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Dreams starting with the letter E

Eating raw cow meat

Ex naked in dream

Eating fresh meat bread

Eating cook food

Eating porridge mixed with palm oil

Evil eye sister

Entering an empty house

Escaping natural disasters

Eating rotten corpse

Embarrassed naked

Eatting ants


Eating food in a hotel

Enemy camp

Enemy base

Ejaculation of husband

Eating sweet in ur dreams

Eating sweet laddo in dream

Egg on the road

Eating dand

Eating cooked meet

Evil womam


Eating persimmons


Eyelashes falling

Eating cooked rice

Enter home

Eating black rat in dream

Evil person chasing

Evil lady chasing


Eagle attack

Eating patato

Eating fried

Embarrasment to related to an exam


Escaping from flood

Entering an apartment in our house and starts cleaning it

Eating a red apple in the dream

Expanding house


Eating warms


Embracing dead person

Evil pet in house

Entering a shop

Entering in someone else’s house

Eating honey from makkah

Eating meat front of wife and step daughter

Ex wife swx

Eating sweet vermicelli in dream

Escaping a gunshot

Eating konkonte in a dream meaning

Eating groundnut in a dream in islam

End world

Empty suitcase missing journey

Eating brown

Eating brown powder

Eating solid pap

Eko in the dream


Eating green piri piri

Eating pork meat

Eating food in function

Eating bank notes

Elephants in water

Extra teeth falling

Eating snail in draem

Ex holding red flower

Eating peanut islam

Eating jute soup

Everyone knows my secret in islam

Evil crying

Eating perfume

Eating raw plantain

Eaten by a fish

Eating ekuru and dry panla fish with father

Eye covered

Earrings silver gold

Enemy giving u middle finger

Eating of alligator pepper

Empty quran in a dream

Eating fried dead woman meat

Eating meat in dream with a dead person

Eating coconut water in dream

Elephant playing

Eating in dream

Empty out a drawer

Excreting in toilet

Eating dream

Eyes closing

Eyes slowly closing whilst being stuck

Eating a green leaf in a bowl

Ex mother in law combing my hair

Eating sweet ripe mango

Eating sweets in dream

Ear rings broken

Eating jam

Earthworm in toilet


Escape kiddnaping

Eating mud in the dream

Egg coming out of a vagina

Eating pap with akara in dream

Eating star

Enemy holding quran

Escaping death dream

Eating plants

Enemy cleaning in my house

Expecting the outcome of meeting

Eating rice and soup

Empty papaya

Else culturing

Eating a cookie

Eating fish driving a car

Excretion in a dreams

Eating food in grave dream


Eyelid sore

Eyelid blurish

Evening sun light

Eating vaginal fluid

Eating eko and efo riro in a dream

Eating fufu and vegetables in the dream

Eating together with dead father

Eating together with dead rekative

Evil mother

Ear drilled

Eating cocoyam in the dream

Earthquake and building crumbling

Eaten row chicken

Extinguishing fire

Eyelashes falling when touched

Ex beat friend

Encourage someone to pray in dreams

Eating pizza in dream

Eating food in hotel with dead husband

Earthworm bited my toe

Eating cook cassava in your dream with your husband

Eating cooked egg with bread

Eating row me

Eating tiger nut in dream

Enamel of teeth peeling

Egg crack

Eating jujube fruit by myself

Eating green fruits

Earth bursts

Enemy out of your house

Enemy having a prosthetic arm



Eagle will eat rice in dream


Elephantiasis disease

Eating bottle

Eat during prayer

Epileptic seizure

Eating sweet tambrind

Eating penguin eggs

Eating custerd apples

Egg coming out from vagina

Earthquake arrived and the house where um inside is demlishing but im alive

Eagle pigeon

Eating wood

Eating shehtoot

Exhuming a dead person

Egg coming out of vagina


Eating fruits from a tree

Entering white bus

Eating litchi

Eating bread soaked in milk in islamic dream

Embracing deen in dream

Eating eko elewe and ekuru in dream means

Entering a mosque without a shirt

Eye on my hand

Earth quake and catching fire

Eat kabab with dead person

Eating black gram in dream

Eating mash daal in dream


Eating fried chicken and sweet

Èating yam with red oil

Eating roach

Eating doughnuts with worms

Egg hatched

Eid ul first

Eating with the dead person

Eyeliner dream

Eating fufu and okra

Eating fufu and okro

Evil deed

Eid partner

Eating plums

Earth hit by meteor

Eating gova fruit in a dream

Ead body covered white cloth dream

Earth anger

Electric shock of husband in a dream

Eaten unroasted

Eaten raw meat

Enter mosque with shoes seen in a dream

Eating yam porridge mixed with palm oil

Elephent chasing me

Escaping snake in grave

Escape from fire

Emotional auntie

Ex spouse

Eating baobab fruit in a dream

Everyone dead except uncle

Eating porridge with friends

Eating pomo in dream

Eating yam porriage

Eating porridge yam

Eat hair

Elderly person wearing white garment

Elephant yam

Eye bags

Eating yam and eggs

Enemy eating food in my home

Entering someone else house

Eye clock

Eating gur in dresm

Earth worms in toilet

Eating cassava leaves

Eating porc

Eating a human leg

Earthquake happing causing the shaking of fans

Erupting volcano

Eating panner

Empty big house

Eating penguin egg

Eating baby monkey


Elephant feet

Eating your own shit

Eyes filled with blood

Eating lichi in dream

Entering an unknown house

Eating grandnut soup

Eating curry and rice in enemies home

Eating rice in enemies home

Ex getting married

Eating tasteless egg

Eating breaf

Eating chicken in dream

Egusi soup and pounded in dream

Eating the raw meat of a cow dream meaning

Enemy clean my house

Eye drop dream

Enemies giving me shoes

Eating cake and sweet

Eggs falls from sky

Eating arrowroots in a dream

Eating food with deceased

Erkek olmak

Eid milad un and nabi seen in a dream

Eating naartiesin a dream

Eating moringa leaf

Earthquakes with heavy rain with little child

Entr a mosque

Exchanging hair and money in the dream means

Eating guava full of worm

Escape from crocodile attack in dream

Ears periced

Eating raw egg and garri in a dream

Escaping from lion in adrenalin

Escaping from lion in adrenaline

Eating a dead person’s food


Eating cooked meat with bread with husband

Enter the toilet about to perform ablution

Eyelashes falling out islamic interpretation

Eating green olives

Eat red oil with rice

Eating red palm oil

Empty egg

Eating gizzard in a dream

Eating fried cassava

Eye balls broken

Eating pork in a dream

Eid day shopping

Extinguishing fire during a ceremony

Eat samp beans

Eating food that have little human hair

Eating a custard apple

Exposing penis

Emergency landing

Eating unripe plantain

Eating of water chestnut in dream islamic interpretation

Eating sweet with dead grandmother

Eating a gauva

End of world dream

Ear dream meanings

Ear plastic surgery

Expensive black running shoes

Ex fiance house

Engagement ring dream broken

Eating cooked chard

Eating with the prime minister

Engagement cancel in dream

Eating groundnut soup

Een niet moslim die je kent is aan get bidden


Emptying a leaking pot


End of nation

Eating a baby boy in dream

Empty vase

Evil clowns

Eating chiken means in dream

Eating along with dead people in dream

Eating cantelope

Eating plenty alligator pepper in the dream

Eating yellow rice

End of times flood

Electric fish in a dream means

Eating fufu your dream in the mosque

Empty earthen pot

Eating a swallow food in my dream from a clay pot

Eating kenkey with red pepper

Eating red beans

Eating meat and beans

Eating an oarfish

Ear lick

Eating a non edible stuff

Elder giving advise

Elder advising

Elder advicing

Eating a snack

Exorcise a jin by quran

Eating wedding mandazi in a dream

Eating turmeric

Ear parsing in dream

Eating insence

Eating bakhoor

Escaping kidnap

Eating fresh grasscutter meat in dream meaning

Eating cooked ground nut in a dream

Eating pork and spitting

Exam dream but not able to finish

Eating grilled corn in dream in pregnancy


Eating snail soup




Eating of beetroots and enjoying them

Eating live bird

Ex woman stab me with knife


Engaging in lesbianism in a dream as a single young woman

Ex bestfriend feeding me

Eating find from a dead person

Eating sugar

Earth breakdown

Entering bee in my ear

Eating sweet in someone death

Eating fish in dream

Elephant try to crush me

Enemy is friendly with me in my dreams

Enter a dark room with touch light

Egg black goo

Eating broken glass

Eating cassava in a dream

Escape waves

Escape from giant wave

Ex work friend drinking water and smiling then he said elhamdulah

Eating shradh food

Eating white food in dream

Eating white food in dream means

Eating white food in dreams

Erasing a dream interpretation

Eating mango with my father that has passed

Eating duck

Eating crocodile meat



Earthworm entering ear

Eating snail in my dream

Ex husband has return back in my life

Ending fire from burning clothes

Eating heart

Embroidered fabric

Eating amla

Enter gates masjid

Enter gates

Enter t

Enemy gave peeled orange

Eating cow trotters

Eating pigs

Eating rotten mango

Eating ripe papaya

Eating a piggy meat

Eating a pig meat

Eating fresh garden egg

Eyebrows falling off

Eating tangerine in the dream meaning

Eating bread and butter in dream with dead relative

Eatibg biryani

Enemy wounded

Escape from cheetah

Eating flesh of your own father

Eating flesh of own father

Eating fried egg and yam

Eating food with milk

Earthquake destroying

Eye cancer

Eating dod meat meaning

Eating concrete

Eating clothes

Eating white cloth

Eating ebs and ewedu soup

Eating bread nuts

Eating a lizard in a dream and felt the bitterness in mouth for several days

Eating ugali and other people too

Eating ugali ather

Entering a mosque with a fiance

Earthquake meaning in islam

Excessive facial hair


Eating dal and gosht in dream

Eating offals in a dream


Earth and moon looking similar in dream

Escaping from a group of black and white striped snakes

Entering a girl you wish to marry house

Eating little rotten fruit

Eating a cockroach

Eating black berry

Earing sweet red chilli

Eating yam porridge made with palm oil

En veetil erandha mami yennudan tanguhirar

Eye of moon

Evil eye dream

Eveil été dream

Eating spoil food

Eating raw eggs

Eating sweets and desserts

Eating rice in dream

Eating of snail in once dream

Eating colled snail

Eating yam porridge in the dream

Enemy combing my hair

Entering house at night

Eyelash bugs

Embracing man

Enemies coming to kill

Elephant attack dreamer

Eating mirchi bajji in dream means

Eid e milad

Eating with a dead relative


Eye cleaning

Eating groundnut cake in the dream dreamm

Eating chocolates from fridge without knowing any one

Eating mom

Eating walnut

Eating a home made sweet

Eat green leaf peanuts

Eat leaf peanuts

Eat green leaf

Eating tripe in a dream during pregnancy

Eating coconut in the dream

Ehraam and umrah

Earthquakes dream

Eye pian


Expensive stone

Engaging with dead person in a dream while pregnant

Ex husband getting married

Enemies with knives

Earrings falling of them finding them again

Escaping a hirricane

Eyebrows thinner and close to eyes

Eating rat

Eating raw cassava

Eating yam and red oil in my dream

Eating chicken biryani

Eating biryani in dream

Eating groundnuts in a dream

Eating cashew

Eating porridge yam with red palm oil from a person that you know

Entering bank

Eating rice and boiled egg in a dream

Erupted volcano

Eagle meaning

Enemy and hijab

Eating cocoyam in dream

Enemy came home to visit

Escorted in a plane

Escorted in a helicopter

Eating akara and bread in a dream what does that mean

Egg organs in dream

Eating quran page

Eating fried grasshoppers

Eating halwa puri in dream islamic interpretation

Entering a unknown building see people in the building

Ex person in dream

Eating choc cake

Eating bread and green olives

Eating white rasgulla

Eating masala dosa

Eating rice ang egg and fish in a dream

Engagement with my boyfriend

Eating starbucks

Electric heat

Elephants dying

Eating daal chawal

Eating maggi in the dream meaning

Eating food rice with relatives

Eating food with relatives

Empty drwers

Empty a house

Eating okra soup and eba

Eel fish cutting

Electric wire fall on me

Eating jaggery


Earthquake destruction

Evel eye

Eating inside the water closet

Early morning

Eating mandazi and someone was looking at me in a secret way

Enemy trying to kill you

Entering a dead persons home

Eye blurry

Escape from flooding

Eggs fall off and break

Eating uncooked red flesh

Eating uncooked boneless red meat

Eating uncooked red meat


Excessive talking

Eating shea fruit fresh in dream meaning

Eaten eba in a dream with friend playing together

Eyes changing colour

Entering in vegetable garden

Eating mingled millet with people

Entering a garden

Eating mingled millet

Evil kissing me

Eating semo and egusi in dream

Eating turkey in a dream


Eating the food of the dead

Eating pomogranate

Eating avocado in my dream

End time

Eating roasted snake

Eko elewe dream

Exam dresm

Eating with my dead grandmother

Eating of muthi in a dream


Eating lunch with dead mom

Entering through old woman anus

Eating cow throttle’s

Eye black

Eyes black

Eating moon lentils

Ex boss

Eating of bitter leaf soup in dreams

Eating shark

Eating from a mad woman in a dream

Eating a loaf of bread

Eating khat dream

Entering the rawdah in my dream

Entering the rawdah

Eating from a mad woman

Elephant attacking

Egg coming out snake

Embracing enemy

Eating salamon fish

Eating fingers

Entering hell

Elder women scaring me

Eating chicken in the bathroom

Eating samoosa

Eating samoosa from deceased

Escaped from whale fish

Eat with king

Eating okro soup and meat in a dream

Eating amala with okro soup and meat what does it mean

Eating okro and yam flour

Eating rice with moths

Eating plastic bag

Eating page of qur’an

Eating chicken and potatoes

Eating prawn with egg

Eating proem

Eating much

Eating cooked onion

Eating sweet and sour food in dream

Eating maggie cube in a dream meaning

Evil smile

Eating cooked coral reef

Eating a cooked coral reef

Eating with deceased mother

Eating meatpie in dream meanings

Ex rejecting

Eating white rasgula in dream

Eating your meal in your dream

Excrementing in front of people

Evil chading

Eating food with dead person

Eating raw tamarind in the neighbors house

Excreta messed

Eating damsel from the tree

Eating akara and pap means what in dream

Entanglement meaning

Eating cockroach in the dream meaning

Enemy pregnant

Eating fruit at in laws

Explosion of sun

Egg stuck in vagina

Eyebrows falling in your dreams

Ebtacing the dead and crying

Eating food with my ex husbund with a differt plate and also me kissing

Eating halwa raisins and almond

Eating snack head

Eye on the wall

Ear hurting

Elephant inside a lake

Eating sweet grapefruit

Egg plants

Enemy congratulations

Entering a place

Eating rasgulla in dream

Eating white swan

Eating from a plastic pack

Extreme slim person turned into fatty person

Evil old woman

Eating cow soup in dream

Eating fufu light soup and meat in dream

Eating cow intestines with a woman in a dream

Empty grave

Eating hoof

Eating and picking boroi from the tree

Eating sweet orange

Evil in dream but when i read hanuman chalisha she is gone

Eating meat in the dream

Eaten by animal



Elephant killing someone with its trunk

Eba and soup in the dream

Eba and soup

Eating eba and soup in the dream

Elderly uncle

Extra limbs

Ex boyfriend crying in dream

Eating cow skin

Eating lychee in islam dream

Engagement broken cancelled marriage dream

Eat white

Eating gari mixed with palm oil

Eating sweets from enemy

Eating amala and ewedu with goat meat



Eating red capsicum

Eating fura

Eating goat poop in the draem islamic interpretation

Eating sandels

Eating cooked pounded food

Eating penis in dream

Eating penis

Eating black chickpea

Erupting lava

Eating chin chin in the dream meaning

Eating chunky milk

Eating crusted apple

Ear fire

Eating rice and chickens

Eyes checkup


Eating aligator pepper

Eating jalebi in a dream

Eating beautiful fireworks

Earth in dream

Exam in the dream

Exam n not writting

Engagement to a stranger

Estádio de futebol

Egg in my hand

Eating roasted crocodile liver

Eating someone flesh

Eaten ripe roasted plantain and palm oil

Eatin sweets

Eating of gulab jamun

Egg coming out of my vigina

Eating s a

Empty red envelope

Enemy crying today


Eating dead birds meat


Eating with a president in a dream


Earing grapes

Eating white grapes

Eating honey comb

Eating white yam and red oil in dream

Eating clove

Eating custard apple dream in pregnancy

Eddo dream

Eating kolanut in the dream

Eating cooked yam in a dream

Entering a commercial vehicle to the market

Elephant chasing me in my dream

Elephant skinned alive

Eating food with children

Eating half cooked meat of a goat dream meanings

Eating guava in dream

Eating my penis in a plate

Eating mosrum

Enemies breaking a door to kill me

Enemies trying to kill my family

Elevator crashing

Eating gala

Everyone trying to kill me

Eating ewedu

Eating molding bread

Empty food pack

Eating pig meat nd spitting it out

Enemy cleaning

Eating a tasty avocado

Eating fried groundnut

Eating brown raisans

Escape bus accident

Eating a bat dream in islam means

Embrace the dead

Eagle turns into meat


Eye brow shaving

Entering in the mud house to take it for them self

Ex boyfriend walks away

Erasing your foot prints dream meaning

Eating bitter kola and alligator pepper

Entering a house in from window in dream

Entering a brothel

Eating food with family in dream

Eating with a death one in dream

Ear insects

Eggs and fruit

Eating food and meat and a demolished uncompleted house

Ex women

Eating own stool in dream

Eating cooked rice with meat

Empty market taking shahada

Empty market

Eczema on the back

Enemy y committed suicide

Enemy committed suicide


Eating red rice

Eating red kola nud in the dream

Eating bush mango mean

Escape for an accident

Ejaculated on your clothes

Escaping from death

Eating food from the box

Eating from a box


Eating chilli powder

Eating pounded yam with black soup in the dream

Enemy comitting suicide

Eating pasta and salad in a charity

Eating salad and pasta in a dream

Except in charity and eating it

Eating charity that was given to you

Exposing bad things

Eyes check up

Eat pratha

Elevator doors

Eating cow trotters in a dream

Eating fufu light soup and meat means

Eating candy

Eating marsmallow

Eating naseberry in your dream

Eating men meat

Eating fufu with palm nut soup

Eating raw chicken in dream

Eggs and hen

Eyelash turning white

Eating pizza with dead person

Eating a piece of cooked lamb leg

Eating kichadi

Ear operation

Escaping abduction

Extracting money


Ear drum

Eating food at palace

Enemy smiling at me

Eating masa and suger in a dream

Entering another world

Entering another wold

Eating yam with my dead father

Eating yam leave in the dream meaning

Eating in a mortar


Eating fried meat

Eating sweets with the dead member of the family

Eating by wild animals

Evil trying to kill me

Eating gizzard in the dream means what

Eating cocoanut

Eagle flesh

Eating yam and egg in the dream

Emir that died

Eating eko elewe

Eating and supplying a preventive medicine

Ex bestfriend


Enemy gives you shoes

Eating a rip mango

Entering in their own house

Entering in new house

Eyebrow falling out

Embracing my crush

Eating vegetable salad

Eating salad cream

Eating chapati dream

Empty kraal

Extra marital affair

Eyelash on fire

Eating gold ornaments

Eating cloves sticks

Eating nuts


Eating blood food

Eating jambul in dream

Eating chicken with sauce

Eating cooked cloves of garlic

Eyelashes falling out

Eating alligator peppers

Eating apricot i

Eating jollof rice with meat in dream

Eating roasted fish meat

Entering a room where a deceased person is

Eating cooked rice find worm

Eating meats

Eating lychee fruit in dream

Escaping a shark to shore

Eating mix vegetables

Eating groundnut in my dream

Eating lot of raw okro in the dream

Eating with someone in a same dish

Extramarital affairs

Ertugrul gazi

Eye contact with crush in dream

Eating avacado dream interpretation

Eating bitterleaf soup

Earthake bringing house down

Earthquake bringing house down

Ex sucking my boobs

Eating ragi mudde in dreams

Expensive asset

Eating banana in the dream meaning

Ewe and lamb but ewe dies

Eye lashed

Ending world

Earthquake dream

Ear and neck

Eating eba and vegetables in a dream

Escaping death by accident

Eating khichuri

Eating meet of dog in dream

Eating beans cake on dream

Eating roti with honey

Evil goats attack me

Entering your home

Eating with president

Eating with king

Eating black berries in dream

Eating beans and sweet potato with my siblings

Egg yorks in dream

Eating white stone

Eating beans and chapati in a dream means

Empty property

Escaping from a serious car accident while passing along a road and kill many people

Eating cooked yellow corn

Extracting oils from seeds dream meanings

Eat rat

Eye not opening in dream

Eating masa

Eating a big lychi in the dream

Eating sweet green grapes

Eating bitter gourd given by someone

Eating a broken plate

Evil spirit trying kill hanuman chalisa and save seen in a dream

Ex lovet

Enemy visiting one i

Enemy visiting inba dream

Eating locust beans in a dream

Escape snake

Eating raw neem on dreams

Eating lunch with family and a stranger

Eating rat in a dream

Eating fruits without seeds in it

Eating of eko and moimoi in the dream what does it mean

Eating mutton

Eating food with dead father

Eating haram food

Entering a flight

Entering aero plan

Exposed private part

Eating of stool in dream

Eye changed

Evil plotting


Enemies wit gifts

Enemies house gifts

Eating cow head meat in a dream

Eating aloevera in a dream

Evaporated milk in a dream

Ex husbamd

Escaping from terrorists

Enjoying eating barfi in dream

Eating shrimp and finding pearls in mouth

Entering madina in dream

Electricity cables and fire touching us causing near death

Eating fried yam and raw meat

Elder unknown men dressed in kurtas

Eating ekuru and eko

Earlobes falling off

Eating goat brain in dream

Eating ekuru

Eating bat in dream

Eating palcenta

Entering a portal in a lake

Exploding washing machine

Eating a rabbit

Eating fried ground in dream

Ex boyfriend committing suicide

Eating horse meat in a dream

Eating in a gathering

Eating pigeons

Eating chapaty in dream

Eating in the dream

Eggs coming out of the vagina

Eating raw lichis

Eagle attacking turtle

Eating fresh meat


Eagle and turtle together

Elephant trying to come inside my home

Elephant trying to come inside home

Eating raw snails in dream meaning

Eating from beautiful dishes

Eating promo grante

Exam and hall seen in a dream

Eagle attacking snake

Eating fufu and palm nut soup

Eating a rat

Eating cooked bitter leaf soup

Ex husband avoiding me

Ex avoiding me

Enemy cleaning your house in a dream

Earthquake in a mosque


Eating with rich man in the dream means

Eating biryani and also giving to neighbours

Enter a house where people are naked

Enter a house where people are baked

Enter a house made of clay

Exchanged yam for money

Eating pineapple

Eating letchis

Elephant eating human

Eating fufu with palm nut soup with more meat

Eating meat and raw blood coming out of it

Eating amala

Ex fighting with wifr

Eating beans cake in the dreams meaning

Eating beans cake in my dreams meaning

Eating akara in my dream

Eating chapati in a dream

Extinguished match

Eating with dad

Eating yam and oil in dream

Extra leg

Ex sucking my breast

Ex husbnd

Eye shaped scar in left hand

Entering empty house of unknown people

Eating grilled sweet rat

Entering a room filled with people and then ppl start entering and leave

Eject dirt from ear in the dream

Entering rawda madina

Entering rawda

Everyone wanting to take your things

Epo obo

Eating fufu and okra soup

Ex trying to get back in my life

Earthworm from milk

Eating jute soup in the dream