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Dreams starting with the letter S

Sun dream

Sister eating salt dream meaning

Seeing a night turn into day

Seeing snake as your friend in dream

See black hair in white rice

Seeing sun in dream

Seeing a dead persone angry

Scrapping pot of food in a dream

Snake blocked my nose

Seeing mogra flowers

Seeing the kabaah

Sitting snake near to baby

Seeing your dead mother in a dream symbolizes what

Swiping bread

Salamaleco maleco sallah

Seeing someone wearing ribbed clothes

Struggle to climb muddy hill

Skin tag in hand

Someone asking for tissue

Seeing making a house on graveyard


Seeing the haraam

Seeing a person who’s in a coma holding a knife

Seeing a dead body under my bed

Sister gone missing

Sprouting plants

Seeing parents vomiting

Stabbing an oppressor did not die

Struggle against someone hurting me and my family and i stabbed him small stabs

Struggle attackingmyfamily

Seeing poop and toilet in the dream

Seeing poop and toilet

Sleeping inside kraal

Seeing mango plant in dream

Sky inside mosque

Saw your child hand is broken

Seeing a well known celebrity

Seen your boy child hand 8a broken

Single ear piercing

Seeing elephants horses and buffalos together

Spiders mating

Seeing skinning of dogs in the dream

Shot on fingers

Small snake eaten by big snake

Standing on top of table

Saw someone i know wearing a transparent dress

Saw someone i know wearing a transparent c

Saw someone i know wearing a transparent

Saw someone i know wearing a transparentj

Seeing mix papper in the dream

Seeing dead bird in a dream

Seeing living mother

Sky full of flowers dream

See father

Snake jumps

Snake bitting my right hand

Snake with treasure

See alive person died in dream and saw his grave

Someone shoot at me

Sailing in river in a boat

Sister beating

Seeing dead person alive

Saw no bricks in a wall and work is on

Sun appears at night time meaning

Sea meaning

Sea meanibg

Sun on dark sky meaning

Sun at dark sky

Sun appers in night time and sea

Sim card removed phone

Sim card removed from a phone

Struggled neck

Somone doing balck magic on me

Swollen left ovary dream

Seeing armpit hair

Sun very light

Sun moon together beautiful

Seeing big brown dry coconuts

Seeing your husband have a longer penis

Seeing watering plants

Seeing rice beans and peanut in a dream

Showering in a mosque

Some one is crying for me

Seeing your friend in new beautiful clothes

Saving a new born baby

See hazrat muhammad

Seing nabi pak

Seeing an ex husband naked in dream

Snake mating in dream

Seeing jibreel

Shake leper woman

Shaking leprosy hands

Strangled by a snake

Signs of death

Seeing dead woman blind

Stick dreaming

Sick dreaming

Seeing someone who you love cheating on you

Seeing myself doing intercourse with other person not my husband

Seeing road indentation meaning

Saving sick bird

Seeing wound on your spouse


Someone steal my clothes

Sperating sugar in dreams meaning

Shirtless ex boyfriend

Someone’s hair is cut short

Seeing ladies in white dress

Singing women

Sad marriage

Seeing oneself in a cloth market

Seeing yourself smoking


Sitting on a camel

Someone is hurt and bleeding

Someone drowming snd you save them

Seeing a mad woman giving birth to a child

Seeing hazrat abu bakar siddiq in dream

Seeing someone who is dead in all white

Seeing someone refuse to an oath and he was thoroughly beating

Sorcery with needle

Stable barn

Slaughter a cow

Seeing my mother walk from wheelchair

Sister raped and asmuch as i try to help her i wasn’t able to

Someone is in the home

Seeing my friend naked

Snow bear

Someone broke my miror

Silky and beautiful hair in dream

Snake running

Saying laillaha ilallah

Small girls in dream

Surat al rahman

Seeing gas cylinder in dream

Son shoe

Seeing a non muslim friend offering prayer

Snake in a closet

Swing cat

Seeing cats in dream

Someone handingbyou a bag

Ship sky

Starting a business with the king

Seeing a dead goat in a dream

Seeing a deceased person asking for yogurt

Slaughtering an infant and crying about it

Shope burning


Seeing a peacock


Seeing hairfall

Shining black pearl

Sharing lipstick with a dead person

Sewage poop

Serving drinks

Someone pinching ny cheek

Soldier attack

Selling peanut

Seeing a living person on death bad and asking for forgiveness or pain is too much

Seeing a living person on death bad and asking for forgiveness

Someonne get burned by fire

Seeing black eggs

Seeing 5 suns

Snow banks

Snakes and insects in home

Some one is holding u r hand and bringing u up

Saw imam hussein in my dream


Seeing people murdering eachother

Snake being caught by my mother


Seeing a dead person dying in a dream

Sweeping the house

Silver lmife

Saw my dad who passed away leaning on my mom’s whoulder

Seeing some people playing cards

Some one driving car very fast

Stealing food and eating it

Shaved face

Selling mosque

Seeing a little dead cockroach in my room

Seeing me my father and mother praying

Slaughter cow calf

Seeing enemy sick

Snakes in pool

Seeing my front tooth break in half

Someone stabbed

Someone being stabbed

Surah tin

Seeing ourselves dying

Someone sitting quietly

Seeing blue moon

Seeing defecation

Someone wishing death on me

See daughter naked in dream

Skin colour clothes

Shahada in a house

See a bug

Standing on the kaaba

Someone telling you your sick

Standing on the top of the kana

Seen black shadow in dreams

Speaking to the dead

See lice in head and kill them

See ginger cats

Salah with uncovered

Stolen shirs

Selling your home

Seeing uncle naked

Seeing pound coins in my dream

Someone died in a dream

Stuck by lightning

See khana kabba in dream and then dissappear

Speaking in cemeteries

Sucking male genitals man indon’t know

Saying hasbunallah wa nilmal wakeel

See baby boy

Someone give salam in dream

Saw a olive tree

Seeing that goat is pregnant

Sis in law sickness

Saw my rival eating noodles in my hose

Someone was preaching me how to recite the quran properly

Snow storms

Saw yajooj and majooj

Sign of day of judgement saw dajjal

Saying shihada before you crash

Scew tooth blood

Surat rehman

Sheep fighting each other

Seeing my man semen in my dream

Sweeping black mice out of my home

Seeing my husband sperm

Seeing giving oral to my man

Seeing friend loads of time

Second house

Someone who passed

Sand pot

Standing on wave

Seeing dome one wearing shoes and mud on them


Someone showing love and affection

Seeing myself marrying my current husband

Someone tryna kill me

Seeing someone kill me

Snake sitting on head

Seeing frogs

Seeing chickoo in a dream

Someone breaking my trust and leaving me

Someone u have feelings for

Skorpion green

Seeing myself with dead grandmother who is crying in my dream islamic interpretation

Seeing someone fall in a well

Someone weating nose pin in dream

Seeing yourself beheaded

Seeing a centipede

Seeing oneself getting beheaded

Someone in jail

Served in a silver plate

Small foetus

Seeing turtles in the dream

Seeing sea and your in a ship

Seeing expensive crockery


Scorpion in grave

Sewing a slipper

Scorpion on dead

Seeing a ripe plantain

Silver coin falling from my hand

Small rat

Some one springs water in your body

Seeing daughter wear white with blood marks

Seeing daughter wear white with red marks

Someone who loved me and i no longer talk to him saved my life in my dream

Seeing a infant boy

Seeing baby boy with a died man

Sore on your foot

Something stolen from me

Seeing full moon and saying allahu akbar with surprise

Seeing yourself buy baby clothing

Secret admirer

Someone else wearing clothes

Saw my friend was pregnant and beautiful

Selling roasted chicken and egg roll in a dream


Stars from sky falling on me

Slug in your belly button

Seeing two cats

Seeing 2 cats

Strength picking up hravy

Skinned animals

Sword with a good or defective handle dream meanings

Someone seeing one breast

Scabbed face

Stuck in the hole

Stuck in clear cannot get out after falling in

Seeing dead joy

Seeing someone is infected with disease

Seeing your friend getting married with her cousin



Sefty pins

Soil cemetery dad


Selling groundnuts in a dream

Sorrow of someone death



Spitting out harmful

Seeing oneself preparing for a journey

Seeing my mother die and myself crying over her

Something trying to kill you in dream


Symbols of breaking tava

Seeing buffaloes sleeping

Salutation to the prophet in a dream

Seeing another person vomit

Small mirror

Saving my child form a flood

Selling kolanut in a dream means what islamically

Someone misbehave

Shot left leg

Surround by lion

Seeing raw chicken meat that person is giving

Seeing pigeon

Shaving my own head

Someone i love but hate in my dream

Seeing snacks in dreams

Seeing oneself stealing

Seeing a three headed snake

Seeking dream

Sad emotion

Someone says it n dreams lovesvme

Seeing one eyebrow shaved

Semi nude girl

Sick rabbit


Sheep for sacrifice

Seeing beautiful white owl

Seeing yourself being wrapped up in white cloth when you die

Seeing kaaba and madina


Seeing male giving birth

Seeing brother private part in dream

Seeing brother provate part in dream

Smelling of burnt food

Smelling burnt food


Searching for a lost person

Son helping another child

Stealing once drink



Seeing a snake cut up

Saying bye to a man after just meeting


Salutation upon the holy prophet

Seeing known person injured in dream

Snake vomiting gold and pearl

Slaughter knife


Storm and escape

Seeing a ruler

Small naked girl

Seeing ones brother alive in the grave

Sale cake

Seeing myself leaving

Saturn in a dream1

Saturn in a dream


Sleeping husband

Seeing passed relatives

Seeing ants on body

Seeing ants on your bidy

Seeing eyes

See a python in dream

Small kid

Seeing a wealthy person becomes bankrupt

Seeing lizards in dreams

Seeing long hair in my nose


See allah swa in human form

See allah swa


Slapping threat


Scoping bite

Seeing a person unhappy

Seeing a person extremely sad

Sucking breast of wife with fulfilling mik

Spit woman milk in dream

Sleeping feeling weight

Saying kun fayakun

Sweeping ants

Stricken by thunder

Seeing black cat on your bed

Sitting on lap

Seeing snakes on roof

See myself flying

Seeing someone weight lost in a dream

Shaking in fear and blindness

Seeing dead dogs




Siblings dying

Sisters died

Sister being injured

Sweet eating regarding sweet

Snake vagina

See an alive person dead

Seeing a billy goat

Seeing jinni in dream

Shave beard

Seeing marriage ceremony

Someone gave gift of ducks

See evils spirit but i chanted hanuman chalisa in drea

Sick person becoming young in dream

Seeing blackberry

Stripped spider

Seeing a unknown baby boy

Stream of water flowing through

Stream of water flowing through the house

Seeing a dead person driving a car with me

Something good happens about someone you know

Seeing stool cleaning

Spouse divorced you in a dream

Spouse fighting and divorce

Snake taking baby

See myself carrying a baby boy in my dream

Seeing stepmother with out hijab i our home

Something up in flames

Seeing a bathroom with a bed in it

Seeing a white spot popped

Sleeping with a man

Sweet being eaten

Sitting on husband’s lap

Seeing dead people alive

Snake and bird

Seeing sky raining pure honey in a dream

Seeing your new house broken

Shaving head off female

Sinful people

Saw a goat peeing on me twice infront of my friend

Seeing one entering the masjid in your dream

Sheep riding

So many black panthers looking dor pray

Sons amputated hand

Safety pin dekhne ki tabeer

Symbol of sister wedding gets cancelled

Seeing someone convert to islam in dream

Seeing own mother with long panies

Stepmother half sisters


Sajjad in my dream

Salawat in people

Spiders at front door

Salawat in dream

Sending praises to prophet muhammed

Sognare di uccidere qualcuno

Someone pouring clean water on me from the head

Someone pouring clean water on me

Seeing a person coming to kill me

Someone burning the quran

Seeing ihram

Showering naked in front of people

Strangling attacker

Seeing goat meat meaning

Sweet rice dream

Seeing your dead body in a kafan

Shark attck

Seeing washing baby girlpotty


Seeing baby girl potty

Seeing fish on mountain

Seeing mosque in clouds

Seeing cat die

Sky as water

Stretching out my left hand to receive but book of deeds but i was told to being my right hand forward

Sitting inside a church


Saving a whale

Slaughter of goat

Sharing bitter kola in dream

Seeing a planet up close

Seeing gigs watermelon and orange in dream

Someone falling into well dream interpretation

Slaughter chicken

Shot foot

Seeing ypureself playing with yellow cat

Saw a friend doing black magic on me in the dream

Someone helping me

Suicide of high building

Sawing my last step dad

Seeing photographs in a dream

Sleep on woman

Snake giving birth to a snake

Seeing enemy half naked in dream

Someone shoot your child but he is alive

Setting someone friendly

See dead person alive

Sucking my wife’s breast and milk came out

Seeing body parts

Seeing someone else in agony of death

Seeing very sick person becomes very well

Seeing sick person becomes very well

Sun rising dream

Someone becomes fat

Seeing unmarried person married

Seeing unmarried person mattied

Saving someone from death means

Shouting but no voice

Seeing my dead father alive

Shooted by gun

Shooter by gun

Some made me wearing two of shoes in drean

Stars dancing in sky

Stars making beautiful pattern on sky

Sitting under moonlight

Seeing kaaba in clean water

Someone removing jigger from my foot

Searching for tresure

Seeing feet in mud

Seeimg ayah on moon

See fun

So we left d remaining ones for others who re still coming then we kept moving and we saw strange things at that environment but we went straight to a place with different palm trees the strange thing was that there was a very big and shallow pit at the back of each palm tree and i was scared because one of us was trying to climb the tree to cut down the palm fruit i was lost in thought because i was very scared and immediately i worked up from the dream what does it mean please

Snake in drining pot

Sapne me neele rang ki chudiya dekhna

Selling crayfish and dryfish in a dream means what

Somone whispering in my ear

Splinter in the palm

Seeing time on watch

Strand of broom

Sound of cry

Saying fajr azan in mosque loudly

Someone falling of from terrace

Someone breaking in to the house

Someone getting really sick and i cant seek help

Sweetmeat shop

Seeing black face because he is a soldier

Spider jumping towards you

Seeing my bike getting repaired

Surah munafiqoon

Skeleton on the window

Swallow money

Shaving the head

Seeing elephants

Spider crawling out of mouth

Seeing 5 babies

Selling a cat

Someone kissing in forehead and cheeks

Sleeping with a lion

Short individual

Sharing banana in a dream

Seeing snail eggs

Seeing writing of quran in the sky

Seeing a dead family

Sitting on road

Seeing 3 bathrooms

Seeing mad people beeing heal

Seeing the marriage of brother

Seeing deceased father and grandparents happy in dream

Sitting in an exams hall to write exams

Snake enters body

Sering third eye

Sick with lethargic but struggle to deal situation

Sick mother recovers

Stones falling from the sky

Seeing ones father is no more

Seeing one s father dead in dream means

Seeing one s father died

Seeing father died

Seeing old friend

Seeing my bestfriend pregnat

Sacrifice cow qurbani

Somone puts evil on me

Shitting in hand

Surah base

Some one pushed me in well

Seeing a woman pulling my left leg

Seeing a lot chitege wrappers in a dream

Seeing earth en pot in dream

See photo on sky

Seeing dead person die again

Seeing ferrets in a dream

Seeing your mother crying

Seeing white masquerade in the dream

Seeing duplicate of mom in dream

Seeing a group of moslems praying for dead bodies

Seeing pregnent women in dream

Someone wear my t shirt in my dream

Seeing smell faeces in your dream

Sanitary pads soaked with blood and she is sitting in toilet with those pads and speaking to some one

Seeing oneself as an angel

Seeing white glowing man

Someone taking pictures of me

Seeing poop in pants n coming out from mouth

Standing near makaam ibrahim

Seeing my self in black clothes and hiding myself and feeding poor people

Seeing younger version of my old mum

Seeing my mother young in dream

Saving kids life

Someone kicked me

Step father and father in law died after one day

Seeing a father crying

Shiny maroon horse

Seeing a baby boy burning

Stolen properties returned dream meaning

Storing chopped human flesh

Seeing starry sky in dreams

Seeing 2 cats intercourse

Seeing pots in dream

Squash in garden

Seeing aidan fruit in the dream

Semiya payasam with milk

See in dream sister praying wrong direction

Seeing dirty waters in dreams

Seeing myself surrounded by gutter water

Someone injured because of me tarot

Someone delivered rotten fruit

Squeezed body

Seeing centipedes

Seeing two black plums in a dream

Son dying in dream

Spilling mustard oil in sink

Seeing someone wearing white dress in dream

Saw dust on clothing

Seen prophet muhammad name on the sky in my dreams

Seen prophet muhammad name on the sky

Seeing your parents die

Seeing your friend commit zina

Seeing your friends commit sins

Stepping accidentally on a quran

Seeing your small baby daughter

Seeing groundnut oil means what

See husband naked by wife

Spider chasing me

Seeing someone you don’t talk anymore in dream

Seeing someone you don’t talk anymore in your dream

Seeing a rosted dog

Seeing young beautiful man

Sunrise from the west

Some strange looking animals watching me from the roof

Sucking orange

Seeing a unknown beautiful women

Someone else screaming the shahada

Someone screaming the shahadq

Someone screaming the shahda

Sangoma giving you umuthi

Saving a drowning baby

Seee 3 sun in the sky

Second marriage and divorce

Seeing herself give birth boy baby while pregnant

Seeing new born boy baby while pregnant

Seeing herself birth boy baby

Seeing my friend possessed by a jin

Seeing cassava walking on roof

Snake coming out from a well


Senke coming out from well

See burning grave in dream

Seeing a glimpse of a golden grand mosque

Seeing ur friend dieing

Seeing ur friend and he become ghost

Seeing golden hair women in your dream

Sitting in horse

Seeing green colour

See prophet and companions

Seeing dead person in bad condition

Seeing someone doing black magic

Sand raining

Stolen laptop from the car

Seeing tall man in dream

Seeing start fire

Seeing reading sura ar rahaman in quran islamic dream interpretations

Spider net removal

Seeing reading sura ar rahaman in quran interpretation dream

Someone trying to stop me and a person from praying

Snake swallowing snake

Seeing bright light from graves

Seeing a new construction of a mosque in the sky

See someone who i love

Seeing yourself granding an engine

Someone giving you food

Seeing head lice in dream

Seeing myself in third position in exam

Small cat swimming in well

Small cat swim in well

Seeing shaking hands with daughter of prophet mohamed

Seeing your late father

Seeing yourself at your old university


Seeing of flood


Seeing mustard seeds being picked on my bed



Seeing of centipede

Shot with arrow

Salt water was used to remove sihr

Stolen laptop means

Sun expolding

Sacrificing many goats

Snake sleeping in a shoe islamic dream interpretation

Seeing meat in a pot

Someone removes jiggers in a dream

Seeing running centipede

Seeing infront of cows

Servant stealing gold

Someone doing sihr

Seeing beautiful and clam place

Someone calling his sons name

Scars in thighs

Seeing a sick woman

Seven suns

Seeing grass cutter in your dream

Seven suns in a circle

Seeing seven suns in a circle in your dream one was blue and one was more reddish

Seeing seven sons in a circle in your dream one was blue and one was more reddish

See sick person recover

See sick person recovering

See ill person get back home

Someone died person asking for fried egg to you

Someone asking for fried egg

Smell feces in dream

Seing ur husband cheating on you

Sleeping with a friend in dream meaning

Seeing ur parents get a divorce

See your love with someone else

Someone cheated on you

See someone has a secret wife

See someone have a secret wofe

See dead people

See lots of people death

Seeing a black ghost type entity

Snake l

Sever ties

Ship kidnapped at sea

Someones wedding

Shop stolen

Sleeping with aunty

Seeing kaaba doing umrah

Seeing a lots of kinds of tree with fruit in backyard

Stone cater

Somebody gifting me mehendi

Spitting over the dreamer

Snake wrapped around

Snake wrapped around in grave

Seeing someone throwing stones on me in a dream

Seening your daughter dying

Seen your daughter dying


Seeing a person on a sick bed in hosp diagnosed of high blood pressure

Seeing potatoes in a dream

Seeing maggots in a dream

Seeing white worms in a dream

Seeing maggots in your dream

See green vegetables in dream

Small portion of house damaged

Soldier runing from enemy

Spring water

Seeing a disguised person

Seeing myself dead in dream my body in coffin

Seeing a disguise person in your dream

Seeing someone coming to you in your dream disguise

Sleeping in a goat s kraal and seeing many snakes

Swimming and sun later shine and dry the river

Seeing 3 dead people in dream

Salt and turmeric powder mixing

Swimming in a river

Skin peeling on knee

Stealing burning

Someone urinating on you in a dream

Seeing someone young in dream

Seeing goats in dream

Seeing lambs on the deserts

Stabbed in stomach by family member

Seeing a naked love partner in a dream

Seeing politician in dream

Scalp falling off your head

Snake sitting overhead dream meaning

Speaking to a dead

Stealing candy

Seeing a strange person in a coffin

Seeing strawberries in dream

Squeezing h uour deceased fathers hand in a dream

Sun shining in face

Seeing big new building in dream islamic interpretation

Seeing the ocean from cruise

Seeing roasting chicken

Seeing roasted chicken

See your self opening pickle jar or eating some pickle

Seeing people who have passed away

Strangling a dog

Strangling a house dog

Seeing velvet beans in the dream

Snake crawling on body

Snake crawling on your body

Seeing 2oceans in dream islam

Someone smiling

Seeing someone farting

Smoke from your palm

Someone staring at me

Seeing married woman in naked

Seeing rain balls from the sky in the dream meaning

Sucking my osn breasts

Seeing prostitute

Seeing love bird laying eggs

Seeing someone reciting durood

Seeing a dead monitor lizard

Seeing 2eggs one white and one pick

Stop black dog that tries to bite my ass

Surroundings with bushes

Sitting on land surrounded by bushes and taking measuments for a new shop putlet opening

Sitting on land surrounded by bushes and measuring it

Shooting gun meaning

Seein a dead baby

Seeing bed bug in the bed dream

Seeing myself collecting money in a dream islamic meaning

Seeing my self holding placenta in dream

Seeing placenta on dream

Seeing an eagle in owl face islamic dream interpretation

Seeing bread fruit in dreams

Speaking with a governor in dream

Stranger trying to enter my house

Seeing my sister naked in a dream

Somebody chashing me and trying to kill me

Sweet pan

Seeing your wife disobeying you in dream

Seeing my wife undresses her self in the presence of another man

Seawater on the shore

Seeing a friend in toilet talks

Sleeping tiger in dream

Seeing prophat is teaching

Skink in the dream

Someone snatching my food from my hand

Second wife…

Second wife not in same house

Seeing yourself get engaged

See a beautiful man

Seeing someone falling from the stairs

Seeing my deceased father in dream

Someone dying dream

Snake in the stomach

Snake in stomach

Seen allah

Seen heaven

Seen jennet

Seeing dead animals

Someone tieing gele on my head

Seeing cat fecies in adream


Seeing period pads in toilet

Someone trying to confess

Seeing haldi on my crush and on me

Se3img insects

See eating amla

Seeing your self with your coursemates at university

Seeing my father naked

Sayings on evil eye

Seeing a pink snake in dream

Seeing money in your pocket

Sports equipment

Seeing red scorpion in dreem

Seeing small pimples over body

Seeing horse in dream

Seeing maryum ka phool in dream

Seeing a man without penis

Skunk walking in front of our car

Sickness masjid

Same face everywhere

Shot at

Seeing a group of pigs in dream

Strange insect flying into your kitchen

See in the dream forgive people

Same one culturing my banana garden

Someone cutting your hair

See ones daughter remove her own hijab

Sharing out bread and cheese

Seeing a relative going umrah in a dream

Seen father

Surah akhlas

Slug on my arm


School burning down

Saving a women from a rapist

Someone carrying imbesile child in the dream

Seeing your aunt

Seeing green chillies

Seeing and governor and talking with him in the dream

Solder shooting me

Sick enemy

Some one urinating in front of the door

Scary figure smiling at me

Sihr on me

Seeing passing of stool

Someone going away

Some body slaughtering a ram

Seeing someone poisoned

Seeing multiple moons

Seeing mutiple moons

Seeing mutiplle moins

Sailing in the sea

Saw my brotherswife shorten her long hair to smallest size indeeam

Saving a baby of drowning in sea water

See cat in a dream

Seeing cut of my pines in dream meaning

Sitting on the tree

Seeing shaitan in dream


Seeing moons

Seeing myself getting married to a person you like

Seeing water flood and full snakes in water flood in dream according to islam

Snake behind a door

Seeing yourself fetching water from well

Single women stung by a bee in dream meaning

Spending time with my wife yet i dont know her im unmarried

Sick goat by islam

Shot in head and said the shahada

Seeing yourself broken glasses comming out from your mouth

Seeing a unknown handsome man

Spitting out broken glasses from your mouth

Seeing centipede in house

Seen baby girl

Seeing a women without pants

Seein a women witching no pants on

Seeing prophet muhammad saws name written in the sky

Strip off clothes

Saw pythons in my dreams

Say python

Saw pythons in hole lifting it’s head in a dream

Saw a black snake in a dream

Seeing my dad dead

Spiritual dream meaning of being inside keke napep

Spiritual dream meaning of being inside a keke na pep

See human meat in dream

Sibling tries to hurt me

Stabs in a pool of blood

Skinned head of a cow

Seeing quran in floors and picking them

Seeing white shark at home in dream islam

Seeing oneself as a haldi bride

Seeing bird egg

Stealing cow

Sleeping in hospital bed with a fair woman in a dream can be interpreted in islam as

Snake stung

Seeing someone else in the mirror

Sir k baal jhadna

Sir k baal jhad k hath me agye

Seeing sea in my dream

Someone constructing building in my land

Someone hiding in the water

Seeing gold bangle


String from tooth


Sea facing house

Sea view house

Seeing a person you know kissing your hand

Seeing your senior kissing you hand

Sihr in a dream

Seeing loosing your gold

Someone pulling your leg in a dream

Seeing girl i love with out hijab

Seeing someone who is dead

Seeing everyone disappear

Seeing your sister running mad in a dream

Saw my daughter pregnant in a dream

Scars on my face

Seeing a sheik in a dream

Seeing myself pragnent

Seeing my house possessed by evil jinns

Seeing black and white cat in dream

Seing two sheep’s in a dream without legs

Seeing a lot of majar in dream

Signs in the sky

Seeing your own forced marriage


Some one else is harvesting cocoyams dream meaning

Seeing orange tree full of green fruits and advising my cousin to offer namaz continuously in dream in islam interpretations

Someone being possessed jinn

Sun without brightness

Sheap giving birth through mouth

Sieng a pious man in dream

Scolding maid

Snake near a grave

Sister gave me new dress

Spilling of coffee

Sun setting suddenly

Saw first kalma

Snake on the street

Seeing unknw house in dream

Seeing someone doing idol worship

Seeing father kill some one with car accident

Seeing footprints of qiyamah

Seeing footprints of the animal of qiyamah

Sister in law selling gold bar

Saving your mom from snake

Seeing enemy infront of house

Seen felafel im a dream