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Dreams starting with the letter F

Fountain from earth

Fight with brother

Feeding poor people in dream meaning

Feeding poor in dream

Fire moving underground

Frog in my house

Fox eating rooster

Falling of the white horns of the cow while breaking

Falling into pieces a white cow horns

Fake kaabs

Finding out i’m pregnant

Former house in dream

Friend in problem

Frying rice

Felicitation in dream

Fly entering nose

Female friend running away crying

Found lost earings

Fasting dream bad breath


Fire in foot

Face turned black and ugly

Fire at shop

Fire at shop in dreem

Fainting while looking at graves

Filthy garment

Flowers on plant

Found mom gold ring

Flying from land

Fighting back a jinn and killing it

Falling the tooth

Finding someone and you can’t find them

Fire in the neighborhood

Faceless thief

Forearm bleeding

Friend giving money

Farther harming son


Fruit in grave

Faceless guy

Flying pig angel on it

Female child lost

Finding lost female child


Father walking down the street

Feeling fear to ride on horse

Finding baby boy

Funeral with out dead

Feeding a tiger

Fall hit back of head

Fall back

Find gold in ocean

Failing in the water in a bot dreaming

Failing in the water in a bot

Finding money in wallet

Feeding water to old weak lady

Facial hair on girl

Finding object

Flour with green

Forced marriage

Fiance died

Falling of quran from hand in dream

Famous person serving food



Food bug

Frozen eggs

Finding treture

Fish tail

Family member naked

Falling down from a storey building

Flies in corner of room



Fighting with jin

Failed exam

Father hitting mother


Finding pearls in oysters

Forgetting to feed pets


Forest full of pink hummingbirds

Fish pond in mosque

Fear of losing money

Finger hurt

Falling from snow

First kalma

Foot in someone’s mouth

Full moon meaning with glitter shining around it

Finding a spoon but not taking it

Floating on waves

Falling down with no wounds

Fish picture on big mountain

Falling off mountain

Five finger

Fell from a tree

Fire from cooker

Father wearing my work clothes

Figi watermelon and orange

Figs water melon and oranges

Fight animal

Feet and pray

Father handicapped

Farming business

Flock of eagle eating crow in dream

Fighting with uncle

Fighting a enemy

Fighting an enemy

Floating leg in air

Flower seller

Faithful person

Father falling in sons dream

Feet sinking in sand

Female naked


Fighting with wife in dream islam

Feilds of roses

Feilds of reoses


Fossilized snake

Flowing waterfalls stops in dream

Flowing water stops in dream

Family going some where me leaving alone

Female holding

Friend has a dream about me and a guy

Find money under ground

Food in the leg

Fetching water into empty basket

Fan falling

Faking death in dream

Food grain

Friendly black cat

Father strangling himself in a dream

Finding a diamond in dream

Firebirds flying around my house

Fighting with a dead person

Feeding a cat in a dream

Face of silver

Father crying in corner

Flowers people house celebrating

Father time left

Flying over the clear water

Forced married to a unknown man


Fishing a snake in dream

Fire at on the street

Falling you nose pin

Fallig teeth

Flying without wings on low latitude like bird and seeing people you know

Flying without wings on low latitude

Female penis and vagina

Falling horse from mountain

Flies in a ear

Fainting while praying and fall in your dads arm

Flowers in the bathroom

Fighting with sheep

Feeding pigeons

Fake kaaba in a dream islam

Falling into dark hole


Feeding someone hair

Fighting a human

Finding golden earrings

Falling in love with unknown person

Floating in air dream

Fire amd sea water

Firing bullets

Flight crashe


Food and insect

Forget the hat

Fat bird

Forgotten something

Fallen nipple

Father cutting throat of daughter dream

Finding loosing gold in dream

Finding lost ring

Family member laughs at me

Fruits in river and eaten joyfully

Fighting with brother in law

Fish coming out of my nose


Fish biting on foot

Figs and custard apple

Falling while praying

Fire burns eye

Fire eye

Feeding food to poor man

Floating dead bodies in water

Father kissed my head and covered me

Fuking virgin girl

Father cleaning shoe of daughter

Food someone

Female angel

Finger nails falling of

Fried bees

Father died car crash seen in a dream

Float in air

Food in vessel

Flying beetle in house

Flying bug

Filling water bottle

Finding skeleton parts in cat litter

Family member drowining

Family member drowning

Fox attack dream

Fighting with sisters and other people over food

Feshing water from well into a sac

Fighting spider in a dream

Friend as bridal makeup

Finding deceased father boot

Fire on roadside

Fetching water naked

Fire in the locality

Fire in the area

Fallin in love

Fire bening a house

Father almost dying

Fighting thief

Female leg

Fish driving a bus bicycle lake

Falling in dum

Friend i don’t talk to is beating a naked man

Fe chin water

Finding million money

Floating in water

Floating in warer

Fight a bear

Friend gave birth

Fighting a gorilla

Fighting a naked friend

Fire on top of a grave meaning

Finding taweez

Friday morning

Fajr praying in a dream

Food with faeces

Flying on a flower

Falling teeth from above

Flying wings

Feeling horny

Fire in my bed

Food tray

Friend dead

Friend who has died

Father in dream naked

Find money in street

Female having male part

Fighting off hyena attacking my wife

Flying dream

Filling benzine in my car


Favorite person

Forced to marry again

Flies around food

Father married a new wife

Fetching tap water in a dream in islam meaning

Failing armpits hair

Falling front right side teeth

Falling from bridge in to water

Finding a lot of money

Father sweating

Flowing brest milk

Fat brown snake holding

Friend being pregnant

Finger growing in center of hand

Farewell dram for widow

Farewell dream

Fighting with a lion and winning

Flirting with man in dream

Flying over graveyard

Fetching tap water

Frying oil

Flying crocodile

Former pm

Fighting with a co wife


Finding a lost object dream explanation

Father marrying a second time

Flag of the enemy

Flying in the sky in dreams

Finding silver treasure in dream

Foot worm

Finding clothes

Father getting sickness

Fish in a bowl of milk


Friend with a dogs face

Feeling guilty of zina

Father in law in hospital

Foot on mud in dream

Foling car

Forest girl jack fruit

Filling a sack or bag in dream

Feeding meat to a dog

Fryed egg in the mosque

Flies in ears

Food fly

Foot being amputated

Fear of hight in dream

Family member turns kafir

Flooding in streets


Flouting hand

Flying in a car

Finding hammer dream meaning

Falling from the hieght

Falling from the top of mountain

Friend black clothes

Fish in a dream

Fighting a bob cat

Falling out teeth

Finding red ants

Fire people

Frog dream number

Face tribal mark

Food coming out of my eye

Found my lost cat

Friend dreams of friend havingenemy

Friend dreams of friend having a enemy

Friend in white wedding dress

Friend in wedding dress

Fence stolen

Found gold watch

Family gatogater

Father someone else

Falling from sky and landing safety

Fear of sea water

Father hitting me on head

Fetching water for people in a dream

Flying bugs in home

Fear of wrong doing

Flower garland received

Fighting with someone but end up falling in love

Fighting then falling in love

Fight with big snake

Fight with big cobra

Frogs coming out of anus

Family supper

Front 2 teeth break out

Fighting an ugly old woman

Frozen cow meat

Full breasts

Family member possesed by jinn

Falling of a camel

Feeding someone with own hands


Fish bottle tank

Foot buring

Falling on octopus

Family home

Feeling a loved who has passed hugging you

Fearless snake

Finding a dead dog

Finger bleeding

Finding lost jewelry

Finding lost things in a dream

Father giving colourful flowers to a daughter in the dream

Fish eating a snake

Friend possessed


Freind lugth

Father of girl give hou money

Flowers in ceiling

Fetching water in a bucket from the well

Father getting kidnapped

Fire in a hospital and i managed to escape

Friend giving expensive gift

Falling in a septic tank



Fish sadquah

Finding a missing child

Father giving money in dream

Flying from tree to tree

Fighting over a boy



Finding a gold ring

Fi d

Finding fold ring

Forgiving your enemy

Forgivinh my enemy

Family in israel

Feeding mother

Fog and vouce of children

Father wanting to kill son

Faceless girl dream meaning in islam

Finishing my fast

Flying ships


Falling into a well to save a life

Falling of mountain

Foot paralysis

Fish coming out of nose

Fixing the same broken tooth

Frying and eating of beans cake

Foreign tour

Fire spreading

Fire business

Firework seen on dreams on darks night

Fire in a place

Front below teeth broken

Friends talking behind my back

Father slaughter younger daughter

Fighter jets in dream

Fetching water from a full well

Friend missin

Finding money then returning it

Fight with husband in a dream


Fight with mother

Friend fainted

Fought with the lion or tiger and saved and the lion is outside home

Fought with the lion or tiger and saved and the lion i southside home

Faceless girl

Flying above water

Frog eating bird

Flight between elder and younger sister

Friend holding baby wrapped in black cloth

Friend in recd dress

Firing on me

Frog dream common number

Feed a child

Former president died in water

Falling in a deep hole

Forty nights

Falling holy quran in dream

Fighting with a dead person i know

Falling mountains

Flesh rubbing on skin while washing

Father funeral who is still alive

Father in dream

From sky a group of golden dress man travelling in group of horses

Flying over stagnant water

Father give me gun

Files of pepper

Following an unknown woman

Feeding a lion in dream

Fire descending from skie

Fire in sky

Flue in a deem

Fallen in haldia sea water

Fighting a madman in a dream means what

F having a long penis

Falling rain water

Fighting with sister in law

Fighting with my parents

Fighting with leopard in dream

Forgetting homework

Fighter planes

Future kids

Fire in grave

Fire in your apartment

Female giving azaan

Flirting by a married man in dreams

Flirting by a married man in dreama

Found black snake

Fishing bare hands

Flowering mango tree

Feet burning

Foot odour

Friends father passed way

Frog sitting on gaint snakes head

Female private parts

Father killing me

Frogs released from bucket

Falling off

Father laughing in a dream

Finishing quran

Father giving you money

Father giving you monet

Fog in room

Finding blood soaked clothes in a bag

Feces on grave

Father said go throw away a cloth which is dirty

Fight with a masquerades in your dream mean

Food and quran together in a dream

Fiancee running from me snakes appearing after i run after him

Feching of water

Falling through window


Father speed driving car

Fight sister

Fake currency

Fake note

Fox trying to come inside

Flood in a dream

Fire wood


Fighting gvwithbdead mothet

Fighting with co wife

Friends father died in the swarm

Fronds father died in the dream

Falling cloud on earth

Fighting for a woman

Flower knot

Female baby

Forgiveness of an old enemy

Front two teeth missing

Face was dark

Falling in deep water

Family members visiting house

Force into house

Female giving azan

Falling down in the toilet in a dream in islam

Fire in scarf means

Forgetting how to pray in a dream

Fight with unreal bodies

Feaces in clothes

Fighting with gosht

Fight with evils

Finding pearl in oyster

Flood in room while sleep

Friendly rat

Falling object from the sky

Forcefully married


Face max

Face glow

Friend asking to buy

Fighting police an soliders

Frog bit me on my back

Four babies


Fighting mother in the dream


Falling off a building in a dream

Fruit with seeds

Family is angry

Fish catching in river bank

Flooding means

Falling from helicopter with paracute

For above

Fish falling

Fish descending

Fruit with plum

Falling from the building

Fat person became skinny

Fat person lost weight

Fake khana kaba

Father kissing

Finding rings

Finding a lot of rings and wearing them

Forced marrage

Falling off all teeth

Family talking about my marriage dream

Feeding girls and boys children

Freeing large fish in river

Flying with the aid of parachute

Fighting a bear

Flowers chasing me

Father raping daughter in a brothel

Fish flying in air with green diamond

False accusation of murder

Father having a hair cutt

Fight friend

Falling out of a window

Fatima radiallahu


Feeling à baby

Feeling à baby child with milk

Feeding crocodile

Fight of two person and blood from mouth

Flood beach

Full moon coming out of cloud

Falling into well

First place in exam

Foreign market

Friends dying

Family member dies then comes back alive

Flower covered with white clothes and sprouting

Free maso

Friend killed me

Furniture moving

Fire during pregnancy

Falling into a toilet

Forgetting ihram

Feces torches hand and mouth

Father grating beatan

Father beaten

Fat black snake

Feeding dead person

Found a lot of gold

Father is angry with his son

Fleeing a cat

Fighting with a cowife

Fetching water inside a durm

Flying falcon

Frogs in mosque

Friend pregnancy

Fresh green plantain


Fog eating snake

Feeding a blood from my breast

Followed by man


Feeling actual pain in dream

Friend fight dream

Finding some money in a purse

Frequent nightmare

Fighting a war with prophet saw sword in dream

Front fence

Fruits in a dream

Fighting with cousin

Feeding to a baby girl

Fighting dead brother

Flowers in my house

Female giving and hearing azaan in dream

Falling into a hole

Found dead body

Fighting the dajjal

Fresh nuts

Friend seen my me pregnant

Falling of a friends house

Flock of white birds

Force marriage to a princ

Flow of lava

Fight a woman

Fight your brother

Fighting a few g

Fuel finishing

Front upper teeth

Frozen water

Facial hair on women

Finishing the last of a drink

Fresh rosemary in a basin full of water

Football playing

Frog bites on leg

Fear of falling down from a great height

Feeding a sheep

Fire and milk

Feeding the lamb

Fish in clouds and very shinning

Fish in x

Fire in dirt

Fight with best friend

Foot paralyzed

Fat newborn boy

Finding a lost thing

Finding a loat thing

Family escaping from a group of black and white striped snakes

Fire and money

Flesh bone trow out

Fighting and quarrelling with aco wife in dreams

Finding salt

Finger cut

Fish coming out mouth

Found a gold

Fighting evil and killing flies on my land

Father in law died

Family gathering with a serious mood

Friend snake bite me

Fruits on the grave

Fighting a demon

Frog in shoes

Fly coming from vagina

Feeding someone fruits

Feeding white cow

Flying snake

Female foetus miscarriage

Forcee marry

Forced marraige being 17

Falling from airplane

Fiance mother

Friend giving me money in dream

Fighting a pregnant woman

Flies sitting on food

Flies on foof

Finding snail at home

Family being attacked by leeches

Full blowing wind

Fire in bedroom

Flower gift

Flying plane

Frightening by a dog

Falling off a bridge

Female having penes

Female lambs

Friend falling from building

Fight someone

Falling in the pool

Family member trying to sleep with you

Fingers been cut off

Forgetting to wear shoes to school

Filling water in container in dream in islam

Friend death by snake

Feeding food to dead person

Falling from a mountain and surviving

Falling into a pit

Flees in hair

Feeding my baby

Falling in well

Feeding food for cat in dream

Friend talking bad about me

Four legs in dream

Friend talking bad about you in dream and you confront

Father dies

Falling on ground

Front teeth falling down

Fruit mango

Find key

Falling into gutter


Four arms and four legs

Flood like tsunami with dirty waters

Flash flood with muddy water

Food meat

Fighting with prostitute

Falling from the bridge

Falling during salat

Fight stepson

Fighting stepson

Feces odor

Fell through

Funeral services

Flying freely

Fruitful tree

Food in drams

Foghting mother in law

Footsteps at 3:30 in the morn while sleeping

Finished food

Fighting with a politician

Falling inlove with strangers

Family member in trouble

Falling into an abyss

Fish and snake in one dream

Fishing man

Feeding poor children

Fighting your father

Flower garlands

Falling gutter

Finding a peacock feather

Finding a treasure in the form of jewellery

Feeding whey

Finding a child in a grave

Foxtailmillet cooked indream

Fighting a man

Failure buying fish

Falling into a toilet pit

Falling in deep dirty water

Friend eating hiding from me

Family attacked by arrows


Feline animals

Fight in moaque

Fingers cut

Fire from gas stove burns my red scarf shawl

Falling of coffee pot

Frozen finger

Foot in stomach

Flower cemetery

Fighting with jinn

Father injection

Forgetfulness in a dream

Fungus skin

Falling in love with an oppressor

Fiancé getting killed by an oxen

Fighting storm

Fighting clouds of wind

Fighting typhoon

Found a dead body in my room

Face not seen but body is of someone you like

Friend pregnant out of wedlock

Falling into ditch


Father slaughter sheep

Fire in home


Friend saying goodbye in a dream

Fishbone coming from nose

Fruit pie

Flock of white swine

Father marrying second wife

Forgiving sins

Fridge with frozen food

Find gold bullion

Food was eaten but comes pin in hand from mouth

Finding cyst on my head

Finding a cyst on my head

Finding a weird lump on my head

Found a big mass bump on my head

Fighting with dead mother

Flating hair


Female having both genitals


Futuristic cars

Falling out of eyelashes

Friend met with a bad accident

Fruit salad

Falling deep into the soil due to ground wreckage

Flood and looking for mother meaning

Fade in g versus

Father mother fighting

Flock of dead birds

Fish in unclean water

Five irons

Five irons ring

Five things

Family members kidnapping you

Finding a stolen bike

Face in the sky

Falling off a building

Fighting a ghost

Forced to marry a lame

Feeding peoples bread

Flying in a plane

Filth; linen; used clothing)

Fire and snake

Find among dead

Falling from the bed

Friend saying goodbye

Friend goodbye

Flooding and youth in dreams

Flying horse buraq

Friend hating you

Foot stone


Falling from sky in pool

Finding lost sim card

Flame from earth

Fainting during prayer

Fighting in dream

Freezing in the rain

Fishing in river

Found sister teen to sing louder looking up and toilet bowl full of blood

Father ill

Father faint

Fourth child

Friend killing another friend

Falling in a shit pit means what

Father in a mosque praying

Fruit with a egg

Fighting with mad man in a dream

Friend fall from building

Fighting a bull

Friend being bullied

Families alive

Fall from building

Fake kabaa


Female amamat

Feeding water to tiger in dream

Found a person burnt legs

Fighter hero

Finding money in the bathroom

Feeding baby lion

Falling of home boundary wall

Father asking money

Feeding a known baby boy

Feeding wolf

Fighting in my dream

Floating on stairs

Falling building

Friend winning in an election

Falling into se

Fighting with devil

Food grains

Forgiving and hugging an enemy

Fighting a giant

Friend have two broken hands

Falling of ghee on dress

Feeding goats

Fighting inside mosque

Flexible sword




Father wearing white clothes in dreams

Flood near me

Family member getting eaten by animal

False teeth in dream

False teeth

Foot not wslking

Floating in air

Face full of acne

Fog poo

Finding sihr in my dream

Falling stones from sky in dream

Falling stones from sky in fresm

Falling stones in dream

Fighting with sangoma

Full bright moon

Falling trees in dreams

Finding two peoples had a same dream on the same night

Flying soul

Flowers growing on the body

Fat brown cow chasing my wife and i am protecting her

Fighting president

Flower lilly

Face with black dots

Forced to study by friend


Flying a plane

Fawn in dream

Fear running away

Fear irresponsible

Fear ofirresponsible

Fear of mistake

Fear of not picking up someone

Failing to pick some one up and they are waiting

Fear patience

Fishing in a river

Finding dead body

Fathers sickness

Finding a secret

Flowers putting on graveyard

Family of camels

Found money in a dream

Flying in the new city

Family member going mad

Fighting with cow horns

Fatima zahra

Fingers cut dream meaning

Fighting with unknown person


Fat person and now lost weight

Fighting a jin

Fighting a jon

Family of prophecy’s

Feaces messes dream

Forgiveness in a dream

Friend hiding from you

Flying bicycle

Flood came on clothes

Fighting with a ghost with quran

Found money on the floor

Fighting with a gun

Flowery clothes

Flowery dress

Fire around

Floating on water

Falling in dirty water and came out by people help

Father beating me in dream

Fashen show

Feeding known people

Future news

Fighting my sister and mother

Fallling hair

Full moon explosion dream

Flys and magnets

Fight with maid

Falling ceiling g


Face colour

Flood in house

Flying to kaba sharif

Finding lost keys

Friend in a big beautiful house

Fallen angel

Found a abandoned baby


Find my self lost in the dream

Flameless fire

Friends dream

Fat toes

Flood attack

Fondling with a woman

Forgetting something you learned

Fofo in dream means what

Finger nail blood

Flying bird

Fluid coming out of myear

Female eating a needle in a dream then takes it out of her mouth

Fornication family member

Fornication father

Fixing one’s teeth

Food adultery


Finding expensive jewellery

Falling cliff

Feeding peacock

Fighting with jews

Feeding snail eggs to someone

Fighting with a deceased person

Fire lighting a woman

Falling teeth from mouth

Friend without hijab dream

Food falling into bag

Family of the prophet

Father crying

Fighting with unknown bird remove all feathers in my dream islamic meaning

Fighting with unknown bird all feathers removed

Fighting with a bird in my dream islamic meaning

Female with male penis

Female gender change to male genitals

Family performing prayer

Father daughter


Fall down from building

Friends father died

Family killed by snakes

Friend getting married to her crush in dream

Feeding someone who died

Flying in the space

Friend says asalamualykum

Falling stones from sky

Father running away from sun

Father hugging daughter

Falling off high place