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Dreams starting with the letter G

Getting shot in calf

Getting money gifted

Goats peeing

Gathering of people wearing black dress

Group of colorful snakes in my house

Giving mad woman food in a dream

Giving pap and akara to someone

Golden tray

Grey coffin



Glad tidying

Giving shoulder to deceased

Giving urine to some one

Giving a urin bottle to wife

Good lookinng jinn fell in love with me

Girl saw herself as bride

Gunshots in my dream

Getting fingered in the vigina by a man

Getting fingered in the virgina

Giving ur dead brother gift

Giving someone to eat coconut in dream

Giving shoulder to dead body

Galss broken

Getting pranked

Giving blanket to dead

Giving rice to a dead person

Going on pilgrimage

Getting ready to go to mecca for haj

Girl giving birth to a baby before marriage

Getting married young

Got raped in dream

Giving out shoes

Getting betrayed from someone

Giving birth nor painful

Gold treasure in dream

Going back in past

Goat brain eating

Giving a golden ring

Gold ornaments

Giving figs to dead person

Ginger saw

Ginger in dream curing

Giving water to your dead mother

Getting raped by a family member

Giving ghusul

Going to unknown ladies begging them to help me get a car

Group searching treasure

Getting periods when you went pee on the closet

Giving people my child cause they want

Giving birth to girl baby

Giving someone a new saree in drram meaning

Glass house

Going back old job

Giving birth to a triplets

Giving sedekah

Giving money to dead person

Going abroad

Grandfather knocking the door

Giving food for a cat

Guy you like

Giving head to girlfriend

Going with a clutch

Gorillas walking in house

Gold in a river

Gap teeth

Giving wedding invitation

Going into space in my dream

Getting in a space rocket in my dream


Green and orange colour clothes

Ginger hair

God idol missing in dream meaning

Groundnut oil seen in a dream

Grinding stone to grind egusi in a dream

Giving a bag to someone

Girl sleeping on my chest

Giving bath to sick person

Getting married to the man i loved

Getting white spots on hands

Gone far away

Get seperated

Giving a scenty soap to dead person in dreams

Giving gold to someone

Goats leg

Granding of pepper

Gap between front two teeth meaning

Giving food to a mad woman

Girl seeing getting married

Getting sick in masjid

Green pumpkin

Given your old clothes to someone

Going to haj

Gold bags

Giving birth to a boy but is not married

Getting married in dream

Giving a dog


Grey sky with abundance rain

Growing corn but harvesting wheat

Gun pointed at you in a dream

Garbage coming out of my mouth

Giving charity

Giving sadaqa


Giving a madman money and giving someone something in return

Giving a dead person medication

Giant dinosaur attacking me

Giant dinosaur chasing me

Giving beetel leaf to eat in dream

Giving the dead yam

Grave with ants

Giving a loved on massage on the legs

Going with deceased person

Goat bitten by dog



Generator stolen

Green grass on grave

Green land

Gulab ka phool washroom may gira dkhna

Green tamatoes

Getting a beautiful prayer mat decorated with flowers in dream

Getting a beautiful prayer mat

Getting attached to cousin

Group of cats in a house

Gee rotie

Gifting bag of clothes

Gifting bag of clothdclothes

Gifting bag of clothd

Gathering snail putting salt on it and eating it in a dream

Giving someone dates and water

Girl killing girl for self defense

Ghee interpretation in dream

Gold desk

Green blue lizard

Getting called kaffir

Given treadmill by deceased thru somebody else

Given treadmill by deceased person

Giving your shoes to poor kid

Garlic dream meaning in islam

Gir beautiful

Grandfather brother

Getting mad in dream

Giving gold bracelet to dead mother


Grave with snake

Green big tortoise

Giving clothes to girls

Grinding cassava in a dream

Getting divorved

Getting fail in exams

Getting toes sucked

Green tree with full of fruits

Guava fruits on a tree

Green fruits on a tree

Getting out an insect from my penis

Going to a family friends house for reading quran and there are flowers everywhere

Girl seeing crush touching her on ear

Goats in a dream

Going to country in dream

Going to somewhere

Glass chips

Goat being slaughtered in your presence

Green veil




Giving letter

Gold for nous

Green chilli

Giving birth to a disabled baby girl

Growth of banana tree back of my house

Gift necklace by husband red jewels broken by mother

Giving food to a tiger

Giving meat to a tiger

Green cake

Given halwa

Girls asking for my contact

Getting birth of your first child

Ghusl to the dead

Green lizard

Green vegetable

Green vegetu

Giving raw minced meat as sadaqa

Gnome in dream

Getting a cat from a dead person

Good grade in islam

Guiding jinns recite kalma

Grouping while wear black clothes

Grouping while wear black clorhea

Green or blue eyes

Giving sweet to orphan

Getting himiliated

Going as a guest

Grass over a graveyard

Growing a new tooth

Getting afraid

Getting shot by a friend

Guests eating in your house

Garden egg

Giving someone golden coins

Growing thick black hair on tongue

Green marble pillars

Ginger cats

Given birth to quadruplet in a dream

Golden lizard

Greeting your dead father in a dream

Gold turing into silver

Getting engaged in your dream


Green chilles in dream

Green leaves

Green colot

Given chocolate by someone dream interpretation

Given chocolate by someone in a dream

G vijitharan

Giving iftar to a sick person

Giving money poor people

Giving money somebody

Going for hajj

Giving u a title

Green grapes in pregnancy

Guinea fowl

Giving water to flower

Gap between upper two teeth

Guava tree

Going to deliver a child dream

Going blind in the dream

Growing nails

Getting touch inappropriate way

Gifted a shawl

Guava tree with fruits

Goat give birth to triplets in a dream

Gemstones in dream islamic

Giving a dead person mitai in a dream

Giving a dead person a sweet

Grinding beans

Getting chased by dog

Greeting guardian

Getting shot in the head

Green grass yard

Governor talking to me on phone

Giving a man water to drink

Gathering of well dressed women

Getting ready for a nikah

Going on umrah

Green mangoes

Giving dates someone

Getting killed in your dream

Getting an eye tatio

Gathering huge fruit eg strawberries

Getting married to a married man dream

Gun and bullets

Gold color powder dream

Giving a pin to the dead

Getting shot with gun

Get up

Giving water poor person

Going with another known women and having intercorse women not wife

Gun shot in belly


Green apple dream

Giving an islamic lecture

Groups of men

Getting robbed and beaten

Guard of the president

Give birth to child

Going to makkah

Ginger poridge to deceased father in dream islami

Giving someone water to drink in the dream

Getting bit by snake in leg

Getting shot islam

Getting rid of dead

Giving birth to boy

Giving a bath to dead father

Grass garden soil

Gold curly hair


Green mango

Green fields

Going umra

Giving old meat to birds

Green leaves growing

Green leaf growing on hands and arms

Getting a new job

Given glass bangles

Green orange fresh

Getting in

Going to ummrah

Getting kicked out of a house

Giant elephants

Giving water to a very thirsty donkey and some birds

Giving fruit to dead

Giving money to some one need help

Grave of bibi zahra

Grave of auliya allah

Giving baby a bath

Gadget dream

Group of mermaid and merman

Going behind the death

Gold belt

Giving water to dog to drink

Given a black card in my dream

Goodbye to in laws

Going to a pharmacy in a dream

Giving birth to child

Giving mad woman and her son food in the dream

Giving a mad woman and her son food in the dream means

Giving birth to a snake

Girl meeting namehram

Generators stolen in a dream

Gold bracket

Going back to home

Good for face and clothes

Giving white slipper

Greedy people with deceased father

Greedy people

Greedy people were after my deceased father

Getting married at airport

Getting rid of bad disease

Giving birth to twin boys

Gold ornament of a feet

Gold feet

Grave of bani israel

Green bird

Getting naked and then trying to cover oneself

Getting job

Getting job in another country

Girl performing iqam in the house

Goats mating

Gay dreams

Green garden

Getting buried

Getting shot in the hand in a dream

Green spot

Giving someone a second chance

Giving youself a crow to an eagle

Guy proposing me

Give someone quran

Give quran islam dream interpretation

Gay affaire

Golden fabric flower

Grey hair dream

Gift to sister

Giving pestle to someone

Giving food to dead

Green healthy plant

Giving a dog water to drink

Giving a dog water from a hose

Girlfriend telling me she cheated on me in a dream

Giving money to dead mother in dream

Going to umrah with people

Getting married to my brother as his second wives

Granite dream

Group of police

Giving exam without full preparation

Getting eaten by my dad

Growing of moustache and beard in a girl

Getting gold chain in sand

Giving children banana

Green snacks

Giving gold necklace to dead mom

Giving birth to a child

Golden handcuffs

Giving birth to a baby

Giving dates to someone in a dream

Giving someone evil eye

Growing hair repeatedly on tongue in islam

Guns in dream

Get shot in the chest

Growing small grass on breast

Growing small grass on chest

Getting keys to your house

Girl burning in fire

Group of believers

Guinea corn

Growing of a babies new teeth

Getting hit by a car

Goat running away

Goat and cow

Gold panther

Green gram sprouted seeds eating

Green sto niño with a crown meaning

Green sto niño in my dreams

Grand father in dreams

Going for interview

Green discharge from vagina

Giving bread to children

Green capsicum islamic dreem

Getting kidnapped

Grave opening

Greating a dead person who is alive

Gunshot in the chest

Gold ring dremas

Gold two ring dreams

Going back to school islam

Goat bites

Girl child


Girl vhild

Giving food to a cat

Grilling frozen hamburgers and serving them well done

Getting suffocated with a pillow

Good character mother in law

Good women

Gold handel

Going down on ladder

Good thief

Giving cough mixture in a dream

Gosht was getting scared of me

Gifted luxury bag

Getting pushed down a escalator


Given a roasted chicken in a dream in islam

Given roasted chicken

Gold sofa

Goat without skin

Gold covered school

Going out and forgetting to wear hijab

Good things


Goods capture

Gourd good for ibs and gourd ornot

Getting protected from an accident

Group of millipede

Giving food to mosque

Giving mangos for pregnant ladyes

Giving bangles to someonw

Getting attacked by bats

Giving phone number

Giving food to a person

Getting gold coins

Giving birth to doll


Gems dream

Guinea fowls

Getting chased by lions and leopards

Green mattress

Going into a shop and buying chocolates

Grave of fatima

Giving quarbani

Giving birth to a baby boy

Goat fire

Giving a cat food to eat

Golden pothos dream

Gold platted bangles

Grey goat chasing

Give phone number

Gaunt monster chasing you


Going to masjid for fajr

Givi ng someone okra cook in dream meaning


Giving my late father money in a dream

Getting injured

Getting news my uncle passed away


Green chana in dream

Gorilla chasing

Green sea

Green nose bleeding

Getting slapped in dream

Gold cross

Green eyes

Giving the dead an envelope

Giving my poo to my kids

Giving birth to triplets

Green diaper

Giving cake to husband

Getting red saree

Getting a red saree in a box

Going to prison for theft 3 months

Gold n diamonds in dream

Getting hair cut

Gathering in your house

Giving money to kids

Gargling in dream meaning

Give birth to a snail

Girls and boy born

Giving cold water to calf in a summer


Green pupil bleeding tears

Getting shot in the eye

Green brown bath water

Gay relative in a dream

Green groud

Green kale

Green chamelion

Getting boy baby from deceased mother

Getting hoy baby from deceased mother

Giving saree to someone

Girl in room


Ground pig

Giving a gold necklace

Giving allah medallion


Gray clouds

Green snake dream

Giving the dead fruits

Giving money to a dead father

Golden tea pot

Glass bangkes

Girlfriend smiling

Green chocolate

Goat entered in a house

Girl with beautiful eyes

Goat giving birth young one

Gold box cigarettes

Getting attacked with a sharp knife

Goat eating yam in the dream

Gazing in frot of

Grave yard and grave 3 teir grave

Giving a young girl child lots of gifts

Giant grey cat

Giving birth without being pregnant

Girl pointing a gun

Giving your old clothes to dead person

Green purse

Giving tasbeeh in dream

Getting aucked in a black door

Got ring finger cut and bleeding

Getting gold chain as gift


Green worms on body in a dream

Going to sleep in a grave

Gifting a hijab

Gifting a head scarf jewelry and sweater

Gifting headacarf and sweater

Giving police money for bailing through my family sister

Giving birth of babies

Getting chased by people

Guava in

Getting help from police in dreams

Giving sweet to deceased

Group of elephants

Getting a job

Going to other countries

Going down a hill

Giving food to an army man in a dream

Giving food to an army man

Giving food to an army

Getting dress stitched

Giving quran as a gift

Growing two lumps on the neck

Gold bangles

Gold sneak

Getting late for the examination hall

Golden king cobra

Goat sucking my feet

Getting stabbed with no blood

Getting punished

Going to the bathroom and discovering your mensturation in dream

Grave burning

Gold bangles or mantasa

Green bugs in a dream


Getting beating up

Green big mango in tree

Girls pussy

Giving a flag to someone

Getting slap

Getting slaped

Getting sapped in back

Getting sapped

Girl in burqa

Giving water to the deceased father

Getting demotion at work

Give birth

Going to my dead grandmother‘s funeral

Grave of an old person

Giving fruit to dead people

Getting caught cheating on a exame

Grape eyes

Giving candy to a dead person


Giving money

Giving shoes to sameone

Gold bangle

Getting bad results in exams

Grandma cleaning

Giving water to a white goat

Growing out if my bed

Giving a mad man food in your dream

Grave animal

Grave robber

Giving money to transgender

Getting my husband married to another woman

Grey bull

Greating with salam

Girlfriend being pregnant

Giving coins in dream

Getting beaten up by some one

Green sea in a dream

Giving dead grandma and massage seen in a dream

Getting wet in the rain even after taking shelter

Giving water by cupped hands

Giving water by hands

Giving water to my dead grandmother

Green capsicum

Good marks

Getting stuck then freeing yourself

Going in car

Geeting stuck in sand

Gathering in dream

Gap in teeth

Giving out food as a charity

Gift from dead

Green snail

Girl dancing

Getting rapes

Guests stayed with me

Greeting cat in dream

Greeting card in dream

Giving tamarind to customer islamic interpretation



Gold in water

Girl child born

Green drape

Girl talking to me in my dream

Giving birth to a girl and the twin boy not delivered

Guiding me past a snake killing a snake

Gun gire


Going somewhere unknown

Gajuj majuj

Glass apartment home in the sky

Getting hit by a bullet in heart

Gold tree

Getting robbed

Getting young

Giving food to dead grandfather

Giving figs

Grabbing woman’s stomach

Glass breaking

Grey hair

Gold ring prediction

Gossiping with a decease person

Getting a secret information from a dead person and me praying for him

Giving money to my deceased mother

Grey car inside the house

Gum bleed

Giving birth to died baby

Giving dawah

Green snake

Green snake in your feets

Guava fruits

Getting stabbed

Getting stabbed in chest

Giving bitterleaf in a dream

Got low marks in exam


Girl praying

Green orange tree in a dream

Grey or white hair dream

Going to holy place in dream

Going to karbala in the dream with mother and sister

Golden sperm

Good grades

Gap on my he lower teeth

Getting mango from tree

Gifting attar at dream

Giving trousers

Given a house by a dead

Getting mealies

Given away clothes


Getting chased with a knife by a male

Given curd to my daughter

Guinea fowl egg hatch

Get a chance going umra

Giving new clothes as gift

Get in fights with strangers in dream

Giving you water on your hand

Getting chased

Golden pen

Grandmother dying in my arms

Gold prayer mats

Giving food for the deceased

Giving god for the deceased

Giving dead food

Getting lost

Getting shoot

Getting breakfast for deceased husband

Give salam to the died person

Give salam to a grave


Gold earrings

Glass bangles

Given a wrapper in the dreams

Ginger cat

Giving money for maszid

Group of white men dressed up

Giving money to a dead person

Getting gold gifts

Good bar


Giving small bucket of chopped jaggery to someone


Getting swallowed up by earth

Giving fruit to deceased

Gaps in front teeth

Giving water to drink to a baby

Green rooster saw

Giving money by dead grandfather

Giving charity money to a masjid

Gray heir

Givibg black ring dream

Giving black ring to future wife

Giving dawah in dreams


Giving water to wound cat

Giving water to bleeding cat

Getting lost in airport


Gun school shooting

Getting kidnapped by lover

Getting kidnapped by someone

Giving birth to raw meat

Grown mail

Grave of husband

Going to grave yard

Grave yard

Getting married with the white woman

Green plant with leafs

Going back to your home country

Glass cup was thrown at me in my dream

Getting bitten by rat in leg

Gold jewellery stolen

Getting bird seed ready to feed birds


Greyhound dog

Good marks in exam

Gold stealing

Giving clothes to needy

Giving bread to my deceased mother and she ate it

Giving adhan to a dead person

Green roots pimples all over body dre

Girl wearing white hijab

Given a quran

Getting gold or finding gold

Green mountains waterfall

Giving my mother a dimond ring


Giving birth to twins

Getting bitten by a snake

Grey semen


Giving away old and new clothes

Getting scared if a ghost

Gold and silver in sand

Got pregnant with my boyfriend child

Group of spiders

Getting marriage again

Green plantain

Getting married again


Gold stolen

Gold stolen in dream


Gifting undergarments to outsider

Ginger dream

Getting out of rain safely

Goat meat mix with milk

Goat hump

Giving a shoe

Group of naked women on protest in the dream

Golden goat reapresent

Golden goat pet in my dream

Glitter lipstick in dream

Giving salt ro a deceasd

Gun shot in leg but no harm


Going inside the kabah

Geisha girls face

Getting lost in unknown place

Giving chocolate

Getting married to someone

Gold earing break

Grey liquid

Grey paste

Giving food to father inlaw

Goat jumps and die in dream

Giving paper to eat in a dream to sparrow

Giving orange to kids

Gold watch

Going inside the water

Girl vagina is red

Gathering stone

Goat head

Giving birth to 5 babies

Giving birht

Getting accepted to well known university college

Getting accepted to harvard

Giving birth

Green color

Getting tickled

Girl saying sorry to me

Girl sitting on top of me

Gold rings being stolen

Gold being stolen

Giving birth to four babies

Giving cat food

Giving birth to a son

Golden small tiger


Giving birth underarm

Gift shirt

Given meat pie in the dream

Grave of amma fatima

Grave of grandparents

Green flags meaning

Grazing goats in dream

Gold ring as gift

Giving ghusal to dead

Going into a graveyard

Going back to my old job

Giving money to dead father in dream


Gold coin with blood

Giving meat

Getting stabbed me

Glass vase in dream

Green pen means what in a dream

Grasscutter bite me


Giving milk to someone

God entering in the house

Giant ocean waves

Gas cylinder bursting in dreams in islam

Giving balloons

Giving honey out

Giving deceased father tea in a dream

Getting bit by a snake

Greeting old woman by kneeling

Going foreign country

Guiding people

Goosberry eating

Good wearing earrings broken

Getting gold ornaments from open place

Going for umrah

Going to hajj

Giving birth to a boy

Gathering in a house made of stone



Getting a gold chain of dead person


Giving dead person drink in a dream

Getting arrested and then released by policemen

Grandmother levitating an object

Grandmother doing magic

Green colour parrot

Going back to school

Gold necklaces

Giving coriander to a child

Getting mensus

Getting mensis

Gold gift

Grinding melon in the dream

Gunshots and dead people

Green chillies

Green grapes

Getting married

Giving someone

Getting killing threatening from bad person

Girls love me

Gemstones collecting from sea

Gun shot



Got a bullet in my head

Got shut


Girl getting married

Going back to my college in a dream


Girl sitting on my lap

Giving the deasead water

Ghee on roti and some salt

Giving flower mother

Greenish calm sea water


Gas leaking started in my house and i running away

Gun shut

Getting bullied by someone

Good news concerning my health

Giving salt to people as charity

Giving salt as alms

Given water

Girl wants to kill

Giving milk to his child

Giving best to his child

Guests coming to home

Guests comy

Giving it mad person food

Girl want to kill

Goat and chicken in the dream

Goat blood and meat

Get beaten by a child

Golden rod

Getting punished by allah

Giving a loan

Giving away wedding dress before wearing it

Gathering in beach

Gufoor deen

Ghost king

Ghost warns me in dream

Goat intestine possesion

Going to mosque naked

Going to makka

Graveyard soil

Gıvıng an faır old woman money

Getting burned from tea

Giving sweets to dead parent

Giving money to tansgender meaning

Guinea corn in the market

Giving money to transfender

Genitals exposed

Giving white kolanut

Going to umar

Gift of earrings while pregnant

Getting lavender cloth gift in dreams

Gun chasing

Getting insult infront of teachers

Getting injection in my dick what does it mean

Green snake coming out of a bag

Going to unknown plce

Grandma dressing me a wedding gown

Gifted a watch

Going for stitches

Green pork meat

Grave filled with water in islam meaning

Giving my grandfather who passed away a bread

Green jellybeans

Going hospital with sick brother

Getting divorced from husband

Goat under the bed

Goat coming from under the bed

Giving broken bangles

Green cloth gave it to my father hand

Gold coins falling from sky

Giving birth without labor pain

Getting stabbed by a friend

Giving my deceased father something to eat

Girl dead body seen dream

Getting killed by a lion

Guvava fruit

Goat leg broken

Getting beating from broom

Giving birth out of wedlock

Gold couns

Giving deceased brother noodles to eat

Gold frame

Giving a dead person an ipad in a dream

Giving food to acat

Group of people beating me in a dream

Getting feminine

Gold chain around persons neck

Ghaid in a dream

Growing in sea water

Giving someone flower

Gold ring women

Girl walks with her mother avoiding getting caught

Green glue

Green glu

Green water swimming dream

Green fidld

Giving you a gold like a dimond

Giving hats from the dead in a dream

Girlfriend cheat

Girl frind cheat

Greeted inside mosque

Greeted at the mosque

Graves outside my house

Giving information to another person

Girl gave money to man

Giving car keys to dead person in dream

Getting police tickets

Going near to see and getting frightened

Giving a goft to a dead pearson in dream means

Getting saved from death

Going away from family

Grandmother putting something on head

Girl in green dress

Gum tree plantation

Giving bath to a black cat

Getting married in the mosque with unknown person crying

Getting a gift as gold

Getting out of the earth

Getting fruit from jamun tree

Grey long eyelashes

Gray long eyelashes

Good teeth

Giving someone mustard oil in a dream

Girls father

Giving kola nut out in a dream

Givine food for old women