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Dreams starting with the letter F

Found new clothes

Found new sewed clothes

Fighting with relatives in dream

Father wearing my cloths

Father marrying

Father’s death

Farm burning and deceased stressed

Failing exams

Fruit gooseberry

Flower in shoes

Face pus

Father falling from the balcony

Fingernails given to person

Fighting with my father

Father law repair son in law house roof

Fire on the mountain

Five lunar eclipse

Five blood moons

Fighting with the gils

Funeral brother

Fleas cats

Feces in a jug clear water

Flooded toilet

Fighting with deceased

Finding lost item

Fighting with friend

Falling earth

Finding something lost

Friend getting beated

Falling from stairs

Fighting with ftiend

Fidhting dajal

Floodin toilet

Father wearing gold ornaments

Father is getting married

Falling down from a building

Fruit pickles

Fall on mud and my boyfriend pulls me up

Fighting and defeating a evil

Friends talking behind your back

Frozen sky dream meaning

Face of stone

Found ring

Father married to another women

Fish in masjid pond

Fish in ponds


Fake eyelash see in dream

Feeding a dead person dates

Feeding stray cats

Freedom dreams meaning

Food thrown in washroom

Family eaten by a hippo

Family members having meal same table with king and royalty

Fighting with best friend

Fighting with brother

Fruit dream

Feces coming from the vagina

Fighting dogs

Falling thing from sky

Fighting with tiger

Fear of snack

Father underwear

Father acting crazy with a handkerchief in his hand and dancing

Father dance

Father dancing

Falling from ladder

Fighting between two sisters in dream

Food disturbution

Father in law passed away

Foot parasite

Feeding water nd food from ur hands to a orphan girl

Frog coming out of anus

Fire falling from sky

Fighting in mosque

Fighting in moisture

Family fighting

Flying over an elephant

Flying over an elephants

Father married another woman in dream

Father killed family

From eating lion in dream

Feeded with rice

Friend telling me to pray with him

Friend calling for prayer


Fallopian tube

Fried monkey in a kitchen

Fake money

Falling of the front teeth

Fancy clothes buying

Friendship ends

Falling borewell

Fat woman dream

Flying in parachute with family

Foot in mouth

Famous peoplw

Failing test

Ferarre hall

Future husband

Feefing bird

Feeding bird

Flood and mother

Father eat in dream

Fighting a dead person

Falling in a hole

Fish swallows another fish

Flying snakes

Fighting with my ex boyfriend and winning


Father disowned a daughter

Food falling from a plate

Find gold during digging the soil

Found gold in the soil

Female friend dating

Food and blood

Felt like in unknown person was kidnapping them

Falling from roof

Feeding a baby

Fight with sheitan

Fat woman

Friend turn enemy

Falling of

Finger fall

Fetching water in my dream mean

Fanta seen in a dream

Found money on the ground

Fighting someone

Falling into the sea

Face bruises

Full ocean

Fighting with a friend

Fresh birinjal

Fresh brinjal

Forced to eat cockroach

Fluor chips

Female giving adhaan

Foot massaging late father

Fish teeth

Fish with sharp teeth

Find my shoes

Falling in the car

Finding my clothes and my x lover clothes in the river

Finding old clothes of my x lover and my own in a river

Finding your clothes and your ex boyfriend clothes in the river

Flight delayed

Frog dream

Falling off jewellery and fixing it

Fat black lady fighting with me over a dress

Feed old beggar

Flowers growing in head

Finish salah

Future queen

Fresh wound on woman face with blood

Flowing river in grave yard

Future world war

Failing maths test

Friend pregnant

Fungus house wall

Frying eggs

Flying above mosques

Flying over mosques

Flying on top of mosques


Fingers wearing rings

Fathers grave in dream

Fallen mountain

Flood outside the house

Fire light in house

Fitted wood branches


Falling into down

Feet in swimming pool

Flies in home

Flies all over my house

Fell into a swimming pool and them got out

Fake plants in bathroom

Famous person in dream

Failed in exam and crying

Fine sand


Falling from staird


Firstly swallow a black snake and then vomit it

Frayed clothes

Fighting an albino in a dream

Fishes flying in sky

Found old bag with all stuff

Father giving money to his son

Finding money in a toilet pot

Full moon fire fall down dream

Faceless woman indicating left hand

Faded dress

Father spitting on face

Falling in the sea

Fighting with a lion then a horse came and hit the lion aside and

Feeling baby heart beat in dream

Flat worms coming out of my skin

Forgetting hijab in public

Falling in sewage water

Fire in house

Fatty myself

Fear of elephant in the dream


Falling into ️well


Finding too many taweez in home

Falling off toenail

Frying fish in a kitchen

Fetching water from a borehole

Father wearing army uniform


Family members telling goodbye

Find sihr grass

Flying around oceans but scared to touch water dream

Fetching water with a bad fetcher yet i was able to fill my bucket

Famous person hiding from you

Father give fun to son

Father give gun to son in dream

Fasting in dream

Family moving to some other places

Food fish

Fire in room

First lady


Feces in pajama

Funeral of deceased

Falling down from high altitude dr

Fighting a fat man

Father being killed

Father mad at you


Fruits falling in sky

Fighting with someone

Food were potatoes

Face washing in calabash

Falling of the sun parallel to moon

Father in law he is dead and coming in dream and pulling the hand of my sister why

Father in law he is dead and coming in dream and pulling the hand of sister why

Father in law he is dead and coming in dream and pulling the hand hand of u sister why

Falling stones


Fighting sister

Flowers in the toilet bowl

Frog jump on you

Father second wife

Feces on the hair

Frozen water

Floating house in air

Folding earth

Frog jump on me

False tooth falling

Found a lot of money and later i lost

Fishing as family business

Feeding someone sweets saying bismillah

Falling in prayer

Feet of dead


Falling in a pit

Fearing an animal

Falling in green water


Faccia mutilata

Fish red

Falling houses

Fruits in the tree

Feet in lap

Finding something that was lost

Falling off a roof

Falling from the sky in a chair exciting happy landing safely

Friend jumps into train tracks has her legs chopped off

Fire rocks from sky

Fire sky

Flying a eagle

Fruits buying

Father hitting me

Fire spread

Friend pregnant in dream

Found a thin silver and black snake

Flock of birds entering the house

Father showing knife to son to kill

Family returning

Forest melbury unfruitful tree yellow leaves falling

Fighting with hijjra

Forced to eat stool

Fallen coconut on head

Find out bro “ i went to a old person and god a pigeon from him he said that it talks but when i came out i let her out of cage but she couldn’t fly but i still left her there it was a white pigeon

Fish stinging

Feather in ear

Fighting with dog and monkey in a dream

Furniture in upholstery material

Fight of a pig and a dog

Feeding fetus

Feeding fetus in dream


Friend embarrassing another religion

Flying horse

Fight teacher

Fishes in net

Feeding a kid

Feeding fruit of jannah for death person

Fighting for food

Falling from the sky safely

Faking from the sky safely

Fighting jinns

Foreplay islamic dream

Flight landing

Failing something

Falling from a certain height in the water

Fire burning grains

Falling from a certain height in water

Fighting mother and sister at the same time in my dream

Female been rape

Future husband building a house

Fingers sticking to hand

Fat bride


Father and money

Fight with gun

Fire explosion in a town

Family possessed

Fishes in

Fishes in the lake clear water

Feed a cat

Fighting an albino



Fighting against non muslims in karbala

Food plater

Family member beating you

Fighting in karbalah

Fat brown cows attacking family

Fighting a snake wearing a gold necklace

Fighting my friend

Falling elevator

Falling through air

Falling through aur

Falling through sky

Feces full of grains

Feaces full of grains

Friendly animal

Freindly cat

Friend becomes rich

False accusation of zina

Fish raining from the sky and holding them

Females having intercourse

Flood with 6 snakes

Family killed me

Family together

Feminine man

Flowers and birds

Flowers and birda

Fighting with a friend in a dream

Fighting with a fried

Filth in dream

Finding self with own excrement

Fish coming out of water

Fresh fruits

Fight and remove your dress

Friendly tiger in dream

Fight with uncle

Fetching water from the well

Falling to the floor


Fully blue cat

Full blue cat


Fat baby comes in dream

Falling of teeth

Furniture store

Fight with mad man

Family praying in jamat

Flood in masjid

Friends family

Four legs

Father marrying a young girl in dream

Fall in a dream

Faal in a dream

Fog from a far

Fight with your friend

Fish at neighbour

Fire on the building where i live

Family members attack

First kalima

First kalima recited in a dream

Finding coins in dirt

Fighting a lion n caging it dreamt while pregnant

Full moon on fire

Flood of trrrrrrrea

Fight between a couple

Fountain drink

Fly dead person

Finding young boy child carrying receiving kisses

Fruit mango meaning

Fruits in garden

Fight family

Father see grass in his son mouth

Friend adultery wife

Friend kiss my wife

Fighting in a dream

Flower grow from right foot small toe

Fighting a theif in a house

Finding hex bags in your dream

Flying awau

Female calling the iqama

Friend was in water swimming and i asked is here not crocodiles in and then the crocodile ate my friend

Flying by aeroplane with foriengers

Father with demon face

Food to a cat

Fence removed

Friend crying in a dream

Falling in to a pit toilet in a dream

Fighting animals

Faired from job

Fwet of dead mother

Feet of dead mother with white patches

Feet of dead mother

Flying in the aeroplane in the sky

Forced to pray in dream

Family disown

Fire from mouth

Friend stabbing you in the back

Falling from terrace

Family turning against you

Flying roches

Fighting with some one

Fetching water from a tab

Former friend

Failing from builing

Father injured in accident

Falling in gutter

Front tooth wobbly

Fish bitting legs

Falling in love with a stranger women

Falling in love with a stranger some

Feces in dream

Feaces in dream

Father dead wearing torn clothes

Fleeing authorities

Fight with die person

Falling in space

Father in law covering

Flighting demon

Fingering vagina

Fleeing a war

Fetching tap water with bucket that’s leaking little by little

Fruits on tree

Feeding poor

Find your way

Fighting relatives

Fight cousin

Faith healer


Flying horse and warrior

Full sink of dishes



Fish falling on roofs

Facial palcy

Fire making to make night shine

Forgetting to pray salah in a dream

Found money

Forgetting how to pray in dream

Flirting with a woman

Fighting with tall person

Father getting lost at the airport

Feeding potatoes to crow

Falling of roof

Fighting my mother

Fromg biting me in dream

Frog biting me in dream

Frying chin chin in dream

Fitting with lion

Father house

Father open grave

Fruist seller

Frog and snake in dream meaning

Fear allah

Feces in mouth

Feedng new born

Flying in plane over oceans

Flying in aeroplane

Flooded washroom with water

Flooded washroom

Friend army

Friend as a general

Falling from sky then waking up

Flying pictures in the sky

Falling nose pin in real

Fishes dying

Flying in the sky and see honey melon

Finding my lost wallet with money

Finding my brown pair of shoes as anew

Finding my pair of brown shoes as anew

Finding my old pair of brown shoes as anew

Fingernails cut off

Falling stones from the sky in my dreams

Family gathering in my house in dream

Father giving iron key

Fire on mountain

Found someone sim card and give to him

Falling baby dolls from the sky

Friend being stabbed by someone they know

Father talking to me

Fighting with ur bestfriend

Finding gold jewelry and money coins in dream

Father doing black magic on me


Finding gold rings and whrust watches

Father leg amputated

Father lost his leg

Fainting praying

Fly heads




Fed hair

Fat cattles chasing me and people around me

Food sharing

Fruit tree

Fat meat

Flashing colours

Fish flesh

Flesh of fish

Female touching vagina each other by vagina

Flowers in dream

Fighting with fox and seeing loin together

Fading color of teeth

Finding ring in the ocean

Finding a gold in my dream

Food disappeared while mixing

Food disappeared from bowl

Father is died

Father is died a news only didn’t see

Family coming home dream

Floor of kaba

For an unmarried lady crow like a cock in her dream

Fixing lower teeth

Friend get shot

Flying unicorn

Food shortage in wedding

Flocks of parrot

Frog eatan by piegon

Father seeing his daughter

Fight with father in law

Failing report

Falling in air

Fish market

Fruits in tree

Falling into a well

Fluvial parade

Friend falling

Foot into water

Father in law dying in dream


Falling in a well

Fighting son

Friend getting married

Flowing water

Fire in cloths

Famous men

Falling from chair

Flushing your clothes in the toilet

Flushing your own clothes after having worn in the toilet

Flushing your own clothes that is supposed to be washed in a washing machine into the toilet

Flushing your clothes to be washed in the toilet

Father giving a bath to his daughter

Fire on top of the tree

Fire on trees

Fighting dajjal in a dream

Food struck in teeth

Finding insect in a date while eating

Fighting with bestfriend

Former college dream



Fight brother

Friend shooting me

Friend giving birth to a baby

Find things back

Fart in jammah

Family in a moving car

Fart on my boss

Finding lost earring in dream means what

Fighting teacher

Feces in cooking pot

Finding feces in cooking pot

Fire in a dream

Finding in the ground diamonds

Forgot the way back home

Five time prayers

Family’s death

Father getting ill

First wife beating the co wife and unborn child in a dream

Fight dream

Father ask

Father wanting to see son

Fight with mother in law

Fighting with mother in law in dream

Feeding cooked chicken to someone

Fight in mosque

Friend arguing

Father in graveyard

Fish food

Fighting with a group of people

Four suns

Falling in love with an unknown man

Family members getting ill

Finding all your fruits are rotten

Fruits spoiled

Fox in dream

Finding a phone

Fire in dream

Fighting wild animals in dream

Fasting person

Fat cat

Floating to close door

Flying over people

Fetching water in my fience house


Fall from hieght

Falling fromhieght

Falling from hoeght

Flex seeds in dream

Flooded building

Fixing father body

Falling down

Fired from job

Fishes in garden

Father marrying daughter

Friend showing me their house

Feeding from breast

Feeding on breast milk

Friend taking my hijab

Friends marriage

Friend’s marriage to beiutiful woman

Face wound

Father killing snakes entering house

Flaying over snow

Fighting my mom

Fat hand

Fighting a dog

Fighting with dogs

Fighting against dogs

Fair charming woman

Family affected by sihr

Fish in pond

Fish hunting

Fire in the room

Fight death rain

Fat cats

Fighting with my mother

Fornication with sister

Father giving birth to a son

Father giving birth to a som

Feet soaked in water

Find a gold ring

Falling from mountain

Father bleeding hand and foot i

Father bleeding hand and foot

Fighting in war

Fly with wings


Falling hair from head

Flesh woman

Fish orca

Finding money in lake

Forgetting quran dream islamic interpretations

Friends death

Fighting with aunt

Fighting aunt

Flood damage

Falling of earring

Filling up water

Fajr orayer

Falling teeth

Foul scent coming from someone

Fighting with husband in a dream

Fighting with a lion and killing it

Fighting with a husband

Fighting with mother in dream islam

Flowers from a dead husband

Failed burglary

Filling busket with mopane worms

Family members getting sick

Finding treasure full of gold

Fare dua

Famous people visit you

Frightening water

Flock of sheep at homeyard

Failing exam

Flock of birds

Funeral at the beach dream

Finger cut off

Feeding stray cats raw liver

Flies flying over the head and barbing hair

Fighting with parents

Five times prayers

Frog on my private parts

Fixing a mouse hole

Frog in tap water

Ferocious cat

Falling inside soak away pit in the dream

Falling from tall building and survive

Friend crying

Falling from the sky and landing safely

Feeling betrayed

Food on floor

Father in law gifted me red dupatta

Face ripping

Fighting a bear and winning

Fire crackers in dream

Fighting my father

Fighting my fatber

Fighting my brother

Father touching body

Fish coming out of body

Falling from height in a dream

Fighting with my mom

Father death

Fabric salesperson


Father geting married to another woman

Faeces and money

Faces and money

Fractured rib

Flirting with a girl

Frog bitten by snake

Fire smoke

Family hospital

Falling of myself from sky

Farming in field

Fish in dreams

Failing to save someone from being kidnapped

Fighting with mother

Found money on street


Friend boxing

Funeral of a unknown person

Feeling baby movement in pregnancy

Flood water all around

Fighting with am ex lover

Fox attack in a dream

Friend of allah

Firing gun on the ground

Fixing the gas leakage

Fruit in mango

Fruit mangl

Falling into a gutter

Feeding dead mother

Famous woman start seducing me

Fast late

Family of mice

Falling of holy quran

Falling from a cliff

Flood of gutter water

Friend is misbehaving

Falling of quran

Fetching water from a tap

Fetching water

Fetching stool from the toilet

Flower garden

Food rain

Facing the qibla wanted to pray

Finding a deceased wallet

Feces in african tradition


Flying in the sky

Failed my exams and crying

Fighting with father in law in dream

Frog bathroom

Fighting with family member

Flying over a grave

Fruit fly swarm

Ferrying a sack of charcoal

Flock of birds getting burned

Fighting with a coworker



For alum

Flu dream

Fish art

Famous people

Fire in wedding

Fighting with crows

Formation of a blue galaxy

Floating in sea

Flesh blood crying


Flying in the sky with comets

Family gathering

Full moon and jupiter

Floor dissappear

Flying over a river

Feeling thirsty in a dream

Family members entering your house

Falling from height

Friend didn’t help

Footballer team dancing

Forgetting child

Feeding a hungry kid

Fire in switch board with sparks

Fish eggs

Father of the guy you love

Father of the guy you live


Fresh green plant growing

Female housekeeper turning a pot

Friend getting sick



Feet soil

Feces out of vagina

Friend going umrah

Farting without sound

Farting without sound in front of a dead person

Fighting the deas

Father coming to my room and telling my cousin that this relative keeps calling

Found a human baby

Found a baby


Friend being angry at me

Friend sging a paper

Food and cole

Friend crying in my dream



Fruits in market

Fish calling out athan in tank above water

Fly flying in nose

Fighting a witch

Fetus coimg out of body

Feases washed out in dreams

Falling from an high altitude

Fire in bathroom

Flying chick

Feeding birds

Flying white horse

Falling off cliff



Following a dead person

Feeding children with white bread in my dream

Frozen green sea

Father stabbed my mother

Father being stabbed and yet alive

Face reveal


Family and friends

Father fighting


Face crushed


Father daughter romance



Fighting with husband

Falling of long hair

Feeding the dead

Frozen juices

Falling into warer pit

Fall into a well

Flesh meat


Flat tires on the car



Floating over ocean with grass

Flying above ocean

Fat person bin skinny in my dream

Flood in lavatory

Full marks in exam

Fig trèe

Feces from mouth

Falling of books into gutter

Family member dies

Fearing person with mental illness

Fish heads

Father deaceased happy

Feeding my hungry cat



Father in kaw

Fake kaaba

Falling hair

Falling from bridge

Family member

Finger nails

Falling of teeth in dream

Frying shrimp


Friend happy

Finding out someone is pregnant at an old age

Free islamic astrlogy for marriage

Funeral of my dad but i never got to see his face

Funeral of my dad for the second time

Falling from a high rise building in dream

Fingered my vagina

For in kitchen

Fighting brother

Fire in kitchen


Felling death in my house

Friend commits sin

Fire in the house

Fall of protecting father

Father mother

Foreign person

Fighting with co wife infront of hubby in the dreams meaning

Frog on chest

Family dead

First position in class

Friend accepted islam

Father dividing land properties

Finding someone

Fingering unknown woman in dream meaning in islam


Fighting jihad

Frogs in dream

Finding gold ring dream

Full moon

Full moon dreem mening

Fighting jinns reciting quran

Fat person being skinny

Feeding a cat

Fleeing from husband house

Fat ants

Father hugging his daughter and consoling her

Father asking for money in dream

Falling dishes from cabinet

Falling dishes from cabinets

Falling kitchen stuff

Feeding cat

Female bodyparts


Falling in water


Fulcrum seen in a dream

Fair girl

Former spouse

Fairy take man with her flying

Funeral and celebration together

Feeding an imbecile


Finding big gold bangle

Finding gold



Father eating braai meat in the dream

Falling of a house wall

Father in low in dream

Fall tooth

Fighting a snake

Finding daughter

Father turned to jinn

Father abusing mother

Fresh herbs

Fresh vegetable

Finding gold in gutter

Fox attaxk

Fresh ocean

Fresh lake

Friends backbiting about you

Flat partially broken down

Falling from building

Fell from building and landed safely

Fighting with ghost and not giving up


Female with make genitalia’s

Feeling in water in the car

Frightened of water and floads


Finding money in a toilet

Father had a heart attack

Friend and me naked and bathing

Finding amulets in my room

Forced marriage

Fight along jesus

Flying over ocean

Flying on a mat in dream

Failing final exams

Faeces in the pot meaning


Foxs fur

Falling sky


Family stop talking with me

Fighting with your late sisters in a dream

Fighting with dead siblings meaning

Father coughing

Fresh mango in the dream


Flying in sky

Flowing water for pond

Fat pussy





Fly in ear