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Dreams starting with the letter P

Pain in teeth

People who are close in relation but i have never seen them before and 1 of them died while the other got injured and survived due to unknown paranormal activity

Pregnant ladies

People dream that i get grade a

Partner heart attack

Pharaoh alive

Proposing a beautiful girl

Poop and sperm

Pen in gift

Peeling of the face of skin and pus appears on face

Pet animal rabbit


Parents asking forgiveness

Peeling a dry coconuts

Protection from waves

Presidential motor caddy

Planets and star

Planets am sfstar

Person running away

Phoiton snack

Parrot in dream

Palling nail of

Picking of ogbono fruit in dream


Pregnant out of wedlock twin boys

Pregnant kiss

Putting a beautiful baby boy in a pillow basket

Painful death

Picking grapes and other fruits


Preparing plamnut soup in my dream

People being buried in graveyard at night

Praying fajar salah in dreams

Passing stool in the toilet

Pork mear

People killing others

Plastering fence with mud

Painting pink


Piles of fish

Purple flame

Pooing worms

Plot of murder

Pulling needles out of your body

Pregnant old woman

Paranormal activities


Party dead

Pouch rat

Pregnant women sees lion around her

Pulling cotton from ears


Pregnant women sees her marriage

Pregnant wife see her husband doing second marriage

Plucking flowers in dream

Pregnant women sees her husband second wife

Pansy flowers

Prayer place

People knocking

People trying kill me

Platter of brrad

Pigeons on face

Person turned black color

Peeing bed

Pregnant with quadruplets

Pulling hair put of eye

Prophet sent a message

Pregnant wife being hit by husband

Praying behind dead person

Puke of a camel


Pigeons eating seeds

Persian rug

Pulling worms from hands and face and eyes

Pierce your ears earring

Prophet mohammad

Pious islamic scholar and speaker

Pregnant women dreams of twin boys

Police arrested me in the dream

Painted wall

Person face

Plucking hair


Praying in the masjed

Prophets people

Praying salah with my guy friend in dream

Pregnant woman seeing planty snakes in the bucket

Property falling in a hole

Protecting son from danger

Pregnant woman seeing gold

Pressure on stomach

Pressure on stomache

Person who has died

Protecting some people you know

Pain in left foot

Praying on dead

Putting new ghilaf on kaaba in dream

Passed exam

Pulling hair out of mouth

Pregnancy abd having child

Poop green color


Pure honey from the sky

Pregnant women pricing two tubers of yam in a dream


Pulling arms

Peel tomatoes

Planet neptune

Pregnant women dreams about eating sweets

Person killing me

Precious husband getting married

Pregnant woman dream of plucking fruits

Pink panjaba

Playing in beach

Producing breast milk

Protecting animal

Pregnant female who isn’t married

Poop coming from vagina also some insects inside it

Participating quran competition

Pet parrot

Pulling my hand walking with them


Pearl turns to ice

Pet crocodile

Peeing parasites

Parasite in feet

Parasite in leg

Planets and galaxies revolving around

Praying with the prophet on top of the mountain

Plucking turkey berry

Potential spouse

Potential spouse talking to my mother

Picking gooseberry fruit

Petting a green little alligator

Presence of the almighty

Provid greetings for king leader and he replied with smail face in dream means

Playing carrom

Private parts been shown

Pig eating dog meat meaning what

Pulling glass frpm mouth

Pulling out the snake from your private area

Pulling out the snake from ur private area

Planning to travel abroad


Praying backward auzubillah

Pregnant woman puts evil on me

Praying isha dream

Photo on sky

Photo ln sky

Paralayzed arm in dream what it means

Pull hair

Plenty yam in my house

Punic hairs

Putting in the pit

Putting water on fire

Putting injured turtle in clean stream

Painful lumps on body and abdomen

Person comes to home

Perform unrah

Particular lady is coming

Playing eith baby boy

Pulling out pen

Potato peel

Partial naked

Punishment for zina

Palm oil business

Prophet mohammed s a w

Pregnant women seeing boy baby

Pregnant women birth boy baby

Palm kernel

Pushing of sand in the dream meaning

Precious gift from relative

Person you love secretely

Parents abusing child

Pink cow dream


Pulling nails out of body

Parents forcing for marriage

Parents forcing to marry unknown guy

Prayer in grave

People turning into zombies and run after you

Promise money

Picknick basket

Peace with enemy in dream

Picking bush mango

Planting a tree with a dead person

Pooping outside someone else’s home

Peepal tree in dream islam


Pig licking me

Piece of meat


Puss flowing

Puss spot

Period blood my hand

Present giving to me by apresident

Pregnant with boy baby

Pumpkin seeds planting dream

Puss coming out from ears

Pink house dream meaning

Pink house dream mwaning

Pouring water on yourself near a grave

Pregnant woman picking snail

Popping a zit

Preparing bread

Packing of excrete in a dream

Pregnant with animal

Parent die in the dream

Parent die in dream

Property partition

Picking pens

Piece of land

People found me sleeping naked


Parrot and moon

Pulling out my teeth which is loose

Putting my laundry clothes to dry and rain starting falling on them

Pealing feet

Performing fard salah and sunnah salat

Pregnant women seeing big fish symbols

Pig linking me

Picking phone

Pinking phone in a dream

Planning for umrah

Plucking ripe avocado one fell pluck and another seen ina dream

Paralysed upper lip of one self

Pounded yam dream interpretation

Picking money on the ground

Pregnant woman picking snails in dream

Pot cover


Pink flowers trees road

Palm oil stain on trouser

Putting poop in vagina



Peeing on self

Picking up mango

Pulling the needles out of the body

Passion fruit

Picking of granadilla

Pulling worms out my feet

Praying in masjid al nabawi alrawdah

Pink plant meaning

Pink leaves meaning

Pranking someone

Prank king someone

Person throwing stones at me and missing

Pregnant women dreams of bleeding

Papaya fruits

Papaya fruit

Policeman give money in dream

Packed dates

Pin inside you

People digging two graves

Picking jamun fruit and saving in dream means

Prophet desert thirsty

Pulling hair of anus


Pulling a very long linen cloth from my mouth

Pithecellobium dulce

Picking up 4 big snail and later see fish

Purchasing some thing

Pooping in washroom

Praying mantis in dream

Painting in the house

Person as a policeman

Person as a polic

Praying kalma

Pillow case from mother in law

Purple chiffon top

Pregnant with black scorpion

Person naked

Pulling worms out of my body

People coming from hajj

Pounded yam and okro soup


Peeshab krna

Pee in dream

Pimple stomach

Pencil in dream

Pinky finger ripped nail



Paint makeup like a clown

Putting makeup on my cousin like a clown

Protecting wife from attacking hyena

Plucking jasmine in dream during pregnancy

Plucking jasmine in dream during pre5

Plantation field

Petting a cow

Police man giving someone money

Pulling worm out your anus


Pious man without shirt

President give me money

Painting mosque black

Pumpkin vine in dream

Pumpkin bine

Paper bits

Pork meat stuck in your teeth

Pushing someone off a building

Puppy dog


Push bike

Parking each other in dream

Plantain tree bear fruit in dream

Proposed by my crush

Person who take the bottle of water to other person

Protecting a baby

Pupil of eye

Planting flowers with

Pecil breaks in mouth

Pooping in the rain naked

Pooping in the rain

Put on a small size shoes in a dream

Pregnant mother with a baby boy

Plenty of water absorbed by a borehole

Plant on head

Pages disappearing in quran

Ploughed land

Plucking ripe soursop in the dream

Prayer mat rat

Painting your house

Pear tree with big fruits

Pulling out of grave

Pulling out of the crave

People tree

Pulling hair out of my mouth

Pregnant woman dreaming of applying kajal

Pair of cat give birth kitten

Phlegm emanating from one’s mouth

Pulling phlegm out of mouth

Pregnancy husband delivery blood clot

Pregnancy husband

Pig bait

Peoples rushing towards zina

Pregnant women ask for my help

Pregnant woman remove back of cocoyam in dream

Pregnant in my dream

Picking money from a sea that dries infront of me

Poket watch

Person poring diesel on my body

Picking mushrooms

Person i love getting married to someone else

Pink tasbih

Pooping in the mosque and then cleaning

Piri piri

Package held by deceased mother

Pulling meat from throat

Parros in cage

Picking saffron flowers from saffron garden

Praying on shaky ground


Pregnant white cow in my dream

Packing kola nut

Pouring water in toilet in my dream

Picking snail in dream

Parent’s fighting

Planting grains

Physical relationship with son

Picking ogbono fruit

Plane fighting in the sky

Profethi i was eating and give us his food

Praying mantis landing on face

Parking prophet clothes

Pregnant women catching snake in dream


Pet dog wet nose waking me up


Pambu kallai surri kolluthal

Past student dream

Period blood on body of daughter

Packing photograph

Passed loved one

Peer baba

Passport broken by dog

Picking up silver coins in a toilet bowl

Planting seeds for rose bush

Police try arrest me

Police investigation

Possum chasing after you

Putting turmeric water to my head

Pomegranates and mangoes

Protecting nest of baby birds

Protecting nest of baby birds while parents are away

Protecting nest of birds

Pulling strand of hair

Pit on head

Pit on hed

Praying with the man i want marry but haven’t yet

Praying with the man i want to marry

Praying on dirty surface

Pray mat breaking

Praying mat burning

Partner died

Police uniforms

Pregnant with mohamed amin


Picking fruits from the ground

Picking fruits from the grownd

Princess diana

Painting of horses

Performing salah in masjid

Performing namaz at mosque



Pink thread

Packing to leave ex husband house

Playing in a clear water

Pushing a coffin on a wheelbarrow

Praying on sand

Possessed by a jin with marks on your legs and arms

Pouring wine

Pregnant with son

Pregnant with baby boy

Painting blue

Pressing clothes

Picking snail in the dream

Passing blood into ones body

Person name zahid being martyr

Plenty white cat

Plenty white cay

Picking cucumbers from a garden

Pink note of 10000 rupee

Praying with wearing shoes

Peeing inside of the refrigerator

Pig licking me in dream

Pushed off a balcony

Pregnant woman picking cocoyam in dream

Purple gem stones

People been killed and burned

Plucking ridge guard

Pins from mouth

Praying behind muhammad

Plucking and eating custard apple from tree

Pregnant lizard

Promfet in dream

Pulling out own hair

Praying on the green grass

Pulling rope from mouth

Pullimg a rope from your own mouth

Pure love from boys eyes

Pulling out long hairs from front teeth

Pulling out hairs from froth teeth

Perfume scent

Praying runa

Planning to make qurbani

Protect a snake

Protect killing of a black snake

Purple ash

Peeing in the kitchen

Plaited hair

Police cars

Preparing camel to travel with prophet muhammad saw

Pimple on face

Planet jupiter nearing

Planing to slaughter sheep

Postration on stone

Property burning

Purple sky

Pouring water on grave

Play mud house collapse

Picking brown coins from the ground

Pregnent women sees a big fish in the ocean eats a women

Prayer mats flowing on water

People entering my home

Picking coins

Pas sur urine

People fell

Practicing lesbianism

Person coming in back door

Pushing rat out of the qindow

Pushing the rat out of window

Precius stone

Painting in blue

Pulling something out of throat

Prepairing ugali for someone

Picking up gold pieces from the water

Past ex friend

Past people who hurt me

Pulling out your teeth

Pangs of death

Praying with no scarf

Plants and house

Possessed jinn

Proposing a dead woman in dream

Pregnancy epidural

Pastor chasing the church out

Punished brother and sister

Plant with roots

Prophet telling me to pray

Pregnant woman dreaming peanaple

Planting in sand

Planting in desert

Put on a mad person clothes in a dream

Pregnant women dream about silver lamps

Purple star rising

Poison ivy in mouth

Potty on hand and feet

People throwing rocks at me

Putting blood in my son veins

Punning blood to the veins

Punishing an innocent child by his teacher

Parking lot at night with my son

Plain garri with sugar inside mean

Putting sugar inside plain garri in the dream mean

Pregnant and seeing a baby girl in dream

Prophet muhammad (s )’s funeral

Prophet muhammad (s )’s coffin

Praying man

Party at mosque

Pencil tongue

Picking up bangles

Pregnant woman dreams of gold

Pregnant women keep halwa

Parents sitting on caravan

Planning to tell lies in a dream

Pink beautiful sky

Protecting a sibling from harm in a dream

Parents injured

Police chasing

Passenger ship capsizing

Putting on new clothes

Putting on trouser

Praying on a rug and reciting quran

Pounding cassava leaf

Palm weevil larvae in a dream

People with white clothing

People with white ihram

Penis eat

Pain in kennel

Police arrested the men and women

Police tasted the men and women

Protecting baby from danger

Putting out fire

Partner black

People death wrapped in white

Possession on a child

Praying crying

Porcupine hurting me

Porkipine hurting me

Playing with your daughter

Penguin dykhna

Picking money inside river

Plane crashes in water

Poop on pillow

Planning for trvel

Prepating for travelling

Performing ruqiya over a possessed person

Preparing for a flood

Person love married

Pregnant women sees her husband getting second marriage

Plucking star apple

Preparing for exam

Pig chasing dream

Persian cups

Prostitute in dream


Palm oil dream

Purple background with black smoke

Purple with black smoke

Police dog

Pooo in dream

Psychic readings

Pooping in a mortar means what

Praying rakats

Praying 10 rakats

Puss coming out of huge abscess

Praying in bathroom


Praying salaah in the haram

Praying salaah in the haram w

Praying salaah in the haram w8

Photo on your wedding in dream

Pig meat on my body

Patel nut

Pregnant woman seeing girl baby born to her

Pregnant woman wearing a red gown in the dream

Pregnant woman dream about her bed

Pregnant woman dream about bed

Pink poop meaning

Pulling hair out of wifes ass

Pregnant with twins but one of them died

Plane crash near house

Plane crashing near home

Picking red pepper in dream

Pvc pipe underneath connection seen

People joyous muslims


Person looking beautiful

Peeing in bed

Poop in the rice

Poop in my rice

Praying inside a water

Police dog entering my house

Pair of shoes and one same shoe

Parrafin lamp

Parents discussing the marriage of their children

Parents discussing marriage

Peeling egusi seed in a dream

Pearl pendants from your mouth

Pregnant woman playing with children in a dream

Police dog entering the house

Passing stools in cloth

Peel ground nuts

Peel peanuts

Peanut without a shell

Pressure cooker

Person in your bed

Pus in penis

Pregnant with a daughter

Plucking of ube in the dream

Periwinkle meat

Puting someone to grave

Pouring oil on floor dream

Pouring soil in bucket

Perbles stones


Picking ripe strawberry under a tree with the person am in love with

Person you love

Pawn rings

Perfume scholar

Plant with thorns

Pink cherry blossam tree

Passing motion in open

Pieces of glass from mouth

Playing in the snow

Pig poops in dream


Prayer mat washing

Plugging red pepper

Papaya tree full of fruits

Plane crash landed into the sea and we survived

Pulling uterus out of vagina

Pay beautiful clothes


People inside home

People waiting

Poo coming out of vsgina

Parents in an accident

Pluking mango

Puking mango

Pretty dress

Prophet muhammed tabaruk

Peeing in your trouser

Parents letting me marry who i want to marry

Parents gave another chance to the boy i want to marry

Parents have another chance to the boy i want to marry


Party with jews

Pappaya tree

Pious man seeing you home dirty

Parent disowning child

Praying naked in street

Putting carpet in a house

Prophet muhammad sas

Plant growing out of neck

Proposal of king

Postal office

Pregnant woman dreaming about periods

Parrot an love birds

Prophet name from quran

Packing and gonna travel

Plane jet

Plucking tamarinds in dream means in pregnant lady

Praying in a dirty place

Person waking from coma

Pregnancy as a virgin

Prophet saw sword in dream

Prophet mohammad saw giving his sword to me to fight a battle

Palm oil and boiled egg

Pooping in your bedroom

Picking cocoyam in my dream

Performance ablution

Praying in ar mosque

Putting mehndi on hands

People become zombie

Pregnant black sheep barking in dream

Pregnancy dream for divorced woman

Papaya dream

Public bath meaning

Partner cheating on me

Pregnant with abnormal child

Praying jummah or eid in congregation in dream

Pulling things from one eye means

Poison bite

Pouring iced water inside a plastic container

Pregnant teenager

Putting oil inside the ear

People dream about me

Praying with sand in your dream

Pus wound fron right leg

President visiting your homestead

Pig attacking me in dream in islam

Pregnant woman picking cocoyam

Prayer in the market

Planning yam

Pheonix bird

Pins in babies mouth

Printing money

Pregnant women seeing termeric in her dream

Paint covering all furniture in unknown house


Plants seeds

Passing winds in dream

President crying

Praying in the rhoda

Pulling down pants

Pregnant women dreams of falling teetg

Pond with flowers

Pink braclet

Picking up money in gutter

Putting a baby to sleep

Python and dogs

Praying on a bed

Prophet muhammad seen

Prophet saw seen

Pharaoh in coffin running towards me

Plucking tomatoes


Ploughing the ground

Pilking snake out of my mouth

Poop coming out of the toilet

Poop on the floor

Poop everywhere

Picking pure gold pieces

People possessed by jin

People are possessed by jin my dream

Pimple puss

Papaya trees

Prayer beats

Pomegranate tree fruit

Prophet maryam

Plot gragh in dream meaning

Peeled off palms

Person grilled

Prophet and snake

Punching sister

Penis head in a flower pot

Parent killing someone and i hid the evidence

Playing cricket in a dream

Person looking at you

Prophet muhammad ka kurta

Pouring sand on the head in a dream

Planting potato

Pig attack my father

Put a new door in the house

Pulling out worms from the anus

Pink water in dream

Pimples face

Putting oil in ears

Pregnancy out of wedlock with a man i know

Praying in maszid

Pricked by a fish

Parents accepting a boy in marriage

Plucking a ripe mango

Pink coloured water

Pink colour water

Pregnant woman having hairs on ear

Plenty money

Punch husband

Protecting woman

Parents saved from accident

Parents saved from accodent


Pink dress in a dream

Parents going abroad

Plastic black horse in the dream

Poop in underwear

Pig and dog fighting

Penis cult

Pooping on my pants

People taking coffins for janazh in dream


Putting stone inside vigina

Praising allah

Parents giving cooked fish to eat n i eat it dead parents

Purple colour dogs

Pink colour dogs

Praying by heart

Pray ayatul kursi

Pray surah fatiha

Praying surah

Parents leaving in another car

Pineapple spelling

Prayer gathering


Pick and collecting white flowers

Pregnant woman dreaming of breastfeeding her second child

Person whith who im in love


Praying with beads

Pregnant woman eating okra

Pig walking

Plating with fire

Posho mill

Plucking mango

Preparing to pray


Pulling and hugging moon in dream

Praying inside house

Plant chestnut tree

Plant cheating tree

Protect a baby

Pounding on a door

Phone smashed

Praying while music in the backround

Painfull feet

Pins coming out of mouth

Princesses katherin

Princess kate

Parents intimacy in dream in isla0m

Prophet hugging me in a dream

Plastic bag over head

Preaching man

Pearls and ddiamants

Pregnant and crying

Private organ

Performing salaah in the house

Performing prayer in the house

Praying inside a house

Praying in a house by holding his knees

Potty or loo or toilet

Praying with jinn

Plucking potatoes

Performing someone nikah

Pig touch

Parent doing adultery

Plucking skin

Private parts turning into vagina

Pregnant women seeing a crow in dream

Pregnant women seeing cow in dream

Prophet muhammad funeral

Playing with my husband in a dream means wahat

Person taken by stranger

Playing cards with adump

Pruning and growth of fig tree

Prophets scissors

Pink rose in dream


Present woman gave birth to baby boy in dream

Pond of white lotus


Pua coming from breast

Preparing food in a dream

Playing withthe moon

Pig bitten

Pregnant mouse

Plucking green chillies fromir and plants seen in a dream

Praying zuhr salat in a mosque

Praying zuhr salat

Pretending to die

Peel maze

Pouring with graveyard soil in dream means

Planting a seedling

Pulling worms under skin

Praying in water

Plum tree dream and meaning

Ponytail in hand

Performing ruqya on someone

Pressing woman breast


Put red tika on forehead

Preparing death

Poop in dream

Piercing lips in dream

Putting a bird in a microwave


Peel of casava

Plucking and eating gava in dream

Penis discharge

Picking gold earrings from sand

Packing melon in a dream

Picking of sheanut fruit in dream

Pebbles rain in dream mean

People trying to get in my house

Prayer masjid



Putting hand into dirty water over a bridge

Pregnant your self

Peeling out blood in the dream

Palmyra sprouts in dream

People killing me

Polishing shoeshine

Polishing pair of black shoes

Premolar tooth has pain

Person died in dream

People hanging

Prophet swa


Present from husband

Parellel universe

Pregnant woman urinating

Pregnant women sees full moon

Police gave you money

Papaya in dream

Picking of snails in dream

Pulling object out of the nose

Plucking ripped sapota fruit

Plucking chico in the night

Peppel tree

Pulled to thr air

Painting white house

Putting white powder in my hand

Prostration to sun

Past with future knowledge

Peer visited my home in dream


Prison skyped

Prison sk4

Paying someone fare in a dream

Peacock biting

Paying tithes in the dream

Phone dekhna

Pluking ripe tomatoes in the dream

Paying free tomatoes and pepper in the dream

Penis being cut off


Pregnant with sick baby

Purple and white color

Pulling my own right teeth out with out pain

Pasta in islam in adream in islam

Pasta in islam in adream in islam in

Pick something from own head


Parents wearing white clothes in dreams

Paralysis foot

Paralyzed foot

Person and love married else mean in a dream


Picking kola nut in the dream

Plucking soursop in dream meaning

Power current

Painting house walls

Puffed rice



Possessed in dream

Pregnant and in labor giving birth


Possession of aunt

Possession of family member

Pressure ulcer

Pregnant for 11 months

Plenty snails in the room

Putting a finger in the vagina

Plaiting mat

Poop of cat


Pimple pus

Perfume gift


Paving the road

Passing urine in sleep

Praying with enemy

Petting bear in dream

Petting black bear in dream

Princess treatment


Plucking custard apple in my dream

Petting bear

Pulling someone hairs

Pulling hair

Pulling hair from grave

Pious man doing dua

Pulling strands of white hair

Parrot biting a cat

Pins pricked in the bed

Protecting a king

Prophet mohammad pbuh

Plucking red chiilies

Pregnant woman picking snails in a dream

Pooping in front of others

Playing with white cat

Playing with white cate

Petroleum oil

Pulling string from throat

Pulling a string from thout

Pulling out few own bottom teeth long and white

Poked eyes

Pulling glass chips out of skin

Putting your finger in your mouth

Passed parent handing you a key

Praying in a bathroom

Pink eyebrows

Plucking avocado in dream

Pulling niqab

President wife is dead in the dream meaning

Peeled roasted peanuts

Peeled roasted groundnut


Prophet name

Praying in different religion

People shitting in home

Path search

Pragnent sees dates

Pusshing satan out of the door while reciting auzubillah and closing the door

Plenty hairs on the body