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Dreams starting with the letter O

One eyed monster killing everyone

On my period

On a ship

Own room roof collapse

One tooth falling out

On sky light

Other man got intimate

Oil bath dream

Object in eye

Ocean dark

Offer food

Off white clean and beautiful dress

Old ladies chasing me

Old lady chasing grabbed my left hand

Oil yout parents hair

Off white dress

Off white

Old man’s

Old letters

One’s mother

Owning exoensive items

Old leaves

Old leaves being cleaned up

Old people

Ones madness

Oude vrouw

Oude vrouw dragen

Old naghbur

Orange ball

One ear earring lost

Old women seeing herself pregnant

On a big tree

Overflow of watertank

One sees herself kaffin

One sees herself dead

One sees herself in a kaffin

Oil is coming like rainfall in dreams means

Old friend buying a gift

Old friend gifting

Organism in dream

Ok dreamt clothes

Of decd mom handbag

Ones have three wives

Oil poured


Own long hair women

Old sickly woman being held on both sides

Offering jummah prayer in mosque

Other creatures

Old woman vagina seen in freams

On the e tree

Oppressing oppressors

Old nails

Olden nails

Of a woman gathering a lot of people in a room giving them all the luxury they want and all of a sudden the lights go out and huge men come in from nowhere and start grabbing people everybody starts running and some people are caught and some escape

Oversize trouser

Ogbonu seed in dream

Ocean and rain fall down

Ocean attach with rain falling

Own mom killing her daughter dream

Over flowing basin

Offering water in dark masjiet

Offering someone water in a dark masjiet

Opening a portal

Old black man white beard and turbant sittning in a beutiful place

Oro festival

Okro in a dream

Organum dream for women

Old employer

Own mother is pregnant

Old job back


Oneself flying and came upon a river

One seen himself flying and seen a big river back was called by cousin and ge returned

One eyed kid

Others wearing red

Old housr

One maggot coming out my body

Offering salah in house about to explode

Our head man who came home and sealed at ground

Octopus in desert

One fat black cow and white

On seeing corn fields with corn by a pregnant woman

On seeing pears means

On a beach he wanted to stay but told me to go back

On seeing corn fields with lot of corn means

On seeing corn

On a horse and cart

Onion with numbers on it written in red ink wrapped in newspaper

Oppressed people suffering

Old male mean

Old man i know

Old men trying to take me and am shouting for my husband

Old man trying to take me

Old men by my door

Ocean water turns to gold



Others cutting hair forcefully

On water

Orange calf

On call with girlfriend

Offering to transport

Offering conveyance

Offering a lift

Ones death by bomb

Organ test determine women organs

Opening new shop in the new mall

Others deaths


One of the small bird suffering

One small parrot suffering for its live

One small parrot suffering


Old woman pray for me in islam language

Offer prayer in dream

O blood


Owl earing birds

Owl eating and bird seen in a dream

Opening of close doors and went out

Oil dropping from plane and home ceiling leaking

On seeing big human

Oro was running after me

Old woman got married

Old people young

Old borehole

Onions and lemons in dream

Old ladybin train biscuit

Oven burn


Older late brother came and hugs me start writing a number

Own name

Oiling some one to wife

Old bestfriend

Old friend in dream

Old woman marriage

Old women menstruating

Own funeral

Old place

Oiling my hair

Old women menstruation

Open cut on leg

Old class mates

Own gold jewelry

Other people inside home

Owning homes

One eyed faint

Other asking islamic charity

Old rich man


Offering milk to snake in dream



Our own flesh

Oranges fruit


Opening the door

Opening the door to an unfamiliar old lady

Obsessive person

Object that grant wishes

Orange living room

Others dream of me

Orange mark on forehead

Other women

Oil spilling from pan

Old man in green dress



Oiling to deceased person

Octopus eating people

One’s own blood

One pair of shoe is cut

One shoe being cut

On top of a bus riding alone and making videos of nature scared and enjoying at the same time

Orange and pineapple

Opening a salon

Ocean temple

Oiling in scalp

Of a baby girl

Ones child being killed

Old weak bridge

Octopus entering the house

Offering prayer facing east

Outlet mall

One leg longer than other

Old woman prays

Orange sky in a dream

Older version

One’s child playing with a snake

One girl is getting ready for marriage

Own vagina

Old lady in chair

Oranges in dream

Orange cat in dream

Oil leaking from roof


Own body

Old burnt building

One lemon n 1 green chilly kept in ur father house

One lemon n 1 green chilly

One slipper cut

Of quiet mean in a dream

Onions in garden

Onion garden

Offering amla to someone

Own sickness

Owning a tiger as a pet in dream in islam

Of black and dot bigger seen in a dream

Owning elephant

Old car running smoothly

Okra dream

Ocean with grass

Oil staining white cloth in a dream

On top of a lemon tree

Onions larger bag seeing’s in dream

Oneself withdraws blood in a syringe from various body area

Officiating a wedding that goes wrong

Olive fruit

Old bullock cart


On the train

Old lady with a knife

Old lady scary

Ocean walk

Orphan at door

Old man wearing a white shirt

Okra and seed

Orange tawwez

Old woman riding a bicycle

Old man with a hook and a book

Old woman in front of the door

Old woman doing magic


On the toilet infront of people

Oil in corn dough

Oil in dough

Oil in food

Offered meat as gifts

Owning a small black cat

Owning a beautiful house

Old man with white hair

Orange bag

Orange oil

Offwhite silk dress

On the toilet

Oil running out the car

On fire

Oneself young

Opening the fridge and drinking lemon juice

Overcoming fear


One shoes

Open well and water

Opponent holding hands

Onself beautiful

Old woman hugging

Old memories and old place

Ocean strom

One of my friend try to attack me with knife

Old friend sombre

Of getting married

Off food

Offering salaat

Oun land

Old friend betrayal

Owl cry

Owl screech at night

Own gr

Owning a mosque

Ocean and fishes

One cat that’s blind in one eye and has no nose one cat that’s only blind in one eye and one cat that’s perfectly fine

Old woman pooping on a dream

Of you getting shot


Organised dumpsite

Old begger man and child


Owning a haunted hotel supporting my husband and besides all my family

Out of grave

Old house with a swing and everything in green color

Octopus dream islamic

Octopus blood

Owning a new store

One star and moon in dream

Old white tall man talking about marriage proposal

Old aunt in young get up

Opening jackfruit and eating

Offering chadar in dargah in dream

On the way to important interview got struck by lightning

Offering salah

Ottism man

Old picture

Offering me a house


One die in her dream

Or egbert

Own a beautiful house

One leg being shorter than the other

Old woman gave me bitter cola

Old woman wrapping my back

Of you see mating of two cats

Orange golden color


One eyed

One of my leg got bitten of by a creature what does it mean

Overlooking house

Okro granding


Old beard

Overhead water tank destroyed

Ocean and small land

Old key

Old man praising me

Old friend as your husband

One eyed brind

One portion of my head was bald

Oranges in plates


Opening a court record

Old woman looks young

One muslin her merry christie woman

One mother dog crying with her 2 baby dogs

Ox sucking woman

Ox biting or suckong

Oil dream meanings

Ocean wall

Orange mug

Okro and dead animal

Offering tea to young boys

Opening a gate

One man you need

Old pets

Old memories

Old silk saree from dead peeson

On my frohead in dream

Own child falls from height

Orange fruit in the sky

Orange in the sky

One man translation me

One man comeing cloth


One man tolk me about resul

Ocean dream

Old lady blessing me in dream

Offering prayer

Other person garment

Other clothes

Of a friend i dont speak to now

Orange tomato

Orange box

Old building collapse

Opening a window to be under water

Oil lake

Ocean water frozen

Old stones

Ordering burger in a reception and standing on a line

Own dad


Only shirt on

Orange clour

Orange dress dead

Ones cloth floating in a well

Oneself giving birth

Opearting new tecnolgy in dream

Ox killing poeple

Observing a daily prayer in dream

On a horse

Own haldi ceremony dream

Odi aso in the dream

Odi also in the dream


Old and sick



Old women standing in field with bundles of rope

Overflow feces in toilet

Old big masjid

Old lady wearing white

Our room in school before we resume i meet that we were kick out

Ocean whirlpool

Oiling feet

Old woman praying for me

Opening coffin in the funeral in the dream

Orange colour shirt

Opening shop in dream

One eyed white snake

Opening shop

Opening new shop

Ovetfil ocean

Ostrich eggs

Offer fajr pray in dream

Old wo

Old muslim man

Ones dougther falling in to the well

Own haldi ceremony

Owning a baby sheep lamb

One green leaf

Oil turn to gold

Old furniture


Opening a bottle

Orange s

Okra green vegetables

Okra buying

Oil fountain

One shoes little bit torn

Old naighbour

One eye on forehead

One eye on firehead


Old ladin dies becomes a dead baby

Operation in your body


Object coming from nose

One fingernail broken

Out of air in hospital

Open space land

Open door with key means

Old man going up and down stairs

Owing a house

Owning car

Order of death by hanging

Our families meet

One wall shaking in earthquake and broken in house

Opening whit door

Orange colour

Overflowing toilet with oil

Orange seed

Old memories with the dead

Owl on one’s lap

Orange milk


Oarfish dream

Oil bath

Old lady asking for name

One of my nipple fall off

Old woman with black hair

Ocean is red

Old man gives me gold coins

Oil come out from ear

Of brothers house on fire

Over flowing water in fridge saw it in dream

Often dreaming of dead relatives

Overflow toilet

Orange and avocado taking them from the tree


Old tree cutting

Old cutting tree

Others wife

Orange sky


Offspring salaah

Other person naked

Offering fruit to a dead person


Own thumb injury with blood

Old house earth quake

Offering namaz in dream


Only seeing moon n stars at sky in night

Old house repair

On a moving vehicle

Orange cat crossing your path

Opal gemstone

Orange kitten

Otange coloured saree in dream

Oven explosion

Onion scattered around outside the compound

Onion scattered around outside the house



Okro in dream

Oil get finish

One comes in contact with a mummy

One man kills another man

Over flowing toilets

Older man praying for my pregnancy in dream what does it mean

Offering salah in front of kaba

Old couples

Operation of eye in a dream

Old and ugly self

On a plane

Others long hair

Old king palace

Of eating fried chicken

Orange falls from sky

Over flowing water in toilet

Old women chasing me

Okra plant in a dream

Old man turning young man

One friend becomes mad

Old clothes giving

On a yacht in sea

Old man shakes hand

Old bicycle

Ox entering house

Oneself getting ready as bride

Open buttons

Old man in white with long hair

Orange colour coloth fly and it cover the stachu

Open public toilet

Our own cat

On a mountain

Organ meat

Office pin

Over flowing washroom

Ones father killing a friend

Owning a debt

Old days


Oranges falling from heaven

Oats in a bus selling by men

On a grave yard full of snakes with father and siblings

Open new shoe shop

Owning an aeroplane

Offering chadar in a dargha in my dream

Only legs in swimming pool

Orange objects

Orange color decorations

Orange figurines

Old woman trying to have a baby

One eyed devil

One receiving a gift

One who receives gold

One arm eaten by a lion

Ocean or river get dry

Ocean covering desert

Old womman sees herself giving minced meat as sadaqa

Offering broken crockery from dead mother

Open fast with radish

Ocean at night

Ocean foam n fall on the dreamer

Old women

Overflowing pot of food

Oil dripping from forehead when praying

Ox getting in forcefully


Orange fruit


On dea5h

Old woman telling one you are very beautiful

One eyed man

Own son head injury

Old best freind

Own shirt and trousers


Obstacle in path

Oiling someone else hair



Octapus attack

Ogbono seed

Octopus arms

Orange trees whith beautiful fruit

Orange tree whith ripe fruit

Orange tree whith fruit ripe

Old women getting raped

Offering namaz

Old woman asking for food

Olive leaves

Orange cat

One long hair growled in tongue

One eye human

One eye big man

One falling dirty water

Others praying in my house

Ox trys to kill me

Old man praying for me

One eye blinded

Old lady blessing me

Of having long hair

Offering respect

Owls attacking me


On wedding dress

Old men trying to kill me with a stone

Old servant

Old woman pregnant and give birth

Old mother pregnant and give birth

Old mad woman climbed our house

Orange give


Own sperm

Offered peeled cantaloupe

Old dead relative

Onion skin

One eyed cat

Ogbono seeds online

Old woman killer

Old woman kidnaps me

Open grave

On top of a rip mongo tree plugging it out

Own house making

One becoming a animal

Ocean and ships


Opening empty fidget

Overeating sweet and vomiting

One eye

One male lion and a female lion

Oranges in graveyard

One women telling me to read surah asr and nasr

Orange colour sky

Other planets

One bottom tooth fell off

One of my teeth fell off

Owl feather

Own child baby delivery

Oil and milk drink

Owl speaking

Of myself menstruating

One ear ring missing

On a cliff grass and gate

Old men shattering glass windows


Old man with an bag of money

Overthrowing tyrant

Orange sun

Old work colleagues


Orange snake

Old wise man

Old man raping me

Oil milk and late mother

Old man praying

On yot

Open gate of a house

Old woman reincarnation

One bird dead

One bathing from a bucket in islam

Ocean tattoo hijab


One tooth fell out but it was two teeths instead

Olied hair

Ones belongings

One eye deceased person

Only one eye

Open safe

Old lady in wedding dress

One shoe on while asleep

One shoe on


Open chocolate

Old man praying for me in my dream

Obeying to allah

Orange drinks

Own death reciting kalima

Old kaaba

Own neck

Old an

Outer walls of kaaba replanted with fresh mud

Over flowing water from tap

On picture of husband and wife someone write divorce

On head large pits

Ocean parting


Okay thanking my ancestors

Othe man naked


Olives trees

Overcome tribulation

One hand paralysed

Old skinny dog

Own hanging till death

Orange good for mucus in stool

Ox fighting

Ox killing horse

One eye in forehead


Old person taking a bath

On the boat in ocean

One leg longer than the other

Open door

Orange color

Old friends

Overflow home water tank

Own shiit

Oil lamp in rain


Orphans of palestine visting ur house

Own haldi and mehandi ceremony

One try to kiss and rape a married woman

Ocean full of water

Old woman


Open a new house

Oil in the ear

Own dead by deceased

Own dying by deceased

Out of control horse



Old friend

Old man

Old woman on train

Old lover

Open cupboard

Orphan boy eating human flesh

Opening of closed door

Ones back

Own teeth has broken

Olive oil on fert


Oid house selling

Obiendient cat

One sees herself in the toilet cleaning herself after defecating

Odd numbers

One self in dream get marry with red dress

Oil jar

Ocean weeds

Ocean bed

Old teeth fall and new teeth comes

Ornamental plant

Opening of door mosque

Other people poop

On my dream if i see my daughter doing namaz wearing white dresses

Old house cleaning

Orange scarf

One sees pine apple

Offering a place for someone to perform salah

Old friend saying sorry

On bed with a girl half naked

Ocean splash or rise

Opening doors 9f kabbah

Ocean whales

Owner cleaning the house

Ocean waves with fishes

Ostrich raising a leg up looking at ones house

Ostrich at ones gate

Ocean smell

Oneself covered in disease

Orange flower bloom

Ordering food

Orange nakedness

Offered salah in dark night

Orange eye bull chasing

Orchids flower

Orchard flower

Opening braids

One eyebrow

Old man watching

Own urine on hands

Opening someone’s foot

Own father is sick

Oil bathing

Offering dates toyou

Octopus without legs

Octopus meat

One of my slipper fell into the gutter and i remove it fellen slipper from the gutter

One of my old friends wearing red outfit

Old friend of mine wearing a red outfit

Own self naked

Opening a gate for someone in the dream islamic

O keep on dreaming that i died and people standing around me

One small portion of head bald

Old man hugging a lady

One seeing muslim ladies wearing white clothes sitting on white chairs in heavens and them keep on disappearing

One seeing white things disappearing in heaven

One saw a white cow in a dream

Oil on foot

Owning a white small car

Oneself holding a baby

Oldest manager with gray hair

Own rape

Owl pe

Opening maggi cubes

One of my slippers fall inside a gutter in the dream then i later picked it as water from nowhere tried to carry it away?

Oil on the floor

One of my teeth fall off

Own childhood and lipkiss

One eye baby like dajjal came into my dream

One eye baby came into my dream

Opening the door to mother

Ostrich in my house and trying to run away

Oxen chasing me in dream

Onion cutting in dream

Obsessive unknown man

Owl faced man

Owmen biting

Orange friendly kitten

On top of the speed hump

Old tooth

Old lady having a baby boy

Opd friends

Ocean dry

Open water

One grey hair

Opening my body

Old woman ask for food

Old treasure

Opening quran and find blank

Old man guiding the path


Old black slippers

Own death in accident

One eye open and you are looking at someone

One descending form the sky in a dream

One eyes child

Only wearing underwear

Over ripe mangoes over a tree

Onboard white car

Onboard car

Opening of house door

Okpo dream

Old lady wearing green saree


One woman chasing me

One eyed cat attack

Old dead lady making sweet for family

Ouja board

One self getting sick the

Oneself getting sick

Opening a office

Office building demolished

Old books

One falling sick

Oid man asking for money in dream

Old statue

Old clothes book upset

Obedient daughter

Old storage

Old man standing with stick

Opposite gender holding hands pulling away then holding again

Ocean half spliting

Old woman that hates you

One seeing someone death

One of my upper teath crumbled in front of mirror

On 27 ramadhan last year i saw a man in white even his beard is white snd he is giving me a mirror that shining that time i wake up

One giving you alligator pepper and bitter kola in the dream

Open mouth

Opening my hair publicly

Old man pooping

One side of a house wall broken

One white beared on a head

Old friend apologize

Orange medicine

Offering a glass of water to the dead

On the route with strangers

Ostrich skeleton

Other steal your possession

Orange leaves and fruits

Old evil women

Our own old lived house

Owl is sitting on roof

Old boyfriend dying

Old woman wearing matching clothes

One of my favourite teacher gives me pen and some papers some written and some blank in classroom

One of my teacher gives me pen and some paper pages while some pages are blank and some have written notes

Old man yelling he wants milk

Opening the grave of a buried person is alive

Opening a daye and finding a bee inside

Old lady wearing blue saree without pindi

Open chest

Owl pekking tree

One seeing herself sick

Overcome the hurdles

Overcoming the hurdles

Overgrown spinach on dry soil

Old lady advising me to pluck the overgrown spinach

Owen haldi ceremony in my dreams

Old lady in white clothes

One seeing his wife having intercouse with his friend

Owning fertile land by the river

Owning land by the river


Old man disvirginized me

Old relative

Orange red sunset

Olive seed

Oil leaking from brass cooking pot

Ocean water waving

Overflowing toilets

Odhni theft

Old man giving taweez to someone

Oil stain on cloth

Old man in white clothes

On a boat with my father

Other people amputated hand

One announces jokely the death of another

Ooking eggs

One announces the death of another

Old man wearing green cloths


Old crushes

Old lover put a ring on my middle finger

Omar presence

Offering someone cologne

Orange ballon full of oil

Orca whales

Ocean beast

Orange white

Oil filed at night

Oil on leg

Ox chasing the dreamer

Offering yellow rice

Overflowing toilet water

Old man taking me

Oldman wear dress green meaning

Open key

Old friend waving good bye

Old woman helped me

Orangs fruit

Oil on feets

Okra bhindi

Orange eyebrows

Oral sez

Outdoors painting house black

Old and dirty house

Old wash maskin


On water being carried away

Obstruction in religion

Of a male who likes me

Opened letter

Offering prayer in bathroom

Orange that changes to red

Ox hitting your door and talking with hiself

Old woman for sorry

Own brother leading me to a maze

Of dead mother inlaw asking for food in the dream

Okro seed


Office files

Owl turns into a bat

Orion star

Onions peel

Of mother wearing torn clothes

Own child falling

Outer body experience

Organize srrange


Offered a new job

Old woman on toilet seat

One seeing himself in the toilet with plenty black hair

On the way to dargah

Oats in adrian

One eye closed

Old gift

Ornaments on legs


Often see money dropped in the toilet

Out of season fruit

Ornamental vial containing a mysterious essence


Orange curtains

Owl statue dream

Oil from a bat

Owl flying in ur home

Own child being kidnapped

One side of face turning black

Olden days money

One friend shooting another

Odorless stool poop

Opening beans pods

Old lady asks for food in dream

Old pet returning

Ordering someone in my dream

Okoro soup

Offering jummah prayer



Own brother

Opening the door of washroom happily open to talk with mother naked and realizing there are other people there

Opening the door of washroom open to talk with mother naked and realizing there are other people there

Opening the door of washroom to talk with mother naked and realizing there are other people there

Orangutan capture family

Others are rubbing turmeric to you


Owl walking away from under the bed

One tree with multiple different fruits

Ocean funeral

One brother putting o fountain in another brothers garden


One hand

Old man in your area that you know putting fan in room

Orphanage with cake

One eyed fish

Octopus islamic dream interpretation

Owning a dog

Onion and potatoes gift

Onion and potato

Onion and potatoes

Oppressed got hit by a girl in dream

Ordering arm men

Octopus fishing

Orange gift


Old woman dancing unclothe

Older woman vigina

Ox and cow

Old man touching my vagina

Old man dance

Old red dress in dream

Oil spill burn hands

Odd pair of shoes

On water and sharks where around

Offering food from a dead person

Offer asar prayer in roza rasool in dream

Occupying my house