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Dreams starting with the letter M

Many brown horses

My husband peeing on me

My man giving another woman money

My house being attacked

Man marrying man

Meaning of dreaming of marrying a ghost

Marrying ghost

Marrying christian

Meaning of a mad man hugging you in your dream

Meaning of dreaming a banana heart

Mud in vagina in dream

Making dua in rain dream

Morning door closeing

Meaning os ewing milad in dream

Meaning of eating bread and akara in d dream

My husband holding a baby girl

Marrying another man than my husband

My deceased sister sitting in a huge vehicle

Magic box

Mooing cow in dream meaning

Meat being shared

Married woman see remarry again

My ex lover aamir kiss with me

Mad violent buffalo

Multiple egg yolks

Maaza bottle juice of tamarind

Me and my mom and sister praying

Moving home

Meaning of always eating rice in the dream

Meaning of always eating in the dream

Milk pot

Missing friday namaz

My leg been cut off

Man wearing oxblood in the dream meaning

My girl cosuin looked very cute and was wearing pink lipgloss

Making dua for forgiveness

Milk dish

Milk pouding

My son was stuck in warm room was crying for help

Mixed fruits in one tree


Meaning of buying iru

My mother got evil

Mother shaved

My sister killed me


My wife slapped me in public

Masjid e haram

Mother bathing me

Milk coming from eyes

Moringa dreams

Man on a white flying horse

My father push me through balcony

Meaning of the symbols of squeezing nose puss and blackheads seen in a dream

Moon clashing earth

My deceased father was in hospital pronounced dead but as i called him he woke up

Mother was carried to the hospital by her son in both hands

Mother in law is seen dead in dreams

Mother in law dead

Mending academic gown

My waist beads cut in my dream

Making glass figurine


Man in thoube

My ribs were expanding outwards and i was in so much pain crying for help from my husband

Molten lava

Mother dua

Missing stair on the staircase

My husband was gay

My mother is alive in real life but i dream of her dying

Meat dream

My home take fire

My ghee is stolen

Mom possessed

My mother is sick and i saw someone carrying her

Mi madre sueña que rezo


Morning turns into night

Moon falls on ground and explodes

Male penis

Missing teach

Meaning of avoiding mascurade in the dream

My dead mom is pregnant in my dream

Mary ibn imran

Mardi solid

Mother wearing teeth braces


Me sis

My daughter called me baba

My brother is pregnant

Mad man hugs in a dream

Mother sees boy circumstances

Marriage proposals coming for single woman

Me and my brother died in a wind storm

Meaning of wearing 3 gold ring between both hands

My mom got married

Meaning of 2 days time

My husband is cheating on my dream

My daughter in a car accident

Marriage proposal

Married woman pregnant

Married wife having dream of other man


Metal pin

Marriage with ex wife


Man about to marry another man

Mother arguing with me

Meaning of drinking garri in my dream

Mountain splits by a water

My wife married also to my brother

My wife martiage to some body else

Mother dreaming of her son without a beard



Men hugs woman

My dead father calls me

My relatives being rude to me

My relatives bein rude to me

Milk gushing

Monster chasing

My cats got taken away from me

Maggot coming out of vigina

Mother falling on ground

Man with female genitalia

Man becomes woman

Man smoking

Man wearing a womens clothes

My husband met my friend

My boyfriend met my friend

Misplace something

Meaning of the symbols of unripe and banana seen in a dream


My wife pregnant belly

Merry me


My boyfriend caressing my hair


Marrying a dead man

Mouthful of mud

Manager of commission

My dead sister giving me a phone charger

Meaning of purchasing ewedu in your dream

My husband giving me a beautiful white milk



Mommy dying

Making dua in big gatherings

Meaning of dreaming my grandmother giving me snuff

Man seeing his daughter

Man seeing his daughter playing

My mother in law was pregnant

Mixing water on milk

Milk dream

Mother in law carrying a white taweez

Mum wearing black deseased

My brother is going on journey someone dreamed that your brother died

Medicated fruit

Milk formation in bresat

My husband pushing me in deep water

Meaning of la ilaha illallah

Meaning of some one falling inside a gutter with dirty water

Metel statue

My husband is getting married with other women

Madina with a woman

Menstural cycle

Male private organ

My mom gave me food

Marrying cousin in dream

Meat loafs

My husband’s second wife pregnant

Moving away from the table

My son tears

Marital home on fire n quenched

Man staring out the window dream


Man entering the house and light is given off from his body

Man entering g the house and light is given off by him

Man entering g the house and brightens the house with his light

Man being stabbing another man blood everywhere

My dad passed away

My husband has throw quran

Mother broken leg

Maggot coming out of arm pit

Moon colliding to earth

Moon sun and earth

Making fire on tandoor

Mother chassing me

Man with knife

Miliped in dream

Missing gun shot

Military uniform and on duty

My own excreta messed

Meaning of harvesting yam in dreams

Mom dreamt that i failed a class

Meaning of rain

My decease brother and me having a conversation at a petrol station me asking him why he got himself into this and him saying he needed money to things for his daughters then he took me next door garage which was his friends because he noticed my break light were not working my dad drive past and i said to him he seen me not you

My mother cutting my hair short in dream

Mother who passed away giving flowers to her daughter who is alive

Meaning of a dream drinking a tea with a deseased

Missing horse

My mom taking bag and going away

Meaning of a cat and snake in my dream


Multiple men

My best friend wanted to kill me

My dead grandmother trying to kill me

Mom dying in dream when she is alive

Moon walking

Marrying a jin

Muddy water in bathroom

Mosque minaret

Making love to strange woman

More than one sun

Metal apple

Meaning of dreaming a calabash with water

Monkey family

My sins being exposed in dream to my fiancé

Mother returning from hajj

Married woman marries

Millet and rice

Mother has cancer in dream

Mistakenly eating pork in dream then realized it was pork

My dead brother giving me money

Many goats and one pig

Meet a old friend in dream many times

Maggots in the dream

My dad died

My child gone missing

Meaning of picking maggi in the dream

Mongoose attacking

My house was on fire


Men were watching me while i was in bathroom

My lete day telling me to pray

Making black magic

My face is have light

My daughter hair black and brown

My daughter hair

My daughter

Marrying tall older man

My mom was sick and i was crying

Maid stealing jewelry that i lost in real life

Maid stealing money and jewelry

Money with a padlock

Movibg out

My mom hitting me

My mariage

Meat in bags on doorstep

Meaning of my partner cheating with my best friend

Meaning of oxblood in dream

My wife saw dream she giving birth to baby girl

Mehendi in a hand

My whife fail her hair

My whife is lose hair

Man is having dream of putting his penis inside vargina of a woman

Milk coming from breadt

Man undress

Making lots of kheer i

Making lots of kheer

Making loats of kheer

My son is lost

Marrying my sister in law

Making food

Myself seeing pregnant

Myself seeing pregnant in dream

Mob wanting to invade my home


Meaning of sodom apple in a dream

Making dua in rain

My wedding rings stolen

My vagina bleeding

My friend wearing white clothes and green dupata

My jewels theft

Marriage women marriage

Makkah al mukrama in my dream

Married happy couple with a kid laughing

My pet dog being bit by a snake and dies

Mother talking

Minister having food

Magical diamond rings

My cat burning

Morher in law

Making wudu in the dream

Mud upside of shoes symbolizes



Meaning of egusi seen in the dresm

Mensuring oil

My husband linking my vigina

Moons exploding

My husband marrying my best friend

Making ghee in the dream

My friend dreamt about my marriage


Missing button

Me mom biting me in deam

My boyfriend in my dream

My dead mum give me gold necklace in the dream

Mom die in dream

My baby had all her teeth

Monkeys trying to enter home

Meat coming out of vargina

Miser husband

Mucaa dhiiraa dehe abba warra kiya bira demee

Mucaa dhiiraa dehee xiqo bode in deeme

Mucaa dhiiraa dehuu

Mucaa dehuu

Madrasa and sufi graves

Mother asking me forgiveness in my dream

Musjidun nabawi

Musafa after prayer

Man in women clothes

Man in a dress

My mother dreamt that i was drowning

My husband is having a baby with someone else


Missing broken soap dispenser

Mana seen in the dream

Marriage cancelled with crush

Many people dreaming about a person

Many people dreaming about a parson

Mrrid woman sees herself unmarried

My late my telling me to dress up

Me crying when i see my late mather

Milk product

My dad starting a new family

My husband bouth a bed for me and bring it on my room

Meaning of blood coming out of my private part as an old woman

Money paid in my account

Maula abbas alam

My daughter wearing wedding dress

Mother long penis

My daughter entering a married woman bedroom and wearing a beautiful dress

My beautiful mother wears white clothes

Meeting an old friend

Mother going on hajj

My husband has whole white beard

Missed someone nikah ceremony

My friend was smiling at me in my dream

My friend was smiling at m e

My late grand mother giving me snuff

Monkey entering house and i hit him

Mother sucide

Meaning of ocean receding really back that the edge is seen dream

Millet flakes

Making roti

Mad man proposal in the dream

Masjid with two buildings for females and male

My car battery got stolen

Margot on the ear dream interpretation islamically

Marriage of a husbang

Mother giving something

Masqcurade fighting

Meaning of dried leafs in a dream

Mohammad’s grave

Men wearing makeup

Meaning of the dream of picking up 7 kolanuts spreaded in my parlour in

Makin dua in rain in dream

Many cows waiting on a mountain

My phone gets stolen

My teacher asks me to write exams in my dream

My dad killed my mom

Mother of

Male child giving birth

Mad person chasing a pregnant woman

Mom being possessed

Mother can not enter house

Mother ask to return her belongings

Money contribution

Many toes


Mortar dream meaning

My name being whispered

My name being called

Marrying a president in a dream

My friend called me beautiful in dream

My mother cutting raw red fat meat in dream

Missing flying on plane

Masquerade in dream

My wedding canceled in a dream

Meeting my dead mom


My mother sick

Meaning of dead pig in our dream

Masjid made by gold

Masjid near sea

Makin out in a dream

Making love in your dream

Marriage to a boy

Mother wearing black

Mother calling

My boyfriend is getting married to another woman

My house was burning

Meaning of trees and grass bowing down for me

Man sucking nipple of unmarried

My culprit is seeking my forgiveness

Meaning of white sheep with a bleeding nose mean what

Marrying lover

My enemy kissing me

Meaning of executive of hell

Mother coming to fetch yogurt

Marhoomeen coming to my house

Marry with dead person

Man has no face

My died father in grave he was sleeping well then he wake up with smily face he suddenly remove him own ring then he put ring in my hand i was so happy the gold beautiful bird symbol ring dad given to me then i was called my husband

Milk vermicelli

Meat being served and some u know is watching you

Meaning of finding hair in food

Meaning of dream seeing bottle of fanta

Many light and dark eyes

Mention of black magic in a dream

Mention of eaten magic in a dream

Mention of eaten sihr in a dream


My wife put her head on the shoulder of another man

My wife put her head on the

Male teacher

Mongoose killing snake

Milk with rose petals


My toenails trun into dark blue color by itself in dream

Meaning of grinding melon in d dream

My mother saved me feom a killer

Me bathing and ab animal taking me somewhere

Mother in law being horrible

Mother in law horrible to me whilst husband stands by saying nothing


My sister who die in dream giving me clothes as a gift

Multiple proposals



Mad men in dream meaning

Meeting someone locally famous

Many children

Many births

Many babies

Mad man inside a house

Mad man entering a house

Married women dreams seen unmarried


Meat coming out of vergina

Murdering and cleaning blood

Marrying your siblings


Mountain black smoke and explosion

Making big paratha

Meaning of removing giggers from foot

Ma ny khawab ma apni czn ky qatal ki khabar suni ha qatal hoty dekha nhi ha srf suna ha kisi sy ky uska qatal hogya ha

Mosque in the sky

Multiple spouse

Mother in law brushing hair

Marrying a women with kids

My partner did not want to unfriend a giel

Meaning of eating fufu and granut soup in a dream

Mouth pearl

Meaning of buying a snail in a dream

Mother’s death

My left leg enter traps in dream what those it means

My left let enter traps in dream what those it means

Mustachio woman

Meeting foreign women in my home

Mother putting taweez


My gold jewelry gets stolen

Married woman dreams of marrying someone else

Missing perxon

Meaning of mad pregnant woman in the dream

My hair grew long in one side

Mother in law serving daughter inlaw food

Musk melon plant

My child burning in dream means

Meeting with political leader

Mother seeing her children being harmed in dream

My husband sleeping with another lady

Middle age women

My daughter insulting me


Monster chasing me ane falling from a cliff

Mad man giving me money in dream means what


Meaning of a cow chasing me in a dream

Meat eaten by rats

Money real and fake mix

My mom gave me and my sister gold

My friend shot me with gun

Maize milling

My dead mother blending coconut with me

Many moon and stars

Meaning of seeing a muslim in a dream

Meaning of lady wearing red hijab in a dream

Missing sister

Meaning of licking udara in the dream

My husband got job

Mucus in my mouth

My father beaten me in my dream

Me having cancer

Making dus

My wife kissed another man dream

Married to second wife

Moths in a dream

Mother from from height

My document stolen by eomen

Massage from prophet muhammad s a w

Mother in double in dream

Meaning of dreaming a police man giving you money

My mother became mad i dream


Marriage my husband

My husband talking to me about another wife

Muhammad radiology allah written in the sky dream

Making yam mounds in the dream

My mother given birth to a baby girl

Moons and stars flying

Miss a football match

Mosque and father

My diamond ring with the little diamonds off

Marrying withur brother

Missing my flight

My boyfriend covered me with a hijab

Mom died in dream

My husband is walking bare foot in dream

My husband is walking bare foot in islam

Meaning of picking snail in the dream

Moving a grave

Mountain of jesus

Microwave explosion

Mound in dreams

Meaning of removing snail from shell

My friend saw me doing umrah

My boyfriend leaving me

Married to cousin

Mangrove and ocean

Meaning of someone paying lobola for me

My entire family in my house

My bed on fire in dream

Mortal kombat

Mom nude vagina

Monkey kola dream interpretation

Moon and stars

My late mother cones to my house and brings cooked rice for me



Mustard oil

Mother carry her dead child son

Maggot in eyes


Muhaommed gave me to eat a plum

Monkey throwing stones at you

Man losing limbs

Meaning of fighting with sun in a dream means what

Meaning of fighting with the sun in a dream means what

My car washed away by flood in dream

Making rigged with holes in dream

My husband fell inlove with another woman

Medical school

Mean husband

Mehndi on hands

Meaning of asking blood in the dream

Mother no arms

Mother no limbs hands

Mens haj wear

Mother in law fighting

Mother in law and husband fighting

Mad woman biting me in dream

My ex waif look me on tha dream i pray in dram

Mom a guy i talked to for marriage intentions

Maggot biting right toe

Meaning of dreaming about seeing your late sister wearing your cloth


Mute talking

Matching outfit by group of women

Money and river

My mom going insane

My mom been crazy

My mom being crazy in my dearm

Monkey and mating seen in a dream

My deceased father cooking noodles and giving me advice in my dream

Man with long white beard

Mango tree with different fruit

Making love with a mad woman in dream

Meeting people before going on a trip

My mom hitting me with shoe on my face

My husband slapping me in dream

Marriage proposal for daughter

Male organ penis

Multiple partners

Moving out of a house

Mother is being abused by father

Mouse inside vagina

Mosquito tatoo

Meaning of cooking ewedu soup

Marrying uncle

Mum 2 months pregnant


Mother attacked in dream

Mother try to kill you

Maize powder

Money plant keaf

Matar ky poodhy dykhna

Metalic jars

Meaning of eating ewedu in the dream

Meaning of eating bread and fanta in dream

My husband getting married with another woman

My father smiling and reading dua for me

My father killed me

Marriage fixed seen in a dream

Mother was sick

Mouth and nose bleeding


Myself old aged

Making roto

Misunderstanding of husband and wife in a dream

Meat from my vagina

Makhan in dream

Making ridge in the dream

My sister killed someone

My hand have the moon green

Muslim ruler

Meaning of present son

Muslim woman in a dream

My crush said i love you too in dream


My mom sick with cancer

Marrying a person you know

Mother and pregnant seen in a dream

Massaging your dads legs who has passed away

Miscarriage of a baby

Mother in hell

My daughter give birth to a baby girl

My daughter die and is getting shrouded with kafn

My daughter died after giving birth to a baby girl

My husband having with another women

Man in wit gewaad gezicht als licht

Mother in law offering food to me in dream

Meaning of frying egg with bread according to islam

Meaning of the symbols of break coconut seen in a dream

My father beating me in my dream

Maggi dream meaning

Mom pooped

My mom died

Mating with a male cat in dream

Man man beating a pregnant woman in a dream

Mother going abroad

Missing front tooth

Man trying to rape my youngest sister

My husband is reciting inna lullabies wa inna ilahi rajeoon

Morph frog

Masour dal in a dream meaning

My tooth removed

My husband marrying another in a dream

Missed a flight

My cousin got raped

Married to a unknown person

Meeting small snake

Man haunting me


My sister trying to kill me in my dream

Moving bed


Mutton coming out of mouth

My father law said don’t drink the water what does that mean


My pant falls while i was praying in mosque

Meeting an old psychology teacher

My old sister getting electric shock in my dream

Muslim cap

Misty weather

Marriage of someone you know

My husband giving ring yo another woman

My husband d

Meaning of collecting something in a nylon

Meaning of carrying black nylon

My husband had a baby girl with another women

Married woman as a bride

Marrying a girl

Meow cat


Man seen himself eating mango

Male child in laps

Me lising kuran

Milk out of my breads

Man in white cloth

Mother baby qaiseda me

Making juice

Mad chasing


Meat in the toilet

Meat intjm

My toes getting cut off

Mould or fungus in house

Maulana tariq jameel

My late mom wearing my scarf

My child vomited in dream

My baby vomited

My baby vomited clothes

Meeting a stranger in a dream

My wedding night me and my x husband laughing and playingg

Meaning of seeing someone again and again

Mango fruit in a sac

Mother beating her son to death

My daughter opens the door in her dream and sees bright light unbearable to look at


Many muslim

Man breastfeeding his child

Mountain cat

Mountain car

Mountain tiger

My baby taken away


Marrying an elephant in dreams

Macimbo eating in a dream

My late dad giving me money

Mayeth dreams

Man touching vagina

Mother cat and kitten

My dead mother was sick but in the dream she was healthy and good


Man calling your name out

Mother died

My crush hug me

My deceased husband showing affection

Meeting friends at mosque while sick

Mouth sea shells

Manny goats standing

Muslin person merry in church

My brother cleaning my house light

Masquerade pursing a female means what in islam

Male relation

Male jinn want to marry me and fighting

My mom had skin cancer

Missing fard prayer in dream

Mother carrying woods in dream

Male friend tell me he miss me

Me reading surah rehman

Making bed for mother

Making bed

Man i heet you

Marrying a foreigner and going abroad happily together

Mountain of garbage

Man falling from a ladder

Marrying 2nd time to my cousin

My name written with i love you

My name written

Missing myself

Making love with albino woman

Making love to albino woman in the dream

Meaning of seeing goat head in dream

Meaning oc

Mosque breakdown

Meaning of bereft of deen

Mad dog attacked a little chick in a dream and eat it

Making puri in dream

Milk come out from ears

Meaning of receiving better kola in dream


Making heap farm

Man with no face


Mogra flower

Marrying a women that you know

My toddler son vomiting a snake whilst i am pregnant

My toddler son vomiting a snake when i am pregnant

Mum with another man

Maggots eating up my feet

Man swearing

Man with curly hair

Mean of milk turning black in dream

Meaning of eating amala and ewedu and stew in your dream


Men translation me spat

May spiritual translation me


Monkey poop in dream

Man wearing black clothes

My husband trying to harm me

Massaging someone in dream

Missed salah

My deceased dad shoes

Military arresting me in a dream

Marrying a man shortly after knowing him just before marriage referring and hesitating

Many shoe prints

Mom committing suicide

My mom passed away

Massah allah

Menstrual cramps

Man with blurry face

My engagement


Marring someone and regreting it

Meaning of urining in a dream

Meaningdoing istigfar in dream

Mother sick in dream

My brother got kidnapped

Money to dead person

Man having full of hair

Masquerade dreams

My crush’s mom

Many white men penis

My husband kissed another woman islamic dream meaning

Meaning of applying lotion on my leg in the dream

My house is full of water

My mother getting married in my dream

My crush without her headscarf smiling in my dream

My husband slap me in my dream

Mixing 2 different waters

Meaning of the symbols of eating amala and ewedu in a dream


My dead father asked for some money

My dead father asked for some money in islamic culture

Married women seen naked with another man

My daughter is fallen by horse

Making up with partner after a fight

Man tolkme

Man tolk me

Married to a stranger suddenly

Mud soil house

Mother leaving me

Moon splittingin many

Man kissed my forehead

Male kissed my forehead

Malik il mout

Money kept falling from me until my wallet broke

Muhammad name on the sky

My arm was cut off from elbow

Madman chasing you holding nife in a dream

Mother commiting suicide

Missing a dead person in my dream

Mother getting married to another man


My son fat

Meeting an unknown person in a dream after istikhara

My friend got engaged

My family forcing me to marry someone i don’t want


Missing the salah

Missing the salat

Mensuration periods

My sister is cutting my hair in dream

Mendi in dream

Mandi in dream

Mandi in dreem

Magots interpretation in super bet numbers


My old friend

My dead father giving me car keys


Missing bus

My deceased dog is visiting me in dreams but they are quick

My husband wearing another women panty

Musa kazim imam in my dream

Marrying 19 years old girl

Meaning of termites eating your clothes in a dream

Monsterous thing grabbing you

Me crying in my sleep waking up crying because my lover cheats on me with past person

My lover cheats on me with past person


My head got eaten


My neighbor killing me

My father getting married again to an unknown women

Meat in a stick

Mean of eating pounded yam and groundnut

Men genitile

Madressa children

My brother came to my house

My crush touching my hand in my dream

Me weeding with jini

Me tolk hadis

My sister gets back together with her ex partner

Mould on newborn

Me flaying

Me flaying with

Me flaying with jbreel melak

Meeting my mums mum in dream

Me driking milk

My nails broke

Man was killed by woman

Metal shop dream

Mucus and blood

My sister in law is naked and my husband looking at her

Married women dream marriage proposal

My ex paying my lobola

Mad woman praying for me

My mobile is cracked

Mud in passage

Muffy lake dried after some time

Man sees flowers

Mice in my house

Mail color

Mud on jacket

My mother’s open grave

My boyfriend called me ugly

My dead grandma gave me money

Mother giving birth to baby boy

Maid give lots of mutton

Making sihr

Mom got her periods

My house ruined and us drowning

My house in a landslide

Marrying a kafir

Meaning of my name written on a signboard

Meaning of mad person in your house

Meaning of plucking and eating udara fruit at the same time in a dream

Miscarriage but not pregnant

Mother got possessed

Mother in law giving gold to you

Making a lunch box full of food for your self

Mother asking for money in a dream

Milk turning into green water

Milk turning water

Me pulling my trouzer to gift someone who need it in the dream

Man to woman

Marriage to a white woman

My uncle tried to rape me in my dream

Many dead fish without water dry and land seen in a dream

Many cocroches

Many fishes falling from aquarium

My friend is coming continuously

Miscarriage in dream

Meeting my friend dad

Meaning of snake wrapped on someone back of leg

My sister died in my dream and i took her to heaven and felt a relief

Man in saree

Meaning of the symbols of someone sucking my breast in a dream

Marriage in christian attire

Maggots falling out of body

Murdering someone in a dream

My aunt got stabbed

Meaning of breaking camphor


Man cutting bag of money open

Mad person biting you

My late father giving me cake in a dream

Meaning of transfer of work in a dream

Mention amount of money in a dream

Man without shirt

Mother give green snakes to her sons

Man telling you you’re beautiful

Menstruation during pregnancy

Mum possessed in dream

Music in a graveyard

My mum and mother in law talking at my home

Mad dog attack a little chick and eat it in a dream

Meat on skinless legs

My clothes in a pit latrine

My clotges in a pit latrine

My dead brother hitting my daughter

Moong dal in dream

Marrying unknown

Maggots from face

My brother giving a branch full of guava

Making dua crying

Murder scene

Making love with cat

Meat with fat

Magic remove

My friends went out together and ignored me when i asked them why

Marrying a very rich man

Month and date in malta

Meaning of exchanging shoes with dead people

Mango seed neem plant


Mother in law

My face has hole dirty water and bleeding coming out

My face has a hole bleeding and water was coming out from it

Malice your wife

Marrying mafia

My mother gave me new gun

My mum gave me brand new gun

Meeor hitting earth

Meaning of dog sucking someone manhood

My father was insane in my dream implications

Making whudu

My trousers in a hole

Muddy garden

Marriage favourite person

Madman flogging me

Making clay pot in a dream

Making clay pot

Musical party

My brother going hajj

Musical band

Meeting prophet muhammad

Marry soneone

Mother gets possessed and chased me

My sister given birth to baby


Many eagles flying

Mushroom dream number

My boyfriend sucking my pussy

My boyfriend sucking my clit in the dream

Married woman sleeping with other men

Mingling posh

Masjidul haram dream

Milk on yhe ground

Milk on the floor

Making shit