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Dreams starting with the letter E

Escaping in a detained place but you see yourself walking in darkness and there is no way to follow

Eating sunflower seeds in dream

Eating 2 peanuts

Exchange garments

Eating durain fruit in dream

Eating puffed rice given by dead person

Entering unknwn house

Eating kaolin

Empitie box

Eating jollof rice in a dream

Eating peanuts dream

Eating dog meat

Eating food with dead father and dead grandfather

Egg white omelette

Egg whites

Eating cassava in dreams meaning in islam

Entering a huge aircraft

Eating roach

Eating wheat

Eating chapatis

Extraction of teeth in dream

Eating java plum

Eating beans in the dream

Eating roasted corn and coconut in the dream

Eating grapes

Eating bracelet in a dream

Eating eko elewe and ekuru

Earing in one ear

Eating body

Eating in your dream

Entering unfurnished house

Eating papaya in dream

Eating flesh of swine

Exotic cows

Eating a dog

Eating mirchi bajji

Eating chocolate biscuit

Elephan giving birth

Eating rotten dates

Eating fried meat in dream

Eating sweet rice

Eating a fly

Eleven lice

Escaping from police

Evil cat


Earthy smell soil

Eating eko elewe in my dream

Eels in a dream

Eel in a dream

Eating gari that is mixed with oil

Entering a building

Eating yam with oil in the dream

Eddoes leaf

Eating a cell

Eating out girlfriend

Eating grilled cheese sandwich

Eid holiday

Elephant feaces

Eggs with multiple yolks

Empty big shopping bags in a dream

Eating ajwa date from taking husband

Ex husband refusing to marry me

Eating sweet in dream in pregnancy

Eating wara in dream

Eating eba

Eating yam porridge mixed palm and oil in a dream meaning

Eating biryani in dreams

Eating with wife

Eat lamb

Eating lambs alive

End times

Educational institution

Eating her in dream

Eating baked pap in my dream

Ear and percing

Eating food with neighbor

Elephant chasing the dreamer

Escaping masquerade in the dream with lots of people

Eating on the same plate with kids in a dream meaning

Extract of teeth

Eating of bitter kola in the dream

Eating bitter kola in a dream meaning

Extra teeth grow

Eating the quran islamic dream

Eating rice at funeral

Elephant attack

Exposing my sins in dream meaning in islam

Ear wax coming out of left ear

Eating fufu in a dream

Eating snake eggs

Eating cooked goat brain in dream

Eating food with my mom

Eating boiled eggs in dream

Eating sapota in dreams

Engagement in dream

Eating dry fish together with groundnuts

Entering a house with only undies

Eating beans and yams

Extract a big saucepan in digging in the soil

Extract a big sauce pan i e

Escaping from bike accident

Eating blue berry

Eating amala in the dream

Eating cooked goat legs

Eating red fry chilli in dream

Eating fufu my dreams what is the meaning

Eating avocado in dream

Eating with my dad in a dream

Entering an old house


Eating alligator pepper

Elephant attacking bike

Eating coco yam in my dream

Eating food with dead person in dream

Empty coconut

Eating alligator pepper in dreams

Eating pounded yam in a dream

Eating foufou and chicken and huckleberry and an unknown soup in a dream means

Eye on arm

Eating rice with an ex in the dream

Eating halwa in dream during pregnancy

Empty kaaba

Enemy cutting hair

Eczema in body

Eating fruits in a mosque

Eating something from a mosque

Eaten in dream

Entering big white n gold mansion

Earthquake in musjid

Eating cooked chicken peas

Eggs falling from my hands and breaks

Eating head of chicken

Eating food containing leafs with friends

Evil spirit haunted me and i chanted hanuman chalisa which saved me

Evil spirit haunted me and i changed hanuman chalisa which saved me

Extra wife with son

Eating cocoa butter in the dream

Eating pune apple

Eating ewedu asepo in the dream

Eating cocoyam

Entering haunted house

Embrace with dead parents

Eating cat meat in dream

Eating tar in dream

Elephant with baby

Eating kaddu kheer

Empty cooking pot with lid

Erecting with my neice

Eating biryani in dream islam


Eagle snachs a chich

Eating raw akro in dream

Escaping bus

Enemy slitting it’s throat

Ex husband coming back home to divorced wife

Eating moringa leaves

Eatin fruits

Eating samosa

Enjoying with old friends

Eating amala nd ewedu in dream meaning

Escaping from burning home

Echo of prayer

Extra teeth grown

Eating roasted breast chicken

Entering a unknown home with dead

Eating with your late father and your brothers

Eating pig fat in dream

Eat green chill

Eat fresh green chill

Eating ice cream in the dream

Evil ete

Eating with dead person

Eating custurd apple in a dream

Eating fish with a friend who has passed on

Eating kheer in dream

Earth folding

Eat rotten pear in dream

Eating beans in my dream

Eating a rabbit in a dream

Empty glass on floor

Easy birth

Eating groundnut in dream

Eating meat in dream

Ex best freind

Eating palmnut soup with fufu in the dream


Eing raped by dad in your nightmares

Ex president of other country

Eight hundred in the dream what does it mean

Exorcism in islam

Eating crab

Eating and plucking tamarind

Expensive pen as a gift in a dream

Everyone’s nose bleeding

Entering grave yard

Eating jollity rice in my dreams

Eating the frog

Eye tattoo

Eye in dream

Eating manna

Eating cow shit

Eid milad u nabi

Eggs roast on charcoal

Eating biryani

Eating chin chin in dream

Eating bitter leaf in dream

Eating chicken meat and sweet potatoes

Eating fresh cat fish in a dream

Eating fire stone

Eating bread and akara

Eating biryani in dream and someone eating more and someone eating less

Être tirer dans les airs

Eating herb

Eating broken bottle

Eating madazi in a dream

Earring lost in dreams

Eating boiled potato

Eating rice with chicken

Eating eko elewe in d dream

Eko elewe

Eating paper dream

Eating rice with insects in it

Eating biryani in dream islamic interpretation

Eating raw garri in the dream

Egg carried by dog

Eating with my ennemi

Eating belpatra in dream

Enemy wearing white t shirt

Electric right hand

Eating ice cream

Elephent trying to attack my relative and me

Eel bite

Exposed sin

Eating bitter kola in the dream

Eating ice cream with someone

Eating shima in a dream

Eating peanut

Eating white cheese

Eating whole mice


Egg collection


Eating cassava leaves in a dream meaning

Eating and sardines mean in a dream

Eating rotten orange

Extra toes

Eating in a black pot in the dream meaning



Eyebrow hair falling off

Elephant attaking on dream

Elder slaps me in dream

Eating jalaibi in dream

Eating roseapple

Escaping from cockroaches

Eating stool in dream

Elder brother

Eat groundnut

Earthquake without shaking

Earthquake without shani

Eating peanuts

Eating a stale bread

Eating roasted corn and try coconut in a dream means what

Eating roti

Eaten by a mother grizzly bear

Eating lizard in dream

Earrings colour

Eating kola nut

Exam tests

Eating bitter cola

Eating with a president

Eating hotchpotch

Eating same plate

Eating chicken and rice

Eating food with my mother

Eating flesh of a human

Eating dead people

Eating crayfish

Ear mite

Eid meaning


Entering masjid

Elephant and whale


Eating roasted corn and coconut

Eating together with dead person

Eating bread

Eating ponmo in the dream

Eating shrimps and salad in the dream

Eating mandazi

Eating coconut and corn in dream

Explosion from the sky

Eating cocoyam fufu

Eyelashes falling off

Embarrassing a dead person in dream

Eagle in dream

Earthquake with no damage

Election dream meaning in islam

Entering the kaba

Eating honey at mecca

Eating groundnut

Entering kaaba

Eating sweet with naan

Eating kheer in dreem

Eldest sister

Eating crab in your dream

Eyes close

Escaping from lioness and cheetah without being seen

Eating semolina

Egg on a tree


Eating of soursop in the dream

Elephant try toattack

Efforts to become rich

Eating tamarind

Eating tissue paper

Eating curd islam

Earthqauke caused by me as i was walking in sand which was located in locality making falling of two buildings and i was with my family and we all get dispersed to save our lives and this caused falling of buildings and then we got reunited within some time all good and sound

Earthqauke caused by me as i was walking in sand which was located in locality making falling of two buildings and i was with my family and we all get dispersed to sabe our lives and this caused falling of buildings and then we got reunited within some time all good and sound

Eating birds

Esrimg birds

Extinguishing fire with sand

Escaping from lion

Escaping and lion seen in a dream

Eating meal in the dream

Evacuate home

Eating soybean

Entering friends house

Eatimg gam

Electricity wire on the street

Eating eko in dream


Eating polony

Eating boiled white yam in a dream

Eating mandanzi

Eating sehri in the masjid

Eating pounded yam in the dreams

Extreme heat

Eating canarium in dream meaning

Eating rice with cherry

Elephant running through cow herd

Eating pig

Eating cooked bones

Eating pomelo fruit

Eating food with the king

Enemy smiling at you

Extra fingers in foot means

Eating lezards

Eating bush mango in dreams means what

Eating cucumis milo

Eating with deceased person

Eating okro soup with amala

Eating food by the road side in the dream


Eating tropical almond fruit from the tree in a dream

Eating al


Egg falling on someone hand in the dream and break

Eating gulab jamun

Eating amala and ewedu in dream

Eating cooked chicken meat in a dream

Eating cooked meat in a dream

Eating peanuts in dream

Elder woman vagina


Eating avocado

Eating raw chicken

Eating haraam chicken fillet

Eating green grams in a dream

Eating green grapes

Eating sweet

Eating chia seeds in dream

Empty white fridge

Ex husband lying naked near a river

Ex husband naked lying near a river

Eating bread in the toilet in a dream meaning

Eid festival

End of the world and jannat

Exposed toilet boss

Enemy sucide

Enemy sucked

Eating palm kernel seed in dream

Eating dessert and vomiting

Enter house

Eating food with king

Eyes poked by needle

Eating amala and ewedu in a dream

Exploding gas stove

Embracing dead rrlative



Eating dragon fruit in a dream

Eating fat meat

Egg yolk coming out of the vagina

Expired food

Earthworm dream

Eating sugarcane

Eating sugarcane in dream

Ex husband angry in dream

Ex husband holded hand in anger

Eating a soil in a dream meaning in islam

Ex mother in law

Eating mandazi in a dream

Enemy giving gold chain

Earring lost

Eating watermelon in dream


Eating sweets

Egg hatching

Ex president in a dream

Ex president in adream

Eating draw soup

Eating mud in dream

Eating of groundnut

Eating while fasting in ramadaan

Eating human

Empty pot of rice dream meaning

Eating tiger nut

Escaping animal attack

Eating tiger nut and later spitting it out due to stomach irration

Eagle tattoo in dreams

Entity morphing

Entety morphing

Eye in armpit

Eating meat or food

Eating chicken feet

Entering the womb

Eating food with the left hand

Eating with left hand

Enemy sweeping my house in a dream means what

Eating beans products in dream ekuru

Ex boyfriend fighting

Eating styrofoam plate

Eating strofoam plate

Eating and picking udara from the tree

Eating moin moin

Exploding bomb


Eating sweet yogurt

Eating yogurt

Exit sign

Enemy touching my manhood

Experience darkness and pain

Evil goat

Ear piercing in a dream

Eating fruit with blood on it mean in dream

Eating pounded yam in dream

Earth and planet together

Eating with king in dream


Exploring palace

Entering roza e rasool in dream

Entering rosa e rasool in dream

Eating good stuff

Elephant herd

Eating worms


Eating cokroshe


Eating lot of rice

Eating halwa puri in dream

Eating dried dattes

Eating arrowroot

Eating octupos


Eating a hot corn

Eating with dead people

Else reciting

Eating roasted corn in the dream

Earthquake and dying dream

Eyes getting blurry in dream

Eat red bricks in dream

Eating almond with dates

Eating beans

Eagle attacking


Eating a fish

Earth and crescent

Embracing own dead grand father

Embracing dead grand father

Embracing dead resin

Exam result of son

Eyes filled with kojel

Eating octopus

Eating bone

Eating fish and rice

Ex president

Eating food with children in a dream

Entering house

Eating porage with goat head

Eating roasted cassava

Eye peeling off

Eyelashes in dream

Extracting fat from cat

Eating pounded yam

Eating miraa

Eating row okra in the dream

Excreting dream

Eating in dream at fasting hour

Exam fear

Eating grate dry coconut in dream meanings

Eat green cardamom in dream

Eating a raw meat


Eating a small snake

Enemy giving clothes

Extension of female nipple



Eating rotten oranges

Eating snake

Eating cucumber

Eid dream

Eyes tear

Ex lover

Escaped from masquerade in a dream

Ear wax

Eating testicle

Eating braai meat wit friends

Embracing quran teacher

Eating fufu with palm nuts soup with friends

Eating chocolate

Expelling jinn from my fiancé

English to tamil

Earthquake in the house

Eating khat

Eating food with hair

Escaped from hungry lions

Erection husbund

Entering hannah but with one door slightly open

Entering hannah behind the prophet with one gate slightly open

Eating fruits in dream

Entering kabah


Eating delicious meat

Eating ocacado

Eating chameleon meat in adream


Embracing a dead person

Eating fasting

Eating eba and vegetable soup in adream

Eating a cat

Eating rotten mango in dream and throwing it

Eating fufu with palmnut soup

Eleven moons

Exfiance come to home

Eating gold bracelet

Eating gold

Earring means

Eating peach in dream

Eating peach


Eating of bread and coke in the dream

Eating in desert

Eating in dessert

Eating maggi in a dream

Eating wallnet and badam

Eating your hair

Eating sweets from the dead

Eating something from the dead

Eating cooked dog meat

Earthquack in dreams and buildings grounding

Eating a biscuit in my dream

Eating potato chips



Eating chapati


Eating food from adeath person

Eating fried banana on dresm

Evil spirit touching my feet

Evil spirit touching your feet and you apologise

Eating jollof rice

Entering new house

Eating cheetahs meat

Earthquake on masjid

Earthquick in own house and part of it demolished

Earth worm seeing in dream

Eating black animal in dream

Eating fry snail in the dream


Eating jalebi

E j

Eating kenkey and pepper in a dream

Eating yummy cooked lamb in dream both husband wife and sons

Enemy giving money

Eating with a king

Ex girlfriend

Eating cake

Eaten checkin meat

Eating break and bean cake together

Excessive soap form on nose while birting

Enemies being good to me

Eating samosas in ur dreams

Eating bitter kola

Entering inside kanas

Eating raw okra

Eating flesh

Eating human flesh

Everythibg breaking in the house

Empty coal stove

Eating rice and beans in stew

Entering the masjid without a shirt

Evil eye

Eating cooked yam with the dead

Eating white rice

Ex lost leg

Ex boyfriend injured

Ex husband got married

Elderly person

Eating banana

Eating fruit

Eating bear fruit


Eating dead meat of human

Eating fruits

Eyebrow falling of

Exam in dream

Exams uprepared in a dream

Explosion of a boat


Eating of stools

Eating selroti during pregnancy dream interpretation


Empty house

Eating harap in dreams

Expecting a new born

Eating orange

Eating apple

Entering glass house in the sky as my home

Ex boyfriend


Escalator flipping and falling off

Elder person

Enteringin the coumpound

Eating corn in a dream

Eating shark meat

Extract a tooth

Escaping a burning house


Entering the dead house

Eating raw blood meat

Eating pork accidentally and vomitting


Entering the kabah

Entering the kaabah

Eating poop and throwing up

Eating dead

Eating cat

Earthen lamp and raw rice

Es best friend

Eating raw meat

Eating banyan fruit

Eating shit

Eating bush meat in my dream

Egg plant dream meaning


Eating food inside bathroom

Elephant chasing

Eating the food that is ment for governor

Eating goat boots

Eating jamun in dream

Eating halwa

Entering empty house

Eating cooked rice and chicken in a plate islamically

Earth in sky

Eating prawns in dream

Eating prawns in dream means

Eru dream meaning

Eat ramadan

Eating white bread with water

Elephant leaving a house

Eating stone apple

Eating cooked yam

Eating while fasting ramadan

Ex partner trying to resolve issue

Eating bricks

Eating meat

Escaping a forest fire

Eating marcadimia

Eating jollof with meat

Eating egusi soup in dream means what

Eating soup with fish

Eating sehri

Eating blueberries

Eating fats

Entering ocean

Escaping a enemy in dream

Escaping a bus accident which would have been fatal

Earth quake

Eye missing

Eyeball missing

Eating raw flesh

Eating meat in the dream on the day of fasting

Eating roasted meat dream meaning

Everyday dreaming in the sleep

Everything dreaming in the sleep

Entering room


Eating ashes in dream

Eat rocks

End of world

Eating goa fruit

Eating in broken plate


Elephant chasing you

Eating mango

Eat ing meat

Eating pork

Eating colanut in a dream

Eating sweet tamarind

Emotional over ex in dream

Exotic dream

Eating ripe sweet soup

Eating two womans pussy

Eating two woman pissy

Extracting teeth

Eating custard apple

Electric shock



Eating in a dream

Escaping from snakes in dream

Escaping from snakes in a river

Escaping from a crocodile

Eating alligator pepper and bitter kola in the dream

Eating dream while fasting

Eating fish

Ex wife

Escape snake from attack

Extra mouth

Elephant killing people

Eating yellow food



Earth splitting

Eating akara in restaurant in dram

Eating groundnut akara in dream




Egg peeling

Excessive eating

Eagle head snake

Eating in skull

Earth pile

Escape from jin

Escape from allegator

Eating cooked tuba food

Eating food on tomb

Escape from a burning home and was save and people extinguish the fire

Eating suya in the dream

Eating fried plantain with a dead person in the deeam

Entering a shit house

Ear biting

Ex husband buying you new shoes

Eating something by mistake while fasting but nt swallowed

Earthquake dog

Eating without hands

Enmey beggjng for forgiveness

Eating milk and bread with some peoples

Eyes changing colours

Eating pussy in dreamd

Eating cow heel in andream

Eggs stealing from hen

Eating butter cola in the dream

Elder sister getting married to man

Eating meat and bread

Explosion of gas stove

Eating yogurts

Ex president in house

Eat something that not belong to you

Eyes fell out

Eating baoba fruits means what

Eye itch

Enemies throw javelin over me but escaped

Eye stones

Escaping from a killer

Escaping a bear

Eating portion of fetus

Eating a red fruit

Eating rice in some ones house

Eating on a well designed table with the governor

Eating herring fish

Embracing deceased father who is sick in the dream

Earrings in sand

Extraction of oil from mustard in dream

Eating red fox

Eating bone during sleep

Eating almonds kheer in dream

Eating bitter ground and meat in dream

Eating horney in a dream

Enemy making salaah

Eating pork mistakenly in dream

Everyone came to kill me so i committed suicide

Entering a huge mosque

Escaping unhurt in bus accident

Early child

Eating liver of a dead person

Eating food with hot peppers

Eye gouging

Eating cow tail in a dream

Excreta flushed

Eaten by dog

Eating leaves of neem

Ex father in law shake hands

Eating ripiening mango

Empty books

Eating bread with green spot in it

Eating roti with daal

Eating cooked yam and give people

Eating stamps

Eating yellow colour halwa

Eating bitter kola in a calabar in the dream

Eating bitter lola in a calabar in the dream

Eating roti or bread in a dream

Eating donkeys meat in my dream

Enermy giving money

Elephant dekhna

Earthquake in my dream and we trying to run

Eating chicken soup

Eating black jamun fruit from tree

Eating aftar

Escape from enemy

Entering highway

Eaten by many giggers in one foot

Empty huge clean grave

Expectant man seeing rams in a dream


Eating dead skull

Eating animal tongue

Eating egusi soup

Eating vegetables full with palmoil

Elephant chase

Exchanging food with a mad woman

Eating white rice with red palm oil

Evil things

Eggs with hair

Eating pata

Eating oork

Eating raw lobster in dream

Eating chicoo in dream

Eating food with strangers

Empty food pots

Eay brows

Eating bitter leaf leaf soup in a dream with snail

Elephant noise

Ex in laws are trying to make a fight scene in an occasion

Eating kanda in a dream

Eating roti with friends

Eating grounded pepper in dream

Eating on broken plate

Eating coconut sprout

Enemes give some food

Eating fecal matter

Eyes change

Eye fallin out

Eating blood pad

Eating a black fish

Eating rotten apple

Eagle bite my finger

End of the wirld


Elephant 8n dream

Elephant chases

Eating flaxseed

Eating black grams

Entering the middle of the lake

Eating pin

Earthworms coming out from human

Eating biscuit inthe shop meaning

Era in black dreams

Ear dream ???? m women

Ear in hand cleanig

Entering a familiar house

Entering house that owner pass away

Eating fried meat but not swallowed

Eating a fried peppered meat in a dream

Eating red oil with yam in the dream with my late brother

Elderly person sitting in home and reciting kalima with group of ladies

Entering skies

Enemy kidnapping child

Entering raining water

Eating a small dress

Entering a pastry shop

Eating swallow food in a dream

Eating swallow food with meat in a dream

Eating jute in adream

Experiencing heavy rain in kaaba

Eating pounded yam with vegetables in the dream means

Exorcism of jin

Eating our own heart

Eat at a restaurant

Excreating in a bag

Egg eating

Eating sweet white kolanut

Eating dates from makkah

Entering house where dead person is sitting

Eating of irish potato

Eating meat of ram

Enjoying rainfall

Ear with green plants

Empty bucket

Eating coco yam in dream

Eating bread and walking in street

Eating bread in a dreamland walking

Escaping from dajjal in dream

Evacuating from fire incident

Eating moldy food in dream

Eating food in sargah

Eating fried octopus

Eating vermicelly in dream

Eating jollof rice served by your fathers younger sister

Eating egusi and fufu

Eating a multicolored fruit

Ercreation on head

Eating fufu and vomiting it in the dream

Eating white sweepotato

Eating groundnut in the deam

Eating ripe fried plantain in dreams

Eating banana with honey

Eating baking soda

Eating fufu with friends

Eating ones meat

Eating rose petals

Ear liquid

Earthen pots in water

Embroider green clothes

Egg hatching and baby bird comes out

Escaping a flood rising inside a building

Eating of pap and akara on dream

Eating peanut and green bananas

Eagle atack my wife

Eating ekuru symbolize in a dream

Eegs coming out of virginia

Egg shell skon

Eating dry wood

Eating watalappan in dreams

Eating orange and yellow sweets

Evil woman white dress

Eating cooked casava

Eating acooked cassava

Eating with inlaws

Eating berries

Eating grass berry

Entering penis in to vagina

Eating food with little child and my pet

Eating with prime minister

Eating meat bought by president

Eating cow meat cooked in mosque

Enemy left hand fracture in dream meaning in islam

Enemy pursuit

Entire family


Eating efo riro

Eatinh haram food

Exclamatory mark

Elephant rock

Elderly women

Eating black sapote

Eating biscult in dream

Eating diamond

Eating food spice

Eating red tomatoes in islam

Eating papaya but it’s sour

Eating dried figs

Eating kheer in dream in islam

Eating jollof rice and goat meat

Eating food in toilt

Entering unknown building

Eating puff puff and water in dream

Eating special sweet in arab country

Eating food with a dead woman

Eating apricot

Eating enough in the dream

Eating meat on a river

Eating velvet tamarind in a dream means what

Eating from grave soil

Eating cooked corn with old friend

Eating fresh corn with old friend

Eating rua meat

Eating and sharing dates to people

Elevator crash

Empty hospital beds

Eating biscuits with your mum what does it mean to have a dream about you and your mum eating biscuits

Eks wife

Eating food hiding in a toilet

Electrical faut

Ex fiancé leaving

Eagle flying and landing on high stoop

Every thing scattered

Enemy taking soul

Ears blocked in my dream

Eating halawa

Eating raw grasshoppers with food

Eating roasted groudnut in a car

Eating years in the dream

Eating rosted corn in dream

Eating raw cassava in a dream islam