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Dreams starting with the letter I

Imature baby in hand

If any lady in dream applying sandal wood power for cheeks good or bad

I dream my friend get a job in islam

Intestines coming out

I dream some stab me with knife

I saw that me and my wife want to kill my 2 years old child and then i stop her from doing it

I asked man to blow dua on me in dream

I saw myself pregnant and one older man blow the system on my stomach for my healthy pregnancy what does it mean in islam

I saw my dead grandmother sick in dream

Imam bargha

Ivy gourd in dream

Inna lilahi wa inna elahi rajeon

I went for an interview

Interview visa

I just sleep and i dream madman start broken all properties that i owned what means in islam

I have seen a 5 big shark

I am tied up with rope going somewhere

I was shooting in air in my dream

I was shooting people with gun in my dream

I visited my old school

I had a new friend that was perfect for me and i visited my old school with him

I saw a yellow house in my dream

I was changing color blue to white in my dream

I was holding a gun in the war front in my dream

I saw my friend’s mom die

Islamic interpretation of cleaning cob webs in a dream

I saw hazrat ali grave in my dream

I saw that i am buying mogra flower for my mom in law who has passed away

I had dream with lizard black muse and lyes

I dreamt of my baby drowning and i was able save at the end

Islamic scholar dream

Infected gum

I had dream of graveyard had flood n all the bodies came up n plus onto the roads

I saw a dream in which there were alot of long hair in my food and in my sisters food

I dreamt that i saw jinn in sky reciting a hadith of the prophet

Insects coming for my head

I saw all my enemies in my dream

Islamic interpretation of dream seeing dead body

Islamic dream interpretation of eating fried grasshopper

I had a dream of stealing women belongs

I had a dream of stealing womens belongs

I saw my hair grow and become beautiful

I dreamt my deceased father kissed me on my cheek

I dreamt of my deceased father

I saw ibrahim inyas in my dream on chalkboad

I saw that there was black magic happening on some objrct and i kept reciting aytul kursi again and again

Islamic dream interpretation logo the meaning of the symbols of gallons palm and oil seen in a dream

Interlocking hands nervously with male cousin

Imame zamana name in the dream

If one sees sun and moon in teo places side by side

I dream a lizard pee on my face

I am turning things into gold

I am fighting with lion

Islamic dream of desease

Injured on feet

I saw smoke fish in my dream

I was sitting in a blue car in my dream

I saw a fat man in my in my dream

Imam hussein name

Intercourse with my husband

I dream and i was being beating with broom

I dream and i was beating by someone will broom

I saw a jinn in my sister

I saw a result

I see snakes in the jungle sitting on yhe tree bitting me

Insect ears

Interpretation of dreaming of 2%

I am saying allah u akbar

I was laughing in my dream


I saw a dream than lines in quran are fading

In pregnancy planting green plants

Islamic dream meaning of maize corn

Islamic dream meaning of cutting ripe jack fruit

I dream seeing the dead is alive again

I was holding keys in my dream

I was holding a bunch of keys in my dream

If dead mother kisses forehead of his son in dream

If dead mother kisses forehead of his son in fream

Injury on left hand

If a pregnant woman see her breast is leaking with milk

If i beheaded someone in dream

I see the owl and chase it away

If i tall someone to pray

I often dream of sea water

I often dream of water

I and some people saw jibreel

I was dreaming of a dead body wraped in green cloth with gold writing la illa ha illaal la with a knife in hands

I was dreaming of green kafin with gold islamic written

I was dreaming of a dead body wraped in green cloth with gold writing la illa ha illaal la

I dreamnt that i have slapped my late brother

I was able to translate alif lam meem

I kill sidra the wife of my ex lover aamir

I am dead

I am second wife my ex lover aamir

I marry with my ex lover aamir

I murder sidra the wife of my ex lover aamir

I swa me is reborn

If pregnant woman dream of seeing herself naked whats the meaning


If one’s praying outside his house

Imam e zamana a t f s

I went into a barber shop to shave the hair on my penis and so while trimming the penis came off once and then one morr grew and then second one did also came off

I have opened two graves of non muslim person

If one slaughter in a dream

I say two twin baby boys in my dream

I dream about stone with a shape of block coming out from water to the dried land

If a dead person ask for gold in dream

In my dream that someone says that is iblees

I dream that i am have food with my enemy and he is forcing me to buy another food for them

If you dream reciting ayatal qrusi

If u get lice while coming hair in dream

If you dream reciting ayatal qrusi in a dream

I lost 2 my front teeth

I saw in dream written quran on sky

I feel someone is pressing me

Injuring his own eye

I saw a dog but it looks like a snake is after me

I dreamt my aunt dying in my dream

Inflammation to skin due to a cut

Images of a walnut tree

If husband give hand bag to his wife

I saw my husband smoking cigarettes in my dream

I dreamt kissing feet of my father which were very soft and clean my father passed away 15 years ago

I saw my brother died

I being killed

I went to my friends house

If a woman see a male organ in a dream

I had a dream about samson that he is muslim

Iron nails in potty

Iron nails in stomach

I was gifted glowing feather in my dream

I saw aclock or time piece

I sold a wrist watch and saw a pregnant woman and was paid some money

I dreamt that i separated rice from pebbles

I saw my dead mother cooking

If i hit my mother

If a mother dream her daughter getting married


Intercourse with cousin sister

I dream that my mother in law who is no more keeps coming back

I was shaken

I am cutting bangs in dream

I found myself dreaming of sharing

If i see my maid wearing my clothes


I dreamt when having long clitories

Injection pusing

Insects in eye and mouth

Insect chasing feet

I saw a lot of women around but one was attacking me who was my step mother and the rest were preventing her

I saw lot of women but one that i know was attacking me

I see the white poxes on my whole body in dream

If a person saw a derem that some one wareing new dress what mean in islam

I feel uncomfortable around someone in dream

Islamic dream of grasshoppers

I was running from a komodo dragon

I was dreaming my mum was driving the car

Injured cat

I was getting beat up by people

I saw my dead father with long grey hair

I see the khane kaaba in my dream

In dream doing phoo on your bed

I saw my wife on a wedding dress

I saw shahu ibrahim inyash in my dream

I saw shiv ling in dream

Infront of two teeth have gap in my dream meaning in islam

Infront of two teeth gap

I was standing with my husband in the dream talking when a brown goat walk up to us

I had a dream that our country is built big palaces

Intercouse with husbund

I was given four cubes of maggi star in dream

I saw muhammad written on sky

I was getting praised

I was getting praising

If a man dream about second wife

Insects in head

Insects 8n head

Islam dream about bat

I saw a bat in college in my dreams

I saw a bat in college

In dream i saw a bat

I saw my dead grandmother with mix green vegetables

I was see my grandma


Islamic dream interpretation eating betel quid

Islamic leeder


Ink black on white paper

I dreamt i was with the president and we were driving nicely somewhere

I dreamt i was in the company of our president in a car he was driving

I dreamt eating garlic as medicine islamic meaning

If u see ur self collect blood for test nd it showed hiv positive what does it mean

If a mad man bites you in a dream

If a mad man bite you

I dreamt i was pregnant and i was peeing

I saw maize and eggs in my dream

I saw eggs in a farm

I give dress to my dead mother

I saw my father and it was raining then i was driving a car then my uncle washing and drying clothes

In my dream i wrote a prayer request of getting married then the person gave me dustin powder to rub over my face and body

I saw snake in house of my friend

I saw allah name in sky

I have stucked in a way

Imam ali

I gave gold to my dead mother

In the toilet a girl is sweeping inside

I saw so many fishes

I was being jealous of the girl that i loved and who dumped me

I saw my husband in a dream where he rented another woman a house later came and pick his towel as if he wants to go for bathing but later went to the ladies house i followed hin and found only the lady he had gone for bathing i tied the lady i beat her untill she died my husband came i injured him from the leg and later people stated chasing after me

I give paper money for my mom

I was praying in my dream

Islamic dream interpretation logo the meaning of the symbols of deceased father wearing and green seen in a dream

I saw good marks in my exam in dream

I dream i see the sky they write on the sky light blue allahu i read it in my dream

I dream i see the sky they write on the sky allahu i read it in my dream

I saw dream that the my husbands house destroy and fall we try to rebuild but destroy again

If a dead person travels with his kids in a bus


Ice on face

Islamic interpretation an ex giving you call on phone which scaredg

Istighfar allah wa atuubu ilayhi

I saw myslef receiting naat sharif out loud

I am kissing a known person

If a girl sees someone touching her ear


Infant growing on a tree

I fly

I saw my self preaching against christianity

I dreamt about a dog came and started playing with me

I dreamt that a dog ran and hug me

I dream i was buying two tubas of yam

In my dream a stranger stole my gold jewelerys

If you see your uncover legs

I saw bat in my home and also bats changed in human

I saw a dream when counting money in shop sum money is missing

Injecting a baby boy foot

I saw my tooth breaking and some girl coming inside me

I appeared in a toilet that has no doors to enter or exist my dream was a loop

I give someone my smart phone

If girl see wearing red shoe in dream

I see my mother pregnant

I dream my baby is in potty head to toe it smelling

I saw my self drinking cow milk with people

In a shop eating

In a shop eating biscuits

I saw two young man fighting each other in my dream one stabbed the other young man with a knife

I saw ex father in law hugs me in a dream

In the market

I saw a dream of bad smell of my toilet

In laws hate me infront of me

I dream of someone welling blue colour

I dreamt of people coming to my home to tell my family i impregnated a girl

If i dream my husband dies

If i dream my husband dies in my dream

I got a phone call from a genie

I saw a long beard and urinating inside a toilet and erected penis with a beautiful woman

I lost my job in a dream

I dreamt that i saw a thief with a gun

I miss you saying

If someone apologize in dreams

Insect in water

I’m not married or pregnant but i dreamt that i gave birth to a boy

If you are with non mahram

I was dreaming my wife was swimming naked at the beach in front of people

If a pregnant woman was congratulation in her dream meaning

I gave a mad man money and he start praying for me

I saw cooked rice and beans in my dream

I was at a funeral in my dream

I saw dead body person lied down my dream

I saw dead body in my dream

I saw died body in my dream

I saw dead

I dreamt of someone wearing two pants and working on fertile soil

Islamic dream

Increasing in height

In dream girl told me fight for her

I birth a son

In paris city

I saw knorr maggi in my dream

If someone saw she feed a glass of milk to a horse and he drink it

If someone saw she give a glass of milk to a horse and he drink it

Imam mahdi

I saw some one killed by someone in mosque

I dreamt that the person my sister got married to put a collar around her neck and she was crying

I dreamt that the person my sister got married to put a collar around her neck

I had a nightmare when i saw my headless uncle

Imbecile naked girl in my dream

I was on top of a tree

Islamic dream interpretation of termite

I found myself dead due to haveay rain

I’m pregnant and had a dream of a lion attacking me

Is it a bad dream to be picking ogbono seed in dream

Iron nail inside elbow

If you dream that you’re making dua in your dream

Injuring black dog

I bat naked in dream with crowd look at me

I ate kolanut in my dream

I saw my cat dying in front of my eyes

I saw myself getting bald

I saw alot of centipedes in water


I dream my wife have a baby for me

Interrupting prayer

Intereupting prayer

I had a dream a clown was trying to kill me

I dreamed of a child playing with me and then he tried to bite me

I was holding a jinn and get help to kill it with a man


I fought with ghost in dream

In a dream son feeding his diseased father

In my neck vilitigo

In my dream i found money so i took and later i found it was not in my hand

Intercourse with brother

I dream about a cat

In my dream i saw 2 jin kids in human form

I saw my husband having affair

If a married women sees herself pregnant

I bought akara in a dream

I was dancing and being sprayed money in my dream

I was pierced in the eyes by 3 men

I c

I scream allah akbar what meaning

I saw my cousin breast

I got a gun being pointed at me in a dream

Istanja in a public toilet

Introducing a girl to mom

If woman gets vaginal discharge in dream

Isaw a woman who was shopping also next to me lying on the table like one who wants to have serx

I dreamt of my sister death

Imam in dream

I dreamed i have two husbands

I cut the head of black snake in my bed

Imposter as dead father

I saw vice president in my dream

I snatch a phone what does that mean

I saw my pet cat with her head separated

I killed other person

I drink water

I saw dustbin and garbage in dream

I dream my mother is nacked

I accidentally murdered someone

I saw my husband with a cat in a dream romancing

I have a dream of mopane a lot of mopane worm on the tree and down means

I seen mango trees in my dreams

I seen mango trees and light in my dreams

I see myself in the classroom or school

I saw my shop open in my dream

Insect in date

If someone one dreams while nicket running under the rain

I saw that everyone left and i am alone

I had a dream in which i met unknown guy and i fell for him the thing that made me fall was his kind behaviour towards me in my dream i was kind of stuck at a place so he saw me and came towards me to relax me and helped me through it for that he came near me and said relax u can do it its really easy and along with that he slightly touched my shoulder the touch was very much light his fingers were slightly touching my back his touch made that hard time easy for me lateron i got to know that he fell in love with me too but we didnt expressed it at that time after waking up i keep thinking of him asa real person im really against haram relationship and haram touch but in dream his touch and existence feel so right now what does this mean

Injured leopard in dream

If a pregnant woman sees all fruits in dreams

I entered a bathroom and urinated then performed ablution and bought fuel petrol

I was chasing by gun in a dream

I saw plain flying

Inner clothing

I saw airplane flying

I dream cut in my penice

I say too many birds in my home and around it my kids holding them and freeing birds

If someone is backbiting about me

I dreamt that sky in blue with arabic written muhammed

Interpretation of a white bird as a pet in a dream

I fly with a jinn


I saw my unmarried daughter pregnant

In exams

Injury to the eye

Injury to eye

I saw a jinn disguised as 2 strangers but all this is happening inside my house and i started to read surah fatiha or ayathul qurisy and finally it dissappear from that body leaving it

I was a jinn disguised as 2 strangers but all this is happening inside my house and i started to read surah fatiha or ayathul qurisy and finally it dissappear from that body leaving it

I saw people dead heads and limbs cut on ground

I scolded dead person in dream

I dream of day turning into night

I saw my friend wishing me happy birthday before my birthday

I saw my house bomb blast

I saw my home bomb blast

I saw my pet cat die in a dream

Insects in plate of food and iam eating it

I see my relatives had own house warming in my dream meaning


I saw human head in my wife stomach

I saw my friend building a house

Infant baby in my lap

I dreamt sleeping in bush

Insects flies little insects

I saw a dream about stars they were the brightest stars i have ever seen in my life they were on a straight line with the moon in the middle than a meteor shower started and everything seem so beautiful

If one sees his mother offering him a bread

If one sees a mother offering him a piece of bread

Ill mother

I saw a komodo dragon

I was sinking in a mat floor i stand

I was sinking a mat floor

If women sees henna on her legs

I see seducing my cousin in dream

I saw alot of eagles attacking me and my family what does it mean

I saw a group of cow calfs

I saw a group of calf on the ground eating and one calf wanted to attack me and i recited hasbunallah wanaimal wakil

I dreamt my mother gived birth to a baby girl

I saw my family drowning and then got saved

I dream about a mad man hiding under my bed

Intermacy between husband and wife

I dream how i sleep on a mat

I saw my son with teeth

I saw a beautiful woman in a cave in my dreams

I saw un old man in a cave in my dream

I saw my boss lady naked

I saw my boos lady nakedness in my dream

I saw my boss lady

If you dream when you are lick udara what does it mean

Intercourse and deceased in a dream

I dreamt someone give me tamarind juice

I dreamt my father marrying another woman

I see so many lion in the sky

I see so many lion on the sky

I dreamed lion chasing me and my family

Introducing yourself

I had a dream that i was slowly dying and crying i was repeating allah is the greatest and enjoyed my last very moments

Interpretation of excavating mayan temple and discovered white jade

Interpretation of excavating mayan temple aand

Interpretation of seeing armpit in a dream

I saw my face looking very bright and beautiful in mirror

I dreamt i was pregnant

Infused cardamon milk

I lost my daughter

Ice falling from the sky

Inmarried girl givingjhus

I saw people wearing black dress in wedding ceremony in my dream

I dreamt the stars r falling n arabic writings appeared in the sky

I saw my grandmother with water dropping from her face

Israeli people

Intercourse wuth dead person

Islamic teacher

I saw floods in dream and then floods disappeared

I saw myself naked in a dream

I dream about farm and river

Insects hair

I saw my mom cutting raw meat in dream

Intimacy with husband

Islamic meaning of defecating in the bush dream

I see my friends girlfriend

Islamic scholar at home

If dream a fish flying in the air


I see countdown on sky for doom day

I saw a beautiful lady close to me

I got 8 pearls from a person wearing green cloth

I dream about a big yellow snake no harm

I gave my mother who passed away money she said thank you

I gave my mother who passed away something


I was driving a white car in my dream

Islamic scholar scolding me

I saw father died and i was crying

I dreamt someone pointing infront of me

I dream burning an iron to red hot

I caught a shark

I dreamed about naming a new born baby and many l have attended in the dream

I dreamed about my baby naming cremony and many have ate

I dreamed about my baby naming ceremony and many have ate

I was praying not facing qibla and a kid trying to stop me

I got married to my boyfriend in my dream

I had a dream that i got married to my step brother p

I had a dream last night that i got married to my step brother

If i dream of me having my soul taken away

I broke coconut my mother gave me in the dream what is the dream meaning of it

Intercourse with cousin sister in dream

Insects falling from the sky

I dream of two people in love getting married and guests where dancing and laughing

Ice cream

I saw a greater cane rat

Islamic dream interpretation logo the meaning of the symbols of pounding fresh tomatoes mortar and pestle seen in a dream

I saw too many beds in washroom

I saw too many qurans which is place in a bed inside a big bathroom

In marriage


Inflating a ball

If one kills a lice in her dream

I saw i was married but unhappy

Illness seen in a dream

I see earth quake hit my house and it get collapse

In garden at night time

I dreamt of the quran words fading away

Islamic meaning of kissing mothers feet in a dream

I seek refuge in allah

I was pouring cooking oil in a gallon and i saw cow with a rope around its neck

I dreamt nabi(saw) giving me advice of ihsan

I das my brother for sick

I saw my boyfriend and i in a dream and we were given an unripe bunch of plantain and fuel and also a thousand naira note what does this mean

I saw changing objects to gold

I see myself in dead people world and escape from it

In dream i ate idle


Introducing yourself to a women in dream

I saw big louse in my hair

I was shot multiple times but didn’t die

I dream of coconut and cucumbers dropping from my vagina

If i dreams that my decent mum bite me in the dream what does it mean

Imam ali shrine

I saw my dead grandmother wearing gold necklace

I am unmarried but i am seeing husband meaning in islam

I saw a dream my sister was pregnant

I was kissing someone to make the other jealous

I was kissing someone

If someone give you a hoe in a dream what does it mean

Infected penis

I saw five suns and sea full of water

I saw myself in jannatul baqi

I dream mother inlaw rape by someone and she die

I dreamt about my sister have cancer

I saw someone death at tahajud time

I gave my bother in law cala but in dream

If i se jannah in my dream

I saw someone is wearing my clothes

If someone wear my clothes


Ignored by ex

Ignored w

Intestines of an unknown person

Intestines out

If i see a rainbow in my dream

I saw a lion is sitting to catch me

I fell in love with a guy

I see my husband with other woman and he choose that woman over me means in dreams

Insects on hands

Inner garments

I dream my boyfriend mom who passed away

I dream my ex hugged me

If a person sees his wedding in a dream but he sees himself alone without the bride and sees many people in the wedding including those who have passed away and this one dream came many times continuously what is the interpretation of the same dream every time after a day or two the time of dream is between 3 am i e sometimes a little before azan and sometimes a little late and in the dream everyone was very happy but no one was coming to the bridegroom in particular everyone was in their own fun۔

Ice lake

Illness treatment

Iam fighting with fire

Iam fighting with fire shaitan

If i saw that i am marrying my sister marrying in dream

I was holding a young boy to crossing a border in my dream

I was holding a young boy to cross a border in my dream

I was getting married and looking for a perfume

I had a dream that while i was praying my legs started shaking

I saw a man eating uncooked meat

I saw a man eating raw meat

Inners divided into two

In dream a man folding cloths

I see my father

I was stealing cabbage and watermelon

I dream somebody else as my husband

I kissed my cousin in a dream

Islamic dream cafer i sadik

Illeagel wealth

If you see your dead father in blind at home

I saw that a white huge car is standing in my car porch

In the dream l carry my mother in the back

I see myself mirror

I see myself in mirror my dream

I hold a hand that touch my penis in my dream

I saw a snake swollowing a tortoise in my dream

I saw holding a broom in my dream

I saw monkey in my dream

If saying a flower is a fruit in dream

I am shaheed

Iguana dream

I saw my wedding and my bestie fought

I saw my future groom

I saw my wedding

I saw earthquake in dream while i was sleeping in room

I saw my dead father on a construction building

I see someone dancing in a dream

If you see mother and father

Insect bite

I watched hand symbols written in book

I throwing money in air and it goes higher

I was holding a bowl of water in my dream and it got broken what is the meaning

If i see i and my daughter been chase by snakes

If dead person giving money

Ignoring someone

I was praying without hijab

I dreamed my cousin had a heart attack

If one sees multiple snakes in a dream

I dream of my dead father


In my dream i see my husband sleeping with another women


I saw in a dream my hairs growing

I was praying naamz in rain getting wet

If someone dream that she wear to leg chain what is the meaning


If i see a dream a person is getting burn fully and falling dead

I dream am in salaat

Islamic astrology for marriage

I got approved for a visa in my dream

I carried my baby when it is vomiting defecating and urinating at same time what is the meaning

If peer fakir in your dreams

I dreamt of eating jollof rice and found plenty of meat inside

Ibn walid

Inn walks


Injection men teer dream number

Islam dream of dead body wrapped in white cloth foot chopped off

I was sitting on cardboard box little boy inside

Invisible callwd

If uou

In a placd cooking being happy

If your biggest desire comes true in dreams



Invitation to s meal

Im pregnant and dream of ashes in a box

I heard some sound and while closing my eyes i saw an owl stearing at me

I dreamed i was praying the islam prayer erong

Insect is coming out from the side of tumb

Insect is coming out from the finger

I dreamt being shown my suplication

Iron nail exiting finger

I see iron getting out off my fingers in the left hend

I saw that i am pregnant with a baby boy

I saw fire in my dream

Islamic dream prediction

Islamic interpretation of being nake dancing with your husband and sister bother naked

In my dream my daughter had a baby girl

Intercourse with cat

I saw a deseal in my dream

Iceland with clear water

I was fighting with shetan

I saw i was fighting with a black shadow thinking it was shetan

I dreamt that i went to visit my parents and my mother sleeps in my room sometimes but when i come she usually moves but this time she refused and showed me a room i have never seen with a new bed an she made the bed for me and told me to sleep there

I went to kabba

I saw small fishes in a dream

I see a boy pass smile to me and he is handsome and with white colour face

I see a guy picture he is beautiful and his face full of noor

I dream about firing by fire

Injured child in dream

I saw zina happening with me

Islamic interpretation

If you dream when grinding egusi? what does it mean

It was like this that daddy is standing with me and at this moment there were tears in my eyes

I have a dream that i climb a mounting with leader

In a deeam seeing prophet mohammed name written on the sky islamic dream interpretation

In a dream someone sees a wedding or a celebration at home

In dream seeing driving car

In a dream seeing three shining stars to the west one of them was big when i saw it again and then it was falling

If a dead person ask money

I fell of a height

I saw a tornado

In l s

I dreamed my husband peeing in our house

If a pig hits me on my leg in my dream what does it mean

If a women gets shot in the head with a gun

Ibtercourse with sister

In dream isaw the prime minister of another vountry

I had a dream where i saw many cows and one of them fell in a big pit and got broken after removing it from the pit what does it mean

In the presence of 1st husband seeing getting married with another one

I dream of a lion

I had a dream that i died in sujood while praying janazza

If a dad father sprinkling water in ur mouth

I afraid fall down and receit surah aadiyaat and feel safe

In my dream i reading surah aadiyaat

Islamic interpretation dream wearing wristwatch

I see cat in my dream

I saw my hand burned with acid

I kill two person in my dream

If one was unable to move in his dream

I was in multiple car accidents

I met an orphan

Infestation in bed

If one sees that the doors for him are opened due to some rupees of this world

I saw my friend eating a red apple

I was in hospital my deceased mother gave me my son i gave birth to the my daughter i gave birth to i asked how have i had twins

If you see ur loved ones sick in dreams

Isha namaz in dream

I see my mother and her duplicate

Invitation to cook from the dead

Insects on ceiling

Idols in mecca

Idiots in mecca

I burnt food twice in my dream what does that symbolize

I saw my alive mother dying in dream and i cried a lot

Introducing a friend to a deceased person in dream

Ice age

I saw my spouse dead

Injured parents

I saw a small through which house is cleaned

I was kissing a guy

I saw lightning stikes like rays arise from sun whole over the world

I saw my friend crying and in tension

I saw qiyamah in my dream meaning

I saw a bunch of lices in my hair

Imam hussain in dream

I saw a guy floating with the rock

I saw that someone owes me money

I dream while eating

I see my family getting killed

If a dog barks at you

Imam khomeini in dream

I saw fish out of the tank

I saw fish out of the water

Ironing white robe

Iron burn husband islamic dressing

I was beating up in my dream

I dreamt about walking in desert in white garment with my long deceased uncle

Islamische familie treffen

I saw myself in my dream and am seem innocent in that

I saw snake and turtle in my house

I dreamt the person alive who died

In dream dry rice with white insects

I passed the board exam in my dream

I gave birth to a baby girls and almost called azaan in her ears

I gave birth to a girl and almost called azaan in her ears

Iron nail pulling out of stomach

I saw my cousin got married

I saw dollar bills

I saw my brother have vagina


I see myself playing with a son

I have a son a beautiful boy

Islamic dream interpretation dead at the door

Ibni sirin dream seeing a bag of cement

I saw my friend standing far with tears in his eyes not crying only tears in the eye

I saw gush of water leaking from the aircon

I saw gush of water

Interacting with rulers

Interacting with ruler of the state

Interacting with cheif minister

I lose my phone

I son is trapped under ground

I see myself dying in a dream and heard the the shahada

I see custard apple im my dreams during pregnancy

If u see dead person in rain in dream

Intercourse with black woman

If a pregnant women seems gold ring in dream

If you de a thief stole your gold bangles

I alway dream that my husband is with another woman

I always dreamed that my husband is cheating

Immersion in water

I saw i was wearing kameez shalwar it got tera up

I saw my mother hug me and crying

I was sharing puffpuff in my dream

I met a muslim girls parents in my dream

I dream of killing two people in my dream one is reciting quran then i recite quran and ready to confess due to fear of allah and see the quran spreading in sky and in light

Intercause with sister

If you see someone murdering your parents and they say escape from here and give me some moneyin your dream

I went to hell

If you find a gold ring

I had a dream of seeing my wife with tribal marks

I saw fish in my shower tray

I saw a fuu it sh in my shower tray

Internal organ coming out

I dream i am at masjid praying

I dream disable child with one eye

I shower dead man

Interrupted in salah while praying

Israel angel

Injured cow

Injuered meaninh

I dreamt my male cat give birth to kittens

In bed with two woman

In dream im told my husband janaza is coming

I dream as a vampire

Islamic book

I saw i collect wallnuts in dream

I had dream with my brother meaning

I saw fire in field and i tried to stop it meanwhile a child is going in that filed and i saved a child from going in that field

I saw a thick black menstruation blood in dream

Ironing clothes for some one

If you dream about your uncle with a sangoma

I was entered toilet with bear foot in my dream

I was removing cowpea from my nose in my dream

I saw that my pregnancy test is positive

If one sees someone

Insects coming from wounded leg

I died

I had a dream that i was fighting my ex girlfriend friend because she was pregnant

I saw ducks in my home wash room

I saw dajjal in my dreams

I see myself close with ghost

In dream some 1 give tasbee

I lost my phone

I kill bed bug on my back in a dream

I saw bear monkey

If i kill some one in dream

I dreamt about the day of judgement qiyam

Ink tattoo back

I dreamt of fetching water from the tap

I dreamed my teacher seduced me and we slept together

I was made the king

I saw peacock in dream

I dreamt that i was in makkah and the kaaba was destroyed

Incapable of writing correct answer in exam hall

Islamic meaning of bathing in market in the dream

I dream i buy akpu

I saw my family members in my dream

I give money to a two years old girl in my dream

I saw my female friend in my dream

Injured animal

I was dressed up in white clothes with my wife in my dream

In dream all my family was there except my mother

I dream of chatting with a friend in the dream we both sound happy but in reality the person is death


Is falling from a high hill

If you botle in dream

I’m a forest


I saw two men who greeted me nicely with pale old faces

Islamic view of packing faeces in a dream

Islamic view of packing feces

Information tooth

Incisor tooth

I used a tongue to lick àn overflown sealed big bottle òf red palm oil

I dream going back to dawn town

I dreamt i got married

If i saw i am wearing gold necklce

Injured cat in dream

I was told in a dream my brother is dead

If someone i know who is my enemy know throws rocks at me

If i see my mother is pregnent in dream

I saw sink full with dishes and food

I dreamt that i gave a bird sid

I saw i weared gold broad anklet in my foot

I got good grades in my dream

If the angel of death comes in dream

In my dream through a cctv video a boy was praying next to his father in a large mosque and other people were there too then some black thing started to come out of his mouth which seemed like a black snake but instead it was a black scorpion the boy and his dad stopped praying they were in fear and other people who were praying near them stopped praying and started looking at the scorpion on the floor

In search of water

I had a i have betel nut in my hand

Itumo ala ebo

In islam what is a symbol of plucking unripe soursop

If my mother gave me a wrapper to ty ony waist

If one mother gave him a wrapper to wear

I rescue a child

Islamic dream of flooding in a mosque

If one grabs beard

I saw angel gabriel and prophet muhamed peace be upon him in my dream and i was praising allah for that

I saw that i gave birth to triplet girls

I saw a cat in a dream

I cry in the dream

I carry one year old boy in my dream meaning

Infant baby licking your face

Intercourse witg ghost

I am in masjid and praying taraweeh one of my friend came tunning and started pulling me he was in so much fear of paranormal thing which he saw

Islamic dream interpretation of seeing a warehouse

If we are in water

If we live with different family

I dream a man was fun dowi with a pistol and he died

I dream a man was shot down with a pistol and he died

It went like this a white light came to me in my dreams and said something about muhammed and allah

I had a dream of my boyfriend asking me to open my nice pussy

I cut my vagina

I see someone turning black

Islamic interpretation deceased daughter 32 year old look s a young girl of 12 year old

I saw my self driving a car means

I have saved from hell fire

If a child sees a beard

I dreamed that my daughter of 11years old was raped in pull of blood

I fell and sunk into wet cement on the sidewalk

Invitation from dead person


Insects eating you wall

I dreamed that my sister was dead

Idling seen

I kill my friend

If scolding and slaughtering of cow is seen in a dream

I see both gold and silver

If someone dream he is buying agrave

I dreamt with someone giving me a bed cover

If someone is buying agrave

I am in dark washroom a long snake attack me and my kills

I am give money to my dead cusion in dream

I see two european ladies in a dream in islamic dreams interpretation

Invited to a garden

I had in toilet full of water flooding and with alot of of poop flooding

I saw that i am walking over many snakes and leeches

I saw that i am walking over many snakes and leeches in my house

I saw my house in danger

I saw myself putting makeup to my friend

I saw man i know as my future husband

It was a grey background i was with my husband who was trying to tame a black muscular bull with horns which was trying to get near me not aggressive

I took some money from my wallet and give it to unknown person in my dream

I took some from my wallet and give it to unknown person in my dream

I saw money in my wallet in my dream

I was waiting for a car in my dream

I was traveling in my dream

Imam of makka

In dream i got hijras attain funeral crossing my path

I sow two long pritge

If someone urinates on you

I saved my from dieing

I saved my mom from dieinv

I save my mom from dieinv

I saw a snake chasing me in my dream

I saw a snake in my dreams

If a man sees his wife cheating in front of her husband

Islam dream interpretation dreams showing future events

If i see someone who i love the most in my life and he get deth sentence

I saw snake in my dream

Im trying to save someone from letting them do self harm


In hospital

Iron nails

I’m getting killed

I’m chowking

If a person sees her husband getting married to someone else


I’m in the grave and imam jafar al sadiq is standing on top of my grave

I’m in the grave and i see imam jafar al sadiq

I kill unknown person

I had a dream about my teeth falling out

I was making call to prayer

I was leading prayer

Islamic marriage date prediction

I was petting a tiger in my house

Innocently accused of stealing

Islamic dream meaning dead person attends wedding

I dream seeing my two younger brothers fighting

I saw death family members husband an wife

I ate eba without stew in my dream

Islamic meaning of killing someone for defense

I had a dream about someone stolen my phone


I was aressted by army

If a mad man calling the name of my wife

Insect in index finger

Inability to speak

I was preparing to go another city with my maternal uncle

It fall in your clothes

I saw saint in dream

I saw peer indream

I saw peer baba in dream

I have dream that i have kill someone

I dreamt of someone carrying a lot of money

Islamicdreaminterpretation com


In a friday prayer full of people men precisely i performed ablution and move to few females

I dream i was robbed of my belongings

I have seen that continuously earth quakes are coming and everyone is praying

I have seen the day of judgement in my dream

I saw a car windshield trowed darty


If one sees his wife half naked and roaming around

I was holding my baby daughter who had green eyes

In love with a dead person

If you see a lion

If the person you love getting married to someone else in your dream

If you see yourself doing wudu

If someone show their anus in dream

Islamic dreams site

Insects in brain



Insulting my husband after he hurts me


Impregnated another woman means


I keep having dreams i’m chasing a black mouse inside the house

In dream behaving frendly with billy

Ifone sees his mother dying in a dream

I dreamt my dead father slapped me on the face

I was crying and i saw a cobweb and a snake on a wall

I saw jin possesing someone in my dream


I saw a group of transgender walking past me dream meaning

Islamic astrology by date of birth

I got pregnant

Interior of a roof

Islamic cap when am a christian

I saw i was kissing my non mehram friend in dream

I’m pregnant in my dream

I saw my hand was injuired then the wound become healed

Intercourse with 2 girls

I gave someone sand to brush her teeth in my dream

I am married if i see myself pregnant

I saw quadruplets but iam unmarried

Islamic meaning of running and hiding away from a mad man

I gave dawah in my dream

Islamic meaning of dreams dictionary

In islam if you dream about your husband leaving you

In marriage date the groom was absent

Italy rome

I saw a broken egg in my mouth

I dreamed tsunami

In dream someone cut my hair short

I seen my son drowning in my dream

I saw allah name written in sky

If you are under age 18 and you see your crush in dream

I see it naked human

If a woman aged 55 years sitting nude on a chair

I see a man his face

Injured lizard seen in a dream

I made halwa pori

I saw snake on my chest and grabbed that snake and put it away from me

I brought a tiger cub pet

I saw my death grandma asking about alliance that comes recently she asks me you like the guy you going to marry him is he enough for you and i replied yes

I dream of a cat giving birth

I saw my death grandma asking about alliance that comes recently

I shit while praying namaz in my dream

I saw sweets hanging on a mango tree

I saw sweets hanging on a tree

I am pregnant

I mistakely broke my fast in dream

I see dreem wood in sea water near beach

I dream about snuff ntsu

I saw a jinn in the form of my husband in my dream walking towards me and woke up reading surat al fatiha

I see my friend penis eric