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Dreams starting with the letter L

Leeping tiger


Lice bite

Looking for rice pudding in a known person house

Long tonque white hair

Lamb skinned

Licking wife’s private parts

Losing a baby pregnancy

Lion chasing a person

Lightning thunderstorm

Lightning and electric shock

Lower front teeth falling

Leading prayers in mosque

Losing tooth

Long hair people

Late family

Late brothers

Lice in kids hair

Lots of copper coins

Listening quran in my dream

Lion attacking you

Lion attacking and eating you

Liom eating you

Losing an item

Losing an it’s


Lots of money


Locked in jail

Locked in house

Love to me

Long tailed birds

Light beaming chest

Loaf of meat

Lizard falling on you then attacking and biting

Loosing gold in a dream

Leopard in dream


Lump eye

Lizard was thirsty drinking water

Lizard getting in my ear


Loosing virginity in dream

Losing gold jewelry and finding back

Lassi in dream

Listening of watermelon someone given in gravyad

Loosing someone

Lone man

Locus coming out of mouth

Losing your gold jewellery

Landslide family separation

Lame roster

Looking at oneself

Limestone powder in the dream meaning

Liquid coming our of an ear

Loss of borewell in a dream

Licking calàrbash chalk in a dream

Loving crow in the dream

Lizard with wings

Losing my job

Losing something and founding again

Lost stuff

Losing material

Little girls crying

Licking my ex pussy in a dream

Looking into a book where it displays grave in it

Lip kiss with stranger dream

Licking vigina

Lean old man

Lean old man wearing black

Light emitting from my body

Landing safe

Landing safely

Leopard animal in dream meaning

Lion attack in house

Lizard on wall interpretation

Live worms in left leg

Lay down tree

Laughing out loud

Losning finger

Lifeless person eating chapati

La hwla wala quwata illah billah

Lips licked

Losing a competition

Lost earring

La ilaha illallah muhammadur rasullallah

Licking curd on vergina

Lizad falling on dreamer

Lizard bites

Long road

Lailahillah dream mean

Looking for the snake

Late father giving money in dream

Late mom giving me fish in dream

Language book

Lots of dead bodies

Levelling sand and house in a dream meaning

Lifted by tornado

Lip kiss

Locking a door

Lining up to go hell

Laying next to a girl

Losing some patch of hair and have thin hair

Lion eating my father

Looking for a girl

Locking eyes

Lost a car

Lost a car in a dream

Lost car in dream

Loose a car in a dream

Luxurious room

Looking for an item in white grainy sand

Lion home

Leading presidents

Loosing phone then found it back

Loosing mobile phone then found it back

Lying next to your deceased mother

Leeches sucking on leg

Lying with a woman

Love little angry

Little children in dream

Laden trees

Lots of lice in hair

Lots of life in my hair


Looking premolar tooth

Licking own vagina

Loosing own child in busy shopping mall means

Lion and kill him

Looking for shopping mall

Lime licking

Lust dream

Listening for live alone

Labour in dreams

Lizards in graveyard in dream

Licking leg

Land of the dead

Losing half finger

Laughing with old friends



Little girl chili

Laughing in dream

Lion chasing sheep

Lost gold found

Lover’s mouth

Listening my wife saying i ll die in air crash

Listening someone saying i ll die in air crash

Lizard in glass bottel

Lot of money

Loosing my mobile

Life vein

Lions and white horse

Looking beautiful in mirror

Liking your reflection in a mirror

Lost voice in dream

Lots of lice in dream

Lice dream meaning

Leaving mosque after prayers

Looking at the eid uzha new moon through camera

Looking at the eid uzha new moon through

Lion eating someone

Losing a phone

Love letter

Losing gold earrings in dream

Losing pair gold earrings in dream

Lost cloth in dream

Liqour drinking party

Lunar eclipse

Lunar exclipse

Loosing 2 eyes in the dream

Lost of money

Lifting metal sheet

Lifting metal

Leechs dream

Losing car

Lila hi lala

Little girl sleep on my bed

Loin attack

Last night i teach one woman vagina what is the teer number

Lost my phone in a dream meaning

Lost my phone dream meaning

Late father giving money

Learning to pray

Lawn with green grass

Lottery numbers trick

Loyal and obediant cat

Lola lamb

Losing lock of hair

Loosing shoes

Laptop in room

Laughing with someone who betrayed me

Laughing with a betrayed in my dream

Lover in dream

Loose layers of wallpaper

Loosing cooking pots

Long arms

Lion snakes and dogs

Laughing out loud in your dream

Lizard on clothes one wearing

Life creation

Letter m on forehead

Live friend death

Lots of uncooked meat and sweets

Large black animal just looking at me in dream

Losing your car

Loosing one gold earings



Losing a school bag

Ladies thighs

Lizard falling in rice dream

Lion killing elephant

Loosing both shoes

Lifeless goat

Lifeless lion and lioness

Losing valuables


Looking so much hair on head

Lost phone

Losing your chicks

Lost my gold jewellery

Leacking washing machine

Looking for shoes and rain

Little sister being kidnapped

Leaking plastic water bottle

Losing inelection

Lizard head

Lion covered blood

Listening to surahs

Listening to syrah’s


Laa ilaha illa allah

Lots and lots of jasmine flowers

Lots of jasmine flowers in jasmine plant in the garden

Locked tasbeeh


Losing back teeth

Licking velvet tamarind in the dream

Lost cat return

Lion and water from rocks

Loosing a tooth and breaking my hand finger

Lizard head cut off dream meaning

Looking for a house to rent

Losing your walet

Losing a left side earring

Lots of balls coming out of the wall

Listening to khutbah

Lice infestation in hairs and lice falling after combing

Lizard pee

Late mother in dream

Licking palm oil

Loudly crying

Long curly hair

Lots of bears

Lion attacks me

La illaha illalah

Lion attacking my mom

La haula waka qoowata

Long golden hair


Leaking water from roof top

Lookng for my prayer matt

Losing canines

Lightning affect coconut tree

Lightening affect coconut tree and fire and fell down coconutrs

Lots of jewellery

Loud quran reciting

Loud explosions and room changing shapes

Lion changing to a cow

Lion that changes into a cow

Lice in hair

Lost slippers

L9st slippers

Lost and see your way

Lottery number tricks


Later from allah

Lion is eaten me but i alive

Lion is eating me

Lion is biting me

Left behind by my love

Looking at kabah

Leech getting in my body through anus

Lose of job

Large cows

Lightening bolt

Lovely cat

Lady giving birth to baby boy

Lift falling

Lava burst frm ground

Lava bursting frm ur house

Lizard in water tank

Losing the purse withmoney

Light from face

Lost in makkah

Learning how to make and sell chinchin in a dream

Lion outside the house

Looking into burning mirror

Landscapes flying in the sky

Leech entering head in dream

Leach in glass fridge and falling from it

Losing hair

Leer un corán en un sueño


Looking for lost child

Lizard creeping on my cloth that i put on

Losing my granddaughter in dresm

Locked in a maze

Little white dog killed a huge black snake

Little baby girl

Lesbian friends

Late father giving

Less time left to live

Living but without a heart the heart outside the body

Lizard in dream


Laser es

Leather eating

Lion attacking a cat


Lizard on arm


Lover as sister

Lesbian in a dream

Lion skin

Land buying dreams

Like some man is touching me

Little boy

Leading solat in my dream

Lion chasing me

Lacoste black shirt

Lions face

Looting dead people in the graveyard in the night time

Linin up of people

Linei g up

Leach into my vein

Loved by animal

Live fish without head

Looking at feaces

Lion cub attacked my daughter and bit her legs

Laughing at funeral

Lion tiger cat

Lion kiling me

Losing one eye sight

Lailathul qadr

Light weight

Licking my sister in law vagina

Letting someone borrow white and black clothes


Looking wretched in a dream

Lower teeth

Love confession


Lopsided breast

Leg sore

Living under a leaking roof

Light headedness

Losing earring

Lion killing peopl6

Late husband

Love one leaves you in a dream

Losing a cup

Lion in the house

Lohe qurani

Left toes little finger

Left foot little finger

Loose ring

Lost money

Lava around my old house


Looking after a baby

Lobster in the house

Land of light

Land of nur

Limbs becoming plastic

Limbs covered in plastic

Lions in my house

Lots of slugs

Looking at a grave

Leaves floating in air

Licked udara

Layla tul qadr

Late for prayer

Late prayer and making dua

Losing an eye

Laght in dream

Lesbian dream meaning

Loose motion

Lying down in the farm

Long transparent snake

La ila ha illallah in dream

Lion attacking the dreamer

Liillah illallah

Laying under the sand

Left to suffer or die

Living with bad person

Loving a woman

Leopard eating a snake

Lightning strike my arm heavy rain

Listening to surah baqarah

Lion cub

Laughing in prayer

Lion attack

Launched into space

Losing praying mat

Low marks in exam dream meaning

Laughter because of joke

Little children in a house

Loved ones arguing

Lion is biting on my hand

Lost my daughter

Losing child

Licking of sand in dream

Louse in the hair

Light skin boy


Losing sense of smell

Losing a bag

Lesbians in workplace

Licking vagina

Leading a prayer

Lizard comes around your led

Late for eid

Losing a ring

Loving mother

Large finsh

Large sharks

Little boy in laps

Little boy got stolen from me i cried so much

Little boy got stolen


Lizard jumped on me

Losing wallet


Lions in household


Leading prayer in mosque dream

Losing someone i love

La hawla wala quwata illah billah

Lamb meat



Lemons nmlime

Loosing nose pin

Lion in my house

Life threatening injury

Lizard stuck on cloth

Leading salah

Litsenig hadith

Locust beans


Losing teeth


Lot of spiders coming out

Licking vagina in dream

Lions chasing people

Lose mobile phone

Lots of cats entering house

La illaha illa lah

Lion tattoo on chest

Lost my gold in dream

Lack respect

Lock door

Losing eye sight in a dream islamic

Lots of dead fish in river

Loving in water

Losing hair from head

Loss and find of wallet

Late grandmother telling me i am going to her


Looking for someone

La illaha mohamed rusool lala

Long and healthy hair

Lost road


Leading prayer

Lion i’m front of my house

Loosing your belongings

Long beard

Losing your keys

Long pubic hair woman

Leaving the country

Losing my phone

Lion in dream

Lion dream

Leg burn

Lizard in a bottle

Lawyer dress

Loosing ones hair in a dream

Loosing hair in a dream

Labour pain of someone means

Long vagina hair

Lesbian intercuurse

Listening naat

Looking for house for rent in dream

Losing shoe

Losing footwear

Leg in bad situation

Listen the name who is going to die

Levels of jannah

Losing gold

Lice in my daughters hair

Looking for my perfume in the dream

Lost moneybag

Left leg pain

Laptops hacked

Lion kills someone but not me

Licking my girlfriend in dreams meaning

Licking my girlfriend meaning

Laying on side of road

Living being inside chest area


Laser light

Laser room

Lower tooth falling out


Laughing with boss in the dream meaning


Leopard running after you

Long hair loss

Light blue eyes of a girl


Leaves in my ears

Lots of lions

Lions and cheetah in the village

La hawla wa la quwata ila billah

Left eye

Lending jacket



Lifted up by jinn

Laughing with dead

Large golden cow

Light in the sky

Losing shoes

Lion chasing

Listening to a woman


Loan money in dream

Lying to mom

Leg gunshot but no harm

Live worms moving ln your body

Live worms moving in your body


Looking into mirror

Locating into a new home

Light blue and beam

Lighting a match

Lighting a matxh


Licking water

Long walk


Looking for spouse

Lost wandering


Lizard coming out from your ear

Losing voice

Lost duppatta recovered

Leader of the country

Lots of dead people


Lost duaghter

Lost of gold

Large beetle

Locking oneself inside a house

Locking door of a room

Lion attack and killed you

Late father

Licking private parts of known women




Laying on bed

Laying down on bed

Light in the grave

Losing child in a mall


Lotus flowers

Lemon in y

Lemon in you


Looking for shoes

Looking for home

Left handshake with crush

Left handshake with cruh

Loose teeth



Lost times

Late mum giving me a ring



Lemon leaves in dream

Lost gold


Lost of earring



Left hand cut off

Laborer naked


Left eye bleeding





Looking a field of cactus

Locust bug and goats

Leech entering vaginal

Leech entering viginal

Leech entering virginal

Long hair

Lice and nits

Little girls

Litle girls

Licking gallon

Loved one bitten by a tiger

Lid of cooking pot

Lottery fund

Lions hungry

Leeches inside your skin

Love from husband

Laying on white bed

Lion tail

Leader role

Losing bottom teeth

Look into eyes

Littly snake

Love boy

Looking into a mirror wearing white wedding dress

Lizard sitting in sugar

Loose skin on throat

Lıttle gırl ın a dream

Looking after a infant baby

Lots of ants crawling on my bedroom wall honey all over

Light headed

Leaky diaper

Loki laughing

Lion attacking people and you are safely walking without any harm

Ladder of iron

Leaking roof with water

Lover is getting married in front of me

Looking kab ah

Leech pulled out from leg

Loved one tragic death

Lost of bunch of keys

Lighting up a charcoal stove

Lightning up a choarkoal stove

Living between mountains

Lion on my roof top

Loosing beard

Loosing beard partly

Locust insect in nose dream interpretation

Love ffamily

Long thin hair

Lots of toasters

Legs are impure

Looking after ill family member

Licking vagina and

Licking vagina and ans

Leaving house due to flooding

Leopard cubs

Leopard at home

Lost my valuable phone in dream

Lizards and frogs

Laptop screen broken

Lady jin protection from loin

Lots of roosters on rooftop

Large body is walter

Lady in a cross

Lizard walking on wall

Licking of palm oil in a drwam

Losing one’s job

Looking the grave

Looking inside grave

Locked a chicken in water jar without food for days

Lost my scooter in dream in islam

Live die

Long hair and bun

Losing gold necklace and finding a fake one

Losing a thumb

Lover coming to your house

Loin jumped on my back

Looking for friend but not find

Leech on wife

Looking for part dress

Longer hair than i have

Lion and snake

Little girl get menstrual cycle in a dream

Lychee tree with lychees on it

Lychee tree full of fruits

Lump in breast non cancerous

La haula wa to

Loose molars

Lady bugs and roaches in the quran

Losing a pearl earring

Lady committing suicide

Loosing most teeth

Losing gold nosepin in dream

Laughing lizard

Losing shoes in masjid

Ladyboy wife in my dream

Lust full with girls

Leaving house because is about to fall

Leopard carcass dream meaning

Loosing my cell phone

Lizard dies

Late dad playin with my breast

Living near mosque

Living in the basement of mosque

Loosing half teeth upper

Loosing valuable thing

Lending cloth

Lossing ear gold

Loss of ear gold

Loosing two chance to score goals in a useful match

Long straight hair

Lover disinterested in dream

Late father touching my stomach

Late dad picks perfume

Light green soap

Locked in a cage by parents

Lady companion

Long nice hair

Lip kiss to mother

Lunar eclipse large full moon

Lump on back

Little girls with hijab

Little brother death

Listing your duas

Lion kill father

Liquid egg falling from d vagina

Lying on girlfriends lap

Loki veil

Listening the ayaths of quran

Large green parrots

Loose white hair strands

Low tode

Lost both shoe

Losing my virginity with shaitan

Locked up lost in brothel

Lost my shoes beige in color and in return someone offers golden high heels sandals in big golden plate

Lizard crawling on food

Lover sleeping in your lap

Large purchase

Little children looking at me in toilet

Leach coming out of skins

Lemon tree with overripe lemons

Lemon tree with rotting lemons

Lots of ababeel in dream

Lots of rats eating rice grain

Lobster constellation

Locating a friends house in dream

Lost of you ancle

Large ovaries

Large overlies

Leopard while hunting outside the house

Light talking

Light from a window

Light trioen a window

Licking arm pit of wife

Lose teeth half broken

Lilac and pink decorations meaning

Listening darud sarif

Licking a nipple

Large cats on house

Lights on m hand like a stars shinning so bright and white

Large camels chasing me and beautiful young women running

Light in sky arabic writing

Ladies trying to enter home without permission

Losing engagement ring

Loosing new utensil in dream

Lizard urinating in person

Lady changes to a men

Late grandfather fetching me for a holiday

Lizard eating with fork

Lightning descending from the sky on the eyes

Light from the sky above flights in the eyes

Loosing 2 front teeth means

Leaking a vegina

Lahawla wala quwata in dream

Lower abnormal pain

Leaving the place with your family

Lightning hit a tree

Lion attacking family members

Lots of small ants

Lion run after my family to attack and catches my daughter ad she get injuries

Lion ru after my family to attack and catches my daughter ad she get injuries

Lot of different fish caught

Large pimples on face

Looking for a family member but you can not find them

Lion face injuries

Laughing while cooking

Laughing while praying

Lion hundts after me

Lion hundts arter me

Lion was arter me but dident atackt me

Lion was behind me runing

Living person wrapped in shrouded

Living person wrapped in shroud

Long black hair of woman

Loosing jade

Looking amla in dream

Losing lower teeth

Lady chasing me

Long hair old lady chasing me

Luto symbol in my dream

Looking for someone but not finding them

Living with someone

Lots of jowar grains

Lover wearing black in dream

Leopards on road

Losing a diamond earing and getting back dream

Listening to durood sharif in a dream

Lot of coins at casino

Little girl chasing me

Lice in me and my daughters head and it was very painfull taking it out

Lizard faling from the wall

Lizard innthe dream

Losing a child i don’t have

Living person asking dead to give

Lion hugging a eoman

Light harming me

Lost missing

Last born

Licked feet

Losing tooth no blood

Lossing my teeth with blood

Looking for rizal in my dream meaning

Limbs of dogs

Lady wearing skirt backwards

Leaves home


Land value

Losing a money cheque

Labaik allah huma labaik

Lion biting my body

Licking red palm oil

Light went off

Live daughter dead in dream

Late queen

Licking blood clots from vagina

Lion feces

Lichi tree

Landing from a fall

Listening about someone’s illness

Lion bit

Lizard on hot water pot in dream

Looking at your extra head

Lacoste shirt

Lost in a mud house

Leadership character

Lauingen down with your love

Lizards eggs in dream

Large number of people gathered for salaah

Lossing bag

Losing my thobe

Lying down on the floor

Losing a boat

Love mom

Late father give leave medicine

Lice on a person

Leading family in salaah

Lion in house attacking

Lots of midges

Late husband litter

Lost earring in dream islamic interpretation

Leaving for madina

Leaving for masjid nabi in dream islam

Locus bean on my body

Leaking milk from breast

Lost cgild

Large fish with garlic

Loosing one pair of shoes

Love interest gets chosen to become a deacon

Late uncle asking for tea in dream

Loosing car control

Lizard with two face

Losing a slipper

Living in under construction building

Large penis husband wife seeing means

Licking my wife pussy in dream

Leg of my died father in dreams

Loving person giving goay liver in dream

Losing eye of a kid

Losing eye of a kud

Leopard attacking cow in the dream

List wealth

Losing or breaking a wedding ring

La hawla wala kuwata illa billah

Left leg tattoo dream

Light brown cow

La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah in dream

Little women

Legs feet

Large snake in my lap

Laugh in ear

Living people in dead people house

Looking teen girl with out dress

Leaking water in islam

Lost in dessert

Lying on stomic

Leeches inside the body


Lions attacking a cow

Light green

Lost in voyage

Lamenting for a theft

Lost in a midst of abnormal people

Live chicken coming out of my vagina

Licking an orange

Licking another women’s virginia

Lion wearing clothes

Losing keys in islam

Leader visiting my house

Looking for dried vegetables in dream

Lamb mating dream

Loss of premolar teeth

Loss of molar teeth

Lots of bride

Lips falls to one side

Lightening brightness surrounding me and my daughter and penetrate my heart

Lightening with brightness

Lapsing brother wife in dream

Large group of old people

Loved one getting caught

Light switch not coming on

Laying in sun

Leeches in the head

Late mom sweeping the floor


Laying in a box of snakes

Little white flour worms

Living in your previous house

Lion dead under a net

Large brown rabbit leaped at me

Longer hair than before

Loosing health in dream

Lying in bed together

Landlady sneaking

Landlady sneak out of the house

Looking different

Lost people in my dream

Lesbian with deceasedmother in dream

Light element finishing means

Lesbian touching breast

Lemon rice mining dreem

Loose stools medication

Leaking drops window ceil

Leeches coming out of the vagina

Looking at white clothes for unborn baby

Last stage of cancer of my husband

Looking janaza of neibour

Lose a key

Left hander

Learned scholar

La hawla wa

Lower teeth pulling

Losing jop contract

Looking for a loved one and seeing them in the end

Long nipple hair

Leading magrib prayer

Loss of eyebrows

Listen gause pak name in dream

Lending your gas cooker to a friend in the

Losing driving wheel in a dream

Little son insured

Lashes falling

Lacking behind in prayer and rejoining

Laughing at a hair goat lady

Letting a woman down

Lady giving white flowers in dream

Live in upperstir in masjid

Laughing openly is my child

Leaking tab

Licked moms vagina

Live coming out when comb and killing them

Letter m in hand

Lesbian saying that they love you


Love man door

Large fish tank

Laughing servants

Losing money and phone

Lime tree inside the house

Loved one death by heartattack

Litting fire

Luxurious house

Lady on drugs

Loosing teeth while sleeping

Lost my wallet in makkah

Lost id card in dream

Losing an unborn child

Lice on scalp

Low mark on test

Loss of mmoney

Legless white horse

Lizard crocodile