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Dreams starting with the letter I

I eat pink guava with a worm in it then o through it out

I shamed my old teachers hand

I saw a dream when a thief knock the door and i afraid of it then they entered and ai hit them

I saw on my left sided chest long hair

I saw ghost in graveyard in dream

If someone sees selling her  hair in dream what does it mean in islam

I dreamt carrying a child and weeping for a help

I dreamt carrying and running with a naked child looking for a shelter

Inside water to waste

Intercourse with your mother

I dream seeing soldiers

I dreamt i was given admission to study nursing

I had a dream that one man called me on my phone more than once in a day in real life i was told about him and i think about him all the time

I was fold

I had a dream in which i saw myself with red eyes

I saw my son chwing khat un dream

In my dream i died i went inside a cave and saw my friend with a jubba on a praying matress and there was a light behind him

Islamic library

I had a dream where my cousin ran over a person with a car and killed the person by accident

I see black and white snake in my dream

I see in sky lihgt allah

I had a dream a heavy water carried my slippers away

I see allah

I saw in my dream cat snake fish sea and friends

I tolk pray dua

I see very high light on sky

I was putting on a beautiful dress and i saw my late mother

I see sun hight

I am fairy

I saw my wife in her period and blood in bed and she cleaned itvthen

I heard a voice saying mabrouk

I dream of blood in my eyes

I dreamt about eating raw snail

I saw a girl licking my hand in a dream what does it mean in islam

Irreligious women

I dreamt of a guy that i like with my best friend

Illness of brother

Illness of brotger

In dream husband wearing white kurta meaning


Invitation to see prophet

Intercourse with black

Incompleted house

I had a dream that i cut my 2 3 part of my brain and now i was scared that i was slowly dying islamic jnterpretaion

Islamic drum

Inflicting death

If man says interesting to women


Islamic drim

I am imran khan

I see blood while giving birth and i had a beautiful boy babby but i am unmarried

I am pregnant giving birth

Imam ali name

Ice rock breaking

If i see some one wearing shoes and mud on it

If i getting engagement with my lover in my dream what it means in islam

I dream i gave a child juice to drink from shoe

I married a princess in dream and was happy with her

Islamic dream interpretation taking off my shoes

In mecca with dead

Imam death in prostration

I saw that i shoot my friend on the head

I had a dream that a guy from my class touched my boob while we were alone and i laughed and he laughet to in real life he acts different alone and diffferent with his friends

I saw dream where i picked a white lily flower with its roots and placed it in a large container and i saw the roots turning orange and water poisonous

If your deceased spouse tell you your next

If your deceased

Insects in food

I saw madrasa and students reciting quran in my dream

I dream kids playing football and i kicked the ball


I had a dream i put false teeth

I saw shia in my dream they were celebrating muharram

I saw dream my manager falling down the dark work place at night

I saw dream my manager falling at the dark

I married an english women as a south asian

Imam raza shrine

I can’t find my underwear dream

I give birth to a baby boy in my dream but am not married

Index finger water


Iam driving a car alone

If i dream of vomiting hair from my mouth

Insects crawling under your skin

I saw my self l am pregnant

I saw i am pregnant

I murdered

I am pregnant and i dream a cow

I am pregnant and i dream a cow running me

In the midst of rice farm

I dreamed of honey raining from the sky

Interpretation of raining honey

I dreamed of fatima ra wearing white

If grey white small snake who i ignored first eat big cat then swallow me

If a person had a dream about their close ones wearing white from top to bottom and bandages all over the head

I am dragon

Istighfar dreaming

Istighfar dream

Ibn e sirin

I was offering prayers and i saw dajjal in front of me

I was offering prayers and i saw sajjad in front of me

I saw a black person with pimple in my dream

I saw my dad having a heart attack

I am pregnant but had abortion

Insects and hair in rice


I saw my self my poop coming from vagina

I dream about a pregnant woman

If a dead person ask for meat

I saw that i was visiting my former house and i was eating fresh fruits over there and i was showing that house to my wife

I saw a black snake licking me

Injured swan

I dream about my marriage with someone

I saw millipede in my food

I dream that i gave shahada to an old woman who is in the stage of dead

I saw a football peak in my dream

I saw a prist in my dream

I saw prist in my dream

Inappropriately touched by a stranger

If someone gets a pot of water in your house

Interesting stuff

I dream that two of my teeth as remove what those that signified

Insect fly in dream

If i see a dear person wearing yellow saree what does it mean

I saw in dream that i have lost my verginty

Is it good to see tiger and bear in dream

Illness spread between friends in dream

Illness spea

I was safe in a murdur but lots of people were kill

I saw my mother pregnant in a dream

I was arguing with my old teacher

Islamic dream interpretation of building in gaza and seeing a deceased person

Islamic dream interpretation of drinking milk

I dreamt seeing my self running as if i was being chased by unknown men at a point i saw am self entirely on different location with unknown ladies we were walking in to a place where there’s a lot of palm trees the first tree we saw was with right palm fruit but d palm fruit was below d tree making it easier for each and everyone of us to take for our satisfaction

I was walking with unknown ladies in the dream then we saw a palm tree and each of us plucked out the palm fruit from it ex

I was giving water to an cow

I saw a cat

I saw a kitten

I saw a mad man in my dream

Invisible baby

Injured cat dream

Isolated fire

Islamic meaning of eating litchi in dream


I saw myself not wearing an abaya

In urdu

I saw a prediction of the distruction of the world so i had to pack my bag and when i was packing i saw a bundle of book and in those book i saw a ramamaya book and without taking any of the other books i took the ramayana

I was bathing my father

I saw i have a baby

I see in the night dream was animal lung pumping

I saw my mother death in dream

I dream that my generator was stolen

Ice cubes falling from the sky

I was at my grandmas house my mom invited my favorite family member and told one of them which they were my favorite to be with me until ny mom got back ny mom looked worried when she left i was mad that she left so i just went under a blanket and watched my phone i didn’t see my mom for weeks i was sad in my dream only ur bestie could see ur problems and she saw that my mom was sick and she could see i was upset about she tried to make me happy in any way possible but i was not happy no matter what she did i finally saw my mom after a month she told me she was sick with a condition that when her whole body turns red she could die and half of her body was already red i cried for hours the next day when i went back to school i was very sad i’m very ticklish my bestie tried to tickle me but i didn’t smile ago she saw why i was sad she saw my mom sicknesses and she said she was sorry and at that moment i couldn’t hold my cry anymore i cried in her arms for hours when the school found out they tried to make me happy take my class out on gun adventure movies park anywhere that safe for my class none of them worked every day i went home my mom was not there because she was at the hospital trying to get better i was always home alone my bestie came to live with me for a while but then her mom wanted her back so she went home

I see my mom dead

I see a lion beside a house attacks on other domestic animals and first of nobody sees the lion except me then at the end everyone can see

If deceased husband tells he is meeting hazrath bilal

I dreamt that my husband business partner shot me and my sister with big guns

I gave hijab to someone

If u see soldier ants eating snake

I dream seen a son named amos

I was being beaten

I was being beaten by my friends

I saw blood clots in my dream during period

I put water in quran book

I dreamt having a quarrel with my student

Invisible crying

I saw myself putting water on burning pregnant gorilla

I eate hayna meat

I ate hayna meat

I see black colour in my dreams

I dreamt i was with my crush on a car and we kissed

I have got dream the person who is in flesh no clea face what happens if we see such person in dream in islam

I saw that we died and then resurrected

I saw myself in the street highway i was with someone that person picked up green mangoes and i bought red tomatoes

I saw a man coming to see my sister for marriage in white punjabi

Islamic interpretation of dream slaughtering ram

I dreamt blood was coming out my vaginal while i was pregnant

I dreamt blood was coming out my virginal while i was pregnant

I take up a cocoon

In the stomach of the fish

I saw some zombie type animals watching me

I see dream that i was in my home i see sunrise from wrong direction

I see the sunrise on the wrong direction

I dreamt of a garden and i felt like i was there before also one side of the garden was all green while the other side was full of snow but both side were extremely beautiful


Intimate relations with husband


Intruders trying to molest

Islamic dream interpretation of prophet corpse

Islamic dream interpretation of prophet corpes

Imam hussain shrine in the dream

I keep waiting and they don’t come

I are given cola in ur dream

I was leading a war a war when i was captured and brought in front of my enemy where he put me in a wooden cage and had his soldier stab me again and again but i would not bleed nor would i die

I kids stranger in my dream

I kids stranger in my drea

I got only one arm

I saw fish in sea

I saw meat in the water

I am a sultan

If one sees them selves cutting their own hair

I dreamed of erosion and tarred road moving around with my son

I hear my elder brother voice calling my name in a dream islamic interpretation

If the dreams of a small cat falling into a well and it quickly comes up

I had a dream that i was called to come and collect appointment letter

I dreamabout bigbowlwithsamp

In my dream my brother was a gay and my mother was scolding him for that what does this means

I dream caching mopane warms

If it’s chasing you

If a dead person ask for money

In my dream i was reciting ayat e qarima

I’m helping blind person in dream

I have seen that 2 lizards are falling from fridge and 1 medium si e lizard eating 2 small lizards

I was trying to kill sentipede and he is trying to hide again and again

I see the sentipede in my dream

I dreamt of my crush’s mom

I saw my crush’s mom and i spent time with her

I flyer past jahannam

It is a function and you dine with your family

If u see you are feeding birds in dream

I see my friend giving me marijuana seds

I see

Infected hands

I dreamt of a lady doing black magic infront of my house door

If you see moving objects in your house

Intimate with a known boy

Intimate with a known guy

I eat fruit in dreams with family

I saw myself dancing in a graveyard

If a woman sees getting divorced

Incomplete houses on a desert

I won competition without competing

Interlocking once hand with someone you love

If one sees a deceased person die

If a woman pray without hijab

I saw in the dream my crush said to my sister that he loves me

I saw that my crush said to my sister that he loves me

I dream about am on the horse inside the darkness forest

I was in makkah

I stood on the stones

I saw i cut a girls hair

I saw my daughter gave birth to a baby boy

I saw my littel sister removed her hijab

I saw in my dream my slittel sister removed her hijab

In my dream my neck cuted by unknown person

I was been delivered

I dream of fire

I dream of the day of alqiyama

I dream of the day of judgemend

I have seen white butterfly flying

Islamic dream interpretation for taking with loved ones sister

I saw my ex marriage in my dream what does it mean in islamic way

I got afraid of something in my dream and started reading ayatull kursi

I am a woman and i saw dream like i am fishing and i catch a devil fish

I am fishing and i catch a devil fish

Injured white cow

I saw my mum young in my dream

Intruder in house

Injury on the right leg


I saw myself in car which is running

If you see someones dead body who is not very close to you

I saw a dream that i help my boyfrind to vomit alive birds

If you see khane kaba in your dream

If a widow seeing in her dream that she has a daughter

Im getting married but my groom is not come

Islamic interpretation to see somepne rejoicing in dream

I saw cockroach entering in my ear

If ur husband is geting married to ur sister

I dream of someone rapping my youngest sister

Inviting people to my weeding

Injured cat speaking

Islamic view of eating shea nut fruit in a dream

I dream that i was removing a hair of bush babies

Islamic meaning of beating my son

I was eating jalebi

Israel soldier

Intimacy with mother

I was mountain in my dream

I was breaking coconut in my dream

I see chickens attacking me in dream

I saw my dead father hugging and crying in the drwam

I saw my dead father i am crying when i saw him

I saw a cow looking at its potty

I dreamt of being angry with my daughter

If a father dream of becoming angry with his daughter

Image of hazrat imam hussain shrine in dream

I dreamt of rejecting marriage proposa

I saw my mother died twice

I went ti proform hajj

I went to proform hajj

I dreamed saying the prayer of yunus out loud with very strong conviction as well as a comment that said that with this prayer prayers are accepted

I saw nuraq the horse

I saw someone is sick in my dream

I saw mouse in my dream

I dreamed about a big white mansion very beautiful inside

I see myself making nikkah

I see my freind marriage in dream

Insects in cup of water

In a dream firepot falling

I saw bursting of sun and then the name of prophet mohammad p b u h

I took a picture and have a visual pic of pink snake with out the head


I saw war in my dream

I have dreamt that the river turned red in colour means what

Islamic dream interpretation for making dua in dream

I dreamt of touching a male and they call him my husband and he got aroused

I recite hasbunallahu wa ni mal wakes in my dream

I saw horror cloud in my dream

I saw big moon in my dream

I saw three white eggs in my dream

I saw having romance with other man in front of husband

I teared up someone clothes in a fight

Involving with a man

I saw a man i like

I saw my sister in my dream

I was crossing a river with boat in my dream

I was sitting in run train in my dream

I saw a train in my dream


In toilet

I had dream about climbing a mountain and i found gold from very top

I dreamed about a red monkey come in my house and stole my brother and sister

I have seen my sick cat in my dreams and a devil too

If you dream vomiting poop

I saw my sister going for umrah

I saw a buraq in my dream what does it means

I saw a buraq in my dream

I have seen prime minister and talking with him

I saw gold and color black in my dream

I saw kings man in my dream

If someone you know send you an errand what does it mean in a dream

I see my upper second teeth is loss and replace with the good teeth and i am happy

I was doing pee

I saw someone is applying mehndi on my hand nails in dream

I saw someone stealing my gold necklace

I am swept away by fast river water

Interrupting my prayer

Ing into ina

If you saw a naked person in dream

I saw my dead father very sick in his stomach in the hospital

I saw my cousin vomiting

I dream my city is under attack


I dreamt of eating jellof rice with plenty of margot inside

Im kissing with my crush

Injured deer

I saw a dream in which the quran was blank

In plastered house meaning

I saw a big snake in my dreams

I saw my crush and me sleep on his shoulder

If someone give you kola nut in a dream

I saw smoke under water in my dream then i drop my blood clots in the water

I saw a unknown woman praising me in my dream

I was raped dream

I see yajuj or majuj comeing in my home

Injured black cat

I saw my teeth falling off

I had dream about triple baby

I dream an old man cure a sick person whose sickness is related bird tired with a robe while after he look at me and said what you need is richness therefore the old man brought a horn and inserted in my mouth and blow air as wealth into me

In dream and saw you recite allahou akbar

Innalilah wainnaileh rajiuum

I had a dream that someone give birth to a baby girl

If your grandfather baying meat what that mean

I dream i parked my car and i take my phone inside

I had a

I saw greyish snake on my lap and then it vanished

I saw my dog tied up

If dead person holding your hand and take u somewhere wats that dream mean

I fly in my dreams over jungles and mountains and rivers

I fly in my dreams over jungles and mountains and rivers like a bird

I saw in my dream i was very upset and my passedaway dad hugged me

If someone kill my friend

I saw in my dream someone doing black magic on me

Islamic meaning of cat shouting

I see in my dream the mosque is shaking because of earth quake

I see in my dream the mosque is shaking because of earth quake\\

I lost my memory in my dream

Inside a moving car

If a female gets married

I saw my husband in room decorated with flowers

I bought a saree

I buy a saree

I dreamed a dead baby today which was my own baby and i was crying to heard of my baby died in dreamed so i want to know what does it mean in islam

I heard howling of dogs in my dream

If my house has being robbed

In a flying car

I am holding a boat in ocean in my dream

I saw dream that my fiance is drowning into the mud but i save him

Insects pulling out from right ear

I seen a white light in my dreams

Isha prayer in congregation

I was asking another person about my husband

In a dream seeing an old person insulting someone means

I dreamt am breastfeeding my child

I say my cat cut her head

I was peeing my job floor

I saw someone as a bride in my dream

I saw someone as a bride

I saw transgender in dream

I saw tran in dream

In war

I saw my mother very poor and begging

I saw my mom but she never comes near me

I saw my father naked in my dream

I dreamed of someone is reading quran to me

I saw a blue eye girl in my dream and my sorrow left me wen i woke up

I become father in my dream


I dreamt of killing a pig who was attacked me

I dreamt i was reciting shahada while dying

Ibini sirin

I have dreem ofmy father who is deceased sleep in my bed and on the sde there is his bed which is darty i try to cleaan it

I saw the moon gone from the sky but i found it on the ground

I was reading quran and a black figure kept pacing around me

I was killing the centipede


I recite durud shareef in quiet and coo place in dream

Inter corse with son

In soneones dream to get gift a bangle for woman

I dreamt i pooped a snake

If u see a man dying

I saw a naked girl in a gold room

I watched some people are destroying kaaba in dream in islam

If you see someone throwing a stone to you in dream

I was using a gold ring in my dream

I was using a gold ring on my finger in my dream


Insects everywhere

I dream about old sofas that are metal

I dream parking the prophet clothes

I saw in dream that my rooms roof is wide open and rain is coming through it

I love you to an ex

I dreamt of a cat who had just die came visit me and cuddle with me in bed like she use to do

I saw dead bodies in empty town and i entered a boat

I saw a creature

I saw snake swimming in my dream

I saw money in my dream



I saw my sister mutilate my aunts daughters foot and she starts to run after her

In our old house

I dream that i had gap between my teeth

Injured dog attack and follows

If a men see handsome boy in his dream what is the meaning in islam

Insects in mouth

In another land

I saw my cousin die

I saw my mum and i naked in my dream

I saw my mum and i naked

I dreamt of quickly holding the hands of an angel

I saw sun without its rays

Insect in my body

I was performing

I kill a bush animal with a trap what does it mean

I die happy

If one dies happy

I saw a big yellow and white snake

I drink coconut water in my dream

I saw coconut in my dream

I want to remove my photos

I dreamt he partner jump to death

I dreamt that my father fall into a dam full of dirty water with his car and i saved him and luckily he is alive

Intercourse as a virgin

I dream about having gangreen on my foot

I saw i was powerful in front of a terrorist

Inna llilla hi wa inn a elahi rajeoon

If one sees he has a child

If one sees himself becoming parent

I see puppies in my dream

I saw puppies

I dreamt of taking tamarind from tree

Islamic dream interpretation of inna lillahi wanna ilaihin rajiun

I dream am written inalillahi wa inna ilaihin raji’un

I was afraid of this old men

I saw a hipopotamus

Islamic marriage of a friend

If dead father give meat

I saw chick peas daal

I saw chana daal

Iceberg splits

Idream washing clothes in ma boy freinds house

Idream visiting my boyfreid


I was mastubrating in kitchen beside fridege during midnight and as i ejaculated my sperm i heard my mother coming in kitchen i suddenly spit mucus on the sperm and to started rinsing it with water to show that it is the mucus that i am trying to get rid of give me isalmic dream interpretion of this dream in passage format

I was holding a relatives deceased dead body

Interpret dream killing a squirrel in dream

I saw i see deliver a baby girl

I was in a haram relationship then we had a nikkah after we got caught

I travelled to attend an event when it was over my bag packs got missing

I killed the woman by sord

I was drinking alcohol

I am naked

I saw my husband falling from a building

I saw my daughter as a child and lots of ants crawling on her hand

I saw blood coming out of a boy’s eyes

I dream my ex husband being nice to me again

In masjid pitch balck outside walk thorough coloured curtains bright lights handsome man shake hands

I saw closed door of kaaba in meeca my husband showing me

I saw kaaba door closed in meeca what it men

I saw kaaba door closed in mecca

I saw kaaba door

I saw that i had chicken pox in my dream

Infertility dream in single

If we eat half rosted egg in dream the what it means

I killed dog

Injured lizard

I had three eyes

I had tree eyes

I gave birth to a headless baby

Inserting fingers in a girl’s virginia

I had a beautiful daughter

In a dream cutting my baby leg it means

Injured brother in dream

I pray at mosque

Ink spill on clothes

I see in my dream that i pray at a mosque

I got chased

Inhured cat in dream

If you feel you are dead

Injured kitten in dream

Injured citten

I was with colleague dressed in parda we had to attend muslim gathering went through pillars and colleague was sitting with blue grayish embalmed on in middle of men and boys i also saw shoes but could not find mine saw colleagues wife she looked happy what does this mean

I witnessed the day of judgement

I was wearing weight prayer clothes and studying math

I was walking with my brother in rain and my lover calls me and shows me that she is in the same city and we were in a new house filled with mud and water

I saw bees and protected killing of a snake

Incense burning into purple ash

I was embraced with someone in my dream

I dreamt i got chicken pox from my aunty

I was picking money from ground in my dream

Injury the left eye

I saw husband with another woman

I saw my brother and i am his own sister we both are getting married tomorrow

I killing by dajjal

I dreamt i wanted to buy 3tesbih i only saw 2 nd i wandered through out the market nd couldn’t find the last one

I had a dream about a happy family they were going out of village for vacation in a train and some goons attack there family and they killed the father and mother and her childern run for their life but goons are still after them

I dream of dogs hyenas and tigers in same compound

I dreamt receiving foreign currency from a young boy

I see my head bald on left side

I see myself naked in the mosque

I was marrying by pressurize

In a bus eating dry lentils

In car with my wife and put three bags grain and don’t give to anyone

Islamic dream interpretation logo wife donning the clothes of her husband dream meanings

Imam mehdi

Islamic dream dead person giving pineapple

If we see copper utensils in dream what does it mean

I see that my dead brother applying surma

I dreamt of being in haji ali dargah

I suddenly dreamt of being in a dargah where i already tied a wish thread

Illegitimate daughter

Idream wear white shoes and black pants

Idrean fat bull cow

I dream fat bill cow

Idream feild green grass

I saw a building in which i am lone at firts i lose the pathn and in end i fidn a path and saw white marble

I saw a man coming to rape me

I fougth a mad man in my dream

I was getting attacked by a knife

Index finger cut and bleeding

I dream sitting around the beach

I dreamt of my granny she was her younger self in a room full of material she was happy but on her ankle was a chain

Islamic dream mining of delivering buckets of water to your house

I was sitting in a car with a boy and his mother and sister were also there his mother liked me

I saw deceased person alive

I saw dead alive

I always dream about espicially to one i know and even those who i dont like yestarday i dream on making with my step sister and even my sister inlaw please what is that mean

In dream i was see my bf photo

Iman al hadi


I see myself not able to answer questions in exam

I gave birth to a girl child

If a person is performing istikharah about something and he sure a cat where fighting themselves

If cat stick to shuk me what is the meaning

In pain

I saw my self reciting darood in stress

Ill relative

I saw a very weird small creature in my dream

Inside the kraal in a dream meaning

In prison with family

I saw a red big car parked in front of me

I dreamt of someone with a nife

I was changing a sim card for another

I was appointed deputy governor

I saw many birds in my dream

Iam pregnant and dreaming about iam giving birth baby girl what means in islam

Iam pregnant and dreaming about jujube fruit what means in islam

I was in a drentch so many goats peeing on me

I was in a pit so many goats urinating in apit on me

I see in dream my wife she is pregnant and she is left from her fathers car then after time one singer fond hir and call to her father and bring it back

I saw my sister pregnant

I was cleaning the mosque toilet

Incomplete prayer

Incomplete dream

I dreamed of being kissed on the forehead by a man and i kissed his chest

Islamic ally dreaming of a colleague quitting his journey signifies what

I ate waterfufu and eru prepared by a pregnant lady in my dream

I dream of big and fat mopane worms in my house on the walls and a lady helped collect them and she was cleaning them up fo me

I saw my dead mother in law vomat in my living rooms

I was flying in the cemetery in my dream

I was eating raw yam in my dream

I was eating raw food in my dream

Inviting to islam

I when to god house in my dream

Intercourse with your son in dream

Imam mahdi coming

I see my self in dream and am very sleem what what did it mean

I dreamt about my mother is pregnent

I dream my deceased mother is unhealthy

I have a dream i was swimming in a competition in a pool

I dream a deceased person clapping his hand

I am a woman i dreamt of a girl with a female and male organ seen in the dream

I dream mahr giving two women

Iron wire from breast

I was crying tears


I saw my mother in law praying in my room

I saw a murdered person with blood


If a woman tries to force a man into zina

If some one give you white kafan in dream

Islamic scholar


I sit with leader in car

I sit in car with the leader

Islamic dream interpretation of dreaming of a lynx woth a tag name around its neck and eating from a trash can

Islamic dream about kenkey

I saw my mother cut my hair in dream

Identificauion card

Identificatio card


I saw a centipede in my room after a while it disappeared

I dreamed of a storm and buildings on fire everyone jumping out of the buildings and a everthing was chaos and in the end i saw allah name in the sky

I see my sister in my dream

I dreamt about a moon the moon came down for me but unfortunately i was trying to enter the moon but the moon was moving away i was running towards the moon but later the moon divided into 4 and went separate ways

I received college bag in dream islamic interpretation

I see my deceased wife telling me she prayed for my long life

If u see u spending time with ur love

I walked into a nice powder room spa with only one other person there and the guy said $10 and i thought it was too expensive so he said or you can just use this station for free with the papa er towels and powder and do it yourself so i did and i was doing my face and in was looking in the mirror and it wasn’t my face my face was swollen and my nose was very big but i was smiling a lot and still kept putting on a lot of powder

Inverted cross

I dream my mum ate fufu and palmnut soup and left some

I zaw my sister get married in my dream

I saw my girlfriend took off her top for me in the market place in my dream

I am saving my family

I saw river in my dream

I kill three bear

I washed the dead in a dream

It was raining and my newly washed clothes had fallen in a dirty gutter with algae and water

Injuring a snake

If one enters a brothel in his dream and finds it impossible to leave that place

Islamic interpretation of me having to be removing a snake through my anus

I was removing a snake from my anus

If u dream of buying meat does that mean you are selling your difficulties

Imam in haram

Illuminati dream

I saw my dead grand mother sitting on a chair

I dyed half my hair blonde

I dream that am disvajin

I was called a kafir while in prayer twice

I give bath to my dead grandmother in my dream what does it mean

I saw nt dead mother

I saw my face on mirror

I saw a black sad dog being closer to kabba to complain to allah

I dream my nabour is applying canel oil means what

I dream a crocodile who wants to eat me

I saw a fire blazing in the kitchen and water waves came to shut it down

I dream of tsunami

I saw my dead father praying salat

Increase salary

I saw my sister carrying imbecile as a baby in the dream

I have seen a half moon in a starry night sky

I saw myself holding a baby

I saw my friend begging

I saw my aunt showing alot of amulets to me

I saw the frog my dream

I saw my crush at our house in my dreams

If a teenage gitl sees a handsome unkhnown boy in college

I saw my sister’s nikah

I saw my cousin naked and kind of getting crazy

If someone clothes tore in dream

Islamic dream interpretation of seeing myself eye dark circles

I saw my self in dream i helped someone to cut leg of someone and i got arrested in fake case

I saw day of judgment and allah was very angry

I dreamt of my dead grandmother telling me that i am sick

I dreamt of being arrested by policemen

Inviting to allah

If you a monkey throwing stones at you in a dream

If a mad man eats your food in the dream what does it mean

Iron nails eating

Injury to finger

I had a dream about a girl i like in university i really want to marry her i had a dream where she showed up to my parent’s house with her friend

Im dreaming that my husband is having chicken pox

I’m always inside a airplane traveling but i don’t get to my destination

In dream saw madina

I was opening the balcony to show a friend the scene outside my deceased father walked in he was wearing the pajama he always wore he was saying the weather is not bad and i was saying your alive

I saw my mother doing black magic on me in dream

I told someone i had only two weeks to live

I was sinking in deep clear water without touching the bottom

I see my sister nikaah in dream

I saw someone came with my daughter s proposal

I dreamt of going to a gay celebration in dream

I dreamt about giving my phone to a lady

I saw a big black snake

I saw a fish coming to eat me

I saw my sister getting married\\

I saw in my dream two well know scholars that comes to my house

I saw my love with her sister in my house and my mother said that it would be better if she goes soon

I dreamt my sister died in the masjeed and left her baby with me

I dreamt my sister died leaving her new born behind

Islamic dream meaning of cocoa plantation

If some one give you wallnut

I saw a cat attacking me and then start biting me and i throw him away

Incisors falling

In the hajj

In the haj

I got lost

If half of the tongues cut off

If your wife had a dream of two moons and she got pregnant that same month what does that mean

If your wife had a dream of two moons and she got pregnant that same month

I had a dream i was studying in my old college

I saw i was a president

If you find money

Infant milking

I dreamed i went to a holy graveyard were saints are buried

I dreamed of a green car

I dreamed i went to mazar

Isa alaihiwassalm

I got shot in my dream

I told some i have two weeks to die

I told someone i have only two weeks to live

I saw two cats fighting each other

I saw someone has prank and tell me to marry in dream



I was an old man in makkah throwing a rock at a jin statue form across a bridge

I saw myself as the opposite gender

I saw in real cintipede in bathroom is it good or bad

I run buy a zombie

I dream of picture frame

I received sorghum and beans in my dream

If someone give u cheap thing and take away expensive things in dream what is its tabeer

In my dream i saw that i was accidentally burnt during bath and eventually i get out of it later i see that there is a rain of fire balls

I saw urinating in quran in dream

I saw cousins marriage in my dream

I saw a death crocodiles in my dream

Intruder smile

Intruder with a smile

Insane husband

I kind

I beheaded my pet cat in a dream

I saw the moon approaching me

I see myself marrying my ex boyfriend in dream

I saw my mom when to do black magic for her siblings after they did her very wrong

I saw my mom went to do

I was married to a a kind caring men that i slowly liked him even when i liked someone else before he treated me well and smiles

In my moms dream my mom was wearing her daughter a white scarf

I kissed my crushs cheek and they ignored

I kissed someones cheek and they ignored me

I saw imam mahdi in my dream

If u see human shit in the dream

I had a dream that my ex husband is giving me 2 gold chains

I saw my parents naked in dream

Insect on my legs

I saw a person with a nail in his head bleeding heavily

I visited a room that looked very familiar in my dream last night it was empty clean and looked big on entering i immediately felt scared and ran out reciting 3 qulls when i woke up i realized it was your and abus room downstairs

I saw headlice in my hair today

I saw my husband as a soldier in dreams

I was eating dog bone in my dream

I was braking dog bone in my dream

I was eating dog meat in my dream

Infested house



I was carrying my sister on a bicycle in my dream then stopped for a truck to turn around and then the truck crushed my bicycle

I got henna as gift from my old friend what does it mean

If you dream of fighting with ur death uncle wat does that mean

Infected foot

I miss my zuhr prayer and pray it on asr prayer time

I miss my zuhr prayer

I dreamt my best friend riding my neck and i was trying to get her off

If someone saw a girl pregnant

I was fighting with dajjal in my dream

I see my carry child inside bus

I see my self frying egg

I saw red light in my dream

I saw someone regular

I gave birth to still born

I saw in dream my daughter got h

I saw a whale in low water in a dream

I saw two horses in the dream

I seetw

I saw azadari in dream

I saw two zuljanah in dream what is the meaning

I saw heavily rain falls in my dream

I saw myself in jail

I saw a black bird chasing me

I lost my mom last year she came to my dream hugged and kissed me

I saw one big moon and another very big orbit along side moon orbit is blue in color and some verse is calligraphed on it

I saw someone was about to put a red duppatta on my head

Injured dog came inside your house

I see blood in my vagina in dream

I saw green dome of madina in my dream while reciting durood sharif

I saw keel in my forehead

Intercourse with step mom

In my dreams i have 2 beautiful daughters

I got 60 marks in dream and every one above me

Illegal relation

I am doing adultry in my dream

Im trying to commit adultry with a man

I see im with non mahram in my dream

I see my self with other man and some body saw us in dream

I see my self trying to commit adultry with a man my grand mother sees that

If you found dead bat in your house what does it mean

If i cook something for alive person in dream

Ibis birds

I dead last night

I see my self talking with dead people

I saw a hurted chick

Islamic dream that i gave birth to a baby just two two months of pregnancy

I saw a dream in which i was crying for my mom but in my dream he passed away


Illnesses fever


I saw makimg dua in dream

I had a dream my father had gone sick

I quit my job

I robbed a bank and escaped from the police and was hiding

I dreamt we remove dead cow from the skin

I dreamt that i carried my husband on my back

I peed green urine in a bucket

I am eating orchard meet

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Itchy hand

Itchy palm

I broke my arm

Idream breaking down house

Idreambreaking down house

Intercorse with son in dream

Intercorse with son

I saw a mongoose chasing me

I m dreaming god sangili karupan

I became a king and all my friends abandoned me except one

I saw people prostrating before me

I saw a war movement in my dream

I make traditional drink

I dreamt dogs tearing up our household prayer mats

I deamt dogs tearing up our house hold prayer mats

I dreamt dogs tearing up my our house hold prayer mats

Injury on right hand

Illness and people visiting

I was fighting with a food seller in my dream

I was fighting with my wife in my dream

I dreamed my wife received flowers

Idream i shit in toilet

If ones tongue falls out of her mouth

Israel punishing you

In flour dough snakes found

Indoor bench

Indoor concrete bench


Injectionteer number

Injectionteer nimber

Injection dream teer

I saw albino in my dream


I dreamt of happy gathering and my father and niece and cxnx wering white dress

I dream my hair become very long

I dream my hair very long

If you see blood comes into vigina

Infant dying

In my dream i was married and pregnant what doses it mean

I dreamt of taking food from a mad man and i ate it

In birthday party

I saw my father holding a snake

I have seen my brother ill

I am a white bird with humans feet

I saw my sister as a bride in my dream what does that mean

I see money in pocket in my dream

I saw someone of my relative passed away and i m doing his funarel

I dream about pulling wool out of my mouth

I dream about something

I was in a battlefield and saw other soldiers around me dying and tried to run away

Imam wicked

I went to my future husband mother

I saw a baby girl in my bed

Islam dream about white and black cats

Immature beard

I was switched at birth

I saw a accident of cow in dream

I ws

I w

If i see person who i love

I dream the hair cut on my head in the middle

I see mirror grass broken in my dreams

I see hair found in food

I saw a pregnant woman in my room

Inserting finger in vagina

I see my brother fighting with my uncle after i see my brother on the floor with blood

I saw someone cooking dog met and told my daughter not to eat that

I saw a dwarf killed in my dream

I saw a widow in dream

I saw a naked woman she hug me

Ideal worship in kaaba

Idol worship in kaaba dream

Industrial fire

I was holding sliver coins in my dream

I see myself as a bride and looking to the mirror

I dream my sister washing clothes with the shore i bought

I saw rotten apples

I was in the washroom peeing but i got periods then i saw a baby white snake and then he

I saw kaaba masjid nawabi and roze of iman hussain

I had a bastard child

If rubbish fell in the well what is the meaning is the meaning in islam

If u fetch water in the well what is the meaning in islam

If u fetch water in the well

I see the dream of a person touching my hair whom i love in real life

I dream of hair getting longer

I dream seeing smoke in my house

If a sick person greets the dead

I dream my husband on a hospital bed

I dream someone in hospital

I dream of someone at hospital

I dreamt about crossing a bridge and then found that people and my family were talking about me being dead but i was present there but nobody recognized me

I saw mybdaughter having intervoursevand dancing with bad boys in dream

If we dream that we are planting maize

I see that i have a child with blue eyes

If you dream someone telling you you will die on a particular day

If someone tell you a date to die

I dream riding a donkey

I saw last day in my dream

Insects coming out of head while combing

I am beating my wife

I dreamt about wearing white dress going for friday prayer

In law


I asked for a good husband in tahajjud and saw a man in my dream at the same night

Investment corporation system

I saw black dog bite on my butt

In my dream i pray fajr infront of sunrise

In my dream i saw sun rise

Inperpretation dream washing cloths in rain

I see an insect and lucud out from my pinas

I had a dream i was getting married but no party was allowed as 4 people died the night before and i couldnt see my husband anywhere but it was a backyard gathering snd i was wearing a white dress

I had a dream someone was chasing me and i kept running into this one pole 6 times then i turned and kept running when i woke up a black moth kept surrounding me islamic

In hole crying

In a hole screaming for help

I got killed by a jinn

Incomplete aya of the quran

If dead person for food

I saw masquerade in my dreams

I saw that my brother missed in forest

I dream of seeing images on the sky

I saw a dream in which there is water problem in my house very little amount of water is left

I saw in my dream that i holding a baby lion and it is hungry and i give it milk with a milk bottle

Intimacy with dead people

I see a shape of a snake then realise it’s actually a kitten

I ravelled to makkah and saw the kaba

In school

I dreamed a truck was negotiating a u turn when it had problem with the leg and the truck slowly got to the ground

Iron stair

Iron bends

I am arrive late at office

I saw all the famous political leader of my country

I saw a man touching me inappropriately

I saw a person same like my husband other than my husband

I saw same like my husband

I saw double person

Invite to a known person second wedding

I am in child shoes shop with my child and sister

Intercourse with father in dream

Intercourse with faher in dream

I amputated my father’s leg due to illness

If a rat is seen exiting the house

In a mosque with the spouse

I got married and had intercourse with a stranger

I dream about milk coming out from a baby eyes

I mary with my ex lover aamir

I have baby

I dream big heap of sand

Imam mehdi arrival

Islamic interpretation of dreaming seeing a religious leader

In dream to see wearing sister clothes and slippers

Interpretation of grass on the grave in islam

I saw dead bodies floating on the water

I saw my father’s brother and sister getting married in my dream

If someone saw himself having a extra meretial affair what does it mean in islam

I got sent to jail and crying

I’m about to get raped

I saw a king cobra in my dream

I saw a king conra in my dream

I see on my dream some one i now him he chained me

I pushed by my father through balcony

I see that i give birth to a monkey

I saw that i am giving birth to a monkey

I saw my dead father in my dream and i gave wrist watch to him

Islamic discussion

Increase length of breast

Interpretation of receiving honey from a deceased person

If you rub feces on your body what does it means in dream