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Dreams starting with the letter B


Brushing a bush in my dream

Building crashing

Buying from the dead

Birth of male child

Buying land

Blood from the tongue

Bus beaten up crying

Baby boy with crush

Being ignored in dream

Blind boy in a dream

Blood in sperm

Breaking promise

Bird carrying bracelet in his beak


Bhains dekhna ma ussy darty ha lkn wo mujy marti nai ha

Bhains dekhna ap us sy darty ha lkn wo apko marti nai ha

Billionaire family apprearing in your dream means

Bottel inside urine

Bottle urine

Bat dream

Big hair under armpit

Breaking of properties

Bathing in black water

Bed breaking

Black crab biting you again and again

Butterflies all around you

Buying a bird in a dream

Bad exam result in dream

Burning coals burn you in a dream

Becoming a white cat

Becoming a cat

Breastfeeding to a baby boy

Boy getting period in dream

Big fearfull alligator which finally got captured

Black and redesh cow lost its rope in cowshed

Bleaching to a brown skin

Blind panther

Blind lioness

Bus falls off bridge

Being in jannah with sisters and my child

Breaking and eat palmkenel in a dream

Brother trying to kill you

Black pigment face

Bay leafs

Black magi

Becoming mother

Baby car

Burning pyre

Board a train

Black bear and kids

Breaking the house

Bad job review

Bougainvillea meaning dream

Being pregnant at young age

Books by dead person

Broken right arm

Brother giving eidi to me

Baby with white poops

Beautiful sun and moon side by side

Broke agayu

Buying watermelon

Bedsheets with hole


Black silk garment

Black jack plant

Back to country

Being chased with mothers together in a dream

Broom in house

Baby with full white eyes

Bird pooped on head

Being the most pretty

Bus is gone

Bull running behind me

Bag of shoes

Bag of rice


Being touched by someone inappropriately

Being flog with broom in a dream

Breasts going small means

Bottle feeding baby

Brown puppy

Baby kicking inside my womb

Bird wings

Bird unable to fly

Bird hot water

Black snake on bed

Brother child

Black cow blocking road

Being carried away

Being swept away by something

Black cow walking in the middle of the road

Beard man with a slim nose murdering someone

Bitten by a mad woman in the hands in a dream

Bear eating a stranger

Big toilet

Breast feeding babies

Bald mother

Betraying a friend

Betraying a frie

Buying bricks

Baby girl teeth growing

Bathing with raw egg

Black buffalo attacking me and chasing me in my house

Being blackmailed

Befriending a lion

Barrow money

Buying kola nut

Blood on white dress i was in desert at that time

Bathing in sea water

Business in dream

Buying hijab

Buying hijsb

Breaking cups with anger in front of family

Breaking cups with anger

Being dead in a dream

Blue cat in dream

Boil dream

Being given money by my deseaced husband

Bitten by animal

Baby passing stool in the masjid

Bull hit

Blood passing

Buying coat

Biblical meaning of going to the market with an old woman end she buy my favorite food for me in the market

Baby reciting shahadah

Being betting

Being in a wheelchair

Break a girl virginity meaning

Bird shoulder

Black heads on back of body

Big yellow frog with no teeth

Being killed by a gun shot in a deam

Buy in the market

Bird atacand

Bird atac

Baby boy toddler

Bumps on your skin

Buying bunch of grapes

Belly button hole

Buying food for enemy

Being penetrated by old man

Begger wants cloths

Beaten by ghost

Buying a land in dream

Blue car

Blue colour

Bird at home

Blood on top of a gun

Beautiful masjid

Broken arm of husband

Bag lost important found it again

Bag lost important things found it again

Biting vigina

Blessed by my dad

Bottled milk

Bird going in vagina

Blood on a pad

Broken pestle dream mean

Blood feud

Bath dead

Buying green silk scarf from shop

Bĺack knotted necktie

Bithing my elderly mother dream meaning

Bull in shiva temple

Being in hospital

Boyfriend is getting married to someone else

Being nominated as 2nd winner

Being ignored by your lover in dream

Baby monkey

Baby ape

Being pregnat with twins

Being pregnant with crush as the father

Bald patch women

Barren mountains

Billi ko khawab me dekhna

Big scholar in the dream

Being with a celebrity

Being with a famous person

Boyfriend meeting my dead father in a dream

Blow on brother mouth

Being crushed by a boulder

Bed moving upwards to ceiling

Bank of sea and small waves

Being possessed in dream

Being uncomfortable

Being uncomfortable while travelling on a bus

Bismillah being chanted

Beach boating

Breaking of window

Banyan tree aerial roots

Body surgery

Being at a graduation with a dead relative

Bottle feeding

Baby egg

Being stab

Black color

Blue color

Brother in law crying

Buying diamond

Blackmail by someone i know

Bleeding out of ear

Buying of fufu in the dream

Black snake bitting on head

Being chased by husband

Blood and wounds

Barren pregnant

Beloved getting sick

Brother jealousy

Burning aeroplanes

Burning computer

Baby boy as a son

Black coloured blood magic

Beating the mother

Broken closet

Buying a purse

Breaking of nails

Bad news

Bleeding from a cut on your lityle fnger

Betalnut tree

Breastfeeding a dog with in a dream

Beating a cat

Being touched by na mehram

Boys try to kill

Becoming friend with a king

Beating mad woman

Brother is fighting with father in dream

Bear dream

Beating a cow

Beating caw

Big snake eating sheep

Back acne dream

Bust egg

Broken right elbow of oneself

Broken elbow

Being ask by munker and nakir

Birds and cats together in house

Buying dresses in a dream

Buying two new gorgeous dress

Black lion dream

Bathing on a grave

Birds descending from the sky

Baby eating dirt mean

Blue cat follows u

Being chased by pigs in my dreams

Black snake coiled on the roofof the house

Buying tripe

Being poured urine on the head

Banging door

Bear bites

Bestfriend death dream

Bitten by a chameleon

Bullet wound on leg

Blind father

Beautifull lady

Beatifull princess

Being bitten by rats

Baby boy newborn

Beatifull lady

Babies in car

Boy with women generative organ

Broken sarring

Broken shoe horn

Black anklet

Buying furniture

Black dirty wall

Black dirty

Black fungus

Black powder on your face

Bag dream meaning

Big snake and alligator

Breaking of teeths

Betal leaf

Big green tortoise walking on the walls of room

Breaking of molar

Being possessed by a jinn

Baby see on derm

Bat attacking sucking your ears

Birds sewing

Birds knitting or sewing

Buying of oats



Book shelves


Bag of ground nut in a house

Brother in law replacing door

Birthday celebration of brother in the dream

Broken black teeth

Buying alcohol

Broken promise from son

Black man sitting in balck donkey

Black tawwez

Broke mirror by mistake

Brothers talking

Brothers takking

Black drinking milk


Baby car seat

Breaking your finger nails

Being called to death

Begging somebody to not kill me

Black stone exploding

Bed full of worms

Beautiful looking boy

Being blackmailed by my brother

Being hugged by a dog

Been an imaam


Being bewitched in your dream

Black hearse

Black large crab



Black buffalo running and coming to attack me and when i closed the door it is standing quiet

Blue sky and beach

Black cat meowing

Buying a bag

Brother possessed

Black spot on my hand

Buying vegetables and leafy vegetables in market means

Being caught red handed

Broken arm and leg

Black woman covered in blood beheaded

Buying chair in a dream

Bee entering someone ear


Bleeding toe nails

Blood on rice

Being pushed into river

Black ripped old cloth

Being gossiped about

Baby poop

Breast feeding a baby

Buying new sim card in your dreams

Buying an aligator drink in the dream

Being given aghee in the dream

Buying a house

Blood from the vagina

Big lizard on door


Being kissed by an unknown boy

Black hairy snake

Blood stain on ex boyfriend white shirt

Being beating by a masquerade

Being chased and beaten by masquerade

Black worms from face with pimples

Buy white clothes

Black worms coming out of face

Buying diapers from a dead loved one for her grandchild

Black blood comimg out from breast

Buying charcoal in a dream means

Brown coloured horses standing peacefully

Bitten by an unknown insect

Bitten by an insect

Bat come in to our room

Bite by lizard

Black shadow figure

Bleeding head wife

Breaking of a wall and rebuilding it

Being chased by a cow

Black long hair


Being raped

Burnt bamboo

Blood from nose

Buying snail in dream

Bank working

Bathing on mountain

Borrow a knife


Buying patatoes

Buying patatoe a for granma who has already deceased but is alive in the dream

Burning dead bdies

Buttocks with pimples in a dream

Buttocks with pimples in a child

Buttocks with pimples of a child

Being bitten by a black eel in a dream

Betrayal of bestfriend

Blood is coming from ear in dream

Blue cow

Best friend being pregnant


Bitten off someone’s finger

Black magic in dream

Buying of maggi

Befriend with a jiin


Bleeding from urethera

Black cats attacking

Been stab with umbrella


Boyfriends dead mother in my dream

Baby eating sand

Brown cow

Brain cancer

Black snake in room

Brother and sister married


Bought tesbuhi in dream

Birth of girl

Breaking a cup glass

Bees dream meanings

Breastfeeding babies

Big spider

Breaking utensils

Black humanoid shadow in the dream

Baby with not wife

Being shot in the head

Been chased with cutlass in the dream

Bug on cat

Blond horse

Breaking of karnel

Breaking palm karnel

Bathing a cow

Betel fruits

Brothel dream explain


Bathing a dead girl

Baby pink colour


Black buffalo sacrifice


Bitting you

Beautiful unknown beach

Black snake bite on the feet

Button tearing off from clothes

Big dream

Black panther pet

Bird poop in dream

Being chased on a boat

Being in a big yam farm meaning

Blood face

Been bitten by a friend

Best freind

Broke the glass

Broke glass in dream

Black voimting

Butcher knife

Birth of twins

Bats in old house

Black people in dream

Bumping your head


Building a zinc house

Buying akpu mmiri with coconut in the dream

Big roti on big tawah

Being raped by dad in my nightmares

Banana heartg

Being pregnant with a baby boy

Black cow butts with horns in dream

Blood sucking ticks

Buying prawns in islamuc dream interpretation

Been beating by a madman man

Big pieces of wax coming out of my ears

Buying smoke fish in a dream

Bleeding body

Beating beloved deceased mother

Bread and snake

Body cut into pecies

Body being cut in a satanic symbol

Building falling

Burry in ground


Boiled fresh milk

Buying fresh milk

Black jamun

Big and small dogs

Bathing with covered clothes

Being in the mosque

Bleeding left palm


Buffalo killed by a snake

Big round of light

Bring shot with a firearm dream

Buy red oil in dream

Bitten by a frog

Black octopus in bathroom

Black figure always in my dream

Blood coming from brain

Broken left leg

Being shot on head

Being bitten by a beautiful man and it hurt me

Built in a dream

Beaten by a dwarf

Blue water

Buffalo love

Buying a new house

Black devil image spitting on me

Baby moving in tummy

Being chased to be killed

Becoming a father of a daughter

Black pimples

Black four fingers

Blood full moon

Battle king

Bird bitting thumb

Bream about my mother gave a birth

Beating in dream

Biblical meaning of seen cocoyam in a dream

Brushing with siwak

Boyfriend breaks your virginity in a dream

Bullet whole in stomach

Burning used pad in dream

Burning pad in dream

Beating someone with hands

Baby girl fell off bed

Breaking enemys fingers

Black penis

Black and red dress

Black dog killing in drwam

Black pig entered in a house

Black pig entered in the home

Busy shop

Big snake in house

Been raping

Been raped

Burying someone in water

Buying gold earrrings

Bathing a baby

Black and white snake in dream

Black human

Boating with family

Being selected announcement meaning

Being asked question

Buying a car

Being hit by dead father

Bleeding apple

Breastfeeding to baby

Being in a drive white bumps and crashes

Bougainvillea yellow and pink

Bird with shining shadow

Being fat and happy in my dreams

Brother with strong arms

Butterfly attack

Bathroom full of stole

Blood in periods

Brother reciting quran

Boy crying and hugging me

Beating a cat with stone

Bean bags

Buying wine

Buying clithes

Black lump coming out of vagina

Buying big cabbage

Bite of ostrich

Building a cattle kraal

Breaking of glass table

Bent down

Bread from my mom

Black dupatta

Buying a colorful sweet pastry in a bakery

Bf marrying someone else

Buying snails to go cook

Bug jar

Buying meat

Being cursed by a witch or jinn

Bison in dream

Black and gold dress in dream

Black and gold wear in dream

Brown sugar

Being attacked by a goat

Black spider killing black kitten

Being attacked by snake

Beautiful woman


Blue sea beach house with family and cat

Buying cola nut for your partner

Blue nose

Baby lion in muslim dream

Beating someone in a dream in islam

Black magic in my dreams

Bees in the roof

Birds eating of bread

Blood in sputum

Brokem key

Bow in star boom

Bitten by rooster

Black thread on wrist

Blood vaginq

Bunch of flying cockroaches

Black bat bitting on leg

Broken wall inadream

Being chased and attacked by a man in dream

Being chased and attacked in dream

Black car

Buying sheep leg

Been going back secondary school when am graduate

Barbing hair

Black clothes black hair

Blood stain on sanitary pad

Black worm in washroom

Brown bear attacking

Blood coming out of finger nails

Blood coming out of nails

Blood cover out of nails

Blood stains on floor

Bow and erros shot too you

Bedroom burning

Being on fire

Buying medicine for mother

Bloodshed sheep

Black and white passport

Black cat pregnant

Burned leg

Beard in women

Bouling water

Been neglected by your love one

Birth to a big baby

Black and white veil

Broken watch screen

Being slapped by someone

Buying offals in a dream

Buying offals

Birth of daughter

Bottle shop

Birth to crocodile

Black rice

Being kissed by a unknown man

Blisters on the left hand

Blow off fire from a child hand islamic dream interpretation

Business advice

Blood in vagina

Beating a thief and blinding him one eye

Blinding a thief

Bread from baker

Brother in law giving money to me

Brother in law and sister give me money

Boiling water on a firewood

Burying a sheep in a dream

Blue and white snake

Bani israel


Battle nightmares in my dreams

Big bird flying

Buffolo skin remove

Bible verses

Bag dreams

Bags full with coins

Black poop

Being in a boat accident

Barking like a hyena

Bad death of someone

Been electric shock

Boyfriend dancing with another women

Being with royal family in saudi arabia

Bull ejaculating dream meaning

Bath deceased

Black bull with one horn walking away from me

Baby ceremony

Being in makkah

Baby legs inside belly

Black on child face

Black mails

Bead necklace

Bugs inside the dates

Black bat

Body eaten by monster


Being harassed

Bel patra

Boy asking for marriage

Breaking finger

Boyfriend naked in bed

Being touched at the back

Bird inside nose

Bat enter in house

Big yellow snake

Buying africa star apple

Burnt chicken


Bathing in the masjid

Buying cashew nuts

Being chased to get robbed

Brother in law marriage in dream

Boys with white hair

Boys holding my hands


Beard stop growing

Beaten by cousin

Blue beautiful cloud

Been kissed by a white women


Big white cat

Balls popping out from the wall

Black ruster

Black monkey was chasing

Being second wives in a dream

Being chased by neelgai

Brother in law’s

Baby on a roof

Beloved ignoring me in my dream

Buying and wearing gold bracelet

Black cat coming towards me means

Being taugh arabic

Blood unvirgin

Burning helicopter in dream

Buying a new prayer mat but didn’t buy it

Buying a new prayaas mat but don’t buy it

Broken window due to wind

Borrowing salt to a neighbour

Black panther

Breastfeeding someone

Brother in law wife has a child


Black mouth sore

Broken tasbih beads

Blood tears

Basket of kolanut

Brother in law give me money

Breast sucking in a dream

Broken utensil

Broken ed

Baby teeth in the mouth

Baby grandson have teeth in his mouth

Baby grandson have teeth

Baby grandson with teeth

Black discharge coming out of vagina

Black oily water

Boy infront

Baby and baby clothes

Black snake with orange markings and did not attack me

Been cut by a razor

Bag of cash

Black gloves

Baby twins

Bat entring in to house

Brought new bike

Beat handicapped

Baby falls down the stairs

Building house that will be masjid

Buying an saree

Blood mouth

Bloody gums

Black dog means

Buying a beautiful rug and coutches

Be coming a mother

Bald man with black curly hair in dream

Baby reciting quran in a dream

Brown tree trunks

Brush teeth with toothbrush

Bull attacking

Birds in graveyard

Begging for money in dream

Burning toilet bowl

Bugs on hands

Brick falling down

Big block falling

Buying a snake

Being chased by transgender

Birth of a girl child

Burnt body of brother

Beautiful stranger

Buffet eating

Being a imam

Boy dress like women

Buying monkey kola

Bullit gun

Bullet and gun in a dream

Brown candle

Black worm coming out of leg

Bat crawling in sisters ear

Blood from cat’s mouth


Biege color

Brown hen coming neighbors fence

Bathing a baby boy in public

Black entity in human form

Bunt with a fag

Birds eating bread crumbs


Blue signs

Buying tomatoes in my dream


Barley flour

Being shot in the dream several times

Boyfriend house and his family

Baby speaking in dream

Beimg afraod that somebody will watch me


Black color wearing

Baby swaddle

Brother fighting my mother

Broken cell phone on piece

Bird in front of full moon

Birds in nest

Blood on the right foot

Being at masjid al haram

Baked object

Baby oven

Bat in dream

Blood and knife



Babies or puppies with no legs

Babies with no legs

Babies with no leggs

Baby girl red eyes


Bone spur

Baby boy playing with rice

Being naked and later cover by another cloth

Being hunted by an animal

Brown big snake wrap in my legs

Box of new clothes

Bitten by a centipide

Butten by a centipide

Buying estate


Black cat and a black bird hug

Bit by animal

Black fish

Bathi ng

Body cut

Beam of bright light

Bandage on hands

Black dress in dream

Black girl baby

Boiling rain

Bus top

Being attacked

Brown cat touching me

Bleeding through mouth

Baby movement in womb dream meaning

Bunch of keys in the dream from a dead father

Buying agbalumo in a dream

Black fox in dream

Bad smell from dead body

Being on transit



Big long snake turned into a cat

Blowing in to the ear

Blowing out of curse

Beautiful city

Black worms

Black worms came out of my vagina

Bird flew away

Bad mouth smell


Bloody fight

Bugs crawling inside skin

Bird flying on head

Bird flying

Being slaughtered

Being in a city that i lived in

Being criminal

Birds covering moon

Black dream

Burying something in ground

Baby drinking milk from breast

Being chased by a father dream interpretations in islam

Being dead

Breast feeding a baby and it bites

Breast feeding a baby with sharo teeth

Breast feeding a lion cub

Bird sitting on you

Bathing outside and men watching youe

Boy man

Black spider on your back

Baby possession

Boy wearing girl cloth

Blood coming out of my mouth

Black drwgon

Black dragon eating me in the deep water

Black sport in my palm means

Black and white snake

Being held by family

Buring your friends alive

Being stabbed by an arrow

Breaking glass

Buying 2ndhand clothes

Barefoot water skiing

Brother died

Bathing in a market place in a dream meaning

Black magjik


Baby named mohammed in his dream

Being chased by mad person

Blood in the bath

Burning coal

Buying a cow

Burglary at another house

Big bowls filled with water

Buying a bike

Baby and mother

Blue moon

Black husband

Bus accident and escape

Beating a jinn in human form

Buying clothes for someone who has passed away in your dreams

Being cut up by my grandpa

Birth a baby

Brushing hair

Big black bird

Bring a women

Being picked

Beautiful waterfalls

Bath but not hair wash

Breaking valuable thing

Bath olive oil aqsa

Belove come back to you

Bank note

Bouquet of red roses

Birthday balloons

Baby girl in a mans arms

Black gooey

Buying earthen pots in dream

Becoming crazy or mad

Baby poop on me

Bitten by spider

Bedbugs falling from my clothes

Black nails

Being happy in my own dream

Being happy in dream

Being asked to sleep in a dream

Being harass

Bus dream

Bloody scene

Bus crashing travelling

Bull attak

Bitter gourd

Black dots in vagina excreation

Buying a new generator in a dream

Buying a new generator in dream

Blue skirt

Black cat crying in dream

Buying silver jewelry

Boy baby delivery

Baby burth

Black worm

Breathless in dream

Black dog meaning

Bleeding eyes

Burning neck

Bathing dead father

Burning quraan

Bad smell

Black magic colleague

Blue sea

Buttom lip starts bleeding randomly

Black horse

Brain wash

Black cats

Bush road dream meaning

Betrayal of friend

Bed bugs

Black figure happily walking away

Broken cow in dream meaning

Big snakes falling from roof

Beautiful pictures on the sky dreamed

Betting or gambling

Black snake chasing me

Black snake chasing me then kill it in half

Blood oozing from a death person


Baby cry

Bath in stream

Beggar asking for fruits

Breaking of glass


Being in the middle of the sea

Baby falling and dying

Blood coming from tap

Burning cloths

Buying new sofa

Being chased by shadow

Beach dream


Ba t workshop

Black horse helping me in my dream

Beating my mother in the dream

Being martyred while reciting shahadah

Baby boy read kalma

Backward drive

Beige clothing

Buying and eating of akara

Brushing plaited hair

Blackmagic on fruit

Broken phone meaning

Black chillies

Black bird pecking

Buying of bitter kola

Broken ring that was given to me by my brother

Babu girl

Boiled human head

Biten by black and white snake

Burned towel in a dream

Becoming old

Beautiful lake

Beautiful huge lake cow ram goat

Buying big house


Blue and red sperm

Bleeding gums

Baby with teath

Beating hitting wife

Bad air in jamma

Bathing a little girl

Boss holding me