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Dreams starting with the letter H

Hair grow in hand

Handshake with the girl you want to marry

Hairy snake perched above me

Hugging a widow lady in dream meaning in islaam

Helping pregnant woman in a dream

Hugging someone who is crying

Hair lossing

Hen laying an egg

Hugging a king in my dream

Heard the news of new born baby in dream

Heard a news about new born baby

Hugging dead relatives

Hiding shoes

Hiding feet

Husband confess

Hearing about death of a friend

Huge car garage

Hair boldness

Hallucinations in dream

Heavy stone

Having two daughters

Hugging a queen

Husand asking food in the dream

Holding a snake in the hand

Hair com8ng off


Hair being shortened

Holding a healthy baby boy

Horse chasing a person

Holdinjg hands

Heaven open people came out

Hugging non mehram cousin

Head to head with someone

Human photo

Hands deformed

Hungry lion

Hungry lions

Husband beating a wife

Husband leaving me

Helicopter or a plane

Husband trying to kill me

Having a lover

Hiv virus


Holding a sword

Husband in black laying down

Husband cooked his flesh

Helping an old lost lady

Husband adultery dream meaning

Having lots of money and paying debts off

Head covered with cow dung

Human body chopping

Hair combing in dream

Hugged bfs mother

Husband kissing another woman

Hair on man arms

Holding baby in hands

Husband getting caught

Hunting lion

Hair fall during bathing

Holding keys in my hands in my dream

Husband and wife fighting with each other

Having miscarriage

Hiding under water in dream meaning

Husain name

Having a fight with your sister

Hated in a dream

Hit by bull

Height in dream

Helping a deformed baby

Holding a baby in sea

Having your menstruation

Horse in a house

Huge yellow frog eating a lion

Husband penis in dream



Home in roof of mouth

Hijra marriage

Hanging garden

Hijab or niqab

Hole on cheek

Husband with broken hand

Having accident in a dream

Husband abandoned

Heavenly voices reciting salam to prophet muhammad

Hug a dead father

Headless ostrich

Having hair

Helping people from elephant attack

Husband paying lobola for me

Husband is messaging to non maharam

Husband second marriage wife crying

Hugging crush in dream

Hugging crush

Horses penis

Heating brother mouth

Heating brother on his mouth

Hidden carpet

Healing a dog

Hitting unknown woman

Husband bite you

Husband biting you

House new

Having cuts on hands

Hugging a ant wood

Holding cutlass

House collapsed

House colapse

Highend people

Husband being handcuffs in a dream

Husband pregnant

Holding your hand with a young women

Holding a dog to let vehicle pass

House sitting for a real stove who died

How to explain the dream i give old oil to one relative dead person

House water

Half moon is down in the ground

Having foreplay with mum

Hig waves


Hijab woman screaking

Having intercourse with mother

Helping someone who’s possessed

Horse dirt

Husband marry sister in law

Husband divorcing wife

Hearing labbaik allahumma labbaik in dream

Hugging in classroom

Husband giving me gold

Holes in body

Husband resting on wife

Husband cheated in a dream

Husband and wife prostrating to allah

Hindu temple under renovation dream

Hard binding flag


Hearing salawth

Hugging dead mother

Husband seeing his wife wearing blue bangles

Handsime man

Hugging a known woman

Handsome guy

Heavy rainstorm

Hide something in your private part

Honeybee at home

Haunted plcae

Hand line

Honey bees

Hurt on thumb

Human sacrifice

Husband with no beard

Handsome muslim man

Hearing your spouse is dead in a dream

Holding a bolo in a dream

Home geckos

Head cut off

Hair remove from teeth

Holding little baby in a dream


Had a dream my daughter is getting married

Hugging mother in dream

Hands and feet cutoff


Having a son when in real life we don’t

Ho seha mohodu

Ho lora o seha mohodu

Holora o seha mohodu

Helping people to come out from drowning sand

Hazrat ali funeral in dream

Husband is pregnant

Husband killing wife

Hanging rope

Half pig half human

Had a dream about lobola paid for my little sister

Husband dying

Henna on hands

His mother wants me to marry him

Hair nit

Hit by cow

Holding cowry in hand

Husband amd brother lost

Hands full of blood after stabbing a man who tried to rape me

Hearing of becoming a deputy governor in my dream

Hiding from wolf

Hair on the head

Heated stones

Heavy rain with floods and ppl statues

Heavy rain with floods

Headless naked dead woman african and spirituality

Having nose bleeding red and blue from one side little red i

Having raped by an enemy

Husband lost in dream

Holding hands with a girl

Hair fallen out to the scalp not mine

Haunted yellow wall

Horse fell into well

Hugging best friend

Holding ur crushes hands

Having gun

Hairs tangled

Half fried egg in making

Husband saw wife pregnant

Helping an injured cat

Husband beating his wife in a dream

Helping my daughter to walk


Hajiali dargha dream meaning

Hajiali dream meaning

Husband materbating dream

Hugging tree

Having baby with other woman

Head lice in clusters

Heag lice in clusters

Having to run for your life

Having intercourse with husband in dream

Hairy maggot in dream

Husband returning from hajj

Henna given


Houses collapsing

High profile people

Hearing aziz name in dream

Hole in one’s tooth


Hanging out with the girl i love

Heavy objects

Having a car accdient

Haldi ceremony of married self

Haunted doll in dream talking to you and you are dressing her like you

Husband getting married

House with water in

Holiday small son in arms

Holding baby girl

Hiding in home from unknown people

Head alone

Hair on face

Husband marrying another so rn

Hair armpits

Having a miscarriage

Hungry sharks in the sea

Healthy cow killed another cow

Husband love another woman

Hearing death of a close one

Horse hair meaning in dream

House moving

House without doors

Husband kissing

Head being shaved

Holding a baby but not married yet

Hugging and riding a horse

Harvesting cracking groundnuts in a dream

House being destroyed in bomb blast

Holding hands with girl

Holding hands with known girl

Horse attacks other people

Human with white wings ready to fly

House blast from bomb

Holding eggs meaning in islam

Husband tie snake in dream

Holy quran

Holding the holy quran

Holding a rope hang down from the sky of which water was pouring down with human beings in it

Husband dreamt wife delivered a baby boy

Husband dreamed wife delivers a baby boy

Heavenly tree

Husband neck cut

Head hair falling out

Hamzah raliyallahu


Horse dream meaning

Hoop slip

Holding up before falling down from a chair

Healthy pregnancy

Hugging a married man in dream

Human waste full of grains

Having kheer in shadi

Hurted knee

Hot water on feet

Holding nutmeg in dream

Husband raped

Hitting enemy

Holding a cat

Hear after

Husband marries second marriage

Hard single hair growth in tongue

Handsome fiance

Husband was a ghost

Horse r

Hugging girl

Huging a women

Hiding from someone trying to kill whole family

Husband wearing white and wife wearing orange clothes

Having intercose with ones wife

Having intercourse with my husband

Hugging a picture

Holding a picture

Husband to be recovered

Hang clothes

Having a vitoria in my house

Having visiter

Husband and wife sleeping together

House floor wet

Hugging someone deceased

Head sneak

House empty


Hayna sympol in dream

Hole in dress

Hayna dream


Hovering over brown horse

Helping a rich person

Husband wife dream

Having a baby boy

Hadith un nafs

Hadith i’m mad

Husband second marriage

Hair from stomach

Half in mud

Husband accusing wife of lieing

Having guests

Hugging someone who’s crying

House in medina city

Helping a woman

Helping a woman with lodgages

Honey bees sucking honey

Holy water

Hearing father died

Husband got shot

Hugging my deceased grandmother who is alive in the dream and crying

Husband going go to anither country

Having six fingers on the foot in dreams

Husbands penis

Helicopter in my dream

Helping my mum to dress up

Had a dream i killed my self

Holding little girls hand

Head hair turning gray

Heating an iron with blow lamp

Hugging sons

Holding hands with a man

Having a clear face


Hearing language of cats in a dream

Hole in ocean floor

Hiding from a lion

Husband stabbed

Hiding away from police

Holding garlic

Hugging ustaad

Hugging istan

Husband has a child with another woman

Husband having child with another woman

Huge waves

Hugging my mother

How is seeing black cat in dream

Husband go mad in dream

Honey flowing from grown

Hair scratching

Hair itching

Husband hittung me

Holding hands

Hair dyed with henna

Having a stalker

Horse bit in my hand

Hearing friends mother died

Height fall

House being rented

Head lice in dream meaning

Head lice dream meaning

Headless barking dog

Huge rock fell on father

Having a baby daughter

House engulfed in flames

Hand in mouth of lion

Harm to siblings

Human wast

Horse and camel


Hearing death news of a boy

Holding dry fish on tray in the dream

Hazrat ali

Holding a child nd the child becomes ill

Hearing of that i will die soon by a faceless person

Holding sick little babe

Husband wear saree in wife’s dream

Husband wear saree

Husband wear saree in wife dream

Hands holding and melting rocks

Home breaken

Hunger with celebrities

Hair combing

Having molar extracted

Hugging your crush

Hair coloured in to white which hidden inside the black hair

House full of cata

Having child with an unknown woman

Hair weaving in dream

How to predict lottery numbers trick

Horse in dream

Husband died

Hearing my name

Hairy buttocks dream

Holding crutches

House making

Hurting ones hand with broken pieces of glass

Horses and cart

Hearing sound of cat without seeing it

Heal stones


Hugging a peron of another religion

Husband is cursing

Husbands cursed

Husbands anger

Husbung cheeting in front of me

Hugging your dead grandfather

Hugging your late grandfather

Having a conversation with a rich man

House for renting

Holding a snake head

Holding a big heavy cock in my hands

Half face skin removed

Helping a mad man

Husband another wome

Husband with another women

Hands cuffed


Hajre aswad kiss

Hajwe aswad

Hair in mouth

House on fire and iam trying to turn it off

Horse peed on me

Husband praying

Husband wedding the elder wife

Having intimate relationship with sister in law

Heard a friend died

Husband had ason with another woman

Hairs in dough

Husband with other women

Husband fornicating for money

Husband doing adultery for money dream

Huge angel

Heads with earth flies

Head with fly

Head with lice

Hugging a person the one we love


Hair fall from sickness


Horse and cow baby cow in dream

Having a meal with mom who is sick in the dream

Husband kissed feet

Holy ghost fire

Holding two pack of checked feeds

Helen esconde

Hairy fish flesh on body

Hairy fish

Husband bald

Hair growth in ears

Haunted creature chasing u

Holdin a toddler boy

Hair falling in clump


Hair on side of neck

Having fun

Hijr ismail

Henna on hand


Husband angry in dreams

Hawking drugs in dream

Held arm and hit me

Holding two pack of beans

Hugging boyfriend in dream

Half dead person

Hair grow in palm

Husband had child with another woman

Husband ignoring you

Holding crush hands

Husband being abusive hitting wall

Hearing one verse of aidan baqrah

Hurricane dream explanations

Hair grown so long

Hair on breast

Hair falling

Having baby boy

Horse cart

Horse carriage

Holding a baby

Human meet ground

Huge black door


Hippopotamus in house

Human body pieces

Hair on nose

Husband child another woman


Hear durwood in dream

Hit by a truck and survived

Hug in a dream

Hug my deceased father in a dream

Having intercourse with crush


Hugging prophet mohamed pbuh

Headache with blood

Hen attack

Happily going to take a photograph

Horse helping me in my dream

Helicopter falling

Helicopter crash in dream

Huge pig

Husband seeing wife pregnant

Half naked of women

Hearing quran

Hearing sura yasin

Having silver nails

Hearing azan in dream

Hugging a mother in dream

Husband having baby from second wife

Hand finger chopped

Husband becoming president

Hole in cap

Home infested with maggots

Hug from the deceased

Husband in wheelchair


Husband driving a old car

Hearing dead news in a dream

Having food with the dead


Hurt head dream

Head hurt

Husband and his sister in law affair dream

Holding a cock as gift

Human excretion in a mud pot

Human excretions in a plate

Hearing death

Hair get into your mouth with your food but stuck n your throat and not getting out get knotted to your throat and become painful

Having beautiful feet dream

Harvesting oil

Happy hospital

Hugging and crying a dead person

Hugging a unknown man

Husband buying me cloths

Home country

Husband beating wife in a dream

Hair growing on leg

Hug dad father

Hunting sparrow dream number

Husband going abroad

Hair pulling out of throat

Harvesting millet in a dream

Hearing breathing

Having magic done on one

Husband died and had secret second wife

Having unknown baby

Having unknown bsby

Horse eye beans

House of a poor family

House full of rich people

Hiding under bed

Holy quran burning in dream

He meaning of the symbols of half broken and teeth seen in a dream

Husky in a cage


Husband big penis

Hands with an enemy

Holy quran falling down on floor


Holes on head

Hugging a man

Have a gold ring is symbol for baby boy?

Husband and another women

Husband another women

Hair become white

Holding a child on the hip

Hawk landing on head by dream

House of a dead persons

Hugging with naked mother

Harvest of monkey sugarcane

Husband as young

Hole in my forehead

Hanuman chalisa


Husband getting sick of hunger

Hugging dead person

Husband marrying second wife

Hen attaching you in your dream

Have romance with your husband

Head of a cow talking

Husband pulling off wifes lashes

Holding new born baby

Hugging my dead father

Huge waves hitting windows

Husband angry

Husband marrying another women dream interpretation

Helping injured cat

Hearing about a friend’s death

Hole in my chest

Husband affair

Hugging mad man in a dream


Human skelton

Hidden cameras

Husband licking private part

Husband licking vaginal

Husband wearing wife’s dress

Hair receding

Heavy hail

Having a physical touch with ghost

Head of snake


Helping someone in a dream

Husband sitting wife praying

Heart attack husband

Husband heartattack

Haj re aswad


Huge spider spider webs baby spider

Husband sleeping with a man

Husband crying no sound

Hair monster

Helping someone

Hen fight a black snake

Hen fighting a black snake and snake ran away

Handcuffed son

Handcuffed chid

Hiding running and away

Handshake with god

Husband carry wife

Husband give gold to wife

Having a dream of mother in law saying she likes another female then me

Head cover

Hugging someone and saying goodbye

Husband putting on shoe for wife

House under construction


Husband with mat going for salah

Hooded figure

Hair mouth

House caught on fire

Husband did another nikaah

Hatching chicks

Holding kola in dream islamically

Husband dies

Head cover with white cloth

How predict lottery numbers trick

Home sealing leaking


Holding my crush hand

House and garden

Hair from mouth

Hugging a non mahram

House surrounded by flood water

House drowning

Husband see wife in a dream

Hundreds of dead bodies

Hugging deceased and crying

Husband makes another woman pregnant

Holes and skin

Hair on unusual part of face

Hair on odd part of the face

Hit someone in a car accident

Helping poor

Having intercourse with his mother

Husband cheating


Hitting my mom in dream because she urinated on the floor

Husband is sick

Husband became sick

Harvesting green

He is naked and wanting to come it

Husband with other lady

Human bomes

Having two babies

Honey and milk and dry friuts to mixed and eat

Husband urinating in a bottle

Hearing the iqamah

Hubging wife islamic dream

Half shaved

Husband with woman

Hair colour become white in dream

Husband came back

Hugging my husband

Hearing adhan

Had a dream that maggots were coming out from my vagina

How is seeing rasgulla in dream

Husband intercourse with another woman

Home invasion

Happily seeing a old female classmate

Head lice in my hair

Hand cut

Hearing news a friend died

House of mountains

House of stones

Half glass milk

Hijara in dream

Holding snake

Hair on chest male

Hiding dream

Hugging parents who are dead


Hearing voice on phone

Husband married my sister

Heaving menaces

Having periods in your dream

Having periods

Holy kaabaa

Hanging in fan

Holding bridge

Holding om bridge

Hugging a dead person

Hitting my wife


Having a chit chat with former boss


Hair growth

Hand coming out of baby head

Hairy caterpillar in dream islamic interpretation

Husband beheaded in a dream what does it mean

Hearing of a death news

Hiving money from a dead relative


Hair turned white

Having to pay a big amount of money

High tide coming and wet in the water to people dream in islam

He rejected marriage proposal

Husband married to other women

Hear the word allah

Hand full of poo

Hacked laptop

Hairy butt

Husband cutting his wife neck

Horse and carriage

Headless spouse

Husband appeard in my dream we were hugging each ither

Hijab pooping

Hugging my ex in beautiful manner

Hugging my ex in a beautiful way

Husband having another baby

Having a daughter

Hearing the sounds of flood in a waterfall

Hearing the water sounds

Hungrig ko


Home invasion and killing

Hair coming out from navel

Hazrat jibrael in dream

Holding hand of dead person meaning


Having with a lady

Hurting a partner

Husband with another woman and child

Health issue

Hearing of my own nikah with my own wife


Hidden in masjid

Hearing the prophets saw name

Hand shark


Hugging someone in bed

Hugging your dead father

Horses legs

Husband touching a women

Helping the dead

Helping someone deliver baby girl

Husband marry second wife

Harvesting monkey kola

Helping a hurt pigeon

Helping a blind man in a dream to walk pass a bridge

Hair weaving

Huge rock

Hotel sharing

Husband has another child with another women

Hear surah of quran

Husband naked in rain


Holding ur lovers hand

Hugging mother

Hugs and kiss you

Hearing nikkah

Hugging my mother while crying because she is traveling temporarily

Husband going to toilet

Human is teaching him self all body

Human is showing me a naked all over the body

Hair long

Half snake and half scorpion

Horned big lizard

Henna palm girl

Hasty marriage


Henna hand

Hair in a plate of meat

Husband death

Husband wrapped in a white cloth

Hissing sounds of a snake

Half moon eyes and she was branded to my heart with a star

Half moon eyes and a star

Half moon eyes

Helping relatives after flood

Having intercourse with own father

Holding cat

Hiding in war



Hina on hands

Hina and red roses

House roof leak

Holding a human heart

Horse giving birth in the middle of road

Hugging deceased father

Husband sick and coughing blood

Houses exploding in order

House on fire

Hit and blood came out

Horse become blind

Hiding body

Holding a huge diamond

Husband having extra marital affair

Husband cheating on wife

House centipede bites

Husband stoping stranger to kiss and rape wife


Haraam animal

Husband sucking my breast

He is smiling at me while i am standing in his room

Hugging my mum an crying an 10 the saturday

Happy soul

Handicapped old man

Hugging dead father

Helping old woman

Husband holding baby boy

Husband married an woman in dream

Hair inside my mouth

Holding penis in hand

Had a dream my friend is sucking my vagina

Having intervourse with older man

Hair losses

Heaven gate

Having food with dead people meaning

Husband dresmed that he buy house for wife

Husband dresmed that he buy houses

Hot oil in ear

Hearing death of your sister

Hearing salawath

Husband left me for another women

Hindu lady

Holding baby in arms

Having a fun with brother in islam dream meaning

House destructing

Hand palm

Husband show for his wife his privacy

Husbands death

Husband impregnate another woman

Head lice

Hijab dream

Hugging a man crying

Harvesting rice crop

House full of men

Hair in the mounth

Having intercourse with someone who has

House in dream

High bed

Hiding valuables


Helicopter accident

Hiding in the bathroom and someone is waiting outside to kill

Hug and smile from a dead person

Hiding in the bathroom and someone trying to kill me


Husband intimate

Head of a big country your one hat on his head

Happy dead person


Hair loss


Hugging fatima ra

Having intercourse with an unknown man

Husband hiding money from me

House falling down

Half naked

Husband impregnated another woman


Hold hands with crush


Hisband having an affair

Heap of mud

Hungry eating

Husband’s extra marital affair

Hit by bus

Hair wash men

Husband and wife bathing

Hair in pot of food

Hitting by sword in dream

Horse forest

Hazrat izrael

Husband blaming wife

Hair strand with flesh

Helping a lady to bring here baby from the dogs

Husband to see is wife doing solat in a dream

House explosion in fire

Happy dogs

Hole in dupata

Hugging dead bodies

Having a burst of menstrual periods in dream

Having the same dream over and over

Having a reacurry dreams

Hole on the mountain

Husband kiss another girl

Hearing rasulullah;s name

Having romance with a deceased wife

Hunting by a super power to me and my brother

Helped by lady in dream

Half sword

Husband pointing and urinating at me

Hitting a giant crocodile and escape from the water

Horse playing in water

Having a child from a chirstian before marriage

Hair be coming white

Housefull of people in your house

Husband and sister together

Hugging babies

Hurt mother

Hirt mother

Had twin boys

Hand rashes

Husband marriage to second wife

Half naked during pray

Holding woman hand in a dream

High rise buildings

Hugging unknown person

Helping and backing an injured baby boy

Hurt on my vagina

Honey coming from breast

Huging deceased mother

Husband slapping in face

Husband giving new clothes

Having a painful check up in hospital

Human being swallowing by python

Hearing news of a relative die

Heavy winds and dark clouds

Human baby cut in half

Handshake with rasulullah

Heard about a murder

Honey bee hive

Having mutual intercourse with former wife

Having intercourse with an unknow girl

Hugging crying family member

Holding a hermaphrodite girl

Holding kittens

He was pity on me he was crying i was crying and the thrid person in dream was also crying he was telling my situation to tat third person

Hindu murti

Hairy soles of feet

Helping someone else

Husband getting another woman pregnant

Husband has gone short

Horse riding through cemetery

Hole in dupatta

Hot sherbet

Heard the name of jibreel

Hasbiyallahu in my dreams

Haram animal for qurbani

Husband kissing another woman vagina in dream

Higher gov official in dream

Had a dream that my dad died

Hair growth on hand

Helicopter crashing down on the mountain

Half burnig face

Hurting a person

Horses running towards me in a desert

Huge eyes

Hole in shirts

Having nikah with fiance in dream

Hand skin disease

Helping carry a muslim coffen

Horse kissing a man

Hanging raw meat

Holding a cock in a dream

Hitting someone with stones

Hawking banana in a dream

Having physical relationships

Henna from the dead

How to delete a comment from this site

Hearing quran recited

Husband getting killed

Hug ang kiss from died person

Head ties in a dream

Handful of maggi cubes in dream

House trap

Holding baby in arms dre’s

Holes in the roof

Hands without fingers

Helping in law throw away trash but she refused

Helping in law throw away trash buy she refused

Herd of cow

Herd of cows and camels

Having feelings for na mohrim

Hiding diamond

Hunting bandicoot in a dream

Hijab for prayer door