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Dreams starting with the letter L

Lay next to dead body’s

Lay next to dead people

Lion lioness consummating in my house


Loosing someone you want to marry

Lots bugs

Late mom making tea

Low grades in exams

Losing my teeth

Leaning on my lover

Leaning on my lovers back as he protects me from another man

Loving twin baby boys

Loving twin boys

Light sky

Lady in black

Lady dreaming a same beautiful house


Lock a door

Ladies in white dresses

Ladies in white dress


Low rank

Leg injury with blood in islam

Locked hands seen in wakefulness

Locked hands

Light a fire

Leading the eid salah in dream

Lamb goat

Lit coal

Losting shoes

Lust dreams

Legs pampering

Lightening bug

Lingerie wearing in public


Let go

Leading prayer congregation

Lump on back of your neck in dreams

Lupm on back of your neck in dreams

Lake dream islam

Locks hair

Light coming out of baby

Light in hands

Losing object

Losing ticket

Lost teeth

Lost the way

Larva in food

Lizard bite on finger

Lost work

Lily white

Loosing control of vehicle

Long curly hairs

Leak in the ceiling

Losing cat

Laughing with partner

Live fish eating

Lion and fox

Lots of spider from the body

Lying on bed

Losing hair on head

Long feet on baby girl

Lost louggage

Lighting amd flood

Left eyebrow being shaved

Leaking ceeiling

Leaving a job

Loss of truck

Loss ofcar

Lady dream about a cow

Lower side teeth falling with blood catching by hand

Locoust bite


La hawla wala quwwata illa and billa seen in a dream

Late father given people food in a dream

Long bridge and in a height

Limbs brittle

Loss in business

Looking at dream

Leeches stuck on foot

Loss of pregnancy

Late mom eating date

Late mom eating dates

Long beautiful hair

Lot of clothes

Loosing home

Lion attacj


Lady toaching

Lost in a building

Lesbianism with a girl you know in a dream

Line biting someone else

Lizard inside a clock

Lizard inside a cloack

Lady in a dream

Lam qurbani meat

Lighting strike a house and i offered them a help

Listen crying

Lost jewels in a marriage

Lots of pots in dream

Lock hair

Looking for a lost donkey

Losing a job

La ilaha ilallah written on wall

Late dad and i holding each other and crying

Learning old school

Lost an golden earing


Long hairs coming out from mouth

Lychee tree

Lost ear ring

Live pouched rat in a dream


Little finger black and swallon


Living next to a cemetery

Lift going up very fast

Later father become president

Loafs of bread brought by a deceased person

Looking dead father asking for food

Losing a diamond from the ring in my dream

Loosing a baby

Leaving the husband

Ladies with jackles heads

Lotus stem

Lying on your back

La hawla wala quwwata illa and billa seen in a dream

Landing on moon

Lizard chasing butterfly

Listening khutba in dream meaning

Lockdown at school and running away with someone

Locking doors with broken keys

Little girl in arms

Lizards in ceiling

Lizards in home

Licking penis

Love one being taken away

Love one being arrested

Late father buying a car in my dream

Losing of virginity

Luxurious home and having two twin boys

Leaving ones husband

Lizard in forest

Loved one drowning

Lice insect hair

Look healthy

Licking walls

Losing a body part

Losing an organ

Long thread from upper tooth

Long rope from teeth

Lost car

Large fire

Locust bean in a dream

Land islamic dream

Look at the sky

Locus beans in a dream

Lion eating my leg

Legs of a women

Load is heavy on you in a dream after the person has died

Lower canine tooth falling down and small one coming out

Lizard bititngyou

Lizard bitting u

Loosing eyeglasses

Licking red oil in my dream

Litch tree

Lost way to home

Lion and lioness mating

Loss of job

Love interest workplace

Late mother giving me ntsu

Little boy dream meaning

Lice and spider

Losing gold jewelery

Lion turning into sheep

Losing vergin

Lady came into my house and attacked my daughters

Late grandmother gives birth

Leech in the food

Lintah dalam makanan

Light blue dress

Lotus flower in river in dream

Letter n

Like person

Late dad called for me

Laughing with a cousin

Loved one passes on and you see them in a coffin

Losing a fight to my enemy

Lost my bag

Lose your luggage in a journey

Loose on of eye

Late father giving fresh clean water in a dream

Little fire goes out when i touch it with my hand and grows if i put water on it

Large black phallus

La howl wala kuwata

Lost of sandals

Late father carrying torch light

Lion soup

Lips sealed shut

Legs of my dead father in a dream

Lizard with long tail

Lost your way home

Lion graveyard

Lambs in dream

Loose virginity and sees blood

Lawish dinner with family

Listen a name in my dream but i listen this name for the first time

Lizard on body

Leading prayer in mecca

Lion and wolf

Leak roof

Looking around at night

Lizards mating in dream

Long black hair in my dream mean

Losing one hand

Leech dream

Lost red heels

Lost one red shoes

Lizard during pregnancy

Losing one earing and finally get it

Losing one earing and finding it again

Listening to naat in dream

Lost diamond from a ring

Leading a muslim army


Lost shoping

Looking for a place to wear clothes only to find it is salat time

Large cover

Losing a baby boy in dream meaning

Looking for somwonw

Listening to a heartbeat

Listing to a heartbeat

Listing to a heartbeat according to islaam

Losing a daikons from a braclet

Lady diana

Lunch gathering

Leaf sprout

Lizard falling right and hand

Lost items returned

Licking a wall

Listening ikamath for salah at masjid

Listening ikamath for salah

Love someone else in dream


Long black hair in a dream

Lost in a forest

Licking honey

Lying on shoulder

Laughing child

Little girl urinate in dream meaning

Lots of rings

Lawn mowing

Loosing a contest

Long breaded hair

Laying next to a king

Listen to the dead

Leaves growing from cooked rice when you sir it

Legs with hair

Looking at mirror

Lost rings

Losing all possesions

Lunar aclu

Lost in washroom and not able to find the door

Losing shoes

Leopard in house

Land parted

Large ditch

Looking so beautiful in a dream

Losing both of my sandals

Losing both of my sandala

Lady sleeping with another lady

Lots of snakes chasing me

Left eye blinking

Last day of judgment with water

Lost tv

Lion hair



Loosing my boots

Lizard mating


Large tv

Last day on earth

Little girl comes with me to my house

Lion chasing me dream

Luck signs

Lost way to my house and wandering on foot

Lioness with two gender

Losing many friends

Lost son

Looking into another woman private part

Lion eat cattle

Lost of mobile

Little chickens

Long hair in food in dream

Looking my friend in stress

Loosing voice whiles talking in a dream

Lemon cut in 4 pieces

Losing of mangalsutra in dream in islamic point of view

Losing of mangalsutra in dream

Lost sleeper in the dream


Lion biting leg



Late father hitting my injected buttocks in my dream and apologises afterwards

Lending my dress to someone

Losing family member

Losing and finding phone

La ilaha illahahu muhammdur rasulullah

Loss of limbs

Long braided black hair

Lue sky

Loosing child

Letter on a ring

Long tail crocodile trying to come into house

Lid lost or stolen

Lid list or stolen


Ladies performing salaah in congregation

Ladder on a wall

Late father asking for tea

Love birds

Left hand remove from shoulders t

Left hand remove from shoulders

Late mother is upset and angry

Lights are falling from the sky

Little boy killed

Looking at beautiful dresses

Lion attacking eagle

Lady removing cloth

Listening to nade ali

Learning drive and car seen in a dream

Losing generator in the dream

Lailaha illa anta subhanakq

Laying on a sofa

Losing love interest

Licking pussy in a dream

Loosing virginity

Legs tattooed

Long walk with special needs child

Losing your scarf

Licking ewedu

Lost fught

Leaking oil

Looking from behind a wall

Longest public hair

Limbs dream means

Limbs dream meaning

Lips falling

Loose molar dream

Lots of bloodsucker into my whole body

Laying on one’s lap

Ladies scarf

Looking for headcover

Lion is husband

Lady bug dream

Lungs and veins

Losing an arm

Lower abdomen

Loss of excessive hair

Leafy vegetable and deceased mother

Lose cloth

Lose clothes

Lose clith

Large apple

Lizard falling on me in dreams

Looking in the mirror and getting younger

Lava in water

Lice in head dream

Lot of hair

Lost bags

Lost stuff in dream

Lose fruit of your labor

Licked hand by black dog

Lost in city and family members leave you alobe

Lizard fell in my dress

Lizard fell in my wearing dress

Losing a fish

Lizard in food

Lost thing found

Little boy who was sick and one eye turns black

Left hand burning

Looking at a margos tree

Looking at a neem tree

Loosing something valuable

Laa hawla valaa quwwata illa billah

Lactation in dream

Loan approved

Losing front tooth from root

Lifting something seems to be easy but heavy

Listening to khutba

Liking woman private part

Lion and tiger in dream

Long strands of black hair in food

Lion attack in a dream

Lost daughter

Laughing with my ceo

Left hand broken

Land cracked in dream

Laying on man

Leaves house

Looking in the sky praying to god dream

Lost simcard

Laying on lap

Leading people

Loosing cloths

Lost achildren

Lizard fall over you in dream

Longer than usual penis

Long penis in dream

Losing job in dream

Lose gold

Living in a slum houses in the dream meaning

Lion inside house

Latern fly

Leopard carcass in dream

Labbaik allahumma labbaik

Lady v

Lots of fishes

Leper beggar

Lice falling from hair

Lice falling from head

Lava and volcano

Leather couch

Little baby boy

Lion entering the house

Lion attacking

Large planes

Limb loss

Looking for job


Lantern flies

Long colour hair mixed with wick hair

Loose motions in dream

Looking in to my eyes

Lady attacking a man

Loving my husband

Large blue rock

Late father giving cakes and bread

Late father gifting cakes and bread

La illaga il allah

Lioness attacking family member

Lawful money

La hawla vala kuwwatha

Large cow made of glass with water in it

Loosing front teeth

Lost in a unknown city

Lone nose hair

Lion and lake

Left over sugaer can

La haula walakuata illah billahi aliur azeem

Lions chasing you

Loving a dead person

Light beaming on you

Loosing my voice and no one could hear me

Left front tooth fallen

Late grand mother blowing snuff towards me

Late grand mother blowing snuff

Lavender oil

Lemon rice

Lover saying i hate you


Living with my crush in dream

Lady sitting with a blind baby

Locking a person in a room

Lost toe ring in dreams

Lost shoe

Lot of bees

Losing 1 gold earring

Loose somebody teath

Lion eating arm

Lifting sack of onions from a woman

Living in my old childhood home

Losing person

Laughing while sleeping

Lichee fruit


Lizard chasing a rat under me


Light shining on me after removing cobwebs from my face in the dreams

Lover give gift

Liver dream islam

Lion attacking a camel

Liln eating a camel

Land subsidence

Lizards in dessert

Leaving my current job in my dream

Loved one dying

Lovers private part being gross

Long snake

Lightning and a rainbow


Lots of snails in the room

Lottery tickets


Love for neighbour

Looking at group of armies passing with treasures

Lost cat returns to home meaning

Lossing earring

Loving someone

Lahaw la wa la ku wa ta illah billah

Lahaw la wa la ku wa ta oklahoma village

La haw la wala ku wata oklahoma nikkah

La haw la wala ku watany

Lightning goes in my house garden and makes a circle hole

Land of ice

Lighting and storms

Laying in bed husband is sleeping on the other side a stranger smiling and staring at me in bed

Laying in bed on one side husband is sleeping on the other side a stranger smiling and staring at me in bed

Long hairs coming out of my mouth

Lizard watch

Leopard attack my sister

Landing on water

Losing a person

Lions chasing

Last verse of mujaadilah

Losing my wedding ring

Lemon guide

Light brownish cat

Looking for someone and can’t find them

Lost ind dreams

Lobola negotiations and stranger seen in a dream

Loyola negotiations and stranger seen in a dream

Losing control of my electrical car and wrist watch

Labbaik mecca tears

Losing your fiancé

Lizzard jumping on me

Lizard falling on back and tore it

Losing the way


Local imam gifts me a quran

Lesbo girl like me

Landing in an airport then walking behind sisterinlaws husband

Late dad telling me to pray

Loaded car

Loaded vehicle

Loaded riding

Lustful kiss women

Losing control of car

Loosing my ring

Losing my rings

Lion killed cat in dream

Little boy drowning

Liver coming out of body

Lot of white cows

Lions in dreams

Lioness chasing me to pet it


Lemons fruit

Late mother

Losing virginiyy

Looking at sharks in sea

Lady i have feelings for

Lady coming up to you

Lion and fire

Lost hair because of cancer

Lost chapal

Light ball

Light rain

Losting a cat

Little girl and her mother in dreams

Locking a door that opens

Lost dress and shoes

Living with a jinn

Late mum eating a banana

Lahawla walakuwata illa billa

Lost my way to go home

Lion playing

Looking beautiful in a dream

Lost my child

Left behind in a plane

Liking orange fruit

Love and marriage

Long dead snake

Looking at male organ of each other

Little girl asking to play with her

Looking for recharge card in dream

Loosing tooth

Loss of children


Lions with cubs attacking a person

Loosing baby

Large trees falling

Lending money to monkey

Laughing with a man


Loads of cats

Lost way to house


Looking handsome in the mirror

Late mom doing laundry

Lying next to dead

Leeches on tongue

Lost way to my home dream

Light from above

Looking at used clothing

Losing husband

Light on quran

Learning dua

Lices in dead person i removed

Learning quran in dream

Lumps on my breasts

Losing a motor vehicle

Losing a car

Lost a child

Loose child

Light making fire

Lost in big house

Lizard falling head

Loading tomatoes

Lizard urine fell on your head

Lice on head

Long white eyebrows

Late fathe

Lost my bike

Looking for sheep to slaughter for a new baby

Looking at female virgin in a dream in islam


Lost the road of my home

Landlord asking for money

Lottery numbers

Labour with delivery

Lizard in a dream

Loosing money and crying looking for it

Lemon tree

Leaving unjust

Lion attack elephant

Laying beside another man

Lady drwing into the water but i saved her


Lady with penis organ

Leaking dirty water from the roof

Loved person from past face

Leg in water

Leading a gang

Large snake chasing me

Lizard deinking milk

Lizard milk drinking cat

Leaking water from road

Lady and airplane

Looking nice

Looking handsome

Losing my baby girl in a dream


Laurel leaves

Lots food

Lots of snake

Loosing own hair

Land full of snow

Large haunted building

Losing track of time

Losing the diamond from my wedding ring

Loosing your molar tooth

Loosing your back teeth

Looking for my tithe card in the dream

Laughing with inlaw in a dream in the kitchen

Laughing with your in laws

Loose binded tooth

Lost my atm card after many search i block it

Lion bites

Leopard seal

Lost key

Losing tooth and rash on back

Losing tooth and rash on vack

Long snake small snake killed by father inlaw

Large cashews


Lace fabric

Locking door

Liitle girl naked and discharged

Lioness inside house

Love with student

Looking after a baby girl in the dream

Landslid falling on ones house in a dream

Learning to swim n enjoying it

Laugh with my boss

Left breast

Lion is a pet in my dream the lion seem happy with us and my mom was feeding him meat

Love gold sand

Lice hair

Long hair and beard

Loved one ill

Long white beard

Lip sealed

Long hair of a woman

Looking for someone you love cant find him

Long hair of my own head

Leopard and tiger

La ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah

La ilaha illallah wahdahu

Lizard in dream meaning

Lots of apple and pomegranate in mango tree and rain

Landing from sky meaning

Left side of face scarred

Lift accidents

Light years


Loved one waiting for you

Lots of dead family members

Land slide

Leaving your family

Log of wood floating on water seen in a dream

Lost way

Late for an interview

Lots of books

Lizard tail

Lost somthing

Lower tooth falling out with blood

Lost searching

Looking for

Lost watch

Loved one asking to let them in the house

Losing wife and child

Lake witth trees

Laughing and playing with my x husband

Laughing in sleep

Lost eye glasses

Lost a tooth

Loose motion in public transport

Losing eye lash

Lossening my hair in a dream

Leaning wall


Lost gold in dream

Leaving a child

Learning aircraft engineering


Lady ask for marriage

Loosen teeth

Leaving house

Lost bag


Losing brain

Losing testicle

Losing a diamond earring

Lotus dream

Little mango tree seeing in dream means

Living on moon

Lion vomitting in dream

Leastining louder music in weeding

Lots of silver coins in a toilet bowl

Lizard in the sleeping room

Limbs in a bag

Limbs of a baby

Leech stuck on feet

Leech stuck on fee


La ilaha illallah muhammad

Lots of police

Labour pains

Lesbian licking in a dream

Leaking water dream meanings

Lost shoe in mecca

Lizard attack

Lizard attacking me

Leopard biting

Long hairs in woman face


Learning someone to pray

Lost home way and seen christian in dream islamic

Lost my shoes

Lost my shoes walking order the rain without shoes

Losses my eyes i replace it by other eyes

Leaking roof while raining

Lost earrings

Little fishes

Losse tooth

Loud banging sound

Lump on the front throat


Lump on leg

Lots of crocodile


Long hair is suddenly short after brushing

Licking sugar

Landing on earth

Landing from skies

Laying on ground

Laying on the mat

Lying on the mat

Lost sister in dream

Lost left hand

Life in prison

Loud noise in dream

Loud noise n getting scared

Like electric shock in a dream without pain

Losing right eye

Lion on roof

Left arm amputated

Loss of maney

Lobola means bride prize


Lesbuan dream


Lion without a skin

Looking after your new born baby

Late for going work

Losing earing in dream

Late brother giving forty sheeps qurban

Lion with horns and blood on eyes

Lady finger giving by my sister in law

Lower teeth ache

Looking for where to sew my shoe in a dream

Lost the address

Lawyer with flippers on feet

Losing way in a dream

La ilaha illah anta subhanaka inni kuntu minal zalimin

Lost speech returns

Loved one injured


Losing something important

Looking for someone but not finding

Leviathan chase dream

Late father as a scholar in dream

Late father in dream as a scholar

Lost in building under construction

Lizard biting at your back

Losing job

Lake dream

Lots of fruit

Learning to teleport

Leather couches

Leaking pot

Little girl in dream

Licking anus

Lost my bag on a flight

Lapper meaning in the dream

Looking for someone but can’t find them

Lost pen

Loosing pen

Looking for someone and not finding them

Loosing a wealth in a dream

Loosing a wealth

Love with wife

Lighted cand l e

Lying in toilet

Leading salat in dream

Lockt door

Lost a house

Lost could not locate his house

Left le

Left lef

Late mother dying in car cash

Lion playing with mybdog

Losing my clothes

Lion giving birth in myhouse

Lightning arabic writing

Labrador retriever

Loads of people on a bridge

Legs burned by fire

Lost in ocean

Light coming from hands

Lost a thing

Lost a gifted thing

Lost gifted things

Losing a teeth

Lower incisor tooth

Locked up in a tent


Losing an earing drea

Laughs at you in a dream

Lizard and egg

Long hair of oneself

Large canine tooth falling out

Leading a friday prayer

Leading a friday prayer with the pre

Leading a friday prayer with the pres

Leading a friday prayer with the president

Losing virginity marriage and blood

Lots of small red spiders in a room

Leaving sihr from stomach

Late fathr blind

Losing eyes

Longest verse of quran

Lizard jump on me

La ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu mina dhalimin

Lizard meat

Lizard tail cut only face with eyes left

Light shinning on stomach

Lifting someone

Lizard eating in dream

Losing white dupatta and having red dupatta

Leaf of yam

Loosing hair interpreting

Lock doors

Leeches on my foot

Lamb meat on large quantity

Lamb ran

Lift not stopping

Light green clothes

Little girl playing

Leaft over food

Lizard falling near me

Lion ka dog ko khana in dream


Lost a mattress

Lost mattress

Loosing a virginity in a dream and seeing blood

Loosing a virginity in a dream and seeing bloo

Lover angry at me in dream

Lost mobile phone in my dream mean what

Learning the quran meaning in a dresm

Laptop bag


Lightheaded in a dream

Lion elephant

Labaik in a dream

Lost from brother in a street

Leather hat

Little girl hypnotised

Little children slippers

Lost clothes

Laughing at you

Leanign on someone

Looking for family

Lotus fruit

Legs like wood

Learning to drive

Lost path

Looking a woman in a mud

Labbaikallahum labbaik

Living in the same building as an university

Large lizard monster

Leaving islam as a religion

Loosing red dupatta in dream

Losing my eyebrows

Large piece of land but litle crop in land dream

Lost in adream

Labour birth

Living with a non muslim

Lady in white cloths

Land measurement in a dream

Licking palm oil in the dream

Lecture in dream

Lecture in a dream

Long hair in boiled milk

Lost something

Lake try

La haula wala quwata

Lahaul wala quwata illa aa billa

Liver stabbing

Looking my crash ugly

Left hand of iron

Lost my mobile phone

Losing a loved one

Large whale

Lost my shopping bag

Loosing all the teeth

Looking for sandals

Love ones ignoring me

Looking for stolen jewelry

Licking of salt in the dream

Losing a diamond

Lover touching face

Leg infection in a dream

Licking husbands penis

Large quantities of food items brought my father

Life threat

Looking for someone in a dream and not finding

Lizard falling on back

Loved one is harmed

Leaking water from my roof

Lion eating meat with my hands

Leather sanders

Little child on a dream means

La ilaha illalah in my dream

Lion pooping meaning in islamic dream


Losing an earring in a dream

Large space house painted with red

Losing eye sight and gaining eye sight back in dream

Locked room

Live creab

Losing and finding gold jewelry

Lizard falling on head

Leech entering vagina

Lost my shoes in a vehicle

Lip locking

Lots of headlice

Lion attacking my mother

Lizard dream

Licking honey in dream

Low mark in exam


Looking at a vagina and not wanting it

Lost phone taken by someone i know

Loosing teeth and ganing new one

Looking into childs beatiful different eye color

Leaking gus on kitchen


La illa ha

Loosing hair

Loosing hait

Loss of wealth

Loosing all teeth

Little sisters


Lizard in tea pot

Losing hait