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Dreams starting with the letter R

Receiving gift from dead

Red cow outside house

Receiving a red ruby ring



Receiving green kolanut

Rain quenching a fiery fire

Removing fish bone out of gum

Receiving a book from woman

Roof dissolved by rain

Rescuing baby out of dirt

Red chillies seeing taking

Removing evil eye on dream

Receiving a perfume from girl

Rash leg

Removing vigina hair with cream

Rice from decease person

Running in fear

Reliving money from dead person

Receiving money from dead people

Rolling on ground


Raban atina did dunipace dua

Ride with my wife


Relative handing you a bag

Removing the intestines from a fish

Riot muders

Running with your family to save life

Running fear of death

Riot killer running for life

Rising from grave

Received agirl baby as a giftn

Running away from elephant

Reciting surah arahman in dreams

Rat urine

Rat in dream

Rain in forest


Red dot on baby

Red apples on trees

Ruby gold perfume

Return child cloth

Return clo

Repent before death

Running away from a boy

Reciting ayat kursi

Receiving a check with money

Recitation of the quran safe her in the dream

Riding with the wife

Riding a motorcycle

Repeated dreams

Rising tide

Rat in your body

Rich husband

Red colour clothes for a man

Red clothes for men

Removing your shoes

Receiving sweet from dead grand mother

Receiving bundle ofnew money

Receiving wads of newmoney

Rope sea

Rope thread

Reciting bismillah in a dream

Rocks falling on me from sky

Readin surah

Rich dream

Romance with a governor

Running from bees

Removing hair getting bald

Receiving wad of new money note

Reciting aytul kursi in dream


Reciting iqra bismi sura


Running away from jin


Road disappears

Riaz ul janah way

Riaz up janah way

Recommending dhikr

Receiving flowers from deceased brother

Runaway horses

Right hand change assilver hand

Rude husband

Removing wedding ring and walking away

Ring stuck between my teeth

Ring stuck between my death

Ream died person his strong and become young

Rough hair

Rejected a boy for marriage

Reminder of prayer

Remove stone from the ear dream meaning

Receiving ring from the dead

Ring from dead mother

Reciting dus yunus

Removing armpit hair

Receing money from father in dreams

Receiving help in trouble

Receiving help

Recieving surah fatiha

Receiving surah fatiha

Rashes on my body

Rashes on my skin

Receiving perfume in dream

Received a scholarship

Rescuing a baby from fire

Red snake in drinking pot dream intrepretation

Red snake in drinking pot

Rushing to catch a flight

Rescue husband from fire

Raised house

Red brown house

Riding on white horse

Rêver de la lune du ramadan et les gens dansait

Rêver de lune

Rocky land

Reuniting with husband

Rice coming out of leg

Running from gunshots

Ruh waiting to come down on earth

Ripe mongo tree

Receiving red flower

Refusing handshake

Red moon meaning

Red moom

Rushing out

Rattling under the bed

Reason for gunshots

Receive gold coins from your mother

Receiving 3 gold coins from your mother

Repairing old house

Receiving wrist watch as gift in dream

Running towards a moving car

Receiving a baby

Raw plantain

Run away from senke

Raped by someone

Relative eating feast at home

Received perfume

Reciting hasbunallahu wa nimal wakeel in the dream

Reciting hasbunallahu wa nimal wakeel

Runnjng away dein zombies

Reading suratul ar rahaman in dream

Running from a madnan

Removing chicken feathers in your dreams what those it means

Rejecting in marriage

Refused to drive a car in dream


Really bad excema

Received ammama

Receiving from dead one

Receiving a cooking oil as a gift

Red beastcwith fangs come out of sea tornado

Running through woods happy

Removin hijab

Renting occupied house by somebody in dream

Rescuing white sheep from well

Receiving quran as a gift

Red bloody face devil

Ruch man dead

Rain coming from broken roof

Rain from ceiling

Reciting duroot in a dream

Reading the kalma in a dream

Reading the kalima in your dream

Right hand hand cut and repaired

Receving a gift

Read first kalma in dream

Resiving cap

Red fish and snake

Red fishand snake

Riding in a horse with sword

Riding horse with a crown

Rum alcohol

Red colour toy like human

Red dress and black shoes

Red crab

Rebuilding masjid in dream

Raw beed

Regaining sight

Rat in the milk

Removing thread from tooth


Reciting dua and making sprite free

Receiving maggi cube from someone

Rubbing ice on your face meaning

Ringworm on my head

Reciting the quran in toilet

River turns red


Regalare dolci

Ricevere dolci o cibo

River of dead fish

Rotten legs

Rotten raw meat


Rescuing someone in danger in a dream

Rescuing a person being attacked in a dream meaning

Romance with aunt

Reconciliation between spouse

Received money from husband

Removing spider webs from house

Run after cow

Removing jigger in my foot

Reciting oneness

Right eye injury

Receiving wedding gifts for proposal

Reciting third kalima

Rotten eggs in dreamz

Rotten eggs in a dirty place

Raw skinned pig meat

Rats running away

Red beetle

Receiting surat maryam in a dream meaning

Received a gold

Runny nose in school


Removing snakes from hair

Removing snakes from my anus

Removing hair from mouth

Red sun explosion

Romance with known person

Rain pouring in my bed

Running from destruction

Recite surah rehman

Red sky black clouds mass panic

Removing of one leg socks which has a good scent giving it to my ex

Removing single hair in my mouth

Removing ants from clothes

Reciting surah iklas

Red millipede crawling on your hand


Running away from small black and silver snakesnakes

Removing cobweb in corner meaning in islam

Red dress buying and seeing

Running with baby in dream from people

Relative give gold to me

Retuning my dead moms rings to her

Reciting darood shareef in dream islam

Rashes in skin dream

Runing on the top water

Receiving cowries

Rice in a bucket of water

Rearing snail in the dream means

Raining in grave yard

Realistic horror

Removing ladder

Rats mating

Running from fire into water

Red heel shoe

Roaring like a lion in dream


Recieving a quran as a gfit form someone

Running with knife in dream

Raw mutton n

Reciting yaa hayyu yaa qayyum in sleep

Receiving dimond from a dead person

Reading a dua on friend

Reading evil eye dua and aytal khursi on friend

Removal of tattoo

Rash on body dream

Rash on the body

Rocks in the middle of the lake

Reciting of ending dua of quran means

Removing necklace

Raining frogs

Running away from someone and crying

Red and pus pimples on chest area

Reported husband to a policeman

Rocks falling from sky

Reading amane rasool in dream

Red lipstic and red dress

Remove glass in foot injury

Rejecting marriage proposal dream islam


Right the squinted

Reciting tawuz in dream

River ko dekhna or sundar cloud ko dekhna

Reading namaaz

Reciting hasbiyal wakillu

Reciting laillahaillallah muhammadur rasulullah in dream

Running from fire in a hospital and i escaped

Running out of fuel

Refuse to buy cooking oil for someone

Reciting durood shareef

Ryt try tr

Ridge guard plucking in dream

Receving vibuthi in dream

Rain and a donkey

Raw dice

Rectinig salawat in the dream

Running from wild animal

Right foot got stock in bed and when removed found out that there was a hole made by termites

Receiving food

Running away from your father

Removing thrown from feet in dream

Run fast

Removing fat from meat

Removing tiles

Reciting tha salawat in mydream

Religious girl

Reciting la hawla wala quwwata illah billa in dream

Reciting kalma next to a dead person

Receiving quraan in dreams

Receiving a gift in a platicbag

Receiving a gift

Rest in peace in dream

Red and blue snake in your bed

Right arm injured

Rain water entering in my place

Reciting kalma shahadah


Ram chasing and attacking me but not others

Repentance dream

Riding a bicycle in a dream with high speed

Running away from a bear in dream

River went dry

Relative got shot

Reciting astaghfar in dream

Rain leaking inside house

Running away from killing and war and escaping through the ocean



Raccoon seeing in dream meaning in islam

Red chair

Refusing to return

Receiving a blessing from made father

Running after horse

Reciting ayatulkursi

Releasing white birds

Red thread and blood

Receiveing pearls

Red car in a dream

Receiving rice

Riding a bikecyle with someone

Removing the outer skin layer of a dead person in a dream means what in islam

Room no6

Running errands for the dead

Red fat large cow

Raining of moneys

Reading surah muhammad

Robbing a bank with your husbands

Reciting amana rasul

Removing iron nails from my slippers

Rotten fruit falls from the tree

Running from the police

Rock on the bed


Removing palm weevil larvae in a dream represents

Receiving clothes as a gift from the deceased

Removing sharp stick from my hands

Removing egg from someone body

Ring with precious stone

Receiving onion in dream

Received money from the dead father

Red creature

Rejected a proposal in a marriage islam dream interpretation

Reciting eid takbeer out of fear

Received a wrist watch

Removing my hand hair

Received money in dream

Riding by motor biscle

Riding by biscle

Riding biscle

Receiving alcohol as gift

Running water with theoughing hair

Reading sura yusuf

Rape of daughter in dream

Rape of a child

Rising water levels

Removing coackroches from ones home

Red slky

Running to a mosque in rain

Running from terrorist

Receiving money from my boss

Remove thick hair from the tongue

Remove thick hair from the younger

Reciting quran over a person

Rice gone bad


River and fish

Ruler of muslim state

Roll toielte paper

Robot dream

Reading in a dream


Removing bones from my mouth in a dream

Reading salah on water

Receiving gold jewellery from dead person in a dream

Rat killing

Ripe custard apple eating dream

Recieved quran as gift

Resisting shirk

Ruqya h

Reciting qaseeda burda sharif

Receiving abhaya from unknown ladies

Relatives throwing my food

Rats in dream

Red doll

Riazul jannah

Rice and maize dream

Receiving kum kum and haldi from deceased mother by son

Rejecting raw meat in dream

Red millipede

Red millipede dream meaning

Reciting the kalama with a dead person

Right arm locked in door

Receiving paper money in an envelope at a prayer by a known woman

Riding on women

Riding on the back of women and milk coming out of her breast

Roasted yam

Rasool allah beard

Red cow chasing

Right nipples cuts from breast

Re married to my ex wife

Recitation of surah feel

Receiving flowers from a ex woman

Reciting la hawla walay quwatta in dream

Releasing large fish in river

Reach too high place

Roasting cocoyam in a dream means what

Robbery of my jewelry


Ressurected baby

Riding away from flood

Reciting salawat in a dream


Reading sureh fatiha

Rescuing a dog

Riding byccicle

Receiving money in a dream

Rabbit making babies

Receiving gold earrings dream means

Raw mutton in huge amount


Return of dead to life

Recitation kafirun

Revealing many snakes

Reduced size of cloth

Reciting iqamah

Receive phone call from state governor

Right hand in lions mouth

Rash on my neck

Rat in a trap

Rotten death body

Rich man offers me money

Receiving honey from dead

Raising price

Rope holding white colour dress

Rope touch my back neck

Rope touch in back neck

Raining apples

Rotating of earth


Riding on an elephant

Rat in water and i drink that wayer

Room decorated

Religious teachers

Rash in the face

Rotten teeth removal

Rat black

Receiving kohl

Receiving kajal in dream

Reading rabana atayna in a dream

Raw meat and blood

Red ballon

Room with swarming insects

Riding a beautiful camel

Ruqya being done on myself

Ruqya being done on myself in a dream

Red shari

Red shari got gift

Receiving a dress as s gift

Riding on a camel

Removing thing from eye

Running away from a big snake

Radiation and illens

Robbery in mosque

Red ants in home

Receiving clothes from your dead mother


Reciting ibraheem swalath in dream

Raw chicken in pot

Removing both kidneys

Rabbit hunting

Receivig pattu saree in dream

Run away bride

Running for you life together with many people

Rape by police

Riding neck

Russian olives

Rain all over my body

Running after monkey

Running away and crying

Roda and white cloth

Ring with a gold in your hand

Ring with gold

Ring around eye

Red chunri

Reburying dead

Roz e mubarak

Rescue black cat

Removing skin tag in dream

Red eye in a dream

Red chilli in dream

Running elephant

Running around just to make it to my husbands court day

Raw meat in a dream

Remove snail


Removing of spider wed in your bed room

Reciting fatiha in fesr

Running out of energy

Repair ceiling


Readinf dua in dream

Receiving mehr

Received garri in the dream meaning

Running for life

Rice weevil

Removinv white discharge from eyes

Receiving red and white roses

Rosewater bath

Resting on a man

Red notebook

Red green white

Receiving a pink shirt and hijab

Rotten dates in dream

Raping daughter

Removing contact lens from eye

Rain and sunshine dream during pregnancy

Rain and sunshine

Red sand desert

Reciting hassibiallahu niamal vakil

Relative dream meaning

Revive a dying plant

Runing away crocodile meaning

Ringworm dream interpretation

Receiving a doll house

Rain water in my house

Rotten fruits buying



Reading ayatul kurssi

Red peanuts in a dream

Running on needles

Removing irritating insects from body

Runing from war

Reciving gold from mother in law

Red color bird

Reciting surah al qariah in dream

Red friuts

Renting a house

Receiving keys in a dream

Receiving bunch of keys by a riverside

Running dreem number votang teer

Running dreem number votang

Red and black insect in many quantity

Religious man staring at you

Religiou man staring at you

Rat blood

Receiving red dress as gift

Run after the child to save

Reciting aayah


Reading salawaat in your sleep

Rotten apples

Remove lice from hair with a jerk


Roasted corn in dream

Romance with non mehram

Rain water in the road

Reciting fabi ayyi ala in dream

Receive new wrapper in the dream

Rat running in masjid


Running into house

Relative getting killed by an oxen

Relative getting killed by a an animal

Reading salam on prohphet mohammed

Ragi boll

Reat8ng eagle meat

Re shaping earth

Relative crashes your car

Receiving silver anklets from a dead relative

Rever water flowing inside the pit


Reciting asma ul husna names

Room of faeces

Red chillies crop seen in dream

Rough seas waves

Reciting surah qadar in drea

Reciting surah qadar in dream

Road under clean water river

Rope tied to boat

Receiving a sheep as a gift

Rabbit and his children

Receiving clothes as gift

Red sky night time

Recieving invation letter

Rain in kaaba in dream

Robbing private part of your boss

Rubber band coming out of anus

Receiving a chitenge wrapper from a dead person in a dream

Receiving charity in a dream

Rain in a dream

Raining in the house

Riding a water bike in water

Removing of teeth

Running from a leopard

Ring in a glass

Removing tight garments

Relatives enjoying in marriage party

Reciting ayat tul kulsi

Red flesh coming out of nose

Receiving wrist watch and gift

Recitation of nade ali

Rat ran out of the house

Rash hives

Reciting surat al waqiah

Running into the masjid

Receiving wrist watch as a gift

Raw rice

Receiving money from a woman

Rosebud cut

Receiving mustard oil

Receding gift

Running towards mosque but it gets further away

Road made from wood

Regret not to married to you

Rice winnowing in dream meaning

Rice winnowing

Rhino attack on me

Red chickens

Red chicken laying in the ground

Running backwards from someone

Roasting pear in the dream

Reciting ayal kursi during earth quake

Reciting takbir

Red green and black clothes

Rat eating rice from paket

Raining in sunlight

Receiving clothes in dream

Raping own mother

Rainbow fire

Rainbow fire horses

Running away wedding

Running away from marriage

Ridged gourd tree

Removing worms from hand palm


Rings on necklace


Running down stairs

Reciting astaghfar in a dream

Red plastic bag

Removing old person jiggers in a dream

Run from prison

Riding ship during storm

Riding so during storm

Reciting la illa ha illa and dying and beiemg reborn

Rats in your room

Roasting a pig

Riding an animal

Releasing black semen

Ruby earring

Raccoon in a house

Recieved mint leaves

Romantically themed dream with enemies

Rope weapon


Religious child

Riding a train

Receiving money from an unknown man in my dream

Reciting a protection dua in dream

Relative pushing my mother to fell on ground

Remove a dead person from a grave

Readjng asmaul husna

Resigning from a job

Romance unknown woman

Romance an unknown woman

Rapid fruit

Raiped pineapple

Removing neck chain for someone

Receing money

Reciteing quran

Religious man with headbuncovered

Rub salt

Rat in chatchen

Red small chillies

Right feet bleeding and causing bloody foot prints

Red poppy flower

Receiving oil from a chieftain

Rich maid

Reciving mony from dear father

Raining in dream

Reciting surah muzammil

Rich drink

Reciting kalima while experience death

Recitation lahawla wala in dream

Riding with deceased father

Reciving roti and sweets from death person

Receiving sweet from de

Reveal secret

Reciting aduha surah during prayer

Reuniting with husband while you’re separted

Reuniting with separated husband

Riyazul janah

Returning back a quran in a dream

Reading kalma in dream

Ram rat



Receiving old clothes as gift from friend

Rat skeleton

Reading darood loudly in dream

Red tongue


Reading dua in dream

Removing paper in mouth

Robbed of money

Recitation of quranic duas

Removal of leeches from leg

Remove evil eye in dreams

Receiving hair attachment in the dream

Rats in a bag

Rats biting me

Ridge guard seen in dream meaning

Ring breaking


Received gold keys

Returning cloth back to me

Romance with husband meaning


Receiving a quran

Red duppatta in dream

Res duppatta in dream



Receiving a death message from a child

Receiving a massage that you will die soon

Ritualist trying to kill me

Riding a boat

Riding a white keke

Running from dajjal

Receiving white gift from deceased

Red and yellow worm dream

Receiving clothes from my aunty and am pregnant

Running to solat for prayers

Received a new sim card

Reading tahajjud in dream meaning

Recing takbeer loud

Rided by a boat in the flooded water

Re burying the deceased

Resigning from work

Ragi mudde receving

Rat coming out of the mouth

Rash on stiomach

Rashes in someone body

Receiving something from the prophet

Ripped fruit

Reciting yaahayuum yaakayuum in my dream

Rhino chasing me

Reciting shahadath

Relative looking young

Romantic interest

Running snake

Receiving milk in clay bowl from female

Reciting laa ilaha illalah before death in dera

Righteous scholars

Running in macca

Reciting sura kafiru in a salah

Rain in sunshine

Relative pregnant

Red and black stripped snake


Rotting dog

Rotting animal

Relative member death

Raising up in the air

Reciting surah tariq


Reciting ayatul kursi in a dream

Recieved money

Removing safety pins from new dress

Running between trees

Rocket falling down in the sky

Removing spider web in home dream meaning

Running from a hand in the dark

Running from a hand

Reading the three qul for protection

Reciting shubhan allah

Running away from my wedding

Receiving blessing from dead person in dream


Red car wash with white foam

Red car washing eith white foam

Rotrn dead body

Robbed and push into a river

Rat on my prayer rug

Recieving proposal

Roti on belly

Ripping pajama

Ripping clothes

Running from forest and entering garden full of coloured flowers

Red moon in dream

Ring of soloman

Recieved cheque in dream by my husband

Recitation of quran

Resort by the beach

Reciting dua

Running because of fire

Red soil

Running shadows

Rash on leg

Rape father

Refusing to take a head scarf from a deceased sister

Riding over someone shoulders

Riding over someone shpulders

Receiving tulips flower from someone

Result marks

Receiving 100 rupees

Receiving silver ring with red stone from a religious person

Removing thorns from sandals

Rosa e rasool in dreams

Removing your own tooth in dreams

Repairing a house

Rhinoceros in house

Rat trying to enter house

Red back spider dream

Running away from hospital

Running away from people not getting away

Running away from se

Red current

Red leopard print

Red cap on my head in dream

Red shoe

Red boot

Receiving first prize awards

Red dreds


Religious teacher in a dream

Reciting surah maida in dream

Removing head


Rotten eggs in dream

Rosemary bunch

Running from lion and lioness

Running naked night

Reading last 2 verses of surah bakarah

Rats attack me but i pushed back

Receiving alliance for marriage in dreams

Recited durood upon prophet rasul saw

Recited durud upon our prophet rasul saw

Return gift

Red tomatoes

Removing jigger in the finger

Receiving clothes from mother in dream islamic interpretation

Rain waterfall in the mouth

Rain water fall

Running in the rain naked in a dream

Running from cobra snake

Red chuda

Red weddingdress m

Red weddingdress

Running away from mad man

Reading quran in a dream to cure the swelling

Red patches on body

Received money from police officer

Red melon

Red meon

Reading quran in grave

Reciting inna lillahi wa inna in dream

Ruby ring

Recite surat naba

Receiving money from prime minister

Running and away snake seen in a dream

Renovation of mosque dream

Renovation of mosque deeam

Rich man give you new sim card

Red rain in dream

Romance husband

Runnening away

Receiving money from a mad man in a dream

Red fruits full of tree


Receiving egg from late father what does it mean

Raining ice

Raining ife

Reed mat

Reciting surah waqiah in dream

Red marks on skin

Red chilli surrounded me

Red dressed women

Received gold from group of women

Red stone on chest


Removing white substance from hair

Removing dandruff from your hair

Right eye swollen dream interpretation

Removing worm from ears

Refusing an empty cup in dream


Rub away

Receiving a hoe from dead father

Rat meat eating

Room filled with jewellery

Reciting mama yatasa in my dream

Reciting kalma and ready for death

Ripe bitter kola fruit

Received money from saint

Ruler kind warm in dream

Rat feaces falling on my legs

Recovering one’s head

Receiving a gift of red palm oil in a dream

Running from family

Red blood out from your body

Repenting sleep

Robbers enter my house

Rescuing a bear

Reciter 99 names allah

Reciting surah muzamil

Rich man married me

Rising water

Rose falls on you

Recieving money from son

Recitting first kal ma in dream

Red and spice

Reciting surah kaafirun

Red egg

Ready bear

Ridge guard


Riding donkey

River and tree

Receding praise

Reciting lahawla walakuwata illah billahil aliyilazwim

Recked house

Reading magic

Receiving gold gift in dream islam

Reading salam to the prophet muhammad saw

Relieving oneself in public

Receiving kerosene in dream signifies what

Reading namaz wrong way

Removing trash bin

Removing dustbin


Running naked and ashamed

Reciting kalma before death

Red coil

Rebel group

Receiving torch light from myate dad

Roasting pear

Receiving money from a madman

Recieving dress by a man

Receiving a pen from your dead dad means

Rice moving worm

Red snake bite

Receiving milk from mother


Rubbing avocado on hair dream meaning

Recieving black clothes

Rose thorns

Reaign from current position in organization in dream islamic meaning

Red brown green curtain

Running away from high waves

Reciting surah mujadilah in a dream

Rosemary water


Refurbishing a house

Red vagina

Road dream

Rape of child

Refuse to take turmeric

Refused to marriage

Rotten coins

Rotten leg in a dream

Ruffing of a house open in a dream

Racoon in house

Rain and waves

Rain water swimming

Removing kidney


Riding alone

Reduced hair brushing

Red rain dream in islam

Receive some information from dead person

Rain drops on my passport and gets wet

Running down street road muddy road

Ripe custard apple into hands

Rattle snake turning into chamaleon

Result is bad

Reciting la ilaha in dream

Reciting tauz in my dream

Rejl yeguli jib ater

Re marriage proposal infront of my current husband

Re marriage proposal in front of my current husband

Removing and killing head lice

Removing lice from the hair and killing it