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Dreams starting with the letter S

Seeing arabic words in the sky

Sister’s husband dead


Seeing a cactus in dream

See someone sinning in a dream

Speaking with dead parents


Snail bite dream

Soil dreams

Sleeping tiger in home

Seeing wounds on mouth and leg

Stealing one clothes

Someone stealing your clothes

Seeing my brother die

Someone hurt my baby

Snake bitting me


Selling kola nut

Seeing meat in a dream

Someone holding bag

Seeing someone resisting the quran

Seeing two full moons one bigger than the other

Sheik giving water

Seeing dead girl

Sandals burned

Skinless fog

Seeing alive person dead

Sister touching my penis

Sister touvhing my penis

Seeing my husband poop in toilet

Snake coming out of a nose

See a baby girl in dream

Seeing ex in my dreams

Sucking wife’s vagina

Seeing earthquake in my dream

Sucking husband private part

Storm and rain

Someone put his index finger in my mouth

See my dead mom holding my hands

Sick person and dying seen in a dream

Seeing a baby spirit

Sister have one leg

Seeing my father getting handicapped meaning

Seeing getting married

Seeing six pack

Seeing my father with big bottle of milk for us

Seeing your dead mother in anger

Shillong teer war dream meaning

Someone leave’s you

Seeing pregnant women

Spill inside garbage bag

Seeing my cat possessed

Someone i know stabbed me in my neck

Someone cut your left palm with cuttluss

Seeing kaaba with my dead mom

Someone falling into à large well

Someone is falling

Shoot at

Snake entering children mouth

Seeing someone breaking my slipper

Sihr drink

Sirat brige

Snail out of vagina

Seeing your family member die

Seeing a family member die

Sun and moon beside eachother

Son naked

Sky with daylight and night

Seeing herself baldness in dream

Saw my mother smiling

Seeing jani maz is given to u

Seeing betel leaves in dream islam

See that my hair gone long

Someone you like wearing white

Someone telling me bad things about myself

Someone telling me that you are sinful

Someone wearing green clothes

Seeing oneself on the brink of a fatal accident

Seeing an old purse

Saa a chicks

Seeing my grandmother

Seeing someones grandmother


Scattered tasbih beads

Sea caught in a wave

Simmering egg whites

Seeing flyover

Stomach pain of imam in prayer

Seeing a man kissing a girl


Seeing a snake entering neighbor house from roof

Sinking in daldal

Shot mother on head

Seeing myself in the grave and seeing a white cloth

Soul flying high then comes crushing down and suffocating

Stepmother beating me in a dream islam

Seeing mad person in my dreams

Shakinghands with a dead present

Shaking a dead presidents hand

Sliced neck

Sun rising from the opposite side

Seeing of witches

Seeing my mom pregnent in dream

Seeing oneself buried alive

Sun falling down

Seeing low marks in dream and crying

Seeing frog

Seeing myself low marks in dream

Shaking presidents hand

Seeing a fish in your dream means what

Shaking a dead presents hand

Seeing my deceased mum

Saying no to get married

Seeing another country

Seeing fetus

Seeing as rich person

Seeing my child clone

Smacking head for one person

Seeing two snakes about to fight in dream

Seeing two snakes about to fight in the dream

Saying shada

Seeing moms vagina

Seeing someone u loved before

Seeing someone u loved before

Seeing people floating in sea water

Sheik in dreams

Scholars in dream

Seeing scholar

Someone told me i am gonna die

Seeing a woman with penis in dreams

Seeing someone falling from ladder


Shower with dirty water

Shemale asking for money

Snake coming out of mouth

Seeing my deceased grandparents and broken glass under his back

Serving people foods in dream


Seeing people convert to islam


Someone trying to kill in sleep

Seeing jinn in dreams

Shadow attack

Seeing getting gold treasure in dream

Silver and rust

Seeing husband having affair

Selling phone

Someone doing black magic on me with my hair

Seeing neem oil flowing i dreame

Sister asking for salt

Scalp forehead hair turned white

Seeing my ex girlfriend

Someone wears my dress

Someone doing black magic you

Saving someome from snake

Saying tauba in a dream

Saying tauba(unknown surah) in a dream

Seeing beautiful sunset scenes in dream


Sister giving birth to baby boy

Stream of clear water flowing thru ones property

Seeing a cat in your dreams

Seeing cat mewing in the dream

Someone being famous

Spine dream

Someone touching the breast of the dreamer

Seeing white birds in dream

Seeing your teacher look out the windows

Salt and coffin

Son moving away

Seeing plants of vegetables

Seeing president convoy in a dream

Seeing your self as a lesbian in a dream

Someone killed a catfish in dream

Seeing yourself as a queen

Someone give me new money notes in my dream

Seeing death people burnt by fire

Someone give me new currency notes in my dream

Someone give me new currency in my dream

Soap nuts

Seeing dead dad eat with me

Seeing king daughter in dream

Stabbing in the chest

Sea my self necked in front of my husband

Seeing your self neckad in front of your husband

Signing a paper

Signing a papee

Seeing allah house

Seeing your brother wit his wife in a dream form

Sweeping floor with water

Seeing new saree in dream

Skeleton inside the stomach

Seeing silver car in a dream

Spiders on body

Seeing murdered

Sun exploding


Seeing someone calling you in a dream

Seeing dead cats in dream

Stool wash

Seeing chick

Seeing yourself fighting with a dead friend

Seeing my deceased grandfather alive

Seeing ex prime minister islamic inter

Seeing a legend in a dream

Seeing gold in your dream

Seeing an eclipse

Seeing miscarriage and heavy bleeding from vagina while pregnant in dream

Some one cut my cloths

Studed leather seat

Seeing pots of biryani

Someone urinating on you

Sunny weather

Stomach pain at the lower part of the body

Stomach at the lower part of the body

Snake bites you in your dream

Seeing husband younger and attractive

Someone giving me apple i ate

Someone o suspect stole my mattress

Soiled clothing in a store

Someone tried killing me

Seeing noughber dying in my dream

Shoe lost in dream

So many people at a place to have food and i am running all the time to organise but feeling helpless and being ready for anything too much chaos feeling overwhelmed

Seeing a white cat in your dream

Someone possessed

Someone doing black magic on you

Seen earthquake in dream

Seeing earthquake

Saying the shahada in your dream while being killed

Surah lahab

Snakes in the jungle bitting me

Snakes in the jungle

Seeing a dog running

Seeing a black dog

Small piece of banana

Seen ex sister in law in dream meaning

Someone wife

Seeing brother with white beard

Seeing a king pray for you in dream

Seeing your ex fiancé with family

Someone with a word kufar on forehead possesed

Setting put

See my lost cat in my dream

Seeing slaughtered cow in your dream

Saw myself studying

Seeing many pregnant woman in drea

Soil fragrance

Seeing cannibalism

Sisters husband died

See crow in malayalam

Same dress with dead

Skeleton body in girl dream with blood

Seeing the dead sweeping the ground


Seeing amla

Seeing a very big house

Seeing transgender people in dream

Seen sores

Slapped by my father

Someone open door

Sad dream

Shooted in the head

Soul crying in dream meaning

Sister sick in a dream

Snake in cooking pot

Someone hiding a snake in her chest

Someone hiding a sna e on

Seeing mother dieing in dream

Stolen blankets are found

Someone throwing stones on me

Seeing someone with cut off arms

Seeing someone throw black magic

Seeing lots of worm

Seening guava in dream

Seeing bright day and greenery in your day meaning

Seen dead alive after pressing feet

Sewing pin

Sea or ocean

Seeing my dead grandmother unhappy

Seen three snakes picture in book and my decreased aunty one fair beautiful man in a dream

Saying dhikr

Seeing old man in prostraition

Stopping dajjal

Seeing building collapse

Something coming out of the head

Seeing madman chasing you in a dream

Seeing cockroaches being removed or killed

Shorts in a mosque

Saw sister death in dream and i was crying

Snake in wall

Seeing someone’s old cloths in a dream

Seeing a known man nakedness in dream

Sister losing virginity

Sister losing virginitet

Seeing viginal blood in dream

Space rocket

Space shuttle in my dream

Seeing other person in bad condition

Seeing someone one sinful in bad condition

Someone gave me unripe plantain

Selling bird in my dreams

Seeing an old woman legs naked

Seeing white rock in dream

Seeing an elephant diarea

Seeing sheep giving birth to a triplet in my dream my means

Sitting on cement

Saw baby girls vagina

Saw a baby girls private part

Seeing snakes and able to kill it

Sleep on my shoulder


Seeing subscribers in dream during pregnancy

Seeing high achievement means

Seeing loved ones unconscious

Swiming in the sea with family

Seeing myself combing my hair in mirror and it was very nice

Shirtless dream

Shoot bullet at a person in dream

Snake drea

Seeing elephant

Seeing daughter in law unconscious

Seeing a unique parrot in dream

Shouted at by mother

Suratul al ala

Suratul al alla

Suratul sabih

Seeing someone else with lots of pimples

Sea urchin

Seeing cat

Sihir dream

Safetypin in dreams

Sihr black magic

See your self in a dream

Seeing having iftar with shias

Sister offers new saree

Stuck openly building

Shooting from right shoulder in dream

Seeing fishes rain in dream

Snake and lizard

Saw a friend sick

Someone passed away n dried spiders

Scene a girl who i love

Scene a girl crush

Seeing a snake in a pot

Something coming out of my mouth

Someone telling me to come pray together

Seeing poops in the toilet

Sunburn face and palms

Saw an animal

Sister cut my hair

Saw my mother being pregnant

Seeing my sister niece carrying load

Someone threw something at me in which they did black magic

Seeing biryani in dream

Seeing the dead parents

Someone stole all my favorite cloths in my dream

Seeing oneself as a servant

Seeing an ex relative

Seeing sun and moon together in the morning sky

Swimming and carry a bag

Saying sahada and dying

Saying sahada

Seeing aeroplane clear day

Saying la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah

Seeing my bf intestine

Start wearing hijab

Succesinding in my exam

Sleeping in a hospital bed

Seeing my friend is very thin

Seeing man bad touch on my neck

Seeing different obstacles

Surah alhaqqah

Seeing mone

See cat no tail

Seeing written qurani ayat

Someone gift black horse to pregnant woman

Seeing gold aqeek ring being broken in finger in own hand

Seeing gold aqeek ring being broken in finger in one hand

Stung by a wasp

Srung by a wasp

Seen cables in a dream meaning

Seeing a women in red saree

Seeing long pubic hair

Sleeping with a aged person

Seeing wild animals

Selling food

Snake in cup of milk meaning

Snake in milk

Sinking in water

Snakes in the dream

Seeing imli during pregnancy

Seeing snake in my neighbors house

Seeing own birthday celebration

Sleeping unwillingly with your dead husband

Sleeping unwillingly with your dead husband who is not muslim

Someone giving me the quran

Seeing green chillis short n long in a dream meaning

Seeing naked woman

Soldier trying to killing me

Significance of blue colour

Straight pin

Seeng earthworms in meat

Saw dirty pig on my bed in a dream

Seeing snake on kaaba in dream

See people death

See people deatg

Seeing house near sea

Snake kill

Standing in front of a calm sea

Seeing two moons in a dream

Someone i know died and came back to life

Seeing peepal tree in dream islam

Seeing myself attacked and harassed by family

Seeing someone protecting me from police

Seeing someone asking me to sing naat

Seeing two moons

Someone making me fall sick

Single but pregnant

Seeing sadqa meet in dream

Several big dry coconut

See may big dry coconut

Seeing dead people happy

See teacher

Seeing yourself in a relationship with a naa mehram

Seeing your bestfriend faint in your dream

Someone blowing in your eyes

Someone leaves their baby

Small girl crying and hugging me after her parents death

Seeing toilets

Seeing a bed broken on the one side

Seeing yourself dead and getting burried

Seeing yourself dead and hetting burried

Saw centipedes

Someone returning back home from abroad

Seeing wheat harvesting

Seeing part of the roof blown off in dream

Seeing wheat fields

Seing a close relative in a big house

Sick people in hospitals dream interpretation

Someone else paying my debt

Someones marraige

Seeing other person having skin inflammation in a dream

Seeing mango trees

Seeing a handsome young strong man in my dream

Seeing giving birth to twins boys

Seeing a penis in dream

Saw husband without the penis

Seeing two snakes and a scorpion in home

Salam my uncle

Seeing yourself making your own mom happy

Seeing yourself doing a service for own mother

Seeing inyass in my dream recaiting al quran

Seeing blue blood in dream

Seeing my dead mother taking my clothes from my wardrobe

Starting moon and bird

Seeing bush rat in the house

Saving someone

Sharking food

Seeing someone with good marks i exams

Sitting in a boardroom meeting

Someone returning from hajj

Selling small fish

Seeing blood inside fruit

Someone is watching while in toilet

Seeing and talking with president

Stolen headphones

Stlolen headphones

Scoring low marks

Some dream three times that he become a muslim

Seeing jugnu

Some one stands on me

Sending salutations

Sending blessing to tbe prophet

Soorah taghabun

Someone dresses yellow with black dots

Snakes flying towards sky

Snales flying towards skyand fire balls falling from sky

Seeing sisters wearing same dress

Sitting in car with father who is driving hugging father and crying seeing a white half opened door looking at some one who is not related

Seeing your friend rip the quran

Snake crying

Someone writing

Spending time with the girl i like

Scholar drank water and gave me the rest to drink

Saw bi bi fatima grave in dream

Swing decending from sky

Seeing henna on finger nails

Seeing some one happy in dreams with his family

Seeing a lion outside the house and we are escaping from it

Saw a favourite person in dream

Someone isntrying to kill you but you dont die

Saving from death

Saw my co wife in my dream at around 9am

Screws hammered in back

Seeing my mother getting possessed

Seeing yourself planting yams

Seeing urad dal in dream meaning in islam

Silk roll

Seeing sky full of bats

Seeing river and mountain

Seeing large numbers of insects flying

Seeing my ex husband got a male child

Seeing dead chicken in dream

Shaving my own beard

Sitting on the middle of road

Snake clouds

Snake from clouds

Shaking hand with dead friend in dream

Someone already passed away and to come in your dreams and someone who is still alive goes with them

Seeing ants on clothes in the house

Strugling with tiger

Seeing someone diagnosed with diabetes

Seen 3 rats

Seeing my house collapse

Seeing a crusade in dream meaning

Saw my daughter picture in d sky

Seeing the dead come back

Seeing the dead in your dreams

Seeing deceased in your dreams

Seeing my sister in red dress


Sunami wave

Seeing new born baby girl

Seeing green chillies with flour

Seeing your fathers private part in a dream

Snake killing a chameleon

Saw 3 kids from skies

Stolen item returned

Swimming in a clear water in pool

Saving your father from drowning

Shaving my hair off

Seeing fruit

Seeing running water

Stealing gold

Someone wearing my clothes in my dream

Seeing chameleon on body in dream

Seeing arabic writing in the sky

See varieties white flowers

See flowers hand ties in a dream

Sweep up

Seeing lava in a dream meaning in islam

Standing and eating

Seeing dead grand paternal father alive in dream

Snake following a man

Stab knife


Saw a dream where there was a huge strom and 3 janaza were falling down

Sister inlaw

Sister law

Scorpio kill

Stolen mattress

Someone burning things at mine

See someone smoking and i feel uncomfortable around him and his not in

See someone smoking and he is not in his senses and i feel uncomfortable around him

See someone smoking and i feel uncomfortable around him

Saan laughing

Single woman cooking in the dream

Saudi arabia flag

Shopping kart

Seeing or eating food

See bonemarroow in a dream

Steo mother

Seeing a human eating human flesh

Seeing black piegion

Shaking home due to earthquake

Smelling dead baby

Sucking woman breasts in a dream


Seeing jowar roti

Snake leaving your home dream means

Snake leaving your home

Seeing cat in a dream

Seeing maryam mother of isa (as)

Sering jibreel

Slapping a blind person

Seeing youre ded father in jail

Seeing masihu dajal

Seeing dajal

Seeing dsjjsl

See sad eyes

Son comeback

Seeing a child being treated from black magic

Story book

Seeing braind of long hair falling out

Same double person



Seeing a parent die

Snake came and going hit someone

Swimming in the air

Seeing maggots

Seeing myself getting married to a divorced girl

Seeing my naked son

Seeing deceased mother

Seeing doing toilet in your dream

Someone gifting me a necklace

Sunset and beach


Someone dream someone else is going for umrah

Sesame seeds dream

Seamie seeds

Saw someone dead with smile and kalima

Seeing a man whom i like

Sacrificing a symbolic cow in dream

Seeing a girl her nikkah in dream

Someone tells me i have sihr in my dream

Sleeping with a mad man

Seeing white snakes

Seeing jin as snake in dream

Seeing someone else’s blood

Someone stole apples from the tree in my garden

Seeing some one cought bybthe cops

Seeing someone with cops

Someone giving me a matchbox

Seing your dead mum as a blind

Seeing someone fighting

Solmons ring dream

Someone removing ring from my hand

Shit in anus

Stone necklace

Silver jewelry

Scary black women

See lion on the sky

See lion face on the sky with arora lights

Stranger in house

Seeing red chilli powder

Seeing my loved one dying in my dreams

Seeing my loved one dying

Seeing infidelity

Smile and waving

Suadi arabia

Selling cat

Seeing yourself in a white dress

Shiny bangles

Seeing himself in dream as a kid

Swallowing cowries

Son mother

Seeing golden sand

Son smoking dream


Someone try to theft me

Seeing snake in your hair

Sucking woman breast and playing with her private part

Seeing dead person asking for money

Swallow eyes in a dream

See deed person

Seeing ants in flour in dream

Seeing an old person in white jubba

Seeing grave in your dreams

Seeing someone happy on you and trusting you and not letting you go


Storm water

Stream rises

Seeing allah and muhammad name in the sky meaning

Seen jackfruit cut in the dream

Seeing varieties of flowers in dream

Seeing variety of flowers in dream

Seeing human waste

Seeing covered stool

Seeing stools

Slit eyes

Strong handsome man

Seeing someone naked in dream

Shot shoulder

Some one iknow rape my daughter

Spiritual meaning of seeing mallams in my dream in islam

Seeing arabic name of allah on a cactus plant

Seeing unknown guy everytime in dream

School bomblast

School burned

Seeing a kinnar in a dream

Shot about heart

Snake head penis

Someone torturing my brother in dream

Seeing a boy in your dream

Seeing lice in dream

Sulking to boyfriend

Seeing lord nataraja idol in dream

Sodden almira

Saw turmeric lump and i took one but it was not nice

Son calling you

Serving fried eggs

Seenig old lady

Stranger greeting me

Sound of gun shot

Saving a human

Seeing jinn and resiting quran on it

Snake climbing on my leg

Spending a lot in debt

Spending a lot using credit card

Seeing your brother doing sucide

See your brother doing sucide in dream

Spraying mosquitoes

Spraying moasquitoes

Selling goods

Seeing a deadbody lying with mouth open

Snake inside other animal

Seeing dead person asking to serve food

Seeing mad man trying to kill someone

Seeing old person younger

Seeing adult as child

Shoes coming out from vigina

Struggling to solve a problem

Someone dreaming that you gave birth to a fat baby girl

Sister kills me

Seeing husband nude

Seen to friendly dog

Sleeping and vomiting then dying saying shahada

Seeing onself as a baby in a drea

Saying allah hafiz

Seeing attar in dream

Seeing guava with worms

Seeing people one know committing zina

Shoot stomach

Seeing naked men in islam

Snakes bites on my legs

Seeing death of girlfriend

Searching for oatmeal in the market

Snake bite not poisonous

Seeing women enter in the dream stealing acc to islam

Seeing women enter in our house intention of stealing

Seeing our love with someone else in dream


Seeing a prematire baby in dream but then he dies

Snake bite to child

Separating fighting animals

Separating two fighting goats

Sbake bite to child

Separating two goats fighting


Seeing the same girl

Sleepers in dream in shop

Snake bit my worker

Sucking boobs of my cousin sister and paying her to see


Someone killed you

Seeing your mom die

Seeing a duck in a dream

See a father and baby drowning

Swimming in river

Seeing a dead person standing with his wife

Snails all around a palm tree

Seeing illuminati eye

Seeing earrings in a dream

Shit in your body

Seeing kaaba coved and empty

See same person

Swimming in dirty stream water

Seeing soldiers chasing u in ur dream

Stars hitting on me

Some other in dream vomits

Seeing another women pregnant

Standing on top of wayer

Snake crocodile pool

Swimming in salt water

Seeing grandparents

Seeing your deceased parents

Sapota dream

Shiting in bed

Seeing 4lapper

Seeing baby goat

Seeing someone hurt

Seein dead mother

Seeing naked boyfriend

Someone wearing traditional clothes

Seeing a dead pig

Seeing a dead pig and a snake alive next to it

Snake bites buffalo in dreams

Small gold

Seeing stones green emerald and pink ruby in dream

Seeing a well known person

Seeing cassava in a dream

Slaughtering a goat

Seeing chief in my dream

Seeing myself talking and making out with my x husband

Seeing myself cleaning webs in a blue room with a broom

Shredded skin of snake

Shoe exchange

Shortness of veil

Shortness of w

Saying lailahaillallah in dream

Saw a mermaid

Stealing money

Saw dumy in my dream

Someone sick in hospital

See dummies in ur dream

Seeing husband wearing pearl ring

Seeing a pious women



Seeing my husband neked with another women

Seeing a disabled person

Someone attacked me in the sleep

Spilling ghee

Sick person getting healthy

Sweets and eating seafood

Stuck in the toilet

Stuck in a dirty place

Surviving murder

Seeing majid floating on sky

Seeing two shores meet

Someone eat food

Sabina a girl

Seeing gold jewelry stolen

Saw my cousin sister wedding

See baby anus in dream

Seeing sea water out side the house in dream in islam

Seeing brush

Seeing broom

Serin close with non muharam

Seeing a guy that is husband in dream

Seeing deceased mother with a baby

Saying wallahi in a dream

Slapped by pt teacher

Saw myself as a married woman

Shop eating biscuits

Shop with food

Saw a burning corpse in my dream

Seeing ex father in law hugs me in a dream

Sun revolve close the earth

Seone close died

Seeing black snake sucking my blood in my dream

Seeing black snake sucking my blood

Sleeping out side house

Seeing pair of coconut trees in women dreams

Seeing breast and vagina of a young lady

Snake bites in my leg inside a constructing house

Seeing someone i knw in a dream carrying bunches on matooke in both hands

Saying la ilah ilallah muhammadur rasul allah

Saying la ilaha ilallah muhammadur rasul allah

Silver car

Seeing cocoyam in dream

Seen cocoyam in dream

Someone dreaming of you dying

School maths

Sailing on sea

Seeing cock sitting on head

Seeing a cock sitting on my head

Snake in a dream

Seeing a dead husband greet salam to wife

Saving dogs from drowning

Seeing cat pooping in room

Seeing cat pooping in roo

Seing red meat cow

See cow meat

See meat

Striped cat

Stuck in mud

Stuck in mus

Slapping wife

Someone holding a crows feather

Shawa in the rein

Squeezing pus from president feet

Sheep dies in fight

Seeing lice

Seeing a beautiful baby girl

Scoring high in examination

Scoring high in exams

Scattered clothes

Small black bird

Seeing madina munavera and crying

See a gost in dream

Saw turban in dream

Seeing myself healthy

Seening my husband with another woman in a dream meaning in islam

Selling raw vegetables

Someone selling vegetables

Snake giving crystal stone

Spiral staircase direction shown by dead father

Swimming in the pond

Swallowing a small snake in dream

Sister is pregnant

Some one died and alive after some time

Sihr object

Sodomized by husband in a dream

Seeing al mahdi

Silver ring

Someone don’t wanna speak to me

Seeing one having chicken pox

Seeing rice bags in dream

Seeing kun faya kun written in dreams

Someone giving you pants in a dream

Sea of fire

Seeing a tiger and animals

Semen in a condom

Seeing yourself in school

Scattering soil on the road sibling crying

Someone gives you cocoyam

Seeing grasscutter

Seeing broken tasbih in dream

Swallow fabric

Sudden unknowingly married to lesbian

Sick person being healthy in a dream means

Spitting lizard

Seeing someone burn to death in a dream

Someone shooting in my neck

Someone is getting their first period

Seeing relative in grave with snake

Saw my sister getting married

Surah nass

Seeing kaba drwoned in water

Seeing kaaba flooded and not able to perform tawaf

Selling of children second hand dressing to people

Selling of second hand clothes

Some clove coming out of my face

Snake is wrapped around my ankles

Shaving a vagina

Sting by a bee

Stung by an unknown

Someone saw in their dream that my pet cat killed a snake that was coming towards me

Someone giving unstich new clothes in dream meaning

Sneaking into house

Sinking in water and escape from that

Sinking in water and being out from that

Sinking in water and escaped from that

Seeing water living things

Someone cutting my finger

Stuff coming out of kneecap

Seeing both lion and tiger in dream

Seeing african chewing gum

Seeing my husband naked in dream means what

Someone falling from height


Snake shedding skin

Snake skin

Seeing losing a sandal in dream

Seeing a family member with cancer

Seeing a family member with caner

Seeing a someone gifted a gold to me

Seeing your self in a funeral

Saw a dead woman in my dream

Saw a known dead woman in my dream

Some relative dies

Swallowing glass

Seeing other person passing stool

Seeing others stool

Somebody sending you surah e kauser

Seen husband dead with head open


Seeing a dead person upset

Sparrow drinking water

Seeing a dead person unwell

Slash money

Som aftar

Speaking difficulty

Someone scared me

Seeing ex fiance is pregnant in a dream

Seeing lizard in drinking milk

Spoit fruit

Seeing yourself as a shadow

Some one says my ears in the masjid

Some one get hited by a bus

Snake in the sky

Some one standing behind me

Scholz shooting

Seeing your own wedding

Someone cutting in your hand

Stabbing hands

Seeing partner as peadophile

Seeing yourself in ship in sea

Seeing yourself in bed with brother

Seeing your favourite person

Seeing water in room

Seeing snake in dreams

Someone killed in mosque

Someone taking a photograph to u in dream meaning in islam

Spitting seed

Seeing a watch

Someone keeps trying to kill me in my dream

Squeezing pus from my arm

Seeing a lady as dajjal in dream

Someone shot my husband

Stranger hurting ones husband

Stranger hurting husband

Seeing exam result in dream

Seeing me and my brother getting married

Saw mother in wheel chair

Saw my husband accident in a dream

Some weak in dream

Squeezing puss from arm

Sand river

Seeing imbecile girl in my dream

Stepdad mad at you

Saw my daughter pregnant

Spinach in a dream

Seeing injured bird

Seeing a woman selling clothes and then she removed her clothes she had male private parts

Striking back when chased by a black cow

Seen oro festivals in dream

Somebody give me gun

Snake going up private part

Snake going up private

Seeing dead father beating in a dream

Stray cats in the dream

Someone smelling my hair

Saying astakfirullah

Side of the mouth

Something inside the mouth