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Dreams starting with the letter P

Pregnant wihtout bei g married

Prophet muhammad daughter dream

Praying namaz in masjide nabvi in madina

P h d

Pregnancy in dream

Praying inside the kabah

Peeling dasheen

Preparing roti for my children

Put name

Pouring fuel

Plucked beard

Praying while having white clothes

Parrot in home

Pearl from the eyes

Pregnant women saw a lots of chicks

Pink roses

Pink roses dream

Punching red eye

Passing exam in dream

Prophet muhammads pillow

Pluck tamotos

Prophets pillow

Pouring oil in water

Praying during menses and stop when i realise

Painless birth

Praying in dirty places

Praying at dirty places

Presidents hand

Pregnant woman dreams of losing gold jewellrys

Premikar teeth

Plucking ripe fruits

Packing my clothes in a suitcase

Praying salaah in musjide nabawi

Prophets children

Plantain in a dream


Pulling canine teeth and putting it back

People arresting me

Preparing millets

Providing cloth

Photo of person falling

Picking flower seed pod

Pulling out worms from finger

Paying thithe and offering in the church dream meaning

Passing alive

Poured urine on the floor in my dream

Plucking and eating red mulberries in dream

Pushing empty wheelbarrow

Pregnancy and delivering

Performing ghusal to mayyat

Purchase urad daal

Pregnancy with twins dream

Pushing a wheelbarrow filled sand

Pope being happy with me


Prepared to travel with a bucket container

Pulling worms out of belly button

Pulling worms

Pants being pulled down

People talking bad about you

People talking about you

Praying against witch attacks

Playing with bubbles

Persons face burnt

Plucking bitter gourd

Person has disease

Premature baby

Prime minister giving me keys

Plastic amd toothbrushes cover melting in fire

Plastic cover melting in fire

Price distribution function

Pimples on my body

Poop frying

Period waste

Preparing chicken

Person you like

Private parts being exposed

Putting oil in others head

Period blood pad

Protecting a child

Planting a tree

Pot of milk fell down

Pregnant black panther

Painless labour

Painless delivery

Painless birth baby girl

Proposed boy

Proposed boy saying no

Pregnant women dreaming black snake

Pregnant lady giving birth to a baby with less pain

Pregnent lady deliverying a baby with less pain

Prenup photoshoot

Passing blood in body by injection

People undress

Praying in store

Pulled by jinn

Pleasure old woman

Plants growing and head seen in a dream

Picking up a snake

Pealed melon


Pure oil for cooking food

Pulling a hair out of my mouth

Plucking red rose in dream

Plant leaf

Playing games (football)

Peeling boiled groundnut eating with my children

Place with blood

Passing exam

Penis and string

Parrot birds

Praying namaz with dead relative

Poisonous snake bite me

Purple clothes

Press when sleeping

Pregnant woman bleeding

Pooping dog

Pulling a long and strong hair out of my nostril

People eating me

Pissing fish


Pickup car

Pleasing your self

Playing cricket and get a good score

Picking spray money

Picking ogbono seed from the ground

Poop from mouth

Polythene bags

Pregnant with snake

Pounded cassava

Purple waves in sky in dream

Pig attacking

Pir vali in dreams

Plastering a old building house

Plant bearing purple flowers

Pregnant i mecca

Plane crash dream

Pink clouds forming a cat shape and heart shape both sparkling in the sky

Planes flying in the sky

Prophet muhammad grave with ants

Preparing for a football match

Purple sweets

Person black blue



Performing ablution with cow milk islamic dream

Pink nail polish

Papayah tree

Pregnant women give birth

Pregnant women labor

Pulling people out of the sand

Peeling off scalp skin


Prophet sitting in masjid

Packing a suitcase in a dream

Private organs

Party preparations

Peeling skin

Person is smoking unconscious and i feel uncomfortable when he came close to me

Policeman chasing me

Praying while my step mother rounding me

Praying while my mother rounding me

Purchase new furniture

Purchasing new furniture

Palm oil in bottle

Problem in uttus

Problem in utrus

Plucking ripe mangoes tree



Pregnancy snake dream

Pushing away ostrich

Planting at a graveyard

Presidential election in islam in adream in islam

Peepal tree sapling

Prophet name on door in sky

People watching from the windows

People watching me in sleep inside my house

Prophet hugging

Phone snatching injunction

Pink leaves

Pregnant women snake dream


Plane witness

Pee kitchen

Purchasing a building

Purchasing q building

Pouring spoiled milk

People chasing you

Pregnant sister with 4 kids

Picking bitter kolanut in a dream



Pregnant herself

Poisoning the sea with rat posion

Person dying from fire

Pregnant woman dreaming of having interpose with her husband

Planets coming nearest to earth

Plucking my eyebrows

Picking and eating fresh chin chin what does it means

Pray in dirty place

Plastered hut but with good furniture

Prison someone else

Peacock in dream

Pus coming out of my bottom lip

Pus running from my moutb

President talking to me in dream means

Pearls jewellery

Peeing maggots

Pussy cats

Physically beaten by a group of people

Parasite leaving nails

Pork meat

Pus coming from ears what does it mean in islam dream

Pulling hair from the mouth

Plant cannibalism

Pooping rice in a diapee

Pack stuff

Put finger in my baby anus in dream

Parrot eggs hatching


Pregnant woman losing child in dream

Painting a house

Place and ocean

Place and ocean urinating


Planting custard apple seeds in ground

Planting custard apple seeds in dream

Piece of wood

Picking of bitter cola in a dream

Playing netball

Prisoners guards



Pick bitter kola in dreamm

Parts died

Penetrating anus

Pair of coconut trees in women dreams

Pre wedding decorations

Performing umrah with dead people

Pregant woman

Plucking bitter leaves in the dream



People wanna rape you

Pregnant intercourse husband

Pithens mating

Praying namaaz

Pot with lid


Praying in a dream

Pink pearl

Pearl oyster

Public restroom


People gathering paying and lobola

Pulling out dead children

Peeling cucumber


Pregnant baby boy

Pregnant puppy

Passed stool in dream

Penis penetration and getting satisfaction

Penis turning into snake

Pregnant maiden

Pouring olive oil in my ear

Paying from husbands wallet

Pink snake in dream means

Pink snake in dream

Pomefranate seeds

Paint peeling of a wall

Praying with feets

Pesticides dreams islamic

Promise of money

Problem eating

Planting mushroom

Prostitute in prison

Patatoe and onions

Passing a test at school

Person next to me getting gifts

Pregnant with a baby

People want to hurt you

People with sword

Pig chasing


Poti in clothes


Poisonous spiders

Picking ripe nasberry

Plant die

Playing guitar in my dream


Playing with tiger

Packing to go to mecca for hajj

Profet mohammed

Possesed by jinn

Pregnant women sees 4 moons in dream

Parrots eating green chillies in dream

Picking snail in dreams

Pocket with money

Portofoli me para

People crying

Package coming late

Preparing a gardening for onions

Ppl cutting quran pages

Poring water on my head

Pineapple islam



Parents divorceing in a dream

Praying forget

Picnic drem

Pushing some over a building dream


Prostitute giving me oral

Pestle dream meaning

Planting tuber of yam in a dream

Political leaders

Playing with different kind of animals that has never existed

Playing with goat

Pregnant delivsry time

Pearl in fish mouth

Plucking jamuns in a dream in islam

Pig entering into home

Pooping at grave

Picking up coins and giving a beggar

Polar bear chasing me

President in a dream

Pulling worm from skin

Pink horse


Prous peraon

Phone stolen in dream

Prophet isa

Pregnant woman eating okro soup and banku in a dream

Passing out in dream

Pork meat dreams

People man

Pet cat death her head separated

Pearl in dream

Praying tahajjud in a dream

Pounding palm nuts in the dream means what

Pregnant of girl

Pouring sugar on the ground dream


Plugging garden egg leave in dream

Planting bitteleaf tree in dream

Pour water in someone leg

Pulling out pins from the gums

Pulling out pins from my gums

Protecting king

Placing the kabbah near the sea


Pot speaking

Pounding fufu and a friend came wanting to take over

Plucking tamarind from tree

Pooping gold camel

President gaurds in my yard

Plucking ripe soursop

Praying when possessed

Pet cat killing snake

Plucking ewedu in the dream and looking for where to put it

Pulling someone by the hand

Police chasing me in dream

Pigeon drinking water


Police arrested person

Peanut oil


Pounding food in a dream

Pregnant woman wearing green gemstone

Pair of shoes

Play cards

Pregnant woman seeing flowers in a cemetery

Pickel jur

Passing stool in bathroom

Phone i have a phone

Praying on a mountian

Pregnant woman kiss the black stone

Perforated plate

Pricked on the feet

People laughing at you

Pragnant lady


Petting a warthog

Pink fibric

People chasing

Palm tree whith fruit

Prayer mirab

Putting on henna

Pooping pants

Prophet died in dream

Pooing in my dream

Paternal uncle death

Paternal uncle

Plucking white flowers from garden dream

Praying for someone

Pregnant women see snake

Plucking coconut in dream

Persian cat on my lap

Picking red berries

Pregnant with baby girl

People under water

President daughter

Picking graps in home

Pregnant woman seeing gauva in dream

Piercing a ear

President and his convoy

Pulling out hair stuck in throat

Pinching hand in islam


Pet cat dying seeing in a dream in islam

Playing with a child in dream

Paying taxi for a dead person in a dream

Packing my clothes from my dead mother in laws house but she s alive in dream

Protecting from rain

Praying mat as a gift

Policemen with arms

Pooping in pants in dream

Pink colour flower

Pregnant heart

Posterior pain

Pile of dead bodies

Positive pregnancy lines

Plucking jasmines and giving it to my relative

Penis cut

Pooping in own pants and

Penguin in islamic dream interpretation

Penguin in dreams

Plant in a pot

Pulling own teeth out

Persian cat white

Purse was stolen

Planting a thorny plant

Plating a thorny plant

Picking bush mangoes in the dream

Painted stone

Poting dd injection in dream shillong teer number

Poting dd injection in dream

Pus coming from nose

Paranormal activity

Pin remove

Picking mangoes



Pulling out worm from hand

Person sparking

People dieing in water

Pounding something in a murter

Pounding something

Pounder and murter dreams meaning

Poop out of mouth

Performing salat with a girl that you loved once

Performing salat with a girl you love once

Plucking hair stomach

Peoples in a house

Puddle of water in a house

Pieces of glasses

Past lover

Period happening dream

Plugging red pepper from a tree

Pooing in a water jug

Phoning for help

Planting bamboo seedling

Pulling flowers out

Praying jamath in mosque

Pregnant women stomach


Positive pregnancy test

People attacking me

Potential husband comes to your house

People dancing at a wedding celebration and laughing

Pale body

Picking money in ground

Pulling ou wisdom teeth

Protecting a cat

Paraffin means what in dreams

Prophet mohammed


Puting hand into a womans vagina

Pudding gone bad

People told me im fat

People called me fat

Pulling teeth

Praying not towards kaaba

Picked to lead jamat

Picked to lead jammat

Praying salah wrongly

Prepare for umrah

People eating meat from basket of meat over my head

People eating meat over my head

People eating meet over your head

Pay more for meat

People was killed in mosque and trying to kill me infront of imam

Praying infront of kaaba

Praying kaaba

Person in whee5

Pink sky

Prophet muhammad with ex

Plucking of african apple

Passed school exams

Pass my driving t


Peepal tree in dream

Pulling cactus stings out of hands

Pilgrimage to mecca

Picking up snails from ground

Pulling of arm

Picking food from floor

Pregnant widow mother

Pulling out thorn

People stole cocoyam from my house in dream

Period blood on your daughters dress

Preventing to fall from height


Pregnancy with twines

Plucking jasmine indream during pregnency

Pregnant lady see rat dish in dream


Praying with a male friend

Placing green stone in kaba

Pulling a thread out of the mouth

Palm kernel pomada

Pastor giving microphone

Putting hennah on someones face

Pus on face

Picking caster oil seeds

Passage water

Pig meat

Pig salam

Parents meeting a girl

Parents meeting a girl i love

Praying without hijab and kurta

Praying without correct attire for mosque

Pounding yam dream meaning

Pulling out my teeth

Performing salat in a dream

Praying legs sharking

Picking mango fruit

Pooh in mouth

Playing netball in a dream

Popping zit

Petting a black cat

Pink flower

Praying next to a woman

Praying nect to a women

Praying namaz with someone

Picking money

Picking coins from street


Plastic cover

Pomelo fruit

Picking up a blue diamond shining through my pocket

Picking up a blue diamond

Praying near men

Praying in front of men

Praying i front of men

Pass port

Praying rice

Plucking and eating tagerine in my dream

Pillow being goven

Performing salaah on a green matress in a masjied

Performing quarbani


Playing with baby

Parrots and love birds escaping from my window

Pulling hand needles out of pad and collecting in a magnet

Pregnant women seeing mango trees

Picking ochro

Python swollen human beings

Petting a bird

Pins inside medication

Playing ludo game in the dream

Picking 5 limes from the tree

Picking up a snail

Plucking guava

Passport and flight ticket dream

Pulling worms out of right hand

Pregnant women eating sweeets

Playing with a stubborn child

Peeing honey in dream

Paying others bill dream meaning islam

Picking white flowers

Passed away brother

Plucking hair off your face

Planting plant in the grave

Plucking ewedu with root

Passing a stool in a dream may mean

Prophet muhammed

Prophets clothes and namaz mat


Paralysed in dream

Playing holi in dream

Playing in the dream

Palm oil falling on ones head in dream

Parents fightinh

Praying with kola nut


Prickly fish

Pulling black and white warm out of my body in a dream

Pink gaint snake

Plants on terrice

Palm oil and licking palm oil

Penis cut torn

Picking money in dreams

People in your house

Plucking pubes

Pink curtains

Polo bears and cubs swimming in lake

Peeling yam

Parents house painting in dream

Psychopath in love with me

Psychopath in love with me and trying to break into my house


Petting lizards dream

Planting a taro seed in a dream

Passing of stool and picking it up


Playing with a baby


Peeing in squat toilet

Protecting my gold jewelry from stealing

Person pulling you

Prophets blood

Pregnant women in dreams

People being punished in hell

Panther attacking

Picked garden egg from the fridge

Propular tree

Plaque in a teeth dream meaning

Playing games in dreams with a hateful person

Playing in dream

Pushed to death from stairs

Pig hitting leg

Pig hit leg

Performing and shirk

Pluck green fruit

Perfume dream

Pushed down stairs

Peeing on mussalah

Peer fakir

Pig licked the hand in dream

Political leader

Passed person

Playing with lion

Praying in mosque

Praying north

Praying facing north

Palm oil

Praying salah shakingly

Pigs chasing

Pregnancy of friends

Prevent accident

Puting oil in the hair

Prophet sallallahualaihiwasallam s lust reated

Prophet sallallahualaihiwasllam

Praying at the beach

People in black dress

Pressing the feet of a deceased

People claiming to be god


Pitting finger in anus

Prosthetic leg



Prophet mohammad name in the sky

Playing with relatives

Plam butter suop dream

Plucking drumsticks from tree


Praying and braking of kolanut in the dream

Parents asking money

Praying nafl in dream

Passing stool

Parents killed me

Pending debt

Pain in knees

Praying maamuma

Passing urine

Prophet muhammed face open sky

Pulling warms out of my hand

Plucking bitter leaves

Pooing in a cooking pot

Person wake up from wrap of burial


Painting wall

Prayer dust

People wanting to bomb

Pulling the fat of from throat

Piglet entering into home but kicked off meaning

Piglet entering into house but kicked out of home

Praying alone in mecca

Praying alone in haram

Praying in front of kaaba alone

Picking ripe mangoes in the dream

Penguin exploded

Pulling hair out of throat

Pregnant woman dreamt of harvesting and buying cocoyam

Pregnant woman dream of harvesting and buying cocoyam

People leaving itkaaf

Praying in al aksar mosque

Person hitting my head

Person hurting my head

Proposal of daughter

Peole drowning

Peole drowing

Pepe in dream

Plan burning


Parents agreeing on a marriage proposal

Peacock and snake

Private jet flying dream

Praying for help from allah dream

Praying next to girlfriend

People buying bread

People trying to kill all family

Pig and dog

Person trying to kill me and my niece

Pulling from throat

Picking money from water

Plane crash in dream

Putting honey and egg in my hair in dream meaning

Plugging colanut

Prophet muhammed choosing you

Picking money from ground

Plenty ofcorns

Passing a board exam

Passing an exam

Planes crashing

Poor giving dua

People naked

Pregnant women seems gold ring symbols?

Pregnant women dreamed gold ring

Prophet muhammads grave


Pink bed sheet and curtains

Protecting my wife and daughter against dogs

Partner inviting someone else over

Praying in your sleep

People are hiding something from me

Pass away

Phone lost at masjid

Plucking ripe guava from ancestral home

Picking money in water


Perbond popularity

Picking stones in water found under my bed in my room


Picture of person


Pillai pirapadhu pola kanawu kandal

Party poppers

Plugging ripe mango in a dream

Pull a dead snake out of a mouth

Pull a sample out of mouth

Pulling a snake out of mouth

Pull a cable

Pulling a rope

Pulling a rope out of mouth

Pulling rope out of a sleeping man’s mouth

Pair of iron shoes

Police money

Police giving me money

Pass in exam


Peeing on a cooked rice

Preparing for slaaah


Password stolen

Python vomiting coins

Picking fresh peri peri

Peeling orange

Person showing me snakes

Picking plenty money from the ground

Plucking guavas in dream

Police coming to house

Pooping in pot


Playing with neighbors dog

Praying in other north side

Pray inside rain meaning

Pray inside rain

Prime minister

Prime mininater

Pregnant birth baby boy



Plucking fruits in a tree and eating

Pouring water into my ears

Pregnant wife dreamed about shopping with husband



Pastor fetching water in dream

Partner touching another girl

Pus coming out of ear

Panito house

Plastering grave

Pregnant grandmother

Picking feces in dream

Planting carrot tree

Plucking drumstick leaves

Plunking of dates

Person rising from dead

Posting place transfer mean


Piercing your tongue

Piercing your tongut

Praying without scarf


Pregnant vaginal bleeding


Pregnant snake

Pregnant woman kill animal in her dream

Powerball predict future numbers


President wearing a white clothing

Picking lice from hair

Protecting a cat from dogs in dream

People hanging on tree to death

Piercing ears

Prayer that leads to death

Pulling worms out of leg

Pigeon sitting on my shoulder

Puberty dream meaning in islam

Pound food and the pistol break in the process means what

Pestles dream meaning

Picking of snail in dream

Periods in the dream

Preparing amala by oneself in a dream


Price taking care of you and showing love

Pooing in a container

Participate unknown wedding party

Pregnant women

Person dying second time

Picking pear from tree


Paralysed legs

Pit snake

Parent death

Plaiting your hair

Purchased jewellery

Pomelo fruit on tree

People getting sucked into the sky

Plucking a fruit from the garden


Pregnant woman cooking

Prophets saliva

Pulling hair out of the mouth

Palm oil on cloth


Pouring water on walls

Putting onions on a person at a funeral

Put onions on a dead person thats already dead

Praying zuhr prayer in front of kaba

Praying zahra in front makkah kaba


Poop in your pants

Pios person

Perfume of jannah

Pomegranate seeing in bathroom

Pomegranate sweing in bateoom


Pious petson

Pious person instructs me to stop smart phone

Periwinkle without shell


Play ludo

Pee in toilet

Person saying they are god

Poop in my dreams

Parents faces as wolf

Pounding palm fruit in dream

Plaited hair in the dream

Pillow with ants


Peeing on a prayer mat

Pocess jinn

Provision packing


Performed unrah

Performed umrah in sleep

Pregnant woman see periods

Pen in dream


Preach at

Pregnant and misscaraiage

Porposely miss carrage a baby

Pulling needle out of my hand

Person loved marriage


Prophet name in moon

Pulling out your own teeth



Praying while backing the qiblah

Penis bitten off

Parents in mosque

Person you love getting married to other

Polish capture

Pregnant urself indream


Picking money from the ground

Picking mony from the ground

Praying in masjid a lady

Peeled matoke and non peeled matoke meaning in adream

Pouring snuff in a bucket

Private parts


Pregnant with a baby that is not mine

Pubic hair dream

Person in prayer mat

Pregnant woman and brown horse



People descending from the sky

Pregnant mother

Pigeon inside house

Pin head

Pulling worms from my skin

Pepal tree

Prophets daughter in mosque

Pregnant woman seeing and eating fruit larger than size and one side of fruit is dameg

Pushing fat lady in wheechair

Part of mountain

Preparing aazu

Pre dawn

Profet mussa

Penetrating vagina

Previous relationships

Pubic hair

Predict marraige in islamic way

Purple flower tree




Persian cat

Pregnant single woman

Pounding palm fruits in the dream meaning


Purple snake with yellow eyes

Praying in dreams in beds

Pigeons attacking

Putting off fire in a dream

Pig attack

Previous wife

Passing white stool

Prefect dream

Pooping behind a tree

Pigeon poop meaning

Pee inside the car

Pee inside car



Person wrongs you

Putting leaves in your ears

Pointing woman

Pulling out hair from the mouth

Pulling you backwards

Pulling you back

Peting a kiten

Petting a baby cat


Pooping in toilet bowl

Purple coloured soap

Pushing someone off a roof and killing them

Pooing parasites

Pregnant women die

Penguin in dream

Plane crash surviving

Palm seed


Plaiting my head hair in my dream islamically

Plaiting my hair in my dream islamically

Pr egnacy

Pala e



Puppy kiss

Pregnant lady seeing baby boy

Purple lavender

Purple crystals

Purple stones

Praying in the masjid


Poked in spine

Plane crash outside my house

Planting of a snake plant


Pulling snake out of my mouth by some person

Plucking of saffron flower

Plucking of saffron glower

Pink colour leave tree

Possessed person

Praying in dreams

P ing stol

Picking jewelry from the floor


Prophet figure in clouds

Plane crashing in front of me