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Dreams starting with the letter R

Receiving a scholarship from a muslim guy


Removing lice from dead mother on law hair

Removing lice from obes hair

Rural bakara

Reciting tauz

Rape in dream

Rotted dasheen

Removing needles from shoulder

Rubbing dead moms feet

Red bird meaning

Receiving dollars in a dream

Received money from a police officer

Running in dream


Rock with knots

Right wrist

Red dupatta in dream

Removing black corn kernels

Road with obstacle

Road with a girl

Rash in face

Roots like infection in gum area

Reciting ayat ul kursi

Running away from harmful people

Recieving flowers of many varieties


Red chilli see in dream

Reciting aytul kursi against black magic


Raining and picking mangos in a dream

Rain and hailstorm

Rubbing raw egg on the face and body

Rats backyard

Received a car

Removing a spider web and spiders in your dream

Reciving money

Rat feces

Red and white roses

Red and white 6

Recieving a fine

Reciting allahs name in dream meaning

Reject salt and water

Receiving pair of boot as a gift



R l

Red dog attacking

Red car without wheels

Receiving gift land

Revolving chair

Receiving a wrist watch

Roasting dove meat

River in dream

Rotten teeth

Received gold by dead

Running after me

Right feet bleeding

Rukhsati of girl i love with someone else

Receiving marriage proposal from a man yu know

Receiving fabric from your grandma in dream meaning

Receiving blessings from father

Rubbing raw egg on the body

Raw fish has covered my private parts

Reciting holy quran in dream

Removed eyebrow

Robbana recitation

Rocks falling from sky in dream

Receiving frozen meat

Reject boy

Rejecting a proposal

Received many clothes and shoes as gifts

Running lioness

Reciting suratul al alla

Reciting falaq and nas

Running naked streets

River flowth my clothes away

Raising your hands to prayer

Rescuing a quran from fire

Removing a tattoo

Receiving soap

Receiving cloth from a dead person

Running from the law

Returning to old job

Red chili powder dream

Rotten fruit meaning

Receiving quran

Removing worms from two legs

Reciting sura rahman

Riding a moterbike

Refusing to drink cold water

Road with blood

Roaster dream meaning

Resigning from job

Rain beating a dead relative while walking under the rain what does it mean

Reading kalima

Red water in toilet

Refusing to drink milk

Rose flower in washroom

Reciting the kalima while drowning

Receiving a certificate


Ring on finger

Rotting eye

Receiving gift from dead loved one

Removing soil from the cloth

Rotton onions


Reading salaam in dream

Rubbing vaseline in the dream

Receiving a ramayan book as gift

Reciting al qariah in dream

Red heart ballon

Right arms broken elbow bone

Reciting quran a non muslim

Raising from death

Red cow in a dream

Red cow

Red powder

Removing the ring

Receiving bankdraft

Relive of dead person

Ring received by husband

Red hot and coal

Redish brown lipstick

Red bangles


Raw meat with blood

Running from ongoing world war

Rince of clothes

Running away from dad in dream

Raining and fire

Rain inside

Radish dream meaning

Riding a skateboard

Red scarf

Reciting dua written in sky

Raw ram meat

Reciting surah baqarah in dream

Running out of time in an exam

Recieving clothes garments gift

Right hand in a lions mouth

Red rice

Running away kidnap

Receiving gold jewelry

Receiving notes from unknown persons

Removing of eye glass from someone eyes

Removing eye glass from someone eyes

Red shoes on dream

Rooster dead

Red dry chillies in dream

Riding a bicycle with sister

Ride a boat

Recieving chocolate in dream

Removing school shirt

Romancing someone i know

Row meat cow

Ripped dirty cloths

Rain during nighttime

Receiving keys from dead father

Roasting yam in the dream

Roasting yam

Running to find home in a dark place

Recitation of allah name

Resisting allah name

Receiving ghee in the dream

Reciting inna lillahi in adream

Reciting aayate kareema

Romantically holding hands

Running in the dark

Red cooking oil and beans in my dream

Red oil and beans in my dream

Relative go for abroad and saying goodbye

Road blocks

Raw rice coming out from my left ear

Raining cotton

Receiving money to give someone

Request to put henna in dream by grandmother in dream

Relative fighting each other

Riding horse

Rise of the dead

Rajab chand in dream

Rope and mouth

Roasted fruit

Red door with key

Red vail

Raw sweet potato

Running marathon meaning

Recieved raisins in dream


Receiving meat from deceased father

Rose sand rose plants

Rejecting from family meaning

Receiving lot of money from dead mother inlaw dream meaning

Riding a conveyance

Riding in a motor cycle with people inside in the spirit world

Reciting ayatul kursi on possessed person

Receive phone call in a dream

Raw tamarind falling from tree in dream in islam

Receiving roasted corn from a dead person

Riding on whale

Receiving maggi cubes in dream

Recovering your pot in the dream

Running in graveyard


Rich lady

Refusing a handshake from a woman


Removing a large number of jiggers from a small boy who is lost

Receiving new sim card

Recovery of sick father

Rats eating bananas

Riba interest house

Rain storm


Razor blade on bed


Removing stone from ear

Red velvet mites meaning in dreem

Reciting sahada was dying

Removing ticks from skin

Rat catch the pussy in dream meaning

Red lanyard around the neck

Room filled with milk waves

Recieving silver anklets

Recieving eggs from dead relatives

Red rose bouquet

Romance mad woman in dream

Relative asking for money

Receiving a watch as gift from someone

Riding bicycle dreams meanings

Rats snakes

Red blood in cubord



Received saphota fruit in dream

Rose milk in dream meaning

Roasting eggs on charcoal

Riding a white lion

Reading surah fatiha on baby who has jinn

Running away of an ox

Running forward to an ox

Resting dua yunus in dreams

Recite auzubillah and bismillah

Rat in home

Rats and mices

Removing ingrown

Removing ingrown bone

Raped by many people

Riding bycle

Rainy at night

Removing jigger grom youtube feet

Removing dark spot on my knees by washing

Rotten feet but healed

Receiving a cheque

Reciting surah fateha

Right hand broke with one toe cutt off

Rejectong kolanut

Riding a tortoise

Red cherries

Rain inside mosque

Running naked

Reading i love you

Releasing from jail


Rawits meat

Riding a dragon

Ridimg a dragon


Removing underwear in public meaning

Reciting kalima shahada before dying in dream

Rain water leaking from ceiling

Receiving a prayer mat by your fiance

River rafting

Reaching a high rank in a job

Returning to the past

Returning to that past

Rise of death

Reptile in a cage

Reptile in a cafe

Removing ticks from my body

Red pill

Running late for exam

Rain and ice blocks falling

Receiving mobey

Red shoes

Running on mountain

Runing away

Running from cops

Rotten gooseberry giving to other person

Rainy over the graves

Running away from dajaal

Room floor wet

Rejecting gift money

Running and hiding from a person

Removing puss from leg

Removing worm from leg

Removing pin from thumb

Running in rain

Robbed house in neighborhood


Raising money

Riding elephant

Red sari in a dream

Repairing road

Riding to battlefield with white horses

Receiving a marriage proposal

Recieving white powder

Right hand

Res veil

Right arm damage


Received wrapper in dream

Rejecting to marry a girl

Riding car


Riding camel

Running from water

Ripe mango in a tree in a dream

Reciting auz billahi min shaitan razim

Rosemary water in hair

Ruby stone

Reciting surah rahman

Red and purple eye pupil

Raven crow scaring me

Reciting sura taha in dream

Rotten pudding

Rescuing someone from accident

Rabbana aatina dua in dream

Rotten tomatoes

Reciving award from allah side in a dream

Renowned scholar of islam


Receiving a gift horse in dream

Rose flower garden in own house blossomed

Rose flower garden fully blossomed

Reciting surah alfurqan in a dream

Raining and sunshine

River of milk

Running above water


Red scissors

Removing throns from shoe

Running tap water

Roof leaking water every where from my house

Red snake

Raining g and grave seen in dream


Relative bring head of an animal in a house

Relative bring goat head in our home

Refusing zina


Reaching moon

Reading quran for sheikh

Red worm in food in dreams

Return of the dead person

Red bean child

Red hair dream

Reciting hasbunallahu wa nemal wakil

Reciting authobillah minnesota shaytaan rajeem bismillah arrahmanir raheem

Reading quran on someone who is possessed by jinn

Red wool on your legs

Rejecting boiked eggs in dream

Removing jiggers from someone said ear mean what


Rain on mountain

Reversing a vehicle in a dream

Receiving milk turning into curd from someone

Riding with dead person

Rat eat my shoes

Recieving food

Rat and cat fighting

Rat and cat

Red colour in dream

Receiving money in dream

Rose pin broken

Reciting duah wrong in dresm

Reading quran in dream

Riding motorbike

Red writing

Religious person of other religion kissing my forhead

Riding a beat in sea

Reciting kalmah in your dream

Rain falling of money from sky

Road construction

River passage

Reading chapter al zulzazul

Rice and roow eggs

Raster hair in my drea

Riding a motorbike in dirty water

Rice poop

Relatives gathering in my house in dream

Reciting surah naba in dream

Raux bef

Reciting laila haillallah

Received lots of money

Running naked in the rain

Reciting shahada

Reciting naad e ali

Red sum

Red sun with black rays

Rich and famous

Religious event

Reciting surah duha and seeing shias

Reciting surah ad duha and seeing shias

Reading kalma tauheed while falling into the water

Remove leeches from your head in islam

Red bindi

Running behind like ghost

Riding a bike

Riding abike

Riding motorcycle

Reciting quran from mushaf

Receiving dates from dead person

Rotten green water

Riding a bus

Rice coming

Rice coming from ear

Reliciting surah al ghashiya

Repair old shoes


Red ants

Receiving liquid cooking oil from a person

Removing attachment in a dream

Receiving sandalwood paste

Recite loudly

Running away from mascurade

River birds

Running away from mascurade in islam

Rock sack

Red oil

Rolling a dice

Rubbing palm oil in body in a dream

Reconnecting family ties

Ripe papaya

Removing blackmagic in dream

River water

Rapping me

Roof burnt

Receit surah aadiyaat

Rain and flood

Rain and flue

Receiving bank cheques as a reward of passing an exam

Roasting a whole pig

Retarded child


Received slap

Raw dag

Refusing adultry

Rawdha mubarak

Running an hiding from husband




Relieving oneself infront of someo e

Receiving wrist watch as a gift from a lady in a dream

Rash vagina

Rising from mountains

Removing a vine out of head

Rain in house

Running bride

Running in a castle

Rain that destroys crop

Running from trouble and calling allahs name

Reciting a dua

Running away from the crocodile in dream

Rejecting alcohol in the dream

Rain coming through my roof

Rain comes through your roof

Raw white rice

Reciting qasida burda sharif

Receiving silver from deseased person

Rising fire

Ragi in dream


Room upside down


Red wedding dress

Regaining one property

Rash on head and bald

River chasing you

Ripe breadfruit dreams

Red and yellow chillies

Raping a women

Receiving a wrist watch from a man


Red velvet mite in dream

Riding bicycle in a dream

Running away from people trying to kill me in my dream islamic meaning

Ringworm on the stomach

Receiving a white turban in a mosque

Roaches in my room

Red bat

Riding a bicycle in a dream

Raped child

Reciting lilla illah


Red worms

Relatives coming over and crying

Receiving gift

Rice for charity

Rats killed


Receiving money from a friend

Red brown spider catching

Receiving already peeled melon seed in my dream

Red dress women in dreams

Running away from a jinn

Rope being pulled

Running streets

Roasting ripe plantains in dream

Roasted cassava

Religious person

Removing worms off body

Rat eating flesh

Right toe bleeding

Running from dirty water

Receiving sunflower seeds dre


Running with one leg cut in a dream

Received flowers

Refused entrance into one’s car

Red pedal

Reading quran

Red insects from vagina

Rabbit coming out through feces

Ruby jewelry

Red hot snake

Rubbing an egg on someone else

Rich women

Running away fear

Rat eating your shoe

Removing root from soil

Red stars

Rain or thunderstorms

Removing stumps

Reading surstu al isrsh in the dream

Reading datood e tunjeena

Reading darood e tunjeena

Removing evil spirits

Removing plaster from walls

Rain water in the big ground

Rain water

Ripe coffee seeds dream meaning

Rotten face wound

Red dupatta meaning

Red scarf meaning

Red carpet over open windows

Rejecting marriage proposal

Red apples

Received a quran from dead women in my dream

Raw egg eating in a dream

Reciting last 2vers of bakara in dream

Recitng last two vers of bakara

Reciting rabanna in a dream

Red chilli

Receiving a pet

Ripe coffee seeds

Relatives see u crying

Rape attenpt

Rice and sugar mixed

Removing hair stuck in teeth

Red spider dream



Receiving red palm oil in dream

Refusing a golding jewelry

Running quickly

Roti tawa

Ridges in the dream

Riding on horse cart

Recite naat in dream with beautiful voice

Rich people in a dream


Red rose

Relatives in black dress

Receiving attar during dream

Rat chasing cat

Riding a car turn into bicycle

Recite at a funeral

Removing a splinter from vain

Running from attacking hyena

Reunite long distance person

Red moon

Red marble


Receiving money from someone you know

Rope twisting on neck

Relationship broken

Robbery of football from neighbouring house

Receiving money from an old woman

Recieving medicine

Recovering stolen phone

Romantic with a rich famous man

Rejected marriage

Removing cowries from my stomach

Recite dua


Ramadan fasting and dream of dead mother

Remaking of khana kaabaa

Remaking of kaaba

Received a wrist watch as gift

Removing worm from the body


Romance ith sister

Roasting chicken in a dream

Removing fats from my body

Removing beans from ur vagina

Rubber ring

Reading tarot card in islam

Reciting suray fateha

Reciting quran


Red worm

Raw marinated chicken in dream


Riding arab horse

Rotting corpse in my house

Raw pork meat

River mouth

Rat bite my finger

Red and white including fabric meaning dream of isla

Recive saree in dream

Recovery from illness of dead parent

Rape dream

Reciting wa la hawla wa la quwatta in a dream

Rabbits everywhere


Robbed at hotel

Robbery at home

Reciting surah

Running away from a madman


Riding in a car with someone dead

Running away of been killed

Receiving doll

Reading ism azam

Rain and beach

Rude person destroying

Rasing up a female child to hand pick a ripe mango fruits

Riding child to harvest fruit

Reading the quran

Reading verses of the quran

Rock face

Red roses

Riyazul jannah dekhna

Ready ready order on the counter of a restaurantt

Riding bicycle

Running away from disaster with unknown peoples

Running away from a lion

Rope in neck

Regret crying

Reciting surah imran

Resting in bed

Running away

Red chili

Running away from theif

Run away from old guy

Racoon bite

Rough sea

Run from lion

River full water and rocks

Rescue parents

Rats climbing on my body

Raw egg eating

Receiving wallet from deceased

Receiving new wrapper

Rescue animal

River carrying away my clothes

Reciting aytul kursi 8n dream


Reach a mosque

Reading tarot card islam

Running away from masquerades in a dream

Red cow with horns

Running after a bus

Red dangerous spider


Realms of the dead

Relative being angry

Releasing tortoise

Red sprite

Relatives disrespect me in my dream

Receiving male organ from devil

Riding through dirty water

Running water

Running in the rain

Rings being stolen

Riding bike

Rotten eggs

Rain water in the house

Run away from a tsunami

Receiving candle in a bag


Removing jiggers from one’s foot

Redoing bedroom

Rejection by women


Ripping someone passport in a dreams

Red signature on my document

Red chilli powder

Raw flesh blood of a human heart

Rich relative

Rabbit recite dua


Ranning arace with mothen inlaw and she leave you

Room burning

Receiving and spending money

Receiving marriage proposal


Removing bones from chicken

Rotten beef

Roten beef

Relative affected by black magic

Relative affected by sihr

Relative affected by sight



Removing head lice

Removing head lice from husband’s head

Removing a dead cow


Red peri peri and tree means what

Receiving purple flower in dreams

Receiving flowers


Reciting qalima

Rod in ear

Red dress women

Red dress

Red sky


Rat inside sack of milk powder

Receiving black medicine containing container

Running and hiding with fear from some people

Running and hinding with fear from some people

Running away from something or someone with fear


Raining but really hot weather

Received riyal as a birthday gift from a known relative

Receiving identity card

Rose bud

Red tika on forehead by elder

Received orange book in dream meaning

Rabbit running on water

Riding on a balsa

Refuse to give charity

Run away from snake

Ramadan month


Receiving congratulations mail and getting a bottle of cold water in the dream

Riding black horse


Returning home after separation

Riding a bourse


Rainbow shooting


Reciting surah yusuf


Rice and curry

Rain fire

Received job application


Raw meat

Remove needle



Receive fake money

Riding horse with my muslim brother in my local neighbourhood

Rat eating a person

Retirement from job

Rash on tummy

Removal of wart from arm

Raw spaghetti

Roof tiles

Rugyah in dream

Rice falling from a tree

Roasting rabbit in the dream

Running carm water

Rude shopkeeper

Removing extra growth from my face in islamic dream

Red king

Rhinoceros attack

Recite surat kausar

Runnin into darkness

Resting by an old person

Roaming around

Rubbing butt

Roaster bitting me

Roaster bites me

Roaster bitting oneself

Roaster biting

Reading hanuman chalisa in dream

Ripe papaya fruits in tree

Receiving pink sharee

Rain water accumulated outside my house

Rain falling from sky

Ring falls off

Running away from lioness

Receiving a glass bottle of water

Rukiya dreams

Removing and open the taweez in drem

Receiving new shoes as gift from loved one

Ramadan full moon

Reciting isthigfar dua

Ramadan cresent

Rat being fed pomegranates in dream

Rejecting gold coins in dream

Received congratulations message of a new born baby

Relative dying in childbirth

Ramdan moon seeing

Red large spots on the face and neck with two colors disease

Refusing to shake hand in dream

Remove cover of tree

Refuse money from dead person

Raccoon meat


Rubbing buttocks using honey in part in dream

Riaz ul janna

Reciting astagfirullah

Reciting astagfirullaj

Rejecting a prostitute

Red colour fleshy and juicy fruit

Recieving sword from prophet

Red bulls chasing you

Rainbow flower

Removing needles from head

Ramadan beginning

Remove needles

Reciting ayatal kursi during earthquake

Running away from piglet

Running away from wild pink piglet

Removing cowwebs

Rotten vegetable

Ripping cloths

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Rainwater puddles

Running away from tornado

Rubbing calabash chalk on your face in the dream meaning

Raw meet of goat that going to cook

Rajab moon in dream

Recived money from girl

Reciting surah with confidence

Rotten patotoes in my dream

Returning from house and the door is apassage

Return door in path of hole

Receiving small vaseline

Rose flowers

Rent member left the house and owner cleaning the house

Removal of private part

Running from flood

Reaptidly seating my enemy

Reciting ayatul kurdi

Reptiles on my body

Red suitcase

Red meet

Returning a dog

Running fear hiding

Reciting surah mulk and calling for my dead baby

Ripping quran

Receiving dust of gold in a dream as a woman

Reciting a surah of quran while people listen

Remove of nail

Riding a car in drivers seat

Roof of kaaba

Receiving cloth in a dream

Receiving dirty cooking sticks in a dream

Receiving black hill

Reject money in dream from dead person

Red marriage dress

Rubbing a german shepard dog

Recovery stolen item in the dream

Reading aytal karima in your dream

Ring carved

Received present from deseased

Reciting tauz in dream

Removing splinter from foot

Running away from death

Removing fishs from vigina

Running away from fire and smoke

Ridge guard vegetable

Receiving money from the death of a distant relative

Red crosses on the body

Receiving coffee from a man who is not my husband

Receiving coffee pot from a man

Releasing tiny fishes in the sea

Reading 4th kalima in dream

Recurring dream of giant spider

Recivng money from someone

Reciting surah zilzalaha

Return my gifts in dreams

Ruler dead

Receding a ring

Rubbing off on your hair in the hair dresser

Rubbing oil on your hair in a hair salon

Raw chicken eating in dream

Recite holy verse

Removing dirt in ears

Rescue cats

Reciting kuran

Resiving a watch

Ready to write

Receiving egg in the dream

Recover stolen item

Reading atalkursi

Residing in the basement of mosque

Request for marriage

Reciting surat al kafiroon

Raw tamarind eating

Reading suraj al kahaf

Reading suraj al kaha

Reciting ashhaduallah ilaha illallahu in a dream

Read ayat kareema

Receiving wrist watch as gift from a friend in the dream

Resting on a mat

Riden a python

Residence on fire

Reciting subhanallah alhumdulillah allahu akber in a dream meaning in islam

Riva dream in islam

Reciting auatul qursi

Running from water worried about to drown

Recite the surah fazr

Reading durood shareed

Replacing a door frame

Red watermelon indicate

Removing throns from feet

Red mite bitting me

Rock falling

Rat falling from wall

Receiving gifts from dad

Reaching top of a mountain or pole and coming down with difficulty

Receiving a gift of watch from friend

Rescuing a young boy in a dream

Racing pigeons

Removing grey wig hair from your head in dream

Remove dirt from knee

Refusal of bride price

Rain coming inside the room?

Road barrier in markete

Road barrier

Red and white on one cloth dream meaning

Removing pins

Rosa rasool

Recieving money from mother

Return from road

Ripe pawpaw

Reading surah falak

Right hand in lion mouth

Red jellly

Red beat

Remove dirt from foot

Rubbing vasiline in my hand

Rough tides

Rain of scorpion in dream


Removing lice from own head

Reciting la hola wala quata illa billa

Receiving hand bag from someone

Rich friend

Raped in masjid

Red nails that are pretty

Received 2 quran in my dream

Running away and hiding from evil

Running away from evil people

Relative giving birth

Reading sura kausar in pray

Removing black head

Receiving white flowers in dream

Removing armpit hairs means in islam

Removing armpit hairs

Rice hepad with gray small birds on it

Receiving surah yaseen

Rabbit dreams numbers

Running in the greens

Receive foreign money

Receiving wedding invitation card from dead person

Ring break

Removing stones in a vigina

Relationship with non muslim

Receiving zakat

Red colour dress women seeing in my dream

Receiving diamond as gift

Repairing a wall

Refuse gold acceptance

Refusing gold accepting in dream

Right arm cutting

Recieve blanket and food

Running and hiding from someone in dreams

Remove croops enemy plans in my farm and put my back in dream

Running away lizzard

Reunion of lover