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Dreams starting with the letter V

Vast green fields

Very high light in sky

Very high light

Vomitting by elephant in dream

Vomit sihr

Verbally defended by someone


Visiting holy

Vomit of camel


Visiting your friends house with a knife

Vagina touched

Visa application rejected by immigration

Vomiting bitter kola

Virgin breastfeeding young girl

Voo doo

Vandalism of my transport

Vandalism of my car

Vomiting white stone from my mouth

Vomiting white stone from my uterus to my mouth

Video call with someone u haven’t spoke to in a long time

Vomiting lizard

Vegitable oil

Vomiting out broken glasses from your mouth

Vomit nasal mucus

Visited a blue river

Vomited piece of onion in dream

Visiting an old house

Visiting an old living room

Visiting anhld living room

Volete vedere hazrat bilal

Visiting alaqsa masjid in the heavens

Visiting a mosque in the skys

Visiting a masjid in the heavens

Veedu idunju viludhal

Virgin girl gave me a turmeric ball

Very many ripe canarium fruits in the dream

Virgin land beside maize and rice crop

Visiting holy site

Vomiting of death person

Vomit of death mother

Vomit by a death mother in a dream


Very long unwanted hair


Voice of children but cannot see

Virgin has wet dreams

Vegetables in dream

Visit a friend

Vomiting bird




Very black tall man


Very tall people

Visiting abnormal baby means

Veins appear as numbers on my butt

Viditors to our home

Vomiting white beads in dream

Vendor is selling chickoo

Virgin giving birth

Vomiting eggs yolks

Visited your village

Vomiting black charcoal

Virgin seeing her self pregnant in a dream islamically

Virgin seeing her self pregnant in a dream e

Very small door

Virgin mayram

Visa approval dream

Visa aproved

Vomiting kidneys

Visiting masjidal aksa

Vavval kanavil vanthal enna artham

Veetil pambukal

Vagina seen in real

Vertical wound on stomach

Virgin girl pregnant

Vomiting yoke of egg meaning


Vomiting into garbage can

Virgin giving birth to a baby boy

Vulture warming me in the dream

Visiting a friend and they get attacked my thieves with guns

Vomiting mucus endlessly


Vaginal bleeding in dream

Vagina and snake

Vat for water

Visiting a sick aunty

Violent buffalo

Vegina seen


Visiting mother

Vegetables called pumpkins

Village house

Visiting a dead persons house


Vomiting hair

Visiting a beautiful unknown place in dream

Visa granted


Vegina silong teer dream number

Very close with cousin

Vomiting blood after being poisoned

Voodo doll

Vomiting maggots

Vomiting maggots in my dream


Visiting old friend

Very soon marriage

Vomit kiss bad taste

Velevt hijab red and green

Visited by dead parents

Very big bright sun


Vaginal bleeding of a daughter

Vikram lander falling down in my house


Vomiting snake

Vintage dream

Visit shrines of saints every night

Vanishing masjid

Visiting al aqsa


Vommitting worms

Vegetable (bottle guard)

Venomous scorpio

Virgin girls

Vulture in house


Verbal fight with a collegue

Very messy house


Vomiting bloodied

Visiting village

Virginity lost

Veil coming off infront of a man

Visiting my in laws for first time

Vomiting out of mouth mutton

Vomit of blood

Visiting your friends house


Vitamin c

Vomiting egg yoke in dream

Vomiting flesh

Venomous snakes

Visiting a tailor

Vomiting a snake tail

Visiting ill


Vagina touching and licking with tongue means what in a dream

Vomit metal dream

Visiting imam ali shrine in dream

Vegena dream

Vomiting with blood

Vomit and blood

Vomiting a piece of cloth

Voice from the sky

Vagina and sucks

Vomiting of blood

Voodoo doll laying next to me

Voodoo on grave

Vehicle hit the boy

Visiting and praying holy kabah



Visiting you and sleeping on your bed with them

Visa recejt

Visa recejtion

Visiting sick

Vagina of a lady

Vomiting maggots in the dream

Vomiting strawberries

Vomiting embryon of twins

Virginia in dream

Vagina bleeding


Vomiting in a dream

Vomiting charcoal

Virgin young girl breastfeeding a baby

Vomiting an elephant

Vomiting elephant

Vomit egg

Vada seeing and eating

Verbal fight with family

Verbal arguments with family

Visiting my mother with a friend

Visited by a close friend

Vomiting on someone

Vomit blood

Vomit after kiss

Vehicle missing and found


Visit the sick


Visiting shrine of prophet muhammad pbuh


Vomiting teeth

Virgin girl giving birth to a baby boy dream

Vine tree that shape human


Victory over jinn

Vomitting hair

Vagina on my face

Vomiting calabash

Vegetable like pumpkins mean what in a dream

Visiting brother in law house in dream

Visiting brother in law house


Vagina fingering

Virgina fingering

Vigina fingering

Visiting haunted house

Velvet clothes

Vivd dreams

Vel in dreams


Vomiting intestine and blue spit

Visiting my brother in law in his village in the mountains i need to use the toilet which is very dirty start to pee and a snake comes out from under the toilet and bites me on the leg

Very tall tree trunk reaching sky

Vomiting white water



Very large fresh fish


Vaseline dream

Vagina and dead centipid


Vehicle lost

Vehicle lost in dream

Veins or pimples bursting

Visa approval

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy

Vomiting bat

Visiting a friend


Visiting house

Vaivorgštinė karvė

Vomiting green leaf

Visiting former husbands house to pack my remaining belongings


Varieties of white flowers

Vomiting garri in a dream

Virgin girl give birth to twin

Vaginal bleeding

Very important men

Vomiting yellow egg

Vomiting egg yok

Venus fly traps

Vagina mucus dis charge

Vanina discharge

Vomiting medicine

Visitor bearing sweets

Visiting shrine of imam with a man you love

Visa in islam



Visiting the kaaba

Virginal operation

Visiting prophet’s house

Visiting mecca alone

Visiting peer sahab in your dream

Vel symbol dream meaning

Vomiting white small snake

Vomiting whithe snake

Vomiting clothes in my mouth

Vomiting faeces

Viola flower

Verses on sky in dream

Vaginal bleeding n poop mess n full term pregnant in labor dream

Very big moon

Vow one pledge

Volcano eruption in ocean

Violence in dream

Vagina discharge

Vulture sitting on the head

Vomiting a kola but in the dream means what

Vagina cancer

Vaginal pain in dream

Vagina and penis

Vegetables in urine

Visiting graveyard

Virgin getting married unknown husband

Very dry skin in feet

Very windy

Vitilogo man in dream

Voice of a baby

Vomit blood clots

Visiting masjid nabawiy


Visitors in house

Vomiting blood

Volcano erupting destroying our house and injuring my hand

Vision fading

Visiting mothers grave in dream

Visiting grave yard in dream


Visiting home

Visiting dead home

Visiting your home

Vomiting fasting

Vomiting live fish

Visiting a doctor

Vomoting mucus

Vomoting slyme

Visiting cemetery


Vomiting locustbeans

Visit friend’s house


Verse quran

Venus flytrap plant

Venus flytrap in dream

Visit to a new place

Vomiting bats

Very scared of a lion that wants to attack me

Very long black hair on the floor

Vomit dead person

Visiting motherless home in dream

Vehicle given by dead person

Volcano eruption from mountain

Visiting sick person

Visiting hindus temple

Vomitting blood

Visiting unknown beautiful place

Visiting unknown visiting place

Virgin women gives birth to a boy

Virgin women gives birth to a baby boy

Vehicle broken in dream

Vision blurred

Vagina blood infection



Veil wearing woman

Visiting graveyard with family


Vehicle accident

Varanda falling due to bomb

Vagina brother



Visiting prophet mohammeds grave

Visiting temple


Vagina leech entering meaning


Vomit black

Vomiting breast milk after being fed

Vomiting stain on bedsheet

Visiting parents grave in dream and weeping

Vagina dreem namber

Ver alguém deitado no chão

Volcano erupting in water in a dream

Vomiting so heavy

Vitilogo in dreams

Virgin dream being pregnant

Vampire chasing a group of people but killed only me

Vaginal discharge female

Vomiting someone

Vast space

Vase of water poured on feet

Vaginal odour

Virginal discharge white

Visited by people cloth in white

Vomiting curds

Vomiting a loyal one

Vensus happy returns com

Vision of makoti clothes

Vision of wearing makoti clothes

Verbal harrasment

Voodoo doll sticking me

Visited by known rich person

Voice behind thundering clouds

Visiting the pyramids of egypt

Vomiting something green

Virgin girl having kissing her boyfriend in dream

Veiled woman

Vomiting raw fish in dreams means

Vinegar water

Vessel sailing

Visiting relatives without parents in dream

Visiting kids w

Vaginal leaking

Vein gras field

Very beautiful baby

Visa rejection dream

Vomiting onion

Vad betyder nästa fall jag från en byggnad

Vegetables tomatoes

Vising dead person

Visiting a deceased in jannah

Virgin girl false pregnancy in dream

Vulture dying

Visa granted in a dream

Visiting animal sanctuary

Virgin girl having baby girl

Violated daughter

Vomiting my lungs

Visiting new house

Virgin crying over her death child

Visited by a dead person

Vermicelli in leg

Vomiting beautiful live bird in my dream means

Vegetable seller

Vascular bloclage


Vegetable juice

Visiting medinah

Visiting madinah

Very expensive plate found

Vacation with wife

Vomiting different colours of cloths

Vomiting small fishes

Vomit a frog

Voice of peacock

Vortex dream meaning in islam

Virgin girl seeing blood from her vagina in dream

Visit loved one

Visit someone

Visiting a brothel

Valima function

Voice gone

Vultures siting on the palm tree

Vaginal delivery from old woman

Very close

Vacant office

Vomited olive seed

Visit a king palace

Vagina of pregnant woman

Vehicle no start

Vaginally discharge

Vomiting of charcoal

Very tiny fine leopard

Vaccum cleaning green curtains

Vargina smelling odor

Vagina dream number teer

Vomiting toothbrush

Vomiting cow skin

Virgina with teeth


Victims of fire accidents

Visiting graveyard in haste

Vomiting poo by a child

Very pious man bored

Voodoo mask looling like the sun

Voit on bed dream eaning

Vomiting wall gecko in a dream

Vomitting blood with organs

Vehicle accidents

Vomiting ink

Very black women seeing in dream mean


Various colours

Virgin breastfeeding baby boy


Visiting my father dead in prison

Vatican library

Virgin girl have milk breast

Vagina with mangal sutra

Vagina discharge bad blood

Vegetable marketing dream

Vomiting plastic

Visiting sick elderly person


Vitiligo affected person in my dreams

View of someone praying in front

Vegetable biryani

Vampire chasing

View my crush

Vibrant colored frog

Vomiting geckoin dream


Voluntary prayers

Visiting sick people


Visa approve in a dream

Vomiting bread

Vomiting broom stick

Vaginal discharge faces

Visiting a sick at home



Visiting the death

Visa rejected

Visiting masjid aqsa in dream

Voice of imam husain listened in dream

Voice of imam hussain

Vagina dentata

Vegetable spinach

Vomiting liver and blood


Valvet cloth

Valvet dress

Vegetables falling from the sky

Vanity bag

Vl means

Vegetable rack


Visit the sick in the hospital

Very ill



Very big white cow in a herd

Vomiting wood


Viewing and taking old clothes

Vomiting a large pulp

Vomited snail

Vein called a bitch


Vhekens fulling from the sky

Vagina attack

Vomit iron


Virgin wearing red

Virgin women giving birth to a son





Vaginal blood clot

Volcano errupting

Visit a place

Vomitting your liver

Voimitting your liver

Visiting holy shrine ziyarat in dream

Vomiting fire in dreams

Vagina touching in a dream

Vegitables gourd in dream


Vulture flying up in sky and throwing big fish from mouth

Vulture eating babybirds


Vaginal throbbing

Vagina sewn


Vacker himmel

Voor tanden

Vagina peeing


Vodoo doll beheaded



Vomiting a pair of broom

Vase with allahs name

Vervet monkey

Vagina skin

Virgin mary wearing gold shimmering dress

Vacating house by packing all things

Vomiting in a bathroom meaning

Vitiligo skin on the face and wounds

Vast school ground

Vomiting classes

Vomiting coal

Virgin girl giving birth to girl baby

Vagina as a mouth

Vomitting raw meat

Vomiting tooth

Very big stomach

Voodoo priest

Visiting a house and being scared of it

Very close to a dog in my dream

Visiting sea at night time

Visiting sea at night

Visiting snobs

Vagina mother

Vomiting in the hand

Vomiting wall gueko in a dream

Visited by dead relations

Vomiting blood while praying

Vomiting in a bedroom

Vomiting on a bed

Verbally arguing with sister

Virgin girl breastfeeding a baby boy

Vagina washing

Vomit blood in my hands

Valuables missing from home

Very old dusty house

Very tall and rich person

Vomiting broom sticks

Visiting an ill mother in law in the hospital

Vomiting excessive blood

Visiting a ladies house

Vision of a pumpkin

Visiting foreign lands

Vomiting hair from mouth

Verrucas on feet

Visiting known place

Vaginal fertile mucus

Visit ziyarat in dream

Visa stamp on friend passport

Virgin boy

Virgin girl seeing herself in labor in dream

Visiting the grave of imam husssin

Virgin with newborn

Visit of imam hussain shrine in dream

Visitors and my hair falling in food while cooking

Visiting grave of deceased

Vomiting white liquid

Volcano and earthquake

Visa being refused

Variety of snakes

Venus and orange moon

Visitors guest m

Virginal bleeding while pregnant

Verse of quran

Vibrating body

Vomiting different types of worms

Victimized for rape in dream

Vain tree

Visiting palestine

Very skinny face

Very strong lighting in sky

Vomiting cucumber

Villa with a high ceiling

Vomiting ear rings

Visa was refused

Vagina ventata

Visit gurdawra with mom

Vomit water

Virgin sees herself pregnant in dream

Vomiting white glue

Visitor from hajj

Viking ship chasing me

Vomiting porridge

Vomiting milked food

Vomiting beads

Visitor staying and food offered

Volcano mountain fall

Velvet worn out my ear

Velvet worm

Vaginal feces

Vagina operated

Visitors to ones home bringing food

Vomiting worms in a draem

Visitors coming to our home

Vomiting socks

Visiting grandmother

Volcani smoke n dream

Vegetable food

Vaginal bleedingduring pregnancy

Visiting distant family members

Vehicle breaking down in dream

Virgin woman giving birth to a baby boy

Visiting imam ali

Vision of my dead sister with a wedding dress

Very heavy work in dream

Very important person dream

Visit from someone who has passed away

Vagina worms

Visiting to a big mansion

Visit friends family who passed away

Vomited in bed

Very big snake being chased in the dream

Visiting darga and not worshipping dream


Vomiting black liquid

Volcano erupting lava

Vagina cut open

Video old house

Visiting the shrine of setnaaa zeinab

Visited a friends place and helping his mom to cook in kitchen

Vehicle falling into ocean

Vehicle getting

Vegetable jar

Violence towards someone

Vomiting blood and flesh

Vomiting fresh blood

Visit an orphanage house in a dream

Visiting an orphanage home with food in a dream

Visitors coming to my house

Verse from surah yasin

Visiting prophet muhammad house

Visiting your mum after a long time

Vaseline on chair

Vitiligo on throat

Visiting holy woman

Very nice place

Verse of the quraan every soul shall taste death

Verse of the quraan

Vomit blue in dream

Very tall olive trees

Vagina touch

Vehicle missing

Vomiting black hairs

Visiting janaza

Viewing kaaba from far away in a dream

Vagina seen teer making number

Visit from imam

Vignal bleeding

Visited by dead ex president

Vomiting clots of blood

Vegetable plant

Visit a couple

Visiting squatters

Vehicle and parade

Vitiligo on face and eyes

Vomitting the food by a baby

Visiting unknown sick person

Visiting madina

Vomiting black charcoal dream meaning

Victory in exam

Vomiting cooked meat

Voice of tauba

Very sick baby

Vomitting after overdose of medicines

Voice whispering he loves me

Voice saying someone loves me

Voice saying he loves you

Vagina fruit

Visiting dargah with my partner

Vomiting garri in the dream

Vomiting box in the dream

Vomitting green colour

Vagina pain

Van crashing into house

Visa stamping

Visiting a new house ov a sibling

Visa interview results

Vanish in sea

Visiting the sick in congregation

Vomiting during dua

Visa denied

Visiting to dead relative

Viewing honey bees in dream means

Violet horse

Veiled woman with her back turned to you

Vagina sealing

Var collision

Vomit in mosque

Vagina saw

Vine leave in a dream

Vomiting mother

Visit a pregnant women in dreams

Vagina cumming

Vomiting a cow

Vaginal cancer

Vomiting because someone made me drink urine

Visiting imam ali ziyarat

Visiting deceased persons house

Varaity of food

Vagina dentists

Vagina coming out snakes

Vomiting mushrooms

Vagina feces

Vacuuming rocks

Vomiting while fasting

Very long hairs

Vacuuming late inlaws room

Vegetable curry

Vomiting earthworm

Vacation to ocean

Vaginal blood clots

Vomiting bitter kola in the dre

Visiting orphanage home in dream

Vagina sawing

Voices in bathroom

Visit from a dead imam

Visiting graves and putting altars on them

Vomit with nothing

Vomiting but nothing comes out

Very humble

Vermilion in head

Vomitting badly from a height

Vagina for shillong teer

Vagina and mens reproductive system

Vagina and mens reprosuctive system

Visiting someone with gift

Veal meat

Very high ceiling

Vagina rock

Vomitings black hair

Vegetable shop

Visit an ugly city

Visiting in laws

Virgin girl giving birth to a boy without pain

Vomitting black worm

Vomiting kola nuts in the dream

Van that has no front windshield

Volcano river

Visit moon

Virginia teeth in the dream

Vacting house in dream

Vacting house in dre as m

Virgin girl dreams of giving birth to twins

Variety of big fishes

Viginal white discharge

Very large cat

Very big waves

Vein removal

Vagina operation and stitches dream

Verses of quraan written on sky

Very difficult to find car after doing a good work

Very small baby

Visiting a grave and found a dead little goat on the grave

Visiting a girl

Violin bag

Vomitting big raw fish

Vegetable market

Vomit in black color

Vagina bleeding injury

Visiting a sick family in the house

Visiting dargah along with deceased person

Virgin girl in white cloth

Vagina poop

Very weak parents

Vomit in toilet

Vomiting liver out from mouth

Visiting umrah

Visiting in rural hilly area in hill

Vomit milk

Verbally fighting your cousin

Visiting someone dead in their house

Vitiligo in my dream in islam

Vomiting liquid in dream

Visit mylate granny and they told you she has gone to visit you

Vomitting white

Visa received indreammean

Verbal conflict with mother in law

Voice calls

Voice call

Vomit out a seed

Verbal fight in islam

Visited by a world leader

Volcano sinking in my house lava

Velvet blanket

Visiting own village

Vehicle in black dot in the sky giving announcement to all

Vaseline or grease

Veil hook

Vagina sucking

Vomit with blood and stones

Vase broken

Vomiting egg

Vitgin woman lactating

Vitilogo in someone back

Velvet cloth

Visiting dead person house

Veld grap plant


Very much blood comes from tongue

Visiting the kabaa

Vitiligo women

Velvet book

Visit holy place listened name

Vomiting intestine

Vomit kolanut

Visiting a fish market

Vision loss

Verses of the quran in the sky


Vomiting hair around a metal nail

Vomitting back clay

Volcano erupt

Voting election

Visit friend

Vulture on a tree

Visiting the grave of a loved one

Vessel filled with water

Virgin blood in my palm

Visiting masjid haram

Vomiting brown thick substance

Very weak

Vomitting doll out of your mouth

Visiting some holy place

Vomiting white

Vitiligo over my face

Vomiting teeth in the dream meaning

Vehicle sold

Vitiligo feet in dream

Vagina coming out big clots

Virgin girl saw cut in her breast

Veil tore off

Vomit sponge

Very long thin snake

Very big tree in dream

Vomiting raw minced meat

Vitiligo skin seen in dreams

Violet frances neighbour

Violet star entering in my son

Visiting fathers grave and crying

Visiting sister

Vehicle being stolen

Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy

Vagina in mirror

Very big mention

Vege in my dream

Vagina hairs

Visiting pregnant women

Venom of spider

Violet flowers

Vigorous sea

Vitiligo on my left index finger

Visit to former workplace

Verses of the quran dissapearing


Visiting a governor

Vomiting black blood

Vomiting black block

Visiting holy kaaba

Vomiting sand gravel

Virgin land

Valuable stolen

Vomiting myself in dream

Vomiting niddles in the dreams

Visting graveyard

Vehicles upside down

Visit a dead person house

Vitiligo on back

Verbal fight with sister in law means

Visiting santorini

Vomiting chicken meat

Visiting with a ruler

Vaginal hair

Vagina seeing sister

Vagina looking like a penis

Vessel filled with oil

Vagina into penis

Vomiting animal blood

Vomiting blood and flesh from the mouth

Visiting a false prophet

Varacus veins

Visiting grave of dead mother with dead grandmother

Vegetable coming from your virgina

Visiting the greaves of auliya

Visiting grave of a auliya


Visitation of an uncle

Visited hopital

Visited hospital

Visit past home

Vomiting in a crusade

Visiting the grave of someone but not really going to the grabe

Virgin saw abortion in dreams

Vomitting heart

Visiting prophet muhammad grave

Visiting house of god

Violet color dress

Veil over my face

Virgin giving birth to a son

Vomit after breasted

Visitor coming to house

Vitiglo on body in dream

Veins in my arm

Vomiting fish

Vomiting broom in dream

Vying sweet

Vomiting clothes

Visiting a grave yard

Vomiting food

Vehicle loss

Very darken face in a dream

Very dark face on some one you

Vagina diseas

Virgin women

Vomiting magic


Various colour banghles

Vermillion in hand

Views of mecca from the room

Vingina bleeding

Vaseline under your nails

Visa approval letter

Very big fish out of water

Visiting hospitilised person

Visiting kabar

Vegetables and fruits

Verbal argument


Visiting a prostitute house

Virgin woman breastfeeding her baby boy

Veil of allah

Vaginal bleeding after birth

Visiting the deceased

Very aged women

Visiting market at night

Virgin childbirth dream

Visting a temple with no statur

Visting a temple with no statue

Vomiting worm from the anus and mouth

Vomiting at the place where they perfom ablution

Vomiting at the place of ablution

Visa passport office

Velvet fruit

Various colour snakes in dream

Vomit egg yolks

Vaginal bleeding with a packet of bor coming out

Various colours snakes

Visiting clean toilet

Vomit capsule

Visit new country

Vegina saw in dream

Virgin lactating

Very tall man and woman

Visiting imam raza’s shrine

Veil on face

Vigina on fire

Visit gtaveyard in a dream

Visit graveyard in my dream