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Dreams starting with the letter B

Black hair in whute

Blue hoodie

Being possessd by evil

Black hair coming out of mouth

Bloody knee

Broken into my house

Buying perfumes

Beard on woman

Breaking of dishes

Being givin something to take


Braided wool

Been rape in a dream

Being rape in a dream

Black cat in islam

Braid wine colour in a dream

Bee hive dripping honey

Blood vomiting

Being taken prisoner

Break white horn cow

Being admired by some onr

Bet rabbit

Bats dream

Being chased by an unknown creature

Beach meaning

Beach meanin

Blue and pregnant

Baby boy talking in my dream

Being murdered while praying

Brother buy silver anklet for sister



Blind woman

Balck octopus in lake

Baby girl in dream

Burn hair


Brother died in dream

Black wife

Big pimple

Buying halwa

Burn in right hand

Baby in fruit basket

Being chased by horse


Being tld to do it

Black doll

Black doll fish skeleton and meat with huge bone

Being handicapped

Brother inlaw passing away

Big mustache

Burning matchstick

Birds and tree

Breaking fat

Black goat with right red eye

Bugs in a dream

Broken prayer

Broken salah

Black glove

Broken gold dead mother

Becoming clean shaven

Beard gone

Big whely

Brushing someone’s hair

Building a home

Building a hkme

Bathing on bed

Being shot by gun

Blue color shirt

Building being bombed

Building collapsed

Building bomb

Big black spider biting me


Breda knife

Broken eggs in a house

Bird flying out the cage

Brother shot

Body rotting

Breast feed dead person

Being blind



Blood teeth

Blood coming out of ear and mouth

Blackend face

Burning a dead body

Buch if ice breaking

Burning the deceased

Braking glacier

Breaker shop

Brown fruit in a dream



Breaking fast in a masjid

Blood feces

Bleeding period

Buying dishware

Buying fish ware

Buying teacups

Baby firl


Blavk magic

Black rabbit slaughter

Bleeding mountain

Boys big house

Bing pregnant

Buffalo in a room

Brown snake chasing me

Big house unknown

Being kicked by a dog

Being raped forcefully

Blood flow from mouth

Break of cooking pot

Blood wound


Baby cap

Bucket with clean water and shirts

Bug food

Burnt my hands

Bat entering house dream

Bridge going under water in

Buffalo dunk

Black bulls

Bed sheets

Baby born with long hair

Blue quran in dream and late father



Big snake bite man

Building a white house and my fily

Birds eating my books and taking them away from me

Buying onion in a dream

Breast removed

Backof the head is bald

Bite finger

Burying my poop

Blast fire

Black notorcyle

Breaking a statue

Bitten by black ant

Big blue snake

Broken gun

Being gun shot in chest

Blue and calm

Blue wide and calm

Baby covered with blood

Black spider in fridge

Baby tongue

Balck snake bite

Baby no

Black panther fight and ran away


Big black bufflow

Begging money from others


Being on a high place

Bad husband

Blue and red birds

Breaking an egg with fetus

Brother traveling by water family embers crying

Brown fufu

Body measurement of other person

Brother killed by crocodile

Being on top of huge building

Bindi in forehead

Being called mom by ball

Bird and pooping mean in a dream

Being chased by one eyed man

Best friend smiling

Buffalo and snake togather

Baby with black blanket

Burned my scarf

Bird dropping while praying

Braking phone

Brake a thing

Being stabbed twice by a jin meaning

Being stabbed twice by a jin in my dream meaning

Being stabbed by a jin

Brother kills me

Baby falling from the terrace

Blessing my teacher dream definition

Burnt ass

Beheading iguana or lizard

Breaking coconut

Birds and cats together

Boy sees me without hijab in dream

Being chased by ducks

Black cat and bird

Business activities

Being kissed by devils

Brother crying on my lap

Black ink on black paper

Black snake in leg

Breaking your ankle dream meaning

Breaking your anklets

Brown color mouse

Buying white cloths


Buying castor oil in dream

Burst of water tank

Black panther comes in dream

Blood soaked wolf

Bike repair

Baby blanket in the dream by muslimd

Beard all falling down

Baby kicking in the womb

Bread dream meaning

Breaking idol

Balch spider

Bhai ki shaadi

Bitting a cat

Buying land at graveyard

Black mud lid broken in dream

Black and yellow striped snakes

Birth to rat

Beautiful trimmed beard

Buying groundnuts in dreams

Buying pray mate for death person

Big sound from sky make me fear

Buy big tubers of yam in the dream means

Both arm paralayze

Both arm cannot lift object

Both hand cannot lift object

Bumble ber

Black snake with head only

Bathing in the mosque

Being in a relationship with your cousin

Brother sister

Black angels

Boat sinks

Bathing a dead taken out of mud

Buying black outfit

Bird biting arm

Being chased by someone to be killed

Buying wàrà in a dream

Building kaaba in dream

Bleeding from armpits

Beautiful bird as gift

Black and white chickpea meaning

Bowing in kabah

Being spyed in dream

Being a sucessful person

Being a succesful persom

Being invited to tribal kingdom and being celebrated

Blond guy

Black face of son in dream

Broken gold banglle

Baby gift

Breaking home

Being made fun of embarassed in a crowded area

Breast feeding in a dream

Bad skin all over body

Bleed on dress

Blood bream

Bathing outside in an open space

Bleeding and veins from the anus

Black water for a well

Becoming royal guard

Being raped by someone

Being chased by monsters

Being close to the kaaba in dream

Being hit by a bus

Black snake with 2 legs

Bina murti ke mandir

Bina murti key mandir

Being ugly in a mirror

Being chased by sudden gush of water

Bitten by a black snake

Black suits

Being naked in front of everyone

Burning in acid

Black three legged small pot

Bird on head

Broke up

Being pushed down stairs

Brother saying he doesnt trust me

Bejeweled lamp

Blood coming from nose in dream

Big apple

Buying perfume

Being in an insane asylum

Beaten in a dream

Black moon

Burning my car

Being chased by a wild animal

Beating up a dog

Black crows flying in desert

Babe bird

Betle leaf offered to eat by lady

Blood in notebook

Bitten by a jaguar

Beard short

Black veins

Bus driver and conductor

Bushes on land

Bushes around a person

Black thing coming out of my nose

Bears dighting

Bird biting or attacking you

Beating tiger by stick and makes him to run

Building burnt in fire

Biting snake

Been naked trying to cover another naked person

Big turtle and baby turtle

Buying something from someone and giving them more


Black cellphone

Being chased by tiger and crocodile

Blister on right leg in a dream

Black three headed snake meaning

Blood on an unwed womens panty

Becoming a father to a daughter

Bike accident another person

Button falling off clothes

Birth of abnormal girl

Big grey fly

Burn baby


Broken iron slab

Breaking of iron

Breast of mother with liquids coming

Being in the same room is it’s a political leader

Beaten by mother

Bike accident child blood

Blood from chest

Baby wrapped in white garment

Beating a dog in dream

Brother fight

Broken aqeeq stone

Being appointed as minister

Burning kraal to ashes

Betel nuts

Being bitten by dead

Being treated special

Baby i’m white

Blind buffalo in dreams

Binding flowers to wear the girl in dream

Buried alive by storm sand

Beautiful kiss

Blowing out flame

Buying goat meat from an enemy

Blulish grey cat

Blood flow from tap in dream

Black bear baby suck breast milk in dream

Buying red chilli

Bear standing on a road

Baby girl with prnis

Bury someone alive

Beautiful buildings in city

Being angry with my child

Brother dying in dream

Body licked by dog

Brother helping you

Being chased someone trying to kill me

Black colour in cloth

Blister on eye

Bloom coming my nose

Blue river

Bismillah monster

Big house in my dream

Black bull tied with chained

Beautiful island

Big bridge collapse

Bull fighting with goat and goat will be die

Blood come with sperms

Being trapped by a woman

Burring deceased father and he point sahada

Bowing in dargah

Black sewage

Bank money

Black snake with green stripes

Banana tree falling down

Back of head injured

Baked chicken

Bear in a dream

Built house in cemetery

Blood coming out from the eye


Baby bear attacking and killed

Black kittens dirty house

Burning all of my panties in a dream

Burn small snake

Brother bkind in one eye meaning

Blood in stool

Bamboo on water

Black powder

Becoming a prisoner in a dream

Buying things from the market and bought fufu



Bathing your siblings in a dream

Bought meat in a wet market

Brother bringing a new car for father

Brown earthworm bited my toe of left leg

Being chased with a gun dream meaning

Boiling milk

Bed in a classroom

Broken leg of chair

Being chased with a gun

Black horse rising from water

Blue lake fish bicycle ride

Beard to long

Black scorpions swallowing lizards and hiding in my shoes

Bulls chasing

Black bull hitting

Black bull hitting in dream means

Boil in ear

Blackmagic on me

Beautiful river

Black jin fighting with me

Broken egg with egg yolk

Black panther killing a cow


Black crockery in dream and making in tea

Breaking cup

Bleeding from an accidnet

Being killed by mom

Bald person

Boy touching my hand

Buying shoes for mother inlaw

Body pat

Blood sucking

Big goat in dream meaning

Buying locust beans in a dream

Being deputy senior prefect in high school

Bathing in uncovered soak awa pit in dream

Burying snakes

Babie boys


Bleeding bellybutton

Blue and white wing of a bird

Bitter kola sharing in a dream

Bull chasing you

Burning corpse

Breaking of yellow and green bangles

Black dead snakes

Beef tikka

Blowing nose

Big tiger

Blood nose bleed

Buying plates together

Brothers fighting with each other

Being stabbed to death and saying the shahada

Bamboo beside me

Bamboo beside ne

Burning a dead person

Best friend

Baby falling from balcony

Boiling lava

Bleeding from leg in dream

Black grey intangled to orhers dream snake

Bull fighting

Blisters in left hand

Buried of a person

Bunch of unripe plantain

Black seal loin

Black sea lions head

Burning gas cylinder

Being envied

Broken tea cup handle


Blue and orange sky



Bird pattern sweing

Bird sewing

Bury a dead person

Blonde women speaking about marriage

Burning bible

Broken pencil

Burning cow

Blood on someone else

Being visited by my father that’s died in hospital

Bird vomiting

Breastfeeding after giving birth

Breastfeeding after birth

Buying jewries

Buy goat meat cooked

Being pushed off a building

Burying of son and then alive

Bathroom renovation

Buying sawdust in a dream means what

Being intimate with a ex

Blackcock and hen

Baby dead during pregnancy

Baby lost during pregnanvy


Being killed by a stranger

Butt hold

Blood cloth came out from my virginal in dream

Blood in finger

Being paid debt

Baobab powder in nylon leaders

Baobab powder

Baby snack couch

Breasts with plasters

Broken but closed main gate in adream

Boulders falling

Body covered with pooh

Buying black cumon seed in dream

Buying black cumin seed in a dream

Banyan tree

Black magi

Black cow feeding


Being pregnant in my dream

Blood convenant

Bengal tiger attacking

Bengal tiger bleeding attacking

Bengal tiger

Bundle of cloth in the dream

Breastfeeding triplets

Bathing naked and my younger sister is trying to take a peek

Being mushrik and trying to repent

Bathing naked and younger sister try to take a peek what does that mean

Broody hen in house

Being gifted a child



Beach and big houses in islamic dream

Blue stars

Bite and poisoned

Brothers unborn child in dream

Bee came out of toe

Being burned alive

Being threten and bullying

Black quran

Bright star near moon

Blood on the toes

Being chased and haunted with weapons

Bugs in home being captured

Baby with amniotic sac

Broken gold anklet

Being child birth labour

Being in the land of the dead

Being inlove

Bohole in a dream meaning

Bent arrow

Breast smaller

Buying bangles in dream meaning

Bread house

Bakery house

Burning graveyard

Being christian

Blood in a ocean

Butt crack

Being dragged by skinny tall men thats screaming

Been beaten by my late father which i also slap him back for beating me

Buying butter in a dream

Boiled egg inside baby snake

Bathing with your sister

Buying bread from shop

Big tender coconut water

Being hugged by a female jinn

Balding hair

Black hooded man


Bringing white goose home

Bug in drinking water

Broken car

Being given matchbox by my boss

Brother murdered

Bathing an old age dog

Big lizard swallow a cat

Betel buy 1 ruppes

Been chased by people and not getting away

Beautiful women kissing me

Bumble bee chasing me

Being accused of stealing rice



Bleeding from navel


Blowing wind i a house

Black hand

Breast exposed

Business been empty

Beating daugther


Blood from your private part

Being touched by a non mahram

Blind an old woman

Bitten on finger bye a snake


Buying cartain

Breaking into house

Blood on the floor

Beautiful baby

Black panther chasing

Bugs coming out of wall

Bathing dead father in the dream

Big ice blocks falling from sky

Burning a black magic doll

Bat falling on u

Black n white snake

Boack n white snamke

Buraq in dream

Baby fell from the back of his mother to the river

Blowing a candle dream meaning

Baby attacked by lion

Becoming parent in dream

Black circle sky

Black circle in sky

Breaking into home

Baby boy becoming baby girl

Bringing shoes for mother from abroad

Bing fat in dream

Bathing in an open space where people are passing by

Blue ink in my hand

Baby is placed on my lap

Broke staircase

Being full naked in front of family

Bring full naked in front of family

Been in prison

Being touched by someone in dream

Buying meat from a dead person in dream means what

Buying meat from a dead person

Black marks on arm

Being with someone you are attracted to

Big papaya in large quantities

Boiling spoiled milk

Big moon ecplodes

Being the imam

Black rope

Black rope tied by a dead person

Black rope tied

Black cat and black rat

Being controlled by relatives

Being attacked with knife

Being fired from your job

Black boil on skin


Bug on body

Being restrained and lifted

Baby boy with different eye colours

Blue water in sea

Blue water in se

Beating a son

Beating your son in a dream


Brother getting married

Burning quran in dream

Being pushed off a high area

Being ignored by someone in dream

Baby girl toddler girl husband beach corn

Bathing in market

Brother dies

Breast feeding infant

Breastfeeding blood

Bat attacking dream

Black fish in water cannal

Black fish running fast in water cannal and came out of it

Burying a dead

Blurred sight

Buying cigarettes for someone

Baby in a manger

Building a masjid

Btw i am a girl) i had a dream that we had to evacuate because for a storm or something else then me and my sister and my mum came to her nursery along with other family and people we knew and i saw my friend and she was looking for a place to sit so i told her to come with us so we all sat down and was lying on each other and then i needed the toilet so k went just before i went to the toilet i saw outside and it was full of cars of people trying to run away and then it went dark then i was back in my bedroom i saw outside and the road had a huge whole and then i was in a bus but this bus was so tall and big and it was a double decker bus and i was so scared it felt like a the fear of rollercoaster and i look outside the bus and see people protesting about everything and the bus was wobbly and i was so scared

Baby scan

Baby not showing in ultrasound

Baby fall and crying in night

Bath with a man

Boldness of head

Blue and white clothing

Becoming martyred

Bargaining meat price with sleller in my dream

Black funeral clothes

Books exhibition

Boks exipistion

Books exipistion


Bottle guard

Bit by snake

Being chased by an animal in dream

Brown tabby small cat with three tails

Brown tabby small cat with three tails which i wanted to adopt

Being a thief

Buying fanta

Brother upset

Black entity knocks on door

Bees in a vehicle

Bees and snake

Black under arm

Being given something by the dead

Blood drawn from fingers

Bleeding lizard

Bull worshiping lord shiva in temple

Bird flying out from cage

Blue green colour eyes

Birthday celebration

Blood bird

Black bee sting you in dream and attack on you again and again

Black bee sting you in dream

Babies teeth

Black strip

Bugs coming out of my hair

Buying necklace

Baby girl pooing itself

Bleeding to give birth

Burning your own shit

Bananas hanging in trees

Becoming a father in a dream

Boat flying

Black cat with orange line on the head

Being shot in the masjid

Beautifull tall building

Buy used white car

Buying new home

Buying a home

Being tied between three boys

Being tied by three boys after one of them break it


Bag house flat

Beating the dead

Beating the desd

Bathing with sponge outside

Buying black lace fabric

Break coconut

Big snake playing

Brown cupboard

Brown draw

Bbq lamb

Bread and meat

Bride in wedding dress

Big skin rush

Buying dream

Birthday wishes for poor girl in my family

Black dog bitting me

Back pain dream interpretation

Black shwal

Black pants white shoes

Black pants and black vest

Black snake running away from my hiuse

Being stopped from doing tawaf

Broken cooker

Being married and being in love with my partner

Being chased by a nightdancer in a dream

Bathing infront husband

Birds poopon the head

Brother drowning in deep water

Bear in my home

Black mucus coming out

Black mucus coming out if bosr

Brother coming back from abroad

Bird had vomited

Black coyote attacking

Beating passenger

Breaking left thigh

Bunch of different vegetables and mealise

Bad smell in dream

Beating lame

Body crushed

Blood flowing from forehead

Bike missing

Big beautiful moon

Birds chopping head

Birds picking heads with blood

Birds picking heads

Building full of biscuits

Buying fufu in the dream

Being in a haram relationship

Being shot by police

Breaking of backbone

Bold head with fungus on it

Bating in toilet

Bunch of plantain

Bathing in toilet

Big housr

Blood shed


Black bangles someone giving meaning

Black bangles in the dream

Bruises on face

Balckmail in dream

Birds pooping on me

Baby cow

Black shadow coming near to me and i seek help

Blood injection in my son

Boy ignore me

Brown shinny hair of child

Birth baby boy

Black discharge coming out from vagina

Both arms cutted

Buying sweet rice

Buying a goat leg

Bloced road in dream meaning

Badsha peer

Broken oil container

Blast sound

Baby bitten by snake

Buying sweet bread

Broken leg of ex wife

Black huge spiders

Being burried alive

Buying gold bracelets

Baby falling into water

Building room

Bite by animal

Baby boy speaking in dream

Bald patches women side head

Being in war

Bating with coconut water in a draem




Blue stain


Bull attacking on me in dream

Bat attank

Bay attack

Beating mad man

Beating a man

Boy vomiting

Burning a thief

Bees hitting

Baby means both girl and boy

Bad smell coming from wife’s vagina

Bad smell coming from v

Big pimples on legs

Buying of juice in the dream means

Brother in law in my room half dressed

Beautiful golden hair

Beeing stung by bee

Baby girl told me to read salah

Becoming friends with jinn in a dream

Burning kuran

Bird flying away in dream

Bitten by a cow in dreams

Buying red pepper

Buying red pepper in a dream

Behind you

Broken construction building

Broken pillar building

Bird in a bathroom

Big green trees

Broken golden ring

Beating house maid

Boyfriend liking photos of other females

Being decorated with gold

Buying roasted meet in the dream

Buying suya in the dream

Bus falling

Buying a new dress

Baby being possessed

Best friend betraying with your crush

Broken nails in dream

Brush off blood clot on trouser and bury it

Blood clot on clothing

Blood pouring

Blood around the mouth

Beating dead person with knife

Breast feeding puppies in a dream

Bullets fired by cops in dream

Bullets shooted in dream

Bat is chasing someone

Bat is chasing

Barking dogs on person

Brown tea

Bear attack me and i kill three bear by myself

Barkng dogs

Batking fogs

Begging someone not to kill me

Bears surrounding

Blood on curtain

Bears surrounding my house


Bugs in home

Banquete table

Becoming fat

Bee going in my mouth in a dream

Burn to skin

Black outfit in dream meaning

Bleeding esr

Big black birds

Boyfriend die

Basket of tomatoes

Blue basket full of red tomatoes

Bird eating dead human

Ball n socket joint

Basket full of tomatoes

Blue cobra

Black smack

Bull with horns chasing a person

Being chased by a man

Being a passenger



Being happy to see a dead person

Being a masquerade

Breaking in house

Birth of a follower

Birth of a god

Brother having intercourse with sister

Boy saving a girl

Baby boy talking

Bugs under bed

Buying kola nut in dream

Bathroom public

Buying new glass mat

Burning chest

Breastfeeding a baby boy

Blue beautiful water

Bathing someone with wood ashes

Buying a bag pack

Be chased by a madman

Breaking a bottle of wine

Being decorated with ranks in police uniform

Brother becoming a king

Bitter leaf

Blood coming from rooftop

Bargad ka ped seb fal k sath

Brother stealing money from mother

Black skinned

Black persin

Bread insects

Buying a tshirt

Being attacked by 2 pigs in the dream

Bumping into an old friend

Bright star

Beb bug

Burka worn by husband

Blood of deceased

Borehole water coming out

Buying red onions in large quantities

Brussel sprouts

Buy shoes for someone

Bury rich person

Black dry skin

Backwards feet

Burning electrical wire

Biting sweet

Basketball game

Baby monkey bite my left finger

Black bull chasing u

Beads necklaces

Beaded necklace

Broken windows

Blinks left eye

Bath in rain

Broken bangle comes in unmarried girl dream

Bugs in my clothes biting me

Beautiful lace garments

Beating your wife periodically

Beating your own son

Breakfast feeding of twins

Buying seed from someone in dream meaning in islam

Being hugged by a non mahram

Black cat tattoo

Blue gloves

Black magic sick

Beauty face

Buying wara in dreams

Beaten to death

Black dust covering

Brother blind

Burning window

Burning a prayer mat

Bouled vegetables

Been chasing with cutlass

Birth of animal

Boiled eggs basket carry in a dream

Become a father

Bird and pooping on you

Buying alchohol

Bitten by a wolf

Bee crawling in my ear

Boy told me your belly is looking big

Bump on leg

Being stabbed by an old friend

Being bitten by millipede in dream

Biting of goat

Buying donuts

Big pink cherry blossam tree on mountain

Big pink cherry blossam tree on the peak of the mountain

Big hole in pot

Bold cat

Breast feeding someone

Breast feeding à infant

Betrayal from lover friend

Blood in a dream when harmed

Brother crying and begging for food

Brushing mothers hair

Birth to a girl

Bag with holy quran

Buying three pieces of fabric

Beach flood

Black cat helping me

Beaded gold bracelet

Beautiful kitchen crockery

Buffalo dream while pregnancy

Brother being killed

Bush fowl with kids

Black on fingers

Black in finders

Become first place in exams

Blocking a punch

Being stubborn to dead person

Buying kerosene

Burying a relative in dream but that person is alive in real life