant

A rat giving birth

A cat attacking me and my friend

Animal eating other animal

A man saying i love you to a woman dream

A dream about walking by a bush road

Argue with father in law

A snake and a crow fight blocks my familys path and my mother tries to fight the crow so we can move forward

A dead person giving a ring

Arguing with a close friend

Arabic letters on the sky

Abundance fish

A cock in bad shape

An egg turning spoilt

A old man asking for fruit

Ant at feet of my son

A friend being raped

A baby falling from the castle

Account delete

Abandon food

A woman in a black dress singing to a child

Animals childrens

Animals childrenw

Animals childrene

Angry crow

Alot owls trying get to me one jumps on my body

A big black pig

A liitle girl growing a penis

A friend hates me

A drying pond

A spareow on shoulder

A known person

Ants bitting on body

A person doing something immoral


All teeth are gone

A wife beating her co wife in a dream

Asked to cook

Applying alta in dream

Allah speaking to them

Assembly of earth and planets

About to rain

A cross and a stick

Alive mother dying in a dream

Amputation of limb

Argument with your father

Anus blood

Appoint as king in a dream

A woman is giving my niece a canadian flag

A woman dreamt that she and her child was peeing the bed

Argument with mom

Angel with yellow eyes

A man shouting at me i will have a baby

Attending someone’s funeral

Al aqsa and eating fruit

Ackee fruit

Arabic alphabet

Attaining puberty

A man sleeping on my chest

Anthill needed

Another man touchin you

Alone dead body covered in black clothes

A monkey

A cut from the mouth bleeding alot

Aeroplane landing in dream

A homage

Attacked by parrots

Attacked my parrots

A tree with honey

A lady led me to a tomb written 2004


Aunt giving food and something in dream

A lady tries to kill me

A spider hanging on hand

A dead person smiles at me

A dead person laugh

A friend wearing revealing clothes

A pink dress

A muslim giving a christian a bath

Al aqsa in dream

Abbandoned train

A random boy getting close to me

A rat bite my arm


Accidently fast

A witch

An enermy

A was in bougainvillea garden and holding some flowers

Animal matings

Angel michael

Akara eating meaning

A snack bite a woman on the hand

A person with cat eyes staring at you

A guy licking my vagina

Avoiding a woman

A woman grabbing me in public on groin area

A plant dies

A friend talking bad about me

Always surviving

Avoid warm from body

A familiar man having a vagina

Arguing with my sisters

A friend used my attachment to braid her hair

A car on fire

Accused of stealing

Accidently killing a stranger in dream

A stranger

A stranger in my house

Angry aunt

A man i want to marry having a girlfriend


A pond with muddy water

At f

Accident to son

Anteater throwing stones at me

As salamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu i had a dream that my sister’s child was being taken (kidnapped) right in front of my eyes i just woke up and it’s really troubling me please what does that mean in islam?

A mad man hugging u

A mad man hugging you

Almost sleeping with your sister


A men cry

Argument between mother and daughter

A fly in my ear


Abandoning a child

A woman

A man without clothes

Aunt wearing hijab

Aunt in hijab

Angry husband

A lion trying to attack

Animals around your house

A lion attack

Animals on a mountain




Asking dead husband for a diamond ring

Asking for a diamond ring

Ants on body

A car rolls back and hits a wall

Asking help

A child burning alive

Apple good for ibs and gerd

A woman touching my vagina

A friendly dog

A eating the rat

Arm amputation of stranger

Ancient ruin

A moon dropping from the sky

Airplane crash

Arind plant

A tall man in kanzu


A son

Adopting a boy child

Asalam aleikum on the sky

Al aqsa

A person you know robber you

A person you know stealing you

Ashadou an la illaha

A dwarf wanting to show affection

Attempted to be killed

A women with beard

A lizard lay eggs

A bat going near on you while sleeping in the dream

A bath going near on you while sleeping in the dream

A refurbished mosque

A friend dreams about you in a ship with tow kids mean

Attack by big snake

Attacked by several men

A naked dying lady in a dream

Auntie very ill

A woman wearing my blue dress

A women giving birth

A baby boy

A friend in red garment

A house burning

A decease person telling you about his secret wife and child

Aged women in green saree

A baby using the toilet

Asking for rice from a dead person

Asking rice from dead people

A dead relative giving his wallet

Al qayyum written on the sky

A scenery with lake and moon and trees

A lake with trees and clear water

Automatic truck

Applying makeup on dead person

All white

A boy touch my hand

A boy touches my hand

A lion blocking your way with other animals

Asking hand for marriage

Asking my hand for marriage

Ark of covenant

Adopt cats

Ant bitiñh fish in a dream

A boy hugging me

A man cutting his fingers

A gate being left open

Another religion

A boy

A baby girl being born

Avocado in dream

Adultery with

Adultery of wife

A little family gathering some girls (some known and some unknown) pineapples hanging from a wall in a dream

Avoiding a black snake

A black color snake in dream



A water tap without running water

An elderly muslim woman sitting at a water tap that ran out of water

About to break fast but remember in dreams

Aeroplane crashing


A woman with male reproductive system

A teanage girl been murder

Anti religious man

Almonds and walnet

Adding honey into bowl and pour some milk and add dry friuts and mixed to eat

A thin long snake on my back but head far way from me which is taken away by my brother and dead mother walking beside me

A dead mother in dream

A snake on my back but head fat away from me and someone took it away from me

Ants biting my leg

Arrival of husband

Arrival of prisoned husband

Alligator in a dream

Aziz in a dream

A pregnant woman flying

A pregnant lady wants to have new marriage


A dead cow

A man plaited hair for woman

A man threw a spider at me in the dream islam

A house with stairs and a garden

A fan cut off my sister hands

A wife cheating on her husband

A rope tight your neck

Al rahmaan

Arrival of someone abroad

Ants on my head

A lots of candles

Arrested at marriage

A dove chained on the neck

Acl year

Ayoung man falling in a dig

Abuffalow chasing aman

Arguing with husband

Alcohol drinking

Allah akbar

A very pious man dressed in white gave me cucumbers

A man with snake

An unknown girl becomes muslim

A tall with black clothes

A long figure with black closeted pointing at me



After prayer

Applying heena on my sister leg in dream

Asking friend for help but he is not coming

An old man dreaming fighting eith unkown person

An old man dreaming gighting with unknown person

A women telling me that my husband is cheating on me with her

A door is open for me and some of the person wiring white

A person i haven’t seen

Abadoned dirty kittens

A dead person asking for money to buy food

Abaya black

Air conditioning

Achild and me catching white ants from antihill

Aubergine being cooked

An egg with your child


Albero di arance

Another person in prayer mat

Abt clothes in bin

Arguing with dead mother

A worker has fallen from a construction building

A labor has fallen from a construction building

A single woman bleeding from her vagina in her dream

Amman statue


About a deceased going to prison

A random guy kissing me and im avoiding him

Advise in a dream

Arrange marriage failing



Abu bakr

Aeroplane shot down and crashed into the sea

Athan by fish

A close person trying to kill me with knife

A lady give me chocolate

A dream where you are running while looking for someone and you found that person

A dream where some is tommy is open while running

Arested in dream

Angel saving me

Apples in jannah

Arguing with daughter


A teacher flogged me in my dream

An expired person

About people caching fish in dream

Aunt kissing


A person turning to dirt

Adult behaving like a child

A dead friend congratulating me

Asking book from teacher

Ant killing


Attending someones marriage

Afraid of colour green

A deceased person tells you you will die

Acid on my forehead

Allahu akbar

Ants on my arms

About winning

Ant bite meaning

A girl getting married

A snake chasing you

A thief killing me with a knife

Accident in dream

Answering a call

Answering a mothers call

A friend wronging you

Attacked by crow

Alive father death

Arm cut

Ayat written on sky

Allah accepting all prayers

Asking food for dead person

Amulet on floor

Able to change my eye color

A woman being imprisoned

A baby boy on my bed

A human baby on my bed

Awliya vomiting

Aeroplane crash survive

About someone you like

Arrest a salderman

A dog kiss me

A woman with penis

Ants in the shoes in the dream

Animal needing help

A child falling in water

A woman urinating on a girl

A green parrot giving something


A women dreaming about climbing a roof top

Attending a wedding

Army coming to my home

A man trying to molest u

A person that i liked was smiling at me

Attacked by unseen enemy at home

A bow

A women to men gender change

A dream of a mad man preaching to you in a dream

Abnormal baby girl born

A smallbath and small water

A small bath and small water


Attacks by tiger

A pig chasing you in dream

A female dreams of finding and trying to hide male amputerd private part

An old woman breastfeeding a baby

Animal chasing someone

Apple jui

A transgender entering a home without permission

Alive person welcoming dead person

Alive person carrying dead person

Affair with another woman

A white pigeon

Age dream

About mosque

Aunt slap someone on face on dream

A glass of water

Arabic righting in red on walls and door and bathroom sink

A woman cutting big fish

Asking food to eat from arab

Asking food to eat

A veil long behind

A veil which is long behind

Animal recite dua

Abnormal son

Abnormal som

Arguing with my brother


A non muslim praying

Accidentaly breaking fast

Arguing with a relative

A man


A bird attacking me

Avocado see in dream

Accidentally breaking fast in dream

A dead person comes to visit you

A cat is dying


At a wedding

A scorpion in the house

A scorpion

A police shot u from back


Ayatul kursi


Asking for khairat

Avoiding raw pork


A dead person

A man giving birth

Al nuri

A wounded pigeon


Airplane crash down

Attacked by thugs

A father rape her daughter in her dream

Angry soldier

A man carried me on back and fly to sky

About to be attacked by a dog

Arrested by police

Animals in house

Attacked by a frog

A wife talking to another man in islamic islamic

A baby left outside my window

A baby left outside

Attacking of crow in dream

Avocado dream

Angry dog attack

Aero planes

A carafe


Animal attack

A muslim women in church

Ages men

Asking for gold

Ant salesman

Arrest of committing a crime

Attending funeral gathering

Arranging a bouquet of flowers


A girl getting attracted by you

A girl attracted by you

A man in a room of women


Alive person dead in dream


Appointment with out my permission and pansished them

A dream about the earth crack in to two then a brue lava came out

A baby pooping on my right hand

A jinn holding a black bird

Ajinn with a black bird

Arrested in dream islam interpretations

Angel who takes lives

An old man with white dress and long beard standing in a corner of my lift

Avacado tree

A person making fun

A person ma

Ants on the floor

Alive person death in dream