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Dreams starting with the letter K

Kissing my mums feet


Killed in prison


Killing crocodile

Keke napep

Knots in rock

Killing friend

Kinnar ghost

Kissing and hugging a president in an elevator

Killing by accident

Kaaba surrounded sea

Killing a pouch rat

Kid not letting me pray

Kove e mbushur me ngjala

Killing a centepide in dream

Kissing a dolphin

Kill unknown person


Kissing an old school friend

Kids wrapped in faecal excretions

Killing a bat in dream

Killing snakes in pots

Killed my a gun

Killing centipede in dream

Khuwab me kondom dekhna kesa hai

Killing a wolf

Killing centipedes

Kabah de cending from sky

Kabah sky mountain swings buildings oil minings machinery life saved

Kabah sky mountain



Killing group of pig

Kissing dead sister

Killing a white snake in your dream

Kissing my late mother on forehead

Killing lice from my dad

Killing someone in self defence

Kalima tayyiba

Killed a mafia

Killing someone using a stick

Killing someone and feeling guilty

Kabah at sky

Kiss a horse


Kingdom of saudi arabia

Killing insects

Knowing name of your child while expecting in reality

Kali poth

Khawab me riyaz ul jannah dakhna

Killing a wild animal

King comming to your home to console you in dream

Known friend

Killing an animal

Knowing men kissing a women with lust

Kabba explode

Killing a bush pig

Kidnap running

Killing of a big black fat rat

Katching white guinea fawul

Koran reciting

Kid dreamt mother begging

Kill wolf

Kid saw mother begging

Killed by wife

Kiss on left shoulder by love

Keep seeing a friend of mine

Killing a duck in the river means what

Killling a duck inside stream mean what in islam



Killing demons with a heavy sword

Killing other

Kheer in dream

Kids taken away

Knife in hand

Killing pig

Killing some centipedes

Killing a some centipedes

Killing a lion in dream

Known deceased asking for food

Known deceased being hungry

Khawab main dondoum dekhna

Kraal of sheeps

Kraal full of sheeps

Killing somebody in dream

Known people trying to kill

Killing a cat in washing machine

Killing a snake

Killing bat bird in dream

Killing bat in dream

Khajoor tree

Kissing a known person

Killing a fish

Kissing cheek

Killing someone in dream


Kan ah

Killing head lice

Kissing romance woman

Kissing romance

Kabbah placing near sea

Kabbah near sea

Killing his own brother

Killing a lizard

King cobra swallowing black cow

King visits home

Kalimat tayyiba

Kill an enemy


Killing a man

King david dream meaning

Killing a cat

Killing a car

Killing baby snake

Killing of camel

Killing of pouched rat in dream

Kiss oldest lady in dream

Known person cuddling

Known person loving

Killing rat in dream

Killing of bat

Killing a rat in a dream

Kiss elephant

Kissed on cheek

Killing owb child

Known naked woman seen in adream

Kissing cousin


Killing someone with your car

Killing in self defense

Known dead person kissing you in dream

Killing snail



Killing coacroaches bin my nebors kitchen

Killing adulterer in dream


Kissing vagina

King cobra dream


Killing chameleon

King tut

Killing a demon

Kabah seen pray cry


Kanazawa talking

Kids souls in yellow sky

Kid soul

Kid soul with green colour


Known man

Killing a spider

Kinner in dream

Killing a thief

Kissing your idol

Kun faya kun

Killing a centipede


Kitten plying

Kissing forearm


Killing some one in the dream by chocking

Kaba h

Kittens in a dream

Killing attempt by a dead person

King dreams

Kidnapping me

Killing your father

Killed monkey in dream

Killing a wild goat

Key of kaba doors

Key of kaba door

Killing own son

Killing own baby

Killing of my brother

Kleine schoenen

Kicking in sujood

King card

Kneeling down n greeting a woman

Khwab may jisam say kheera nikalna

Killing mom

Key in dream

Kafan in dreams

Killing kid

Khawab ma mashrom dekhna


Kissing a snake dream meaning

Killing mouse

Kissing a deceased husband

Killing people in dream

Kaaba collapsed

Kaaba collapsef

Kissing on my husbands cheecks

Kissing on my husbands cheecka

Killing someone in a dream

King snake

Killing someone by car hit

Kissing and stroking a white horse

Kissing and struking white hoars

Killing cockroaches in dream


Killing aunt in anger by mistake

Khana kabah

Kissing hand

Kissing a girl in front of a strange man

Keep dreaming

Killed someone and his the body now getting caught

Killing a jin with quarn in my dream

Killing a black snake coming out from vagina

Killing rat


Kissing someone with a snake tongue

Knife cut on finger in dream

Killing someone by accident

Killing lizards in dream

Killing rats in dreaming


Kissing dead cousin

Killing cockroach in a dream

Killing cockroach in the dream

Killing two people in the dream one is reciting quran then i recite quran

Kabah new floor

Kissing a vagina in my dream

Kissing a vivian in my dream

Killing my own brother

Kicking man in penis

Kissing crush

Killing badbugs on bed

Killing bad bugs on bed

Keys on the door

Killing a bedbug in a dream

Killing husband

Kiss the queen



Kissing grass

Kissing a grass

Kites flying

Killing the devil with light in a dream

Killing mother

Kissing same gender

Killing a lion

Killing someone with a gun

Kissing the person you love cheek

King giving you money in the dream

Kissing hajr e aswad



Knocking someone by car

Known person



Kissing my brother

Kissing your dad in a dream

Kissing my sister in dream

Killing a bull

Kaaba making dua

Killing lice

Killing a chameleon in a dream

Killing spider


Killing snake

Kill worm with salt

Kill one worm with salt

Known person calling for help in dream

Kissing a gost

Kissing a goast

Kissing a saithan

Kangaroo dream

Killing to save yourself

Kerala tour


Killing cockroach

Kissing hajr sswad


Kittens trying to het close to you

Khawab mein white billi deigns

Killing a black snake

Kaaba roof in green colour

Killing patriarch in dream

Kissing in dream


Killing some unknown person

Kiss from someone i know

Killng wild animal

Kissing on the cheek where tear is running down meaning

Killing a monitor lizard with intention of protecting yourself

Knocking and opening door

Knocking door

Kun faa yaa kun


Kiss on hand

Killing queen ant

Kissed by dead person in a dream means

Killing centipede

Knock on the head dream meaning

Killing people

Killing by a car hit

Kidnappers dream

Kissing fathers feet in dream


Killing madman

Killing a goat

Kaaba dua making

Kissing a girl

Kissing a girl while being a girl yourself

Killing cat

Kissing a butt

Killing animal

Kitten eating rice


Killing a gecko in a dream


Kissing someone a dream

Kissing aunt

Kissing aunty

Known young girl gazing at me

Kaaba picture

Known woman


Kissing woman ejaculating

Kissing a stranger on lips

Kitten gift

Killing lizard


Knife heart

Kissing different persom im dream

Killed a snake by accident

Killing enemy

Killing my maid in my dream

Killing a dog

Killing a dig

Kissing a happy dead person in your dream

Kissed my ex husband

Killing two small dogs

Killling two small dogs

Killing wall gecko in a dream


King give me money in the dream meaning

Kissing someone


Knife brother

Killing and distroy evidence

Killing my sister

Killing someone in my dream

Knife in back

Killing six lion’s with sword


Killing and lizard seen in a dream


Killing an owl

Killing wild animal


Killing some one

Killing a frog

Kissing a dog and dog kissing back


Kissing a women i know



Killing a white and a broen mouse


King party


Killing black scorpio

Killing someone with knife and washing blood from knife

Kissing kaaba and ma

Keeping a large tamed parrot

Kicking dog fram home in dream

Kicked out of kabah

Kiss a women her tongue turn into snake head

Karupa சாமி கம் alive and scared me in my dream

Kalima with moon written in sky in dreams

Killing a lion cub

Killing a transgender

King and queen in car together

Keep seeing my ex wife in my dream

Killing someone whoever try to cut my hand

Kissing hijaray aswat

Killing many cockroaches with slippers in a bedroom

Kill threat

Kalonjoi flower in dream

King warns for tomorrow

Killing rhino

Kaaba flooded

Khud ko necked public place mein dekhna

Kabah floating in rain water

Kissed on the head

Kissed a dead persons feet

Key sets

Kicking a door to close it

Killing pigeons

Kudal adu

Killing a large centipede

Killing small white worms in dream

Kill a baby

Known questions in exam

Kill cop in dream meaning

Kill policemen

Known person taking pictures of me

Knocking from grave

Killing a scopin

Kids queueing up and hugging me

Kheer dekhna aur khana islamic meaning

Killing white cat in dream

Killing and butchered

King dressing dream

Kiss the holy quran

Kissing the fav person

Killing dead people

Killing an alligator

Kicking piglets in a dream

Keeping corpse under bed

Kids blood

Kids former clothes

Kissing unknow woman in a dream

Killing a pig in dream that attacked you

Kissed by a man i know in dream

Kiss by cousin sister

Killing fox who attack

Kissing wife breasts

Killing a black goat in the dream

Kiss on cheek by deceased husband

Killing hornets

Kohl pot in dream

Killing two grass carter meaning

Keep seeing my lady with someone else

Kukkurai chips

Kids death bodies

Kabaah with

Killing someone in selfdefense

Killing someone in defense

Kitchen flood

King house

Known elder person who is dead

Killing rats with broom

Killing a ll

Kiosk shop

Kissing white snake

Killing a group of pigs

Killing someone bad

Kids fallen from bed

Khawab mein clean water pooh mad sweet corn big snake on the door dekhna meaning

Key to the house

Kittens birth

Kidney fail

Kill unknown person in dr

Killing tiger cheetah in dream

Kalma read in dream

Karupu samy chasing me

Kraal fire

Kicten melting

Kiss a male

Killing own head lice

Killing earthworm with a salt

Kids get lost

Kissing a young lady

Kissing a young woman

Kissing a white women

Kill snails in the dream

Known person is telling u that someone has learnt black magic

Kidnap and rape

Kolanut come out of my toe

Kuffar prayer

Kidnappers and thieves and murderes

Knitting myself hair i have alopecia

Kinnar funeral

Kissed by married women

Kissed under neck

Kill someone with knife

Kiryana shop

Kum faya jun

Kissing my dead grandma alive in my dream

Kitten drinking milk from their mother cat

Kinner asking for more money

Kill some accidentally

Killing the goat in dream tamil

Kissing a known women

Kid see girl beaby

Kaba key

Killing some people

Kicked from

Knowing i read namaz

Knowledge of knowing i read namaz

Ke lorile ke bona sekgo semaoto ama sehla sematha katlong hakebatla hose bolaya keya sefosa

Kneading dough full of worms worms biting my hands

Khalid bin walid ra

Kid falling into well

Kheab mein chori ki tablet

Kaladhan falling down in dream

Killing an anaconda snake

Kinner death in the dream in funeral

Kid falling down

Kabba treasure gold kisses them

Kaaba moving

Kiddnapped by unknown man

Killing a pregnant women

Kaaba bomb blast

Killing jinm in fire

Known love in dream

King gave car gift to your wife

Killing plenty ants in the dream

Kissing khana kaba

Killing a dog with a sword

Killing a white dog

Kissing your ex wife

Kiss on the forhead

Kissing the kaaba and making duas

Kinnar taking money from my vollet with himself in paper form

Kinnar taking money from my vollet with own hand in paper form

Kaaba walking

Kill bedbugs in trousers

Killed my brother with a bat

Kaba cloth

Kamatchi amma lamp broken in the dream

Known woman marriage

Known women visiting me

Killing cockroache

King visiting then gave me money

Kissing three beautiful women

Kid urinated on someone in dream

Killing lice from mother head

Killing someone with a stone

Killing cockroaches in my house

Killing someone by accident nife

Kiyamul lail night

Kissing deseasd husband in dream

Kissing deseased husband in deeam

Kerosene oil

Killing a vulture

Kheer distribution

Keeping head on lap

Kid eating feces in dream

Known man hugging

Knife death

Kicked in the back


Known father and son

Kitten entering in masjind

Keys represent in islam

Keys givig to someone

Kiswa got torn and following with pilgrim

Kiswa torn

Killing a lizard with stones

Killing hyna

Kaaba door another place

Known man in bed

Knees down

Knee down

Khalid ra

Khwaab mein girlfriend nazar ana

Khijar as

Kinner trying to kill me

Killing someone and they don’t die

Khwab main lal dubata gift milna

Kaaba flowing in water

Kinner giving me lots of blessing

Killed a lady

Killing black

Killing ur own little brother

Kissing a pregnant woman

Khwaja sira

Kolaid dream meaming

Knowledgable person

Kicking a person

Kissing on chin

Killed someone with a gun

Killing a woman with rock

Killing a charneleon

Killing your brother with a gun

King soudi arabia

Kids falling

Kill8ng children in dream

King as father

Killing a centepide

Killing a police officer in the dream

Kid drawning in river

Keep loosing my scarf

Keep losing my scarf

Killing four girls

Killing four girls with gun

Knowledge of two families

Killing worms in dreams

Known structure unknown building of a house

Killing a centripede

Kibla arrow

King and queen in bed

Known guy staring at me

Khat leaves in dream

Kill bad person

Kill a black cat

Khawab me ayat al kursi padhna

Killing a deceased person

Kicking the door by stranger

Kissing your own vagina

Kissing a baby girl

Killing black buffaloes

Killing an animal with barehand

Killing a pouch rat in a dream

Keeping a snake in pot meaning

Kalima e shahadat on wall in dream

Kalima e shahadat on mosque wall in dream


Known people party

Kernel of walnuts

Killing from unknownly


Kallima philarchus

Killing a black panther

King giving me a gift

Kamakshi vilaku in dream

Knots in a thread

Killing brown snake


Kids woman

Kissing new husband in dream

Known elderly man




Keke napep stolen in the dream


Kaaba in middle of sea

Kachnar torna

Kissing fathers foot in dream

Kissing someone foot

Killing husband and eating the meat

Kalasa falling in drem



Killed in an attack

Kidnapping family member


Known grave

Killing ants with pesticide

Killing attacking insects

Knocking three times on door in dream

Khawab me safety pin dekhna

Kicking small stones

Killing father in law in dream

Khabr ke samne khadna

Kissing sister in law you can not stand

Kneeling for an old woman in my dream

Kill a pig

Kidnapped baby for money in dream

Killing a sibling

Kissed by boy cousin

Killing many chameleon in dream

Kidnapping a kid in dream

Kill frog

Kumkum turmeric powder in dream

Khwab mein khud par hamla hote dekhna


Knocking door hard

Kusho ukuthini ukwemzelwa umemulo

Killing multiple snakes in my dream

Kissing by a cow

Kalema tawheed

Killed by axe

Kangaroo killing

Kola nut white

Kun faya kun in dream


Kaaba gilaaf on fire


Kalash fell down with water in dream

Keeping the upper side gums teeth in the pockets

Kerping the upper side gums teeth in the pockets

Kissing my dead mother leg in dream

Kaba in ocean

Known person with his unknown friend

King pary for me in my dearm

Khaana kaaba


Knife thrown at me

Killing kinnar in dream means

Kiss your lover

Kalash falling in a dream



Keys request by the dead

Known scholar fighting with me

Killing someone with cleaver

Kissing imaam ali hands

Killing zobies


Killing python

Kissing others wife

Kolanut given in the dream

Killed by rifle

Kissing your grandfather in a dream

Killing a newborn with an axe police arrives

Killing with an axe

Knees leg

Killings and blood

Killing lots of rats in my dream

Karuppasamy appearing in my dream

Kajol applying baby girl

Keke in dream

Knife cuts on body


Kings carpet

Komodo dragon dreams in islam

Killing a sharm


Karappu samy god in dream




Kicking cat out of the house

Koling father in dream

Kabah cover

Killing and slaughtering bush animal dream in islam

Kabbah door

Kulavi seeing dream

Kising kaba

Karbala flag


Komadu dragon

Ki eniyan ma yagbe loju orun kini itumo


Killed by unknown

Kaan khajura

Kill a tiger

Kill snake black what is the meaning

Kissing kaaba corner

Kissing shami corner of the kaaba


Killing a dragon fly


Keys lock

Knowing about cancer in dream

Kicking plates

Kicking food

Kissing a cheeta in dream

Kitten scratching

Kittens scratching

Knight in shining armour

Khuwaja sirra in dream

Ki neighbor eyan ma ta loju ala

Kiss on left shoulder

Kuyil dream

Kissing dead person on cheek

Kiss by a bull dog in islam

Know chichen


Kids in kafan

Kids in karan

Knotted white cloth in a dream

Kings court king

Khaki shirt

Kissing on forehead by dead grandmotuer

Kiss deceased relative

Killer three attackers

Killing assasin

Killing a couple of snails

Khud kushi

Kalima shahadat


Khawb mn condom dekhna

Kissing baby and he smiles

Kissing baby boy on forehead

Kissing baby on forehead

Killing bedbugs from my husband clothes of bags

Kangaroo and baby kangaroo

Killing a cock by someone

Khwab main safety pins dekhna

Kiss deceased mum in cheek

Kiss mother on cjeek

Kid with half head

Kissing and romancing a boy

Killing bugs from home

Kick out of mosque

Killing some one in self defense

Kissing soil of karbala in dream

Kissing your dads hands

Killer shark

Killin red ants

Killing grasscutter animal

Kisse feet in a dream

Killing swine with sword in the dream

Killing someone in dream killing someone in dream

Kidny problems

Kinnar attacking family

Knock on door night

Kidnapping of others

Killing people in dream and saved

Khalid ibn waleed

Karma hitted me in a negative way

Khawab me earthworm dekhna

Knock on door and a dead person enter

Knive attack in a dream

Kill sister

Kiss dame gender

King eating and wearing clothes given by dreamer at his house

Kissing ornament

Killing some lizard with shoe


Killed while my head was cut off with a panga


Keep dreaming of husband

Kissing white girl

Kinner saw in dream

Killing a snake near the sea

Kangaroo on roof

Killing francolin

Killing brother that resembled my father

Kitchen collapsing in dream

Killing eartworms with salt

Killing someone from tv

Knowing someone is about to die

Killing someone with a bat

Killing and eating a leapord

Khadijha ra


Kissing brother in law lustful


Khalifa ra visiting her grave



King cooking

Kaba with water

Killing many pigs


Kissing my cousin on lips


Kite rope

Kissing happy


Khwab me fuzla dekhna

Killing a green snake my dream and coming outside discovering it has multiply

Kicked my sister in laws

Kalma thaiba on foot

Khan main jamun dekhna

Killing dinosaurs in dream

Kitten playing

Kolanut tree with fruit

Kitchen with no door

Key made of gold

Killing white snake with black spots

Kicked out of house by family

Kolanut and needle and broken thread

Khwab me condom dekhna

Killing a half human and half snake

Kissing son in law

Kissing cousin on lip

Killing someone in defense of sister

Known woman smiling to me

Known woman smile

Kill a green big snake in dream

Kid die in dream

Known dead person scolding

Kicks out from masjid

Killing a theif in dream in islam

Killing lices from ones head

Kissing and hugging a girl in dream

Killing person but dont now who

Kalonji in the plate

Khana kaba but not enter in

Kife kiss another man

Kissing the hands of a dead person

Kneeling down before an old woman greeting her

Keep me from the trap that they have laid for me and from the snares of evildoers

Killing crockroch

King killed

Killing stranger

Kissing my unknown husband

Killing a lioness

Kissing the living

Kitchen market

Kids toy

King with white cloth

Killing kidnapper in self defence dream explanation

Killing kidnapper in self defence

Kingdom has resurrection

Kissing prophet muhammad pbuh head

Kissing the hand of a sheigh

Kid with six toes

Killing a dog after biting me

Kicking a pack of maggot

Kaba construction

Kidnapped dog

Killing cat and black snake

Kind old lady

Killing a centiped

Kissed by known male

Knife on ground

Kissed by brother in law

Kids eating poo

Known women table

Kajal dream meaning in islam

Kids touching stomach

Killing a bed bug in the dreem

Killing partner

Kissing dead grandmother hand

Killing wall gecko in a dreqm

Keeping python as pet in dream

Killing for allah

Kiss forked tongue man

Killing the biting dog

Killing centipides

Knocking window

Ka ab

Killing kizard

Kitten sneeking in the house

Killing a pig with gun

Killing a pig with hun

Killing a leader and being praised for that

King spread money on you in dream

King prayed for me in the dream meaning

Killing red cat

Killing multiple people

Kissing head hairs

Krishna crying in my dream

Kissing my died grand mother

Killing a lot of cock roaches

Killing the babies of rat

Kisses on the face

Kindness offer

Kiss on head by prophet

Kissing on forehead by prophet

Kissing on forehead in dream by respectful in islan

Knight dancer

Keep falling to the ground and a clown chaising you

Knife stabbing

Kuli room

Keeping cocaine

Keeping drugs

Killing hornet

Kissing prophet sword

Killing ex wife

King gives you on his food

Ki eli am ma yagbe loju orun

Ki aliyah ma yagbe loju orin

Khimar yashmak

Khimar yasmak

Khimar kashmak

Keeping money in safe

Killing someone in a car accident

Killing spiders in your home

King visit your house

Kill muslim

Killing a dog after it bites you

Keeping people out

Killing pregnancy

Knitting in the rain

Killing a strange animal in your dream

Kidnapping dark room

Kissing and romancing a girl i know in dream

Killing of crow with scissor after biting at hand

Killing someone using a glass bottle

Knee wounded

Killed robber

Kernel pomade cream

Kissing boy naked

Killing someone to death


Killing snake with legs

Killing my mom

Kiss mom feet

Kittens attack

Killing hog

Kill horse

Killed two black men

Karen mcdonald spicy hill trelawny

Kissing deceased mother in a dream

Key stuck in the lock

Kidney problems

Killing someone accidently

Kissing a woman in the mouth

Kissing a known woman

Kissing the wall of kabah

Killing black viper

Killed by enemy

Killing wasp nest

Kids in the house

Kit chen

Kid playing

Kitchen with no roof

Kissing known people

Kill a crocodile

Knocking on door anxious to open

Kissing kabaah

Killing of tortoise

Killing a lobster

Kids died falling from height i am crying bitterly

Kill a persons

Knife with blood

Kalima reciting while drowning

King kong

Kneeling down unable to get up

Kneeling down aunable to get up

Kid choking

Known person love

Killing a huge centipede

Killing unintentionally

Kissing my wife naked stomach

Keeping ready of chapati dough by son