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Dreams starting with the letter G

Greeting a leader in a dream

Giving a friend box of matches

Giving tailor clothes for sewing in your dream

Getting spat at

Good grade

Growth on body

Giving birth to triple 2 boys 1 girl

Girl cancer

Gold bangles admired by another person

Giving milk to a dead person

Giving green chillies to the parrot in my dream and the parrot is eating it

Giving alms and asking allah for a good husband at the same time

Giving alms in a dream

Getting hold

Giving a mug of milk to a person in dream

Gives water

Gale force wind

Going to the toilet in fro t of a person

Grey water explosion

Getting wet in moderate rain

Giving birth to a baby girl in dream

Gang fighting

Going out of country


Giving silver anklet in dream

Giving someone silver anklet in dream

Going to the moon and star

Going to the moon and stars

Given cloth



Gold embossed juba

Gold embossed jubs

Getting close with brother in law

Grey stool

Girl marrying each other


Giving adhaan


Green colour body and yellow hair people

Gold bangle is damaged

Gold bangle breaks

Gall nuts

Getting hurt by someone ik

Giving back content clothe

Good bars

Ginger root

Grey stairs

Giving your child away

Guard dogs

Gold cash steel


Getting a second chance at something u failed at

Gold and silver teeth in baby’s mouth

Golden chain and earing

Giving quran

Glacier breaking

Given a checque

Grandmother experiences grandson being born

Giving birth to two ugly babies

Girls in a hot tub

Gay in dream

Girl finger in my mouth

Group of boys in a house

Green land with water

Going to ask for the hand of a girl



Green pearl

Grey colour

Governor touching a married woman romantically

Going down a slide

Going on a slide and hitting against wall

Garggling with water


Gifting to someone

Goat tied to dead man

Gay kiss in dream

Getting alive while putting in the grave

Giving shahada

Green colour vehicle

Guava with insects

Gold in a dream

Give birth to a baby boy in my dream but not married

Giving birth to a baby girl but i’m not pregnant

Get bitten by ant

Gold neklace

Gunshot on chest

Glass roof with light in the house

Giving fruit to enemy

Glass cuts

Getting married to my husband

Getting married to my hisband

Green herbs fresh

Girl making love

Gad chamber

Get gift prayer mat

Giving birth to twins a girl and boy

Gifting eggs to people

Giving a madman groundnut

Getting married to a man that i love

Getting expensive dress dream

Grinding pepper

Grave of a pious person

Got pregnant but had abortion

Gift from dead

Giving birth to baby

Giving birth to triplets 2 girls one boy


Getting married with force

Got abducted

Giving grilled chicken

Girl having both male and female organ

Gjarpri i zi

Gjarper i zi ne mur

Gjarper i zi

Giving sweet to children

Giving birth alone

Green cockerell

Gold earinf

Gold earing

Growths on someone’s skin

Getting on plane

Going to the airport

Grave yard on a sea

Garden with rain light

Guy face blurred

Going to prophet yaqoob and prophet saleh grave and seeing their faces in dream

Getting married to a non muslim

Good new home

Girl having physical relations with girl

Giving deceased something

Giving water to 3 cats

Getting married in masjid keaming

Grave bibi fatima

Getting plants as gift



Getting married to your cousin


Guava leaves

Giving to the dead person

Grinding of pepper in a dream meaning

Giving my phone number to a policeman

Giving a mad man food in a dream

Giving juice to dead person

Giving money to dead granfather

Giving a gold coin to a sister

Giving gold coin to your sister

Gold foun$ back in $ream

Gold tuning into sand

Gift boxes which is full of snakes

Gif boxs which is full of snakes

Golden house

Gold mansion doors castle

Ghulam fareed

Girl i love married

Girl i love

Giving cloths to my dead mother in a dream

Giving almonds to someone in dream

Giving dandilon to girl in dream

Giving blood to other from my own body

Giving a birth

Giving people drink

Gold ring got broke

Glass particle in eyes and mouth dream

Ghroob aftab

Got new a bed

Girl not in a good

Giving money to father

Gooseberry plant

Getting ready for marriage

Giving directions of scalpels

Giving your clothes to someone

Giving birth to triplet girls in a dream

Giving a birthday to a daughter in friday night

Giving my clothes to someone

Gift man

Giving scarf or garment

Gini lamp

Ground giving away falling

Growing green leaves

Getting divorced by husband

Grandmother that passed away and doesnt want be around me he does not want to be near you

Group of dead relatives


Gifting jaynamaz

Golden eat rings broken

Giving new clothes in charity

Growing front teeth for my 5 months girl baby

Golden sun rays

Golden sun rays falling on me

Getting ready for marriage but not getting married in dream

Going to the moon

Giving money to someone

Giving more

Green tea

Guava garden with fruits

Green fields and laying on them watching the sky

Getting gemstone green

Getting gems

Give food to someone

Ginger eating in a dream

Grass growing on chest

Giving birth to abnormal child in dream

Giving a chunk of meat from your body

Gun shot wound at chest

Got hurt by accident

Giving someone a box of matches

Gifted a shirt

Giving money to a died person

Giving money te a died person


Godzilla lizard

Group in a dream

Getting bombed

Giving turmeric to others

Girl that you like


Giving clothes to someone

Girl playing with your hair while sitting behind your back

Going on a tour

Green snake on the floor

Gas explosion in islam

Getting stabbed in both hands

Give gold to someone

Giving gold

Giving wallet to people

Going to toilet in a dream

Grinding millet

Green snake cut

Gold moths

Girl classmate

Going through a portal

Giocare con un bambino

Giving birth to an eagle

Giving a pair of used sneakers to my dead brother who was running a marathon

Getting married while married

Given a zam zam bottle

Giving birth to akara in dream

Given alot of money from a rich person

Giving a dead person socks

Given lots of money by a new person

Given lots of money

Greenish water

Getting low marks

Gold bars guarded by snake

Gold bar guarded by snakes

Given a deceased kolanut

Getting money from his wife

Green yellow pawpaw

Good bye

G s

Gay young girl

Giving a gift back

Giving shoes to dead

Green berrie

Greeting unknown persons dream meaning in islam

Giving food to a beggar

Growing fish

Going to makkah to read isha salah with my deceased mother and saw the grave of the prophet and his companions

Go to rawadha meaning

Gangrene finger

Green plants in islamic dream

Ghost painting

Given injection by a nurse

Getting messages from allah

Grape vines

Grounded pepper

Giving out balloons

Giving deceased sister icecream

Giving grandmother water on a dream

Growing teeth inside mouth

Going back to school dream

Given money in dream


Gift hat

Giving food to dead relative

Golden chandelier

Givi ng bread to my dead mother in the dream means what

Growing new teeth

Getting responsibility

Getting lost on your way home

Gold ring with islamic writings

Green garden with little water

Good will

Getting blessings from known elderly man

Getting blessings from elderly man

Getting blessings from stranger

Green cat eyes

Giving a policeman money in the dream

Getting told to pray read quran and fast

Giving greens

Grandchild hurt

Going to see ramadan moon

Green turbans

Greeting with my brother and ask me how to re marege

Giving dwaah in dream

Going out with an unknown man

Giving tea to family

Giving yan and unriped plantain to someone as shift in the dream

Giving your own unworn clothes to someone in dream meaning in islam

Giving sweets to a deceased

Giving food to the poor

Grass in underwear

Grass fire

Golden dream

Girl attacking

Getting nude in front of people

Growing vegetables in my compound

Giving people rice

Group of friends

Giving birth to an immature baby boy

Giraffe baby

Green chilli on plant

Guinea fowl children

Go to the sky

Getting attacked by buffalo

Green moon reflection

Going to marriage all late grandmother is also come

Get money

Grandmother ready to go for marriage

Given matchbox

Giving birth for baby boy

Giving snails in a dream

Grandad wanting me with him

Girl giving me wine

Gighting mother in law

Girlfriend runs mad

Getting shot in my neck

Gold bracelet with diamond and white pearl

Gold bravelet with diamond and white pearl

Girl crying and attacking me

Giving a bath a cat


Grass on chest

Green dress with red flowers on it

Getting married to a big snake

Going down by staircase

Girl doll

Green wall lizard

Giving dates to children

Grandson of prophet

Giving birth to s girl

Grave of someone alive and black magic being done on the grave

Giving money to somone

Going somwwhere unknown near the sea

Going somewheere

Gathering for a dead relative

Ginger cat and kittens inside house

Golden feather

Grand mother giving me money

Grass and water

Giving food food to deceased mother in law

Gift someone land me

Giving rosery to mother

Getting pregnant and delivering a baby boy in the dream

Ginger dream meaning

Green stones in islamic dream

Grey room

Green leaf vegetable

Geyting ready for my engement

Grass grows in your leg and remove it with other leg

Goat black colour

Goat haqihah

Gaving dawah dream

Giving to deceased

Green grassland

Green grapes bunch cleaning


Glowing face and black beard


Green fire dream

Giving food deceased

Girl baby new dress


Giving rice to deceased person

Gold turns black dream meaning

Green crown

Going to work naked

Green star falling

Getting married to two different men in islam

Gold wall

Giving shahada to people

Giving coins to blind girl

Gave an orange to my dead father in a dream

Giving birth to car

Gift of babies

Girl gets engaged

Gold necklace taken away

Getting married to the same person twice

Getting stung by a wasp

Girl kissing my hand

Got a baby who reciting kalma

Getting attacked by a knife

Going for jihad

Giving birth in a dream meaning

Green white cloth

Giving water to someone in glass

Giving water to president of a country in dream meaning

Giving your late mother shoes

Golden hatchet

Golden hatch

Golden stuff

Golden ax

Grand her


Going to jennah

Grinding melon with a stone

Girl with snake tounge flirts then deceives you


Giving car

Giving plants

Giving someone sachet of water in a dream

Girl in a masjid

Glimpses of lady

Getting rape in dream

Getting broom as a gift

Gold and brown wrap

Group of lions entering my street

Getting burned by a hot tea

Got married to father

Givings sweets

Giving mutton to lion

Getting married to a maternal uncle

Green paan leave making sweet paan

Girl going after my husband car

Girl running around you

Galaxy milky way

Gomas in a dream

Girl love me

Grandfather missing me and crying

Glass bangels in hands as woman

Grey moon

Gold indream

Give banana to dead brother

Gold dollar imprinted with alhamdhulillah

Girl turned in snake

Grand child drowining in a river

Getting eaten by bird

Giving something edible to a begger in dream

Giving something edible to a better in dream

Giving something es

Goat bitten by the doy in a dream symbols what

Goat attacked by dog

Gift of gold

Girl kidnapped

Grey old snake

Giving out food to woman

Given cooked food to a visitor

Green and red peri peri tree

Graphic paper

Getting caught in roberry

Golden grass

Giving out qurans

Grey bird pecking

Gambling and snake dreams

Gray strands

Getting shot in stomach

Giving someone a cup of tea

Giving late desese person kolanut

Giving late person kolanut

Giving kola nut and keeping

Giving disease person kolanut

Green plantations

Going to a salon dream meaning

Gifting a nose pin

Gold earrings given from a dead mother

Gathering with your dead parents

Gecko smiling

Green pistachio

Giving chocolate in a dream

Giving a dead person a spoiled banana in a dream

Getting a 13 year old married

Gold all over my body

Green moon shadow in dream by islam

Go to marriage and see snakes there

Given cowries in the dream

Giving food to a dead person

Getting an apartment

Giving birth to a boy baby in dream

Giving gold to a needy

Ground breaking

Giving coffee to dead person

Green leaves in dreams

Grandma and aunt

Grandma and unty

Grief of cousin death


Green diamond found in dream

Getting one black wing from a black unicorn

Giving mad women food in dream meaning

Giving birth to a fetus that die afterward

Giving water to a dead relative

Grandmother sick

Going amusement park riding games

Going amid

Giving clothes in a dream

Grey toad

Getting coconut from someone else as salwat

Giving dates to someone

Getting merry with own brother

Giving away clothes in a dream

Giving birth tobaby boy

Getting free plot of land at the farm

Girl in weeding dress

Giving water to chicken to drink

Getting kicked out of home

Giving water to a thirsty animal

Giving an exam

Getting bald in dream

Girl sitting next to me

Green cases

Golden rain in dream

Girl seeing a handsome boy

Garden with rice and groundnuts

Garden with plants

Gifting gold in dream

Giving food to dead grandfather in dream

Grandma face

Getting moringa flower dream interpretations in islam

Granade apple

Garments salesman

Giving food to an orphan in adream

Grinding melon

Grinding egusi seed

Giving an elder man water in dream meaning

Giving ruqya

Gathering beautiful clothes

Groundnuts peeled off

Giving bread dog

Great grandmother

Guarding the hell gate

Going into the future

Giving paper money to my late mother

Giving money to my late mother

Getting shot with a gun by unknown person

Going to a gay community celebration

Gold as a gift fro mother

Green dream

Gold necklace mom


Giving sweets to father

Getting stabbed from a sister

Giving money to cusin

Glass crockery


Ground provisions

Garland of rupees in dream

Government agency

Goats head

Garden in a graveyard

Giving my son water in my dream

Going to market with a girl that you love

Giving out raw meat

Giving jaggery to someone else in dream what does it mean

Gold falling from sky

Gild cup breaking

Given key dream

Giving one okro in a dream

Giving kidney

Going to the mosque

Glowing ocean

Glowing baby pink ocean

Getting assaulted by a group of people

Getting chased by a pariticular group

Gifted old cloth

Getting blessed with kid name muhammad

Goving a sweater or muffler to someone feeling cold

Gold earings dream during pregnancy

Given coins by a pious person

Gifted prophet saw sword in dream

Going to planet

Getting hijacked in a car with my parents

Getting robbed inna car with my parents

Gold watch stolen from me

Giving a raw rice as zakath in islam

Giving a dead person nuts in a dream

Giving dead person nuts in your dream


Groundnut seeds

Gift red shari

Gifting new clothes

Greting a marriage proposal

Getting marriage proposal

Getting shot in your dream

Getting bitten by 2 stray cats while rescuing 1 stray kitten and feeding her

Getting bitten by stray cats while rescuing and feeding a stray kitten

Green garment

Giving dawah to mom in dream islam

Gold stolen by theif

Getting very long hair

Giving money to dead father means

Gold bangles robbed

Got a gold ring in the toilet

Grand son in dream

Getting carrie

Going to exam without preparing

Green snake attack

Giving a mad man food in my dreams

Get stuck in huge stool

Girls talking to me

Girl jumping on me

Giving people vegetables from my garden

Getting chased naked but the woman didn’t catch me

Got magog

Green inbdream

Giving my mother dates

Grand parents home

Goat biting you

Getting news of yourself of pregnancy

Going to high place at speed

Grandpa in pain

Gf cheating on me dream

Getting gift of silver ankletes

Green orange falling from sky

Grave in the sea

Giving food to a mad child in dream

Gifting a piece of cloth

Getting utensil

Getting a ring from the boss

Giving old lady water to drink

Giving an old lady water to drink

Grandfather that has passed away

Grunting dog

Green chili

Goat in a dream

Good clothes and jewellery

Going for haj with my parents and friends but kept at very dirty house

Giving a baby boy bath

Giving a baby boy wash

Getting better leaf

Gifts for marriage

Giving food to my dead father

Girlfriend cheating for money in dreams

Grandma being stabbed

Gift falling from sky

Group of people fighting

Giant blue cube

Gall stones

Grave ofnabi

Garden wall collapsed

Greeting elderly women islamically

Getting disrespected

Getting disrespectes

Guava in dreams

Goats and cows

Girl friend crying

Green grass thrones

Going to haj on horse

Going to hal on horse

Giving shawl to girl

Giving bangles to someone in a dream meaning

Getting shot but still alive

Getting shot by unknown person in front of my home


Glass wound feet

Gold chain gift by enemy in dream

Girl child with four legs and four arms

Getting married to love of my life

Girl in white cloth

Girl with white cloth

Gay person came in a dream

Gathering in front of my house

Getting killed or hurt violently

Great person

Gorilla following me

Gorilla in dream

Goat chasing

Given keys by a clean flowing river

Given white tablets to drink

Gas cylinders catches fire

Gasping for air

Giving diamond

Giving new sim card in the dream

Goat with blue stone in between eyes

Goat with three eyes

Goat urinate on my bed in dream

Goat dropping coming out of the mouth

Giving your colleague a bath in your dream


Goat dropping

Good gi





Grinding egusi with a grinding stone

Grapes green

Green suit

Grinding of fresh pepper with a grinding stone

Green rabbits

Getting a suppository

Greeting father

Green snake bitten right hand

Getting lost in dream

Giving raw meat to neighbour

Getting new clothes as a gift

Golden shining pair of shoes

Gift shoes for late mother

Girl pooping

Giving birth of kinnar

Getting taller while walking

Gold earrings gift

Girl you like

Goat giving birth twin black

Going back home country

Giving food in dream

Girl in dream smiling

Gifted gold that turns into white and red bead pendant

Green fruit on cactus

Giving raisins to child

Grandmother in dream

Gifted 2 babies

Giving plant

Going umrah with dead

Going to umrah withdead

Gold chain breaks mean

Green algae in water

Given food

Giving away fancy dresses and shoes

Getting stabbed in the dream

Gold fell into sewerage

Giving my late grandmother a juice in a dream

Gold brown scorpion

Gathered people

Girl with male

Green pulses

Grind maize

Green grasses on green colour water in pond

Giving food to begger

Getting seduced


Greetings from mohammed

Girl eaten by birds

Giving up books

Grocery shope

Giving money to a monk

Going to murshid alongwith strange young woman

Giving a gift to a dead person meaning

Gap between teeth

Girls having penis

Girls having peni

Getting a neck tattoo of beads

Giving birth to quadruplets girls

Gas lighter gift

Ghouse azam dasragir grave

Golden sword covered in jewels

Green tree

Getting engaged in dream

Groundnut oil

Going to sweet shop to buy sweet dead father in dream

Gifted cat and money

Ghous pak nishan

Ghous pak nishan kattham

Gold neckalne with red stone

Going down a staircase into mosque

Gaskets ffffhgh

Gom insect

Gems in dirty soil finding

Grandfather gives me the quran


Giving water to cats

Grass garden

Getting raped by my father in dream

Green leaves with flowers

Green leavesv

Grinding red pepper in the dream

Ghee stolem

Giving water to a child

Giving water to a child and drinking

Green leaves in the dream

Ginger fat cat

Going to madeenah

Giving out shoes to people

Going to out of the world

Going to outer space

Gathering of men sitting islamic dream

Grey person

Gender reveal boy

Getting chase by a bull

Going to unknown place with dead relative

Grandson is born

Grandson is botn

Gifted sweets

Gifting sword tonfather


Giving someone a gift purple and white clothes

Grave in room

Giving bath for cat

Giving bath to cat dream

Golden eyes of an animal

Giving lunch treat

Girl dressing

Gone for

Given food to ants

Green vehicle

Gas cylinder on fire

Growing one hair in eyeball

Gudhing blood from pvt part

Got hit with sea waves and survived floating

Green object falling from sky

Garden with weird flowers

Getting new clothes for father

Getting clean water from sea

Giving birth to twin baby girl

Guests without invitation

Ghost giving my daughter water to drink in a cup

Ghost giving my daughter water to drink

Get given expensive soaps

Giving birth to triplet

Garden from the sky leaves falling

Giving coins to dead father

Getting money for husband

Green gumad and minar above the clouds

Green gumad of madina shareef

Getting bit by a scorpion

Goat and cow in the dream


Girls birth

Giving my seat to a pregnant woman in a dream

Get a money pouch

Green fruite

Going to prostitute

Group of people trying to kill me

Giving birth to new born baby

Grinding pepper in a dream

Guests at home

Goat and cats

Goat leaving house

Getting pregnant in dream

Graveyard dream flower

Grave yard dream

Getting back with your husband

Getting back with husband

Going umrah

Group of female lions at night come to our garden thier 6 month to a year old baby lion come to our window i feed him with a food that was not lions food

Goat is crying

Ghost house

Grey hai

Grand nuts in dream

Giving white pegion to a women

Getting out of grave

Giving birth to a bird through the anus

Glass ball meaning

Gifting a dead person

Gushing floods over houses

Getting up to shower for fajr in dream

Gathering keys

Getting married for the second time while the first husband exist

Getting married for the second time while first husband exist

Giving your husband food in the dream

Glass chips pieces in skin

Getting married but rejecting the marrige

Got married and hugged

Grave yard of a living sister

Grass growing out my thumb

Given a black shirt

Girl giving sandal wood powder in dream

Goat rabbit

Glittering frosted white spiders

Giving a gift to dead person

Giving birth to quadruples and happy

Green kiker trees

Group of fishes in well clear water

Gifting a precious stone

Green energy

Green anaconda

Giving a dead person chocolate

Giving food to someone dead

Going to a different country with friends and family

Girl like girl

Getting food from a dead person

Getting nuts from dead person

Gift to dead person

Grass sleeping mat

Gold handchain

Gold colour earrings

Giving 3 coins to brother in dream

Going backward

Good shoes

Giving perfume to someone

Getting green cloth

Get alot of money

Giving a child bath

Greetings my father

Getting married and receiving 2 watches

Green chilli flowering

Girlfriend father beating you

Goat eating a cat

Green watery rose apple meaning

Giving gusul to a dead person

Getting dirt on your clothes


Girl in purple dress

Going for call of prayer

Green beautiful plants meaning

Getting gold in dream

Giving apples from my garden

Grave coming to live

Giving salam to strangers

Giving a gold ring to my niece

Green vaginal discharge

Girl huggig

Guys fighting

Grandfather naming his grandchild in a dream

Giving ladoo in dreams

Getting in room from darkness

Gold tears

Grinding cassava in the dream

Goat eating money

Getting married to my brother

Giving birth boy

Giving walnut in a dream

Gifting meat

Giving someone locust beans

Getting pushed from cliff

Going in dark room

Green peas in dream

Gebrochenes brot

Going back to madrasah

Giving plant to someone

Getting stabbed back of ankle

Giving an answer of no

Ghost trying to catch

Going for someone nikah ceremony

Going for someone marriage function

Gold fsh

Grains in my house

Getting new reservation

Getting new settlement


Gifted with palm oil

Girl child feces

Girl chil fexes

Gray smoke

Gun shot in head


Going to the toilet while pregnant

Giving my dead grandma a glass of water

Graves where the dead are buried

Going on holiday

Giving gift to a dead

Getting sucked in quick sand


Green flower in dream

Green rose meaning in dream

Getting married to a un known ma

Grinding rice in dream

Getting money from a grave

Giving a child candy

Give meat to a dog

Getting award in islamic interpretation

Girl face

Grandfather’s graveyard

Girl friend parents

Getting married with whom i dislikes

Gas stove with match stick

Grandma pregnant


Golden beetle

Glowing colours

Girl baby starts talking in the dream

Gold earing broken

Grinding of pepper in dream means what in islam

Getting currenncy notes from dead brother


Golden bed

Getting proposals

Giving tests

Gaint tortoise eating lizard

Groundnut pap

Greeting by kneeling

Getting pulled and falling

Gaining money

Giving yam to deceased father in a dream

Giving water to your deceased father


Giving kola nuts to another person

Green gram

Give food to cat


Going into surgery

Giving food to a dead father

Getting shirt

Giving bread to family

Giving a pregnant woman food from your plate

Giving water to drink to an old woman


Going towards a snake

Getting married to another woman

Grapes color green

Getting eatan b afox

Getting eaten by a fox

Giving milk to white lion

Giving milk to a white lion

Giving people mustaf in dream

Ghusl of dead

Green light

Guest not eating