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Dreams starting with the letter J

Jump up

Jute leafes

Jaman kahana in dream

Jin as cat

Jin saying to kill your family

Jannatul baqueta

Janasa felling down

Jinn snatched child from me in dream



Jute leaf


Jinn meat in dream

Jumping up


Jin hugging

Jin in old house

Jinn tellin me to listen to music in my dream

Jin in someone

Jibreal alaisalam


Jinn burning with human

Jagry chikki

Jean jacket

Job hire

Juice the mango

Jinn harassing me and kids vtr

Jamun fruit islamic dream interprtation


Jannat below

Jinn tickling dream


Jumping over fence


Jump over fence

Jumping on building 2 unknown person and they die

Jewellery being stolen



Jewelry set

Job offer

Jaggery eaten by worms

Jinn in the home

Jinn holding hair

Jinn touching my hair


Jallabiya in dream

Jinn trying to hurt you and you reciting the quran


Jinns in house


Jiggers coming out of the mouth

Jinn stealing my clothes

Jumping place to place

Jumping place to place finding for a voice but can’t find it

Jewellry shop

Jwelled dream

Jinn moving objects

Jumping off building

Jumping in the high altitude

Jumped out of the plane

Jumping into heaven

Jien peeing

Jewellery loosing


Jibreel doing sajda


Jumping from a roof



Jin blocking mouth from reciting surah falak


Jumping horse

Joining university

Jinn holding our hands

Jumping from a hill

Janazah myself


Jinn inside baby outside bathroom door


Jinn posession in dream

Jinn kidnapping me

Jinn grabbing me


Jumping in water

Janaza was going from masjid

Janaza wad going from masjid

Jump over sewage drain

Jujube tree

Jannat ul baki

Joining the police


Judgement day

Jumping high in dream


Jump over amulet

Jinn in toilets



Jinn trying to kill me


Jannat ul baqui


Jackal eating dead animals

Judgment day

Jaw pain

Journeying on a vehicle

Jiggers on foot

Jinn killing

Jail waiting for court




Jinn wearing red clothes

Jinn in dream

Job letter

Jai revve ma maman porte une robe vert



Jinn with a black bird

Journey with a dead friend

Jeg så ham jeg elsker danse med en anden kvinde

Jealousy over a man

Java in dream

Jinn attack on hand

Jumping off buildings

Jasmine and rose dream

Jinns possessing dolls

Jackfruit feeding cow

Jiggers coming out of my fingers

Java fruit

Jumping in space

Juicy dates

Jackal bitter me

Jungle jilebi

Jinns reading quran

Joining table

Jar almond dream

Jinn saying they like you

Jabril talking to you

Jumping over a wall

Jinn burning

Jiggers removing

John pipe

Jogging naked

Jumping over snakes

Janaza at home

Jinn attacking me everyday in dream at morning

Jinn inside you

Jasmine dream in pregnancy

Jinn entering bidy

Jealous towards my girlfriends

Janaizah prayer

Jinn as like a cat have no sound 2 jinns there looking like snow ball

Jinn as like a cat have no sound 2 jinns there

Jump into the flame

Jaw tremble

Judgement before allah


Jummah praying

Jin in human

Jannah rising

Jerican full of water meaning

Jackfruit dream islam

Jumping dolphin in dreams meaning

Jinn in sister

Jibreel pbuh

Job search

Jin in kid with cat

Jinn holding someone

Jin helping in dream

Jinn reading quran while walking

Jinn flying

Jinn choke

Jiggers coming out of the stomarch

Jamuna fruit

Jigger removal

Janaza pray

Jinn husband

Jump inside in river

Jin leaving my house

Job offering

Job employment vc announcement

Job announcement

Jumping over rooftops

Judge court

Jin fell in love with me

Jin got into my sister and fell in love with me

Jumping into a rock pool

Jin biting me

Jasmin flowers

Jumping out of a moving train

Jinn posessing


Jean me safety pin dekha

Jaggery and peanut eating

Judgement day tomorrow

Jinn troubling a kid


Juicy apples

Joyful life

Jin chasing me in islam

Jinn trying to possess someone


Jet crash

Jina and spirits in dream

Jin saying he and his wife wont leave you

Jinn giving me food

Jinn shrimp

Jummah prayer dream interpretation in islam

Job employment


Jannah door

Jinni wearing gold

Jin in bathroom

Jiggers coming out from mouth

Jin possession

Jinn prepared food


Jelping someone perform ablution



Jumped and drowning in well

Jinn blocking

Jerricans of water

Jesus nazareno dreams means


Jaggery chiki meaning

Jump from building

Jump on a green field

Jollof with hand in dream




Jinn choking

Jin fight and i recite ayat ul kurdi

Jumping from tall building and land safely while reciting dua


Jumping from building and seeing a beautiful scenery in dream

Jesus saving life from drowning

Jesus saving from drowning

Jadmin flowering

Ja rahman ja rahim

Jollof rice and meat dresm

Jinn in masjid

Jin with horns

Jinn covering my mouth

Jinn threatening in dream

Jinn praying in my house



Jiggers removing jiggers in my feet

Jin eating your mom

Just birth boy death seeing


Jumping into the pool

Jabal nur

Jinn kidnapping

Jinn leave my house

Joker following in a dream



Jio mart

Jade plany

Jinn stopping from reading quran

Jakkel wanted to attack husband

Jakkal chasing husband

Jakkals wanted to attack

Jilted bride

Janaazah at the sea

Jannat al baki


Jacuzzi water

Jews symbol

Jews symbi

Jeweled silver knife

Job offers in dream



Ja namaz

Jinn attacked me

Jinn atack dream


Jaw locking

Jamun in dream during pregnency


Jinn twisting arm

Jumping tomcats

Jinn ask for debt in a dream

Juma prayers

Jumping from a plane and landing safely on the ground

Jump into ocean

Jelly fish sting

Jinn in human form helping


Jaggery mixing in water

Jin taking wife

Jumping cats

Joining public prayers

Jinn jn bathroom

Jewelled frog brooch

Jasmine flower fragrance

Jasmine tree inside house

Jew coffin

Jinn changing

Jinn running

Jumping from hight

Jumping from hight to grownd

Jinn doing black magic

Jumping from bus

Jiggers all over body

Jibiril and the place was white

Jack fruite

Jump higher slow motion

Jesus is the light

Jinn praying

Jumping in water swimming

Jumping in stream n out crossing

Jewelry from dead

Jasmine on head

Jinn biting legs

Jews driving

Jan a

Jinn praying namaz

Jumping into waterfall

Jump dkwn

Jaw teeth

Job in makkah

Jin bite

Jaw clenched

Jumua day

Job in arab country

Jasmin aquino shoe print

Jesus like man

Java plum under tree

Jamun fruit under tree

Joy celebration

Jealous of wife

Jumping over a snake

Jinn in someone body

Jamath prayer

Jackal attacking

Jumping from a window to go somewhere

Jewelry on grass

Jumping over chairs

Jusgement day


Jasmin flower

Jasmin galet

Jinn carving words on to body

Janaza of scholar


Jinn eating in disguise of a person

Jinn sucking the blood out from the deceased

Jammun fruit

Jinn in human form

Jasmine rice

Jump across a stream

Jinn trying to attack me in dream

Jinn asking who you are

Jibreel coming

Jibreel coming and showing yaasyn

Judgement day fear

Jumping from height and landing safrly

Jaguar attack

Jaw shaking

Janaza of loved one

Jamun fruit plucking

Just gold in dream

Job intervju

Java plum and eggplant

Jinn about to attack mr

Jaw lump has become very hard and painful

Joy and happiness

Jumping to a deep river water with full of people

Jack fruit and jack fruit tree

Jump on alligator

Jars of blood

Jumping very high and not stopping

Jail arrest

Jim falling love with me

Jin chasing

Jinni flying

Judgment day going to hannah

Jinn give you water

Jinn give you ester

Jin raping me

Jumping in calm sea

Job apply

Jin entered into the body

Jiggers in the hand

Jewelry falling in the sea

Jumping out of a big window

Jam dream about ajmer shareef dargah

Jumping high and down

Job resignation in dream islam


Jewel light

Jinn comming upon you in dream

Job appointment order

Jin smiling back and forth infront of your house

Jack fruit seeds

Jiggers on the knee

Jacket repair

Jin huging me

Jailed soldier

Jewellery shop

Just born baby

Joking with dead

Jinn killed me

Jumping from a high place into water

Jew funeral

Jealousy for your child

Jinns doing rain on me and my family in a room

Jinn standing while i sleep

Jamma prayers

Jinn touching my breasts

Jinn hair

Jinn possessed cloth

Jasmine flower piking

Jimi protection

Joint israel military in dream

Jinn in love

Janazah of dead father

Jinn chasing friend

Jinn proposed to me

Jamp from one tall building to another and happy

Jewelry wearing

Jinn smiling at me in dream

Judged before allah

Janamaz from sky in dream

Japanese daddy

Jinn in the wall

Jesus crown of thorns

Jinn as mother

Jibrail alhe salm in dream at grave

Jinn putting black magic onself

Jinn muting my voice

Jin serving desert

Jinn wedding

Jumping off a moving train

Jin posession

Jesus is coming in my dream taking me along with him and allah accompany me said lets go

Just gave birth

Jinn hold hands

Jewlery on the floor

Jinn posession

Jujube eating in dream

Jumping off a ship

Jin fall in love with me

Jinn in food

Jewelry light

Journey on foot

Jaggery stores in box dream

Janaza falling down

Jumping into a pool at a wedding

Jinn inside a table

Jumping building friend

Jinns in human soul

Jinn obsessed with me

Jewish grave

Jasmine buds

Jinn trying to take over

Jew tawaf

Jew doing tawaf

Job hired

Jab koi kisi k upar bohtan lagaye

Jumping from building and died

Juice finished


Jumping from height safely

Jumping from height safelt


Jin reciting

Jujube powder

Jujube pwder

Jump over a fence

Jinh smile

Jewelry gold

Judgement days

Jinn possessing

Jinn possessing someone in dream

Jin possessing someone

Job transference

Jeneba joy lebbie shaban

Jinn chanting

Jamun trees

Jackfruit seeds shared in the dream

Jin telling not to do something

Joining new job

Jinn trying to possess me

Just seeing a pair of shoe

Just name

Jimmah prayer

Jainimaz from father in dream

Joining namaz in last row

Jonna as a man trying to destroy the world

Jinn changing your child

Jammat prayer

Jinn entered house and took away person

Jewellery from water in dream

Jesus descending from the sky

Jews following me

Jinn on the body

Jumping of the wood into the beach and trying to swim up

Jumping of wood into the beach and trying to come up

Jumping in the water and trying to come up

Jumping from roof top

Jewlry shop

Jelly fish on the beach

Jinn dragged me


Jumping on the road

Jin said his name in dream

Jinn possesion

Jumping in pain

Jewellery in a tree

Jin robbing the house taking my jouwerlery

Jacket and trouser

Jealous friend

Jinn trying to kill in dream

Jumping from boudaries

Jujube and fig

Jinns laughing

Jail gate

Jump from height

Jinns leaving the body dream meaning

Jinn on beach

Jarring non muslim famous boy

Jinn turing cat

Jail cloth

Jibreel angel in drea

Jesting water

Jumping in holy water

Jews killing people

Jinn cat

Janaza covered with green sheet

Jet plains flying in the sky

Jamun frying

Jamming someone with a car

Jun drink interpretation

Judaism saw a dream about naked father

Jar water in a dream

Jumping into a sweaming pool and getting drawn

Jewellery of gold

Jump on sea water in dream meaning

Jinn human

Jinn flying plane

Jinn plane

Jumping in and out of milk in a hole

Job less brother passing in exam

Jin killing

Jin killing someone close to me

Jasmine flowers from a married woman

Jinn cutting my hair in dream

Jinn cutting my hair in sleep

Jinn in a familiar house

Job dismissal

Jinn entering into human body

Jesus statue

Jesus crist status

Journey and regaining conciousness

Janaza prayers

Jinn going through my head

Jinn crossing my head

Jinn passing by my head

Jinn family

Jumping down from a rock in aardvark dream

Jinn possesssion

Jumping and plucking some colanut from its tree while its flowers are stil plenty on the tree

Jinn reciting quran

Jinn hafiz

Jinn scholars

Jin hugging me

Jump from height safely

Jumping from height with dead mother

Juping from height safely with dead mother

Jumping down with dead mother easily

Jumping down with dead mother in dream safely

Journey with a scholar

Jujube leaves


Jumping in the river swimming

Jin falling in love with me

Jail imprisoned

Jibril blowing on my face

Jinn became friend in dream

Jewellery under water

Judge issues me long term prison

Jinn and rain

Jade stone


Jackfruit seeds eat

Join the dead

Jinns attack me often

Jew chasing you with a knife

Jigger on feet

Jet fighter

Jumping off a high building

Jumped into the pit

Jujube leaf interpretation

Jumping on house

Jumping out of a burning building

Jewellery seeing a ring

Jinn entered in my body

Joy turns into crying

Jin hurting me

Jasmine flower during pregnancy

Jumping in river euphrate

Journey in a car at night

Jumping into a clean river

Jasmin plant drying

Jaw falling

Janazah prayer

Jewellery money selling

Janazza empty

Janaza praying

Jim entering bathroom

Jumping off different buildings and being unharmed

Jinn running away

Jackal urinating

Jumping from heights

Jinn gripping me from behind

Jinn possesed my dog

Jinn say gold here

Jinn show hold

Jinn says gold

Jinn says gold is here

Jinn shows mum where gold is

Jumaa prayer

Jinn voice

Jamun in pregnancy means

Jack fruit tree

Jin in the form of family

Jin in the form of fiamilly

Joining an unknown caravan

Jiggers on dog

Jiggers on arm


Jiggers coming out of your body

Jiggers leaving your body


Jinn destiny islam

Jinn helping me

Jinn cut my hair

Janaza of living meaning

Jibreel has come to take our soul

Jesus, muhammed and god

Jerrycan full of water

Jumping in pond

Jumping in temple water

Jumping snake

Jews around me and i am jumping up with difficulty

Jinn bite

Judgenment day

Jump from the high place and showing red palms

Japanese rose


Jewelry gift

Jar filled with water

Jail entrance

Jinn in home

Jinn at home window

Jumping and going down hill

Journey in air

Jinn looks like sister

Jealous woman

Jujubee tree dream

Jacket as a gift

Jinn fighting with me

Jinn gathering

Job realted

Jannah al baqi

Jinn posessions

Jinn chancing me in my dream

Jinn sleeping in my dream

Jumping in the river swimming and the water is brown

Jumping horse in dream

Jumping out the plane

Jinn attack

Jinn leaving body

Jin entering in body

Jacket offered from a dead

Jasmine plant with flowers

Jumping on head

Just seen my peer face in dream

Jelly vagina

Janazah prayer in jamaat

Jinn possession rukkayah

Jasmine buds trees and water

Jinn attacking me in my dream

Jail in morocco

Jinns wearing beautiful dresses

Job interview

Jump from heights and die

Jinn form to tree


Jinn in my room

Jumping from roof

Jinn turning into cat

Jumping in nude

Jinn man coming after me

Jaw broken

Jinn behind door

Jumbled up clothes in wardrobe

Jin flee

Jinn in a cupboard

Jungle jalebi fruit

Jumping with joy

Jasmine perfume

Jasmin oil

Jasmin perfume

Journey home

Jasmine plant

Jinn being friendly

Jujube fruit

Job opportunities

Jinn inside my brain hurting

Jinn wants my child

Jumping a wall in fear from a large crowd

Jam un tree nd fruits

Jinn women

Jin eating and drinking

Jumping but landing safely

Juvinile snake

Jelly fish

Jaman tree

Jinn genial part

Jumping out of parachute coming out of helicopter

Jumping off balcony

Job resignation

Jinn standing behind me

Joining a procession of black nazarene

Jewelry underwater

Jinn taking baby

Jewlery shop

Jinn eating inside of a dog while it’s alive

Jab mara hua person apko pillow deta h sapne mein

Jupiter n moon

Job lessneds

Judgement day and going to jannah

Jumping in a river to escape

Just milipede running away from eye

Join army

Jinn bride

Jewelry floating on the ocean

Jaw dislocated

Journey by train

Jumping off the running van

Jinn in mirror

Jin attack on me in dreams

Jesus house

Jumping big fish

Jin inside a person

Jin in sister

Jumping out

Jaggery sugar

Jamun tree in dream represent what

Jumping in to sea

Jumping into the sea from a cliff

Jammed teeth

Jinn watching me

Jinn spying on me

Jinn in house with me and my family

Jerusalem father the way war and peace

Jesus christ coughing

Janaza falling

Jinn repeating ayat ul kursi

Jinn possess

Janaza of my husbqnd

Janaza coffin

Jewelry in sand

Java plum

Jewish men

Jumping from building


Jewelry being stolen

Jumping of from boat

Joseph sword

Jinn in boy

Jail and current shock punishment

Jumping off a sky rise

Jumping from height

Jaw breaking

Jumping in river with friend

Jinn quran

Jin or shaitan dream

Jin mother

Just sitting in dream

Just sitting in drwam

Jinns attacks

Jinn obsess with me

Jump down

Jump down from building

Jwelery dream in islam

Jamun fruit picking up in dream

Job termination

Jin taking my hand

Jummua prayer

Jumping over small snakes

Jumping bro over small snakes

Jin kidnapping

Jin in house

Jin entering house

Jinn marrying single girl by force

Jumping into a river wearing white

Jiggers removal from my feet

Jiggers removal from feet dreay interpretation

Jenna tattoo on feet

Judgement day in mount arafat

Janamaz, mother in the dream

Jasmine plant plantation

Jinn following a person into a house

Jins in my house

Jumping into portal

Jeweled knife

Javing a feast with a royal king and his prince

Jewelry under a hotel pillow

Jumping heights without pain

Jasmine mala in my dream

Job opportunity


Joining deceased in dream

Jollof rice

Judgment day near

Jinn trying to catch me in my dream

Jaguar fighting bear

Jumma prayer missing

Jewelry stolen by relatives

Jinn entering ones body

Jewellery gift



Jinn comes on my dream since my childhood

Jewellery taken by thief

Jewellery thief

John wanted to stay in my new house with its family

Jewish temple

Jinn talking to me

Jasmine garland put on dead photo of a woman

Jasmin buch

Jack fruit dream meaning in pregnancy

Jujubi dream interpretation in islam

Jumuah salat

Jasmine flower garland

Jin was saying to me to live the house bc he lives their

Jinn trying to attack me but i recite ayatulkursi

Jin and surah al kafirun

Jewelry on parade

Janaza of stranger people in dream

Journey in car

Jinn saving a baby

Jail time

Jalebi eating

Jasmine flower blooming

Jack tree broken

Jumping into the clean blue water and water all around

Jinn killing you

Jannat ul baqi sand in hand

Jackal in the house

Jawar grains full

Jujube tree been cut off its branches

Jujube tree been cut offbits branches

Jewelry box

Jewelry under water in the dream

Jinn biting

Jin in love with me in dream

Jumping from a height mountain

Jinn waiting and asking me to prepare to marry him

Just broom sticks in dream

Jasmine flower and snakes

Jump a river and run barefoot away my friend

Janaza of a female lady

Janaza of female

Journey with the deceased

Jesus at my bedside

Jinn possessed

Jumping off a cliff

Jewelries gold

Jumping from high place

Jinn posetion

Jade bracelet

Jinn turn into woman

Jinn scaring me

Jinn scaring me an

Jinn scarinv me

Jackfruit eating

Journey preparation

Janaza reciting

Jumping into ocean

Jana max

Jump from balcony into sea

Jinnat around someone in the air

Jelebi sweet meat

Jamin tree full of fruit

Jin fear in dream

Jinn texting me

Jogging track

Jelousy in marriage

Journey with people

Joining football

Jumping through two building

Jesus informing me to choose the holy path.

Jihad against christians

Jinn tickling me

Janazah of a family member already dead


Juice and worm

Janaza in dream in islam

Jinn swarming outside windows at night

Job offer in dream

Jewelry theft

Jab transfer

Jingling silver anklets

Jingling anklets

Just heard a news of loved ones death

Jesus bathing me

Janaja salat

Jump from window



Jamun fruit iin dream

Jar of applesauce

Jaw being shut

Jamun fruit see pregnant woman

Jumun tree and fruits

Jin in a sibling body

Janaza khawab me dhaekne se kya hota

Jungle cat

Jump into the water

Jackal trying to eat a person

Jaggery buying

Jumping in dream very far

Joining congressional prayer

Jinn trying to poccess you

Jenaza entering my home

Jin fighting

Jumping on a bouncy caste

Janaza legs

Jst touching a girl in my dream

Jin trying to possess

Jews in battle

Jinn in the house


Jinn possesses

Jinn singing

Jinn goes inside me

Jewelry and money

Jamun plum

Jumma prayer

Jaman fruit giving to someone

Jummat prayer in the dream

Jewelry in river



Jumping on bouncy castle

Jesus name

Juan meza bareno

Jummah, dream interpretation

Jump high

Jin presence felt

Jin presence


Jaggery cook

Jumah prayer

Joking with my king

Jumping demon

Jiin harming children

Jewelry taken off

Janaza carries

Janamaz on sky blue colour sky with khana kaba

Janamaz on sky with khana kaba

Janaza of someone in dream

Jan at ul baqi

Jaggery boiling in a vat

Jana za

Jinn attack8ng

Jumping from the sky

Journey by launch

Jesus, i confess that i don’t always do a good job at loving others, so please help me to teach my child that love is patient and love is kind. it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. it does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. love never fails. prince of peace, thank you for loving my child with your selfless, sacrificial, undeniable, unfailing, and unconditional love which you humbly and freely give to each of us

Jinn child

Jumping over a fence

Jin girl

Jinn kill people dream

Jinn fight

Jinn attacking people dream

Jumping dolphins

Jack tree

Joseph a. pe

Jamun fruit plucking eating dream

Jumping around wit joy

Jealous of relative

John the baptise

Jinn promising you that your work will be done

Jail break and run

Joining previous job

Juma prayer

Just born baby girls

Jinn coming out of the body

Jinn coming out of the stomach