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Dreams starting with the letter U

Using wine hair to braid ur hand it means what

Uterus falling in a dream meaning

Unmarried girl being pregnant in dream

Upper toilet

Underground plant

Unmarried girl meeting husband

Unable to fight

Unknown person loving you

Unlawful dead bodies

Using the restroom

Unprepared for an exam

Urine done in dreams

Urinebdone in a dream

Urination in dreams

Urination by self

Unknown person suddenly

Unknown guy romantically involved with me

Unknown landscape in dream


Unmarried pregnancy

Unknown ugly bride

Uniform army



Upper tooth breaking in islam

Upper front tooth fracture

Using coconut water to wash head

Unbraiding hair in dream

User there was an extra teeth that came beneath the canine teeth and i dreamt that that extra teeth fell out in my hand what does that mean

Unknowing child in your dream

Unknowing child in your drem

Unmarried girl giving birth to twin girls in a dream

Unmarried women talking her husband

Unknown pregnant and woman seen in a dream search your dream meanings

Unknown little girl

Unknown little sister

Unfamiliar man in a dream

Unknown crying

Using condom in dream

Uterus pain

Uncle and aunt

Umrah with dead mothet

Umrah with dead moyhet

Unknown person salam

Urinating at de cemetery in a dream

Unclothed in front of people

Unmarried girl feeding baby

Unmarried women seeing giving birth to baby boy

Unable to write exam

Urinating inside clay pot

University college

Ufo disk

Urinate on kaaba

Ur daughter double

Uprooting in dream means

Unknown someone flirting with you

Unmarried girl married

Umrah empty kaaba

Unmarried girl give birth to triplets in dream

Unmarried girl seeing herself wearing golden earrings in dream

Urinating in food and bowl seen in a dream

Unplugging eyelashes

Upper tooth

Urinate on the face

Uti infection

Upper teeth half break

Unmarried women pregnant

Unknown house in disrepair

Ugly persom

Urine on you

Using short cut road

Urinating while sleeping

Unknown grave filled with water

Un marrid girl getting weeding ceremony

Unfaithful husband in dream

Urinating in bed

Unmarried girl dream birth born boy baby


Unable to open right eye

Unknown person fight me i n sirin


Unprepared for exam in dream meaning in islam

Underground crops

Unable to read namaz janaza

Undress enemy in dream

Uncooked egg with salt put around the vargina

Uncle’s wife

Urinating infront of inlaws

Unprepared exam dream meaning in islam

Unknown young man dying

Uprooting mushroom on the pulpit

Unmarried girl with thali chain

Umra profming

Ugly man marrying in dream with the dreamer

Underconstruction houses

Urine in a cup

Urinating in the kitchen

Unintentionally break a raw egg in a dream

Unseen voice warning

Used white

Unable to speak or move in dream


Unmarried women wearing a ring

Unmarried girl giving birth to a son

Unknown country

Unhappy uncle seeing in a dream according islamic

Uncle and mother

Ugly child birth

Unmerited girl hugging her husband in dream

Uncovering a crime

Untied cow


Unmarried girl seeing giving birth to twins

Unknown person making dua and then leaving

Unknown dead person in dream

Uncle in a plane crash dreaming

Uncle in a plane crash

Urinating in relative house and cleaning it

Unknown person standing

Utterance of kudsi in a dream

Unmarried women seeing herself married


Using fire to defend your self

Unable to join jumaa due to many reasons

Ugly beings

Uprooting tree

Uncooked beef and mutton stolen and later given as charity

University line

Un married woman giving birth a red got in toilet

Ur dead husband want s ti get married

Unmarried girl sleeping with a man in dream

Unmarried girl breast feeling an unknown child

Used clothing distribution in islamic dreamdream

Unmarried boy seeing a divorce

Utensil stolen

Unmarried woman husband

Utreus removal


Unhappy marriage of friend in dream

Unmarried girl giving birth


Unpaired shoe

Unprepared for exam and its time for exam

Untold someone i have two weeks to live

Unhealthy child


Unmarried woman gave birth to baby boy


Unable to climb a high place

Uncooked vermecilli

Using perfume

Urine collecting in my clothes

Urinating in your clothes

Unknown man in the house

Urinating ants

Unknown person dying asking for help

Unknown dead person dying asking for help

Unmarried girl see a dream if husband who is ugly

Uncle stabs grandma

Ugly child

Unwanted hair

Unmarried woman giving birth to babygirl

Under rock


Unfinished path

Urinating from ones dream to reality

Urinating on the flood

Ugly hair style

Urin and motion

Urinating someone outside means what

Unknown black woman with piercings on her face

Ulcers on legs

Unmarried woman holding a female child in dream islamic

Urinating in a pot

Unknown lady attacking

Unlawful money

Urinate on bed

Uncontrollable bafflo in dream

Uncontrollable bafflo

University acceptance

Under beautiful rain making dua in dream meaning

Urinating in a pot of meat

Unable to pass exam

Un known naked woman

Urinating in the pants

Uncle giving you money

Urinating in a cup

Ugly people chasing you

Underwater city

Uw vijand

Unknown father

Unmarried girl saw her baby boy in dream

Uncle who is already dead and in dreams he is talking to his niece and sister

Uprooting pawpaw tree

Unprepared exam dream

Urinary blood in dream

Unmarried girl remove cobwebs in dream

Unmarried women seeing husband

Uprooting of plenty mushroom

Unable to touch kabaa

Uknown woman with black hijab

Unfaithful marriage

Unknown roads

Unwell father

Under garments

Urinating in a mosque

Unmarried womam with baby boy

Urinating in a dream

Ugly woman real beautiful

Unknown baby daughter


Unmarried woman wearing red cloth

Using body scanner on someone

Ufo attack from sky

Unmarried girl pregnant

Unicorn flying to the sky

Using snuff when praying

Up stirs

Utensils talking in dream

Unable to lock house door

Unripe cashew

Unable to lock door

Unknown people entry in home

Unknown female asking for saree

Unmarried girl becoming widow in dream

Unmarried girl becoming widow in dre

Urinating from top of house in dream means

Unpaired shoes on dream

Urinating in bed in adult while imitating dream

Unknown guest death

Urinating from top of house means

Unfineshed prayer

Unfineshed due to losing control of prayer

Unfineshed prayer and i fall down during the prayer and someone says a dua to me

Unidentified object attacking

Upside down shoe

Upsidedown show

Unable to open my eyes

Unmarried lady dream of being a widow

Umblical cord

Unmarried women wearing torn dupatta


Unmarried women getting married

Unripe cherries

Unmarried girl breast feeding a baby

Unknown man staring at me

Underworl don

Unmarried woman dreaming of giving birth to a baby boy

Used menstrual pads


Unclean home

Unable to reach goal

Urinating dream

Unmarried girl pregnant dream

Unconstrained land

Unknown animalchasing in dream

Up of the hill

Unmarried girl giving birth to twins

Uprooting grass with your hands

Unknown man entering into your garden and a unknown woman entering your house and intoxicating you

Untie thread knots on white sheet


Unmarried woman seeing herself pregnant and some people are treating her to abort it

Unable to speak mucus in mouth

Ugly fish

Unwrapping chocolate

Unwrapping candy

Unmarried girl breastfeeding a baby

Underwater world

Urinating on my head

Unknown young women crazy

Unborn baby inside fish

Unborn baby inside a fish

Undrinkable water

Unable to open my eyes in my dream

Using chewing stick to brush in dream

Using ashwak in dream


Urinating black in your dream


Urinating on a bucket with people looking at me

Unmarried woman

Unborn child pregnant woman

Using toilet in front of other

Using sacred chalk to pray

Using scared chalh

Unknown women

Unmarried women wearing a red dress

Unexpected sound man

Unhappy in marriage

Unhappy marridge

Urinating while someone watches

Unkown women


Unable write exam

Umrah dead relatives

Umrah see someone else

Uncle is giving raw meat and rice in dream

Ur crush hates u

Unknown homes

Unmarried woman having labor pain

Unknown drink


Urinate on yourself

Urinate on yourselves

Unknown person committing suicide

Using water wash private and part seen in a dream

Unmarried sister has a son

Unmarried teenage girl getting married in her dream meaning

Unable to breastfeed nursing child

Unmarried girl widow

Unknown man gives me tiny birds as gift

Uranus coming towards me

Uterus fell out

Uncle marriage

Unannounced visit

Ur crush hugging u

Ugly dead person

Unknown people inside my home

Uncook chicken in dream

Uncooked chicken in my dream

Urinating on a hill

Umra with an enemy

Upside down baby

Urinating in a person

Urinating on a oerson

Urinated on by parant


Underwater diamond ring

Unknown visitors

Unable to bath

Ugly looking baby

Unknown people in dream

Urinating at grave yard

Uprooting a tall palm tree in a dream

Undinished degree but graduated 23 years ago

Uprooting cassava with dead grandmother in a dream

Unknown children playing

Unknown children playing with my siblings

Untidy small girl in dream

Urinating in dream

Unmarried gave birth to twins

Unmarried gave bk

Unmarried girl seeing husband

Using toilet in front of people

Unable to climb ladder

Urine of a dog

Unmarried sister with a husband and newborn baby boy

Unknown ruined house

Uncover intimate parts

Unclean body

Underwater tree

Ultra scan 3 babies

Unmarried and giving birth to baby boy

Unripe and ripened tomatoes

Unconscious brother


Unable to enter home

Ugly looking human

Unable to cant open eyes in dream

Unknown female

Unmarried with baby

Urinating husband

Untrusty person

Unknown place or building


Unmarried girl pregnant with twins

Used house

Uknown woman

Uncooked samp

Urinate in toilet

Unmarried women seeing husband in dream

Umrah with son

Using screw driver to loose a nut in a car on a dream means

Using spammer to loose a boat

Uncle asking for money

Using toilet in front of others

Using pako to brush teeth in a dream meaning

Underprepared for exam

Ustad in dream

Uproot dry tree

Unknown person try to kill me

Urinating the bed

Unmarried women sees a man as her husband in dream

Unmarried woman sees a person as husband in her dream

Unmarried woman unable to feed her baby girl

Uprooted teeth

Underconstruction house

Uncle give orange saree in dream

Unclothed relative in dream

Unknown grave infront of house

Urine on pants

Umrah plegamans

Untidy smelly clothes

Unearth deadbody

Unknown species hunting another animal

Unripe strawberries

Upset dead father

Unmarried girl who gets pregnant


Uper eye shaking

Under water city

Ugly face male child born

Ungrateful guest

Unprepared exam and study

Uncooked meats

Unmarried woman dreaming of being pregnant and giving birth

Urinating on onself

Uncle being warf and getting kidnapped

Unmaired women giving birth to a baby boy in dream

Uncle passing stool

Unknown fruits

Unrecognised girl

Unmarried women living with husband

Unmarried women sleing with husband

Ur crush sitting next to i



Urinating fish

Unknown woman stolen my money in my dream

Unmarried girl getting engaged

Unknown boy

Uncompleted house

Unmarried woman dreams of giving birth to baby boy

Utrus disease


Used sanitary pads

Used sanitary pads

Used pads

Urdu book

Upruting feathers from your tongues

Upruting feathers from tongue

Urinating excessively

Urinating excessive

Urinating in a flush

Urinating maggots

Urinating on clothes

Unknown room

Uncle wife

Unknown marred woman in my dream

Unknown woman like me in my dream

Using toilet in front of family

Unknown handsome man whom i like

Unknown handsome man who is romantic

Under water mosque swimming

Unclean tap water

Unearthing father grave offering fatha and refilling

Using dirty toilets

Ugly baby

Unknown humans

Urine in dream and real life



Unkown man

Unloading salt


Under arrest

Uninvited cats

Urine discharge in new place

Unmarried girls see herself pregnant

Upside down christian cross


Unfolding white cloth


Ur daughter in pain

Unlocking a padlock

Under construction building

Under construction bul

Uncles death on eid

Uncle and cheetah

Unhappy woman

Unable to read the scroll

Uniform materials

Underwear dream meanings


Unknown woman

Unknown woman having a tragic death

Unknown lasy having a tragic death

Unknown female is giving birth


Ufo and sky changing colors

Un cooked brown beans

Unharmed from

Under sea

Urinating new born boy

Using school toilet


Upper teeth




Unmarried woman holding a baby girl

Unmarried girl carrying a baby girl

Urine on head

Umairred man dreaming of neckles islamic meaning

Unknowingly drinking water white fasting

Urinat8ng on my feet

Uterus being removed

Urinating in the dream

Underwear in public

Undetterrd gaze

Unprepared for tomorrow school exam

Unprepared for tomorrow college test

Unprepared for tomorrow work

Unprepared for tomorrow

Upper body naked in my dream means

Undressing infront of boss

Under water


Unclean bathroom

Unknown muslim girl

Urinating pot full and meat cooking

Uterus falling out from body seen in a dream

Unmarried girl holding baby and breastfeeding

Uper half body female old soul going out and into my body saw the dream at around 3 am

Unknown man trying to kill me

Urinate on floor

Urinating in front of public

Unknown grl urinating in public

Unable to find someone

Unexpected person crying in your dream

Unkown person death not seen face

Urination in washroom

Unable to write in my exams in dreams

Ug bite

Urinating blood

Urinating blod

Unknown people in your home pop

Unfinished salah

Unknown house being robbed but own selfs jewellery taken

Uncle dying

Urine touches the body

Unknown place

Unknown person feeding a dog

Urinating in own pants

Using toilet in public



Unfit clothes

Unmarried girl pregnant dream in islam

Universe exploding

Unknown person chasing a crocodile in dream

Urinenate but hurt when come out

Uncle raping you

Unmatched boots

Unborn grandson in dream

Untying stick in my dream

Urinating in front of people

Unmarried girl sees drean being with husband

Unmarried lady sees dream being with her husband

Unmarried girl giving birth to girl

Unknown handsome lover

Urinating oneself


Unmarried girl giving birth to a baby boy

Unmarried woman suckling breast of other woman in dream

Unmarried woman giving birth in dream

Under a spell

Urinate inside the car

Urinate in a car

Unexpected guests

Ursa minor

Unknown person entering my house

Unable to go home

Unconcerned with someone dying


Uniform man

Urine by son

Uninvited guest at my home

Urinating on someone outside

Unintentionally eating food while fasting and then throw it up after realizing

Unmarried women wear a red garment

Using honey to wash hair

Unable to jump from heights

Unmarried woman giving birth

Ugly face

Unmarried woman see his husband

Unknown women with sickness

Unknown women with sickness dies by saying la ilaha illalah

Unknown women with sickness dies by shahada

Unknown woman with a baby boy

Unknown person in kafan

Unknown person in lagan


Unknown dead boy

Unable to talk or breathe

Ugly face in a dream

Underground rat


Upper hand full of hairs

Using toilet

Unknown child clinging on to me

Unknown baby clinging on to me

Ursa major in dream


Unskinned bird

Unknown old friend person

Unknown old person frienf

Unable to use toilet

Unknown pregnant women


Unmarried women hold a man’s hand

Ugly animal face

Unknown woman wants to marry me

Unrinating in toilet

Urine mix

Unidentified creature

Unmarried man lifted his baby girl

Unknown flying bird

Uncle raping me

Uncle with hands cut off from arms

Un tying

Using diesels to clean bed

Unclogging clogged sewage

Uterus flowing out of the body

Uterus leaking out of body

Underneath bed

Unmerried girl see 5 baby boy and feed them

Unmarried women gifted a silver necklace

Unmarried virgin teen girl pregnant with 4th child in dream

Unhealthy vaginal discharge

Unable to pass stool due to some one obstruction

Unknown step child drowning

Urinating on top of the roof

Unfamiliar house

Unknown person gives you a fish

Unintentionally killing a bad person

Unmarried girl feeding a beautiful baby boy

Unmaried women having baby in dream

Unmaried women feeding a baby in dream

Unpleased in garden

Unknown man proposes in dream

Unknown proposed for marriage

Unknown people in my home

Uprooting cassavas

Unveiled tombstone

Unmarried women see sperm

Unmarried in red saree

Unlocked house

Uncooked rice with gold

Unborn baby hand

Unlocking a necklace

Unlocking a chain

Umar ra

Unknown force

Urine peeing

Udala in the dream

Unknown man holding my hand and he says he loves me

Un able to run

Un married women pragnent in another women dream

Unidentifyed sweets

Unmarried woman feeding baby

Ugly peahen in dream

Urine in bathroom

Ultrasound scan pregnant

Unknown building demolished

Umrah with husband in dream

Unknown naked man taking bath

Uncle called saying that my uncle died

Unpleasant poo smell

Urinating black urine in washroom

Unknown person licking my vegina

Undergoing surgery

Unknown little girls

Uncooked rice on grave

Uprooted aloe plant

Unknown women come to my house

Urinating in a clean overflowing toilet and woman genital changes to male

Unmarried women gets pregnancy news

Unmarried women got pregnant

Unmarried women got pregnant news

Unmarried women gave birth to baby girl

Uncovering hair

Using miswak on teeth

Ulama who passed away dreamin in islam

Ulama who passed away

Urinating in cloths

Urinating in cliths

Unknown young naked black goddess

Unmarried woman gave birth

Urinating at business

Unintentionally eating pork meat in dream

Unusual behaviour

Unmarried women nacked

Unmarried women backed

Unmarried women breast licked by a baby

Uncle crying


Unknown love in dream

Unmarried girl delivered twing girls in the dream

Uprooting big cassava tubers on a dream

Unknown person who says he is my husband

Ubtan in dream given by someone

Ugly fiance

Unknown man questioning

Unknown woman janazah

Uncle gave me a jacket

Unknown feeling

Uncle in law

Ubtan applying in face

Unwear people

Under chest cut open

Urinating forcefully in eating plate

Urinating forcefuli

Using perfum in dream

Unknown white bird

Urinate raw eggs

Unknown person stealing my stuff in dreams

Unknown woman asking question

Under water sailing

Uper weak wall

Unmarried with kids

Uncle house

Uncle death news

Uunwanted grass

Urinate on one self

Unmarried woman having a dream being pregnant and giving birth to a baby girl

Unable to reach

Use slang in dream

Unable to go back to my boyfriend

Unknown host

Unknown person hates me

Unlocking padrock

Upper front rather in a bad shape

Uproot a young palm tree that was on a road side

Ummarried sister pregnant

Urine pass

Urinating in own mouth

Unknown men dressed in black

Unknown men donning black clothes

Urinating in a bag

Unable to read

Uhudd mountain in dream

Unknotting thread

Upsetting woman

Unlawful sec

Unlawful pregnancy

Uncle give me gold jwellery

Upperstair in mosque

Uncle having a heart attack

Unmarried men twins

Unwrapping an item

Uprooting tooth

Under clear water

Unknown species of fish

Unmarried girl miscarriage

Uncle eating breakfast in my house

Unknown foreign man

Unknown reptile dream

Unhappy with family embers

Urinating in someone graveyard

Unkonown person in pain

Unexpected guest in home

Unknown woman love

Unknown wonan love

Unknown building in running

Unkown animals

Unstable house

Un known women urine dream

Using contact lenses n my left eyes almost blind


Unknown person fell in underground and he die

Usual large moon disappeared

Urinating and defecating in cloth

Unknown wonam breast feeding

Unhappy dead

Undoing braids by someone else

U dreaming ester sucking my breast at school

Unmarried women giving birth to twin baby boy

Unmarried woman labor pregnant twins

Unknown touching me inappropriately

Unkown colorful bird flying above

Urinating in a mixed concret

Urinating in a mixed concrete

Upside down clock

Urine spattered on my pants while i urinated


Upside down watch

Udara tree

Unknown dead baby

Uninvited guests

Unknown girl child visit

Unable to take a correct turn while driving

Unmarried girl dreams if delivering a baby girl

Unborn baby die

Unclen water

Ugly animal

Unhappy engagement

Unmarried sister have a baby in dream


Ugly creatures


Unknown house garden


Urinating in washroom

Unearthing a gemstone from ground

Urine in bottle

Uncle passed away

Unknown scary person

Unmarried pregnant female

Unmarried girl getting pregnant and giving birth to a boy

Unicorn in water

Uprooting and replanting

Unhapppy dream with wife

Using toilet in front of tge people

Using toilet infront of the people

Unmarried girl gives birth to twins

Under ground castle

Using white clothes in a dream

Usra major

Upside down car

Under watar

Under door gap

Upset dead woman

Un married girl giving birth

Urinating open place

U emxplain your dream at the time of dream but do not recall

Using toilet infront of others

Upset dead husband


Unknown dead person pulling on my shoulders

Unblocking water passage

Unmarried girl breastfeeding

Urinating and ablurion


Unblocking water canal passage

Ulgy man


Uriene on the face

Urineting blood

Urinating infront if girl


Unmarried girl getting married

Unmarried girl having a son

Unknown successful person as guest


Unknown living person in house

Unhappy dead person

Unhappy dead peeson

Ulakai in dreams

Unknown boys

Unknown locality

Unknown person wants to marry me

Unknown person said he is married to me

Unknown guys

Uncooked snails in dream

Unknown small snake like creature

Unattractive wife

Unhappy marraige

Unmarried virgin pregnant and giving birth to a girl

Unhappy friend

Unable to praa esa y

Unwanted pictures

Unknown guy said he already married to me

Ulcer on tongue

Unearthing prophet grave

Unknown peoples

Ugly face meanings

Ugly women torturing me in a bird cage

Used garments


Uncooked lamb meat

Unmarried girls see herself pregnant in dream

Unmaried girls see heslwf pregnent in dream

Upper lips hair growth

Urinating dog

Urinating sog

Uterine surgery

Urinating internationally

Unstitched clothes by dead

Unmarried girl see her self being a widow in a dream

Unable to pray

Underground place

Ulakkai in dream

Urinated on my clothes in a dream

Urinated on yourself

Unmasked masquerade in your dreams


Unmarred getting married to an unknonwn

Used honey to cream in a dream means what

Urinating in an empty pot means what in dream

Unknown lady in bed

Unknow guy loving you

Unknown man laying on

Utility hooks

Unbarring dead people

Unknown handsome person who was romantic with me

Urdu dream dictionary

Unable to recite ayatul kursi

Under table

Unknown person dies


Unmarried girl seeing necklace in a dream

Urine and bread

Using thetoiket

Urinated in bathroom floor be deceased

Under rain

Upper teeth hammered in

Upper teeth going in

Ukrain president

Urinating in pant in bathroom

Unmarried girl marrying in dream

Uprooting muchroom long tail

Urial the angel giving me water to drink everytime i pulled a golden knife from a boulder

Umananda saturday


Uncles wife

Unable to remove the sharp object from body

Unknown person cumin in house

Ullu dekhna

Ugly fat old woman

Ugly fat old woman chaising

Ugly fat ols woman chaising

Udid vada with curd

Uterus infection

Undress to free your self

Uncle and grandpa

Uy beqns

Underground and light

Under house with dead insects

Unknown dead bodies carried for funeral in dream

Unripe green banana in dream

Unskin goat

Urinating with yellow color

Unwelcome guest in house


Urinating in a container in the presence of someone who has been dead for a long

Urine dog house

Unknown building collapse and saving kids alive out of it

Upper lips threading dream

Urinating in bedroom on an old pillow

Unplated hair to be combed

Unknown bathing

Utensil caddy

Unmarried woman find new love

Underground blinking eyes

Unmarried girl sees her husband in dreams

Unmarried woman seeing herself pregnant

Unknown house collapsed

Uplifted by someone and heading for reconciliation

Unknown person gifting his hair

Upper lips growth in dream


Unknown boy flirting with me privately

Used a pocket knife to protect in a dream

Using or seeing a pocket knife or nail cutters


Unmarried dream about divorce

Unknown old man unhappy

Using broom to beat someone in a dream

Unknown women entering home

Unmarried girl sees herself with husband

Unwell and hair fell out

Unrequired love

Unkown dead fish

Unhappy husband with wife

Using toilets while its open

Un married but seeing your self giving birth and hearing the cry of the new born

Unmarried girl wearing red dress

Unmarried giving birth to a baby boy

Urinating over body

Unable to draw water from the well in dream

Unmarried girl gave birth to boy in a dream islam

Unmarried girl dipping breast milk

Using pit toilet

Uprooting a passion fruit carefully with ripe ones on them

Urinating in flush already filled with urine

Under the water killing someone

Using a person as a shield

Unable to open eyes when waking up

Ugly vigina

Urinating in front of sister in law

Uterus fall out

Uterus is out in

Unknown man hugs and kisses me

Unknown person climbing the wall

Unknown deformed figure

Ullu k katna hath n

Uborn baby face

Unknown house explosion and snake

Upside down crow

Unveiled hair

Unique teeth

Unknown man in black suit

Unknown charming old person smiling face giving instructions to climb wooden stairs

Uncles pacing

Unpleased with mother

Ugly short black man

Unmarried girl virgin giving birth to twin boys

Ugly man or man with ugly face

Unknown animal meat

Un known persons

Unclothed self and having no regret

Unable to climb stairs

Unknown come to take a person with them

Unknown person come to take someone away

Unknown person coe to take someone away

Unknown children at door

Unmarried woman with baby

Unmarried woman newborn boy