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Dreams starting with the letter H

Hitting thieves by staff

Helping grandma

Hyena eating my hand

Holly mecca

He whent out with clothes and came back home naked

Hurt my oppressor

Have an extra toe

Honey comb dripping honey

Hairs turning gray

House with smoke

Hitting family

House ceiling pot holes

Helping a new born baby

Hearing a voice in my dream

Husband arguing with wife



Half nail pulled out

Hit back

Hand in jaws

Horse shit

How do i not show my last online

Holding arm and recieving tasbih

Hand ink

Half of the length of hair fall down

Height short

Hair grown near lips

Husband wanting to trim my hair

Hair colouring

Hair growth in dream

House filled with clear water

Huge animals

Hugging a deceased

Hair taken with out permision

Holdind prayermat

Hounted house

Heart stopped

Heart stopped beating

Husband in prison

Hiding a secret

Hair coming out of stomach

Having a white maggot taken out of ear


Hearing own death

Hearing news of yourself getting engaged and preparing for it

Head bashing


House deceased

Hitting child

Hitting a boy

Home nation

Hitting boy

Husband giving me fresh dates


Hearing time9

Hear religious words of saint

Helping women give birth

Husband talking to another woman

Having intercede


Haaving a physical fight with your friend

Hair tier

Horrible deaths

Haram deaths

Herb garden

Husband beating pregnant wife

Hairbremover from private parts

Holding a baby gir


Holdimg childs hand

House got burgled

Husband drinking wife chest and milk

Hearing the news of death of brother

Home thief’s

Hearing bad news

Hiding under bed and kidnapping

Half black face of a friend

Hand back

Hands injured by burns

Holding fire

Holding quran

Having a lot of pubic hair coming out women

House full of flowers

Head blowing up

Husband getting violently murdered

Having a baby girl with long toes

Husbands nikkah

Having a dream my friend is pregnant


Hair removing with skin

Hearing someone death news in dreams

Human flesh eating

Hearing dhikr

Hearing ya allahu

Husband turning away from wife

Husband turning face away from wife

Having a baby with no marriage

Having with wife

Hand change assilver hand

Honey falling from the sky in a dream

House repossessed


Hasbunallah ho wa nimal wakeel

Hugging a enemy

Husbant cuts off part of the fist

Husband sleeps with someone else for financial gain

Heaeing the announcement from angel that i am going to hell

Having a dream about baby toys

Hearing darood

Hearing durwood

Hair coming out of my mouth in dream

Hospital remove my teeth

Help from a person you respect

Having love

Hair nose

Hugging a tree

Half jinn

Hugging my one sided love

Hole in sofa fabric

Husband meeting with an accident

Half filled well with clear water

Husband being indifferent about a serious personal conflict

Huge waterfall following me from both side

Hugging a crying known non mahram women

Holy house

Husband getting married again in dream

Hiding money in my mouth

Hiding a gorrilla

Husband married a another women

Husband has second wife

Hugging my grandmother she is not alive

Hunted or chased

Happy madman

Hazelnuts in garden


Hissing possum dream

Heart beat

Having zina with mother in dream

Holding me

House full of insects

Helping a dead person

Handshake with a king

Husband private part

Hair of human

Hayna meat

How to know if i get dream of my husband

How to know if i get dream of my soulmate husband

Husband marrys sister in law

Husband change into transgender

Horse speaking in dream

Husband second marriage and divorce

Husband blood

Having sec

Helping dead grandmother and walk seen in a dream

Hairy rump

Huge a boy

Huge your crush

Hairs coming out of your mouth

Hilal merging from setting sun

Hasbiyallahu la ilaha alahi tawakaltu atshi azeem

Hasbiyallahu la ilaha illahi tawakaltu

Hasbiyallahu la ilaha alshi

Hasbiyallahu la ilaha tawak


Hair on back

Having ragi mudde in dream with late grandmother

Holding bord

Holding parrot

Honey badger

Healthvissues dream

Harvesting fresh mopani worms or catapillars

Had a dream with alligator and snake in a dream

Holding a man’s hand

He rejected me for marriage

Half moonbow

Hugging dead relative in dream

Having four breast in a dream

House changed

Human having pig tail

Hole teeth

Helicopter crash in dream meaning

Horse of unknown species

Husband already had a first wife

Hearing news of someones death

Hearing news 9f someones death

Holding a baby in dream

Have some cuts on the hand

Hearing mom voice through phone

Husband daughter married

Hindu temple

Hairy caterpillar seen in dream

Home changing or shifting

Hippopotamus attacks

Hawking goods in the dream

Hawking in the dream

Horse meat

Hair inside red chilli

Husband half naked

Honey on tree

Hooded figures

Hooded figure in bed

Having insects in drinking water

Having party with dead people

Hear the word h o d in the dream from your late father

Home explodes

Husband being with another woman

High tide dream

Hugging my dead father and i was crying

Helping someone in need

Husband committed adultey

Having a beautiful son

Him spreading your bed

Him making your bed

Hissing sound behind me woke me up

Hair in flour dough

Harvesting maize


Holding 2 thread rolls in dream

Husband sucking ur breast

Hair in a sihr form fear sweat

Hugging dead

Husband divorcing me dream

Hanging up clothing on washing line

Hearing someone laughing

Helping and injured horse

Hearing someone


Hearse n funeral

Having intercourse with son

Hugs with man

Having ason


Holding a quran

Holding a coffin

Helicopter falling from sky

Hugging a white horse

Hiding under the water from an animal

Hiding underthe water from an animal

Husband ejaculating blood

Helping someone give a birth

Having bad news from a doctor

Human turing into a dog

Handover knife

Heard the news newborn baby

Having sweet three mango

Hitting head to wall

Hijab falling off in dream meaning

Holding a baby and the are bleeding but can not see where the blood is coming from

Hard ice falling form the sky

Holding a caw for her horns with smile

Holding a brown bull for the horns

Husband praising wife in the dream meaning what

Husband and wife sitting in mecca masjid and reciting kalimah and shahada in dream

Husband and wife reciting kalimah and shahada in dream

Having cuts on your arm like selfharm

Having cuts on your arm like selfharn

Heart stack

Husband cheating on me with my sister

Hole in the throat islamic dream meaning

Har ing

Hearing of mother death in dreeam

Home fire

Harvesting grandnut in dream

Hearing a voice say the shaytan is watching you and see something stare at me

Hijra ask to come

Husband having a kid with someone else

Holy hair

Head small wound


Hitting woman with stick

Hearing 3 knocks in your dream

He meaning of the symbols of unmarried girl gave birth baby and boy seen in a dream

Horse that turns into a fire burning dragon

Hand falling off

He meaning of the symbols of bullock heart and fruit seen in a dream

Horse biting on hand

Husband had a baby with another women

Heavy wind and a dust

Husband on wheelchair

Hanging goat shedding its skin




Husband gone to another city without phone in dreams

House gets attacked


Head lice in my daughters head

Having tribal mark on my son face

Hole in lower lip

Husband urinates on wife

Husband urinates in wife

House boundaries

Hair falling from legs

Hugging with mother that passed awy

Holding a snake on the head dream meaning

Having incision on my dream

Half shaved eyebrows by myself

Helping kids offering food to them

Helping an ex husband

Helping someone who does not want help

Helping someone who dos not want it

Huanted house

Haram mecca

Husband embrace

Husband gets married again

Husband remarries

Husband getting sick

Hand dieing

Hand turning blue

Having triple babies in my dream

Having triple babies

Holding the dead aunt and crying for the sick mother

Holding a dead aunt and crying

Holding my dead aunt and crying

Hugging past friend

Husband has new baby

Husband having an affair

Husband selling stuff

Hanging clothe my mum

Husband cut toe

Husband cuts wife’s foot in dream

Husband throws tea cup


Hajr aswad

Hard to walk

Hut in dream

Harvesting ginger

Husband ex girlfriend

Husband has a daughter with another woman

Haram sharif

Here sharif

Having a bug on the head

Hand coming out of a wall

Hearing the call of prayer

Having child in a dream

Hitting a wall hands

Husband and dad related

Husbands widow hugging me crying

Heard hazrat khadija and saw moon is coming towards me

Happy soldiers in my house

Heavy glass cracks open

Huge iceblock crack

Hitted by a bus

Husband having an affair with sister

Huaband getting a dance from a faceleas woman who controlled 7 snakes

Husband getting new job

Hair in breast

Helping kid in dream in islam

Human beeing cooked alive

Human beeping cooked alive

Husband slept with other wiman

Half roof

Hear recitation od durood in dream

Highly more

Having strenght

Hair tie

House broken in

Husband and wife fighting

Husband leaking my vagina

Hydrocephalus baby in dream


Hear beat

Helping an animal

Hair growing in dream

Hugging your ex husband in dream

Had white towels in a dream

Honey butter

Holding the kings hand

Hand with king

Holding kings hand

Holding hands with the king

Had a dream of being buried then surviving with an hammer in my hand

Hugging a deceased uncle

Husband infertility

Hand shake with 2 chimpanzee in my dreams

Human pee

Holding robber

Hugging an ostrich

Half naked with non mahrams mean

Husband and wife picking mushroom

Having seven daughters

Head fire

Hawking in dream means

Holy book fell off in dream

House flat

Hearing cat noises

Hearing cat noise

Hanging off a plane

Haning off a plane

Husband and wife together in the bathroom

Hitting a daughter

Husband hitting his daughter

Half loafs of bread

Had intercourse deceased with my sister meaning

Having a parent

Hearing a friend is dead

House colapsing due to flood

Husband with other naked women

Hair knot in dream

Hugging my deceased mother

Head cut

Horses running in the sky

Having a meal

Hyena was attacked in my dream

Husband slapping me in my dream

Husband not wearing clothes in dream

Hiding nakedness

Hugging your relative who have passed away


Hearing the blown trumpet

Having a job

Having work

Human turns into a cat

Helping a sheep giving birth

Huge water wave in my house

Hypopotamus being drowed in rain water

Hiding from water

Heart mergeing

Husband drunk


Husband nipple falls off

Hugging your husband

Having intercourse with my wife

Husband having cancer

House near grave and a baby girl was seen over there

Husband’s hand in dream

Hole in bathroom

Holding kola in a dream

House with garden

Hearing someone being assaulted in dream

Hearing someone being attacked in dream

Hazrath badsha peer mazaar

Home ceiling leaking oil

Handshake with nonmehram brother in dream

Husband calling out for you

Hand with no skin

Hair removing

Half face in dream in islam

Hot water in a cup

Holding my new baby boy

Husband one pair shoe inside snake

Holding a old cobra


High tides but surviving them

Helicopter landing slowly on the top of my home

Having 5 babies

Hearing a snail taking

Hitting dad

Hugging non muhrim in dream in islam

Hands emerge from sand

Half human halv horse

Hole in fingers

Higher building

Husband saw a wife with a dirty finger nails

Horse cart ride

Hajj dream meaning


Head tilted down



Heavy period see

Hugging my dead brother in dream

Handsome imam

Healing a mad person in dream

Heard the name madina iin dream in islam

Hand cutoff

Husband sucking breast milk coneout

Husbabd suckin breast milk come out

Husband urinating in house

Husband shouts

Having nails cut by a stranger

Husband donning white clothes

Having intimacy with tor own child

Housefly eating your skin and heart

Horses cart in dream

Hugging ur crush

Hugging an old man

Helping sick

Husband having affair with a girl

Heart tattoo on face

Horse is searching for me

Horse is looking for me

Horse spirit is looking for me

Hazrat jibrael

Havy rain

Hugging your mother

Holding hands with the crush

Home construction

Hanging green jacket

Hugging non mahrems

Hiding from dead person

Hear deceased mother cry

Hearing a dead person crying

Husband betrayal with an affair

Hair in nose

He meaning of the symbols of hair and bladding seen in a dream

Hearing groans of pain from a grave

House in a graveyard

Harvesting mushroom on palm tree

Holding a big orange on hand

Henna party

Head full of white hair

Hitting oneself

Hugging a person who dies awhile ago


Hugged a girl in my school


Hitting your child

Hearing pregnancy

Holding a bucket full of water to take showers

Holding a bucket full of water

Hindu temples in dream islamic interpretation

Husband folding clothes

Hitting a goat to death

Happy dead

Husband giving new saree

Hosting a sheikh in my home

Husband died from shooting

Hemeroid bleeding

Hugging someone when i saw them crying

Husband crying enveloping his mother

Husband complaining to his mother about wife

Husband complaining to his mother

House floor filled with water


Husband leaves for another woman

Having a baby girl and breastfeeding

Huge scary spider on my face

Hole pot

Hole in pot

Husband has girlfriend

Holding your crush hand

Husband having an extra marital relationship

Hiv dream

Husband 2nd marriage in dream

Hugging and crying my dead mother

He fought for me

Husband ignoring me

Having a baby girl in a dream

Husband giving money to another woman in a dream

Hearing jinn reading quran

Heavy storms

Hug a die person

Hitting yourself

Hug dead oerson

Head of dead woman

Half penis

Hide from kinner

Hair of prophet

Had seen broken khabba

Hearing the news of baby dead

Husband died in dream

Hearing news as my husband died in dream

Hitting your son

House clothes

Hair turns white

Husband died in dream and i was crying

Hug crush

Having a dream that the dreamer is a hero in that dream

Having a dream that the dreamer is saving lifes or is important in that dream

Hair on body

Husband doing two more nikah

Hearing water sound


Human animal intercourse

Half gooseberry

Helicopter burn

Having foreplay

Hair not

Having a third eye


Harvesting turkey berries in the dream

Husband married

Human poop or shit

Human poop shut

Husband becomes father

Husband becomes dad

Heavy rain fall after seeing makka madina in full sky

Hair powder hina

Hasbina allah wanemal wakil in dream means

Head leaa

Hovering woman

Having with a lady

Hawk carrying an egg

Having hair on my head


Had a dream that someone was against me and it happened in real life

Head served in a plate

Horse wings

Holding hands constantly

Have a boyfriend

Husband have 3 wives

Hiding secret

Husband has heart attack

Hair in the mouth

Heavy water and snowfall

Husband riding motorcycle

Husband calling

House left open

Hear my mother death

High rank guests

Hugging a diseased

Hugging my father who passed away

Hat does a dead pigeon in your house mean

Harvesting black plum from a tree

House and skye

Half of house is familiar half is not

Hands cut

Half brunt face

Husband kissing brothers wife

Husband drinking alchohol

Housing on moon

Helping cripple person

Hog magog

Houese walking

Hair patch

Hair changing

Hyena in side house for protection in dream in islamic

Heavy rain and airport

Haldi ceremony of someone else

Having 2beautifuls daughters

Home boat water

Husband giving guava on wife

Having pleasure with my husband

Hearing your mom died and after seens

Hearing salaam

Hitting whale

Hearing someone else read the quran in my dream

Honeybee stuck in my ears and it was singing

Hazrate maryam

Hugging a dead grandmother meaning

Helping a friend

Healing friends wound

Husband holding a snake in a dream

Helping mom in stealing wood


House warm

Husband swimming in beautiful river

Helping dying person to say the shahada

Hands and feet hair

Huge amount of cow meat

Hindu girl cutting beef

Helping catch a criminal in school

Helping catch a criminal

Hedgehog dream

Historical place

Hearing asmaulhusna in dream

Horse running at sea

House with bad foundation

House missing door

Horses in the jungle

Hair burning and kids laughing

Husband a groom again

Husband in groom

House get filled with rain water

Heart attck

Human stool

Husband sees his wife not caring if another man sees her body


Horses running through desert

Hiding from someone who is about to kill you

Husband pleading forgiveness

Horse manure

Hanumanji saves me from ghost

Hitting kid with a car

Holding a golden peacock and getting a feather from it

House breaker

Husband wearing red groom outfit

Hard breasts

Having a heart attack in dream

Hair band n food

Hen and goat coming and sitting on me

Hen and goat

Hearing a rape

Husband half body in water

Husband sitting in water

Husband sitting in wter

Husband pregnant his girlfriend

Hearing beautiful voice quran recition

Husband being deported

Husband sleeping on wifes lap

Hugging horse

Hugging hotse

Husband sucking another womans breasts

Having lots of money and spending it

Husband giving money to another woman

Half naked dream

Husband being hunted

Hill collapse

Have no objection

Honest man

Husband laying with me and twins

Having a dream seeing dog fighting with two sheeps

Had dream of a prime minister



Hasbunallah wa nimal wakeel

Himself having vagina

Harvesting yam and cassava

Harvesting ewedu

Harvesting ewedu in dream

Half naked father in dream

Hand chain

Hair coming out if mouth

Handshake with king of the country

Half burried

Head pat

Hitting a cat because it urinated

Husband become beast

Had a dream of my crush rejecting me

Hayena eating sheep in dream


Holding cooking mortars with friends

Honey licking

Haais aana

Half dressed

Husband drinking in my dream

Healing mad people in a dream

House with old furniture

House filled with old furniture

Half naked and fair skin

Half naked and whitish skin

Headless goat

Hill and women

Having guests for dinner

House in a dream

Hugging death grandmother

House knocked down

Hugging someone you loved

Hug from mother in law

Holding your daughter

House being taken over by oppresser

Hearing a news of dead of alive person what it means

Having triplet baby sons

Husband talking on the phone to a lady

Having 2 bitter kola in my hand

Having a male penis

Hearing loud allahu akbar

Husband riding bike in dream

Happiness on rejection of proposal

Hunted doll

Hair from a drain

Holding books i right hand

Having rice

Having rise

Hugging a transgender

Horse buggy

House door animals

Hearing prophet story

Hand in dirty water

Helping a dead person prepare to travel

Human evil kiss me

House and a field with corn being set on fire

Huge yellow snake with black spots around a house

Heart shaped moon

Hornet stings

Holding surah

Holding yasin

Helicopter plunge into the sea

Hijra offerin water

Happy in the bath

Holding crush hqnd

Hearing my deceased father call my name

Having examination paper before me

Heavy period in my dreams

Headless goat mean

Holding your girlfriend breast

Harassing me

Hiding gols

Husband marrying another lady

Husband having second wife and step son and daughter

Hugging someone naked

Hearing news of death of a kid

Having multiple shoes

Hands coming

Husband doing magic on wife

House in graveyard

Hugging ex wife

Human stools coming out of mouth

Hair in banana

Human fighting in my dream

Hand slashed

Husband new job

Helping blind person seen in a dream

Hiding under water

Hugging my deceased aunt

Hussain (ra)

Head hair burning

Horse in the sky

Husband affair with x wife

Husband divorcing me in dream

Hearing about dead relative

Hot water bath


House bending

Husband beating wife

Husband hitting

Hairy mole

Hosting lunch

Heavy rain and a dead body

Husband brings fruits for wife

Husband and me crying

House collapse

Hajj in dreams

Henna on my hands

Heard allahu akbar

Holding tribal mask

Husbznd giving new clothes to wife

Hair soak in milk

Hair disk on milk

Having a well

Hair growing dream in islam

Hearing of a death

Having wet dream about mother

Helping pregnant woman

Helping a woman deliver baby

Husband admits to cheating

Headband wearing in dream

Head on womens lap

Head in al

Holding birds

Holding two even pieces of hair

Henna on your hands

Hitting a person with stone

Hidden information

Hand being injured and bleeding

Husband kissing anodher woman

Harmed with enemy

Have news dead parents died

Hurting an animal

Holding the hand of a little girl and running

Having victory


Harvesting of guinea corn in a dream

Hole in tooth

Heart surgery

Hole in a grave

Human trafficked but i escaped

Harvesting okra


Hitting someone with car

Harvesting yams

Harvesting green okra

Husband is crying

He sent me injera and roses as a gift

Husband found taweez that were to better husband and wife relationship

Handicapped person

Husband cheats

Handshake with dead father

Husband buying pots

Hiding from war

Hills place mashroom

Huge water

Haer eating

Help orphan

Hiding lion

Husband chest pains

Husband burning another person

Hair coming out of anus

High status

Husband committed suicide in dream

He meaning of the symbols of soaked and almond seen in a dream

Husband committed suicide

Harvesting rain in the cemetery

Husband having intercorse with my sister

Heart atack

Having a snake face in a dream

Heavy rain inside home

Harvesting phane from mophane tree

Harvesting phane from mophanw tree

Husband holding my hand

Hand turning black

Holding bread and cow feces

Having erection from a dream

House decreased

Houses built in my garden

House built in my garden

Hair growing back

Heir growing back

Hole in eyes

Holding kiswa

Head hair removing

Horses running in a cemetery

Holding a sculpture of prophet muhammeds head

Holding a sculpture of prophet muhammed head in my hand

Holding the sculpture of prophet muhammed heas in my hand

Holes in face

Hairy thigh

Holding key of scott

Hearing a lion roar

Husband talking

Harsh scars on face in dream meaning

Hands coming out of grave

Hands coming out of gandalf’s grave

Having hair in your ear

Heavy rain and dead parents dream

Heard of white cows

Helping old lady in taking bath

Holes in ceiling

Husband with anothet woman coffee

Hearing religious voice

Husband dreamed of wife pregnant

Husband kissing wife

Having intercours with mother in law

Husband naked with only limbs visible

Husband without organs

Hungry cat

Hijra giving sweet in dreams meaning

Hijra giving sweet

Hairy ga e

He made a pinky promise to me but he is so far away

Hairs removal

Husband getting attack and escaped

Hair lost to cancer in u k last

Husband waifs a fight

Helping someone who collapsed

Heart is out

Having aged husband

Half naked in dream

Husband winning money

Husband was cheating

Hot skin

Herd buffalo

Having wet dream with your ex wife

Holding a baby for someone

Hyena killed

Hitting a dog angrily

Husband having a baby boy with omsoneone else

Hen intercourse

Human body changing

Honey web

Having baby early

Helping me to tie gele in the dream

Hands coming from wall

Harm rubber

Hair in throat

Husband gold teeth

Having marital relationship with spouse

Human shit

Human fieces

Hanging till death

Husband ignores me


Hissing cats

His mother giving birth a baby

Half brother in a dream

Heard my name

Hungry food

Hungry asking mum

Hungry asking mum to cook

Hair inside sink

Hosting a naming ceremony

Husband pooing infront of me

House collapsing

Heart of a bananan

Hearing doorbell while sleeping

Hotel couryard

House was flooded and fish were there

Husband marring another women

Hearing arabic

Hearing angel jibreel name

Having baby girl

Husband leaving wife crying for another women

Husband leaving wife crying

Hair on baby chest

Household animal

Holding maggi cube in my dream

Half dress in dream

Holdimg a baby

Hymen breaking

Headless chicken

Hannah and tree seen in a dream

Happy conversation with my cowife

Hippo islam


Had a hair cut

Huge man

Half naked with towel

Husband dreams of baby boy

High mountain

Hitting with slippers

Hugging deceased

House sinks in the ground

Hair in foot

Hair under skin of feet

Hold arm

Headlice in hair

Headline in hair

Husband on cycle

Head and feet of sheep with insects covering it

Howling in the dream

Husbands penis with pimples

Husband leaving wife for another woman

Huge pimples on my face and upper body

Having a new phone in a dream

Having a girl in your dream and naming them jasmine

Hard drink making

Husband got remarried

Hand bead citing in a dream

Hanging up washing