Fishing net Dream Meanings

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Fishing Net Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

In a dream, a fishing net represents trickery, deception, profits, knowledge, realizing one’s hope, and victory over one’s enemies if one owns a fishing net.

If one sees himself entrapped inside a fishing net, it means that he may be jailed or fall to sickness or marry a rebellious wife, or it could mean money, or a child that will preoccupy him.

A fishing net in a dream also represents a harsh employer, hard working laborers. or an adversity they may suffer. As for a clear minded fisherman who earns his livelihood from a fishing net, seeing a fishing net in a dream represents trials, imprisonment, short breath, or it could mean profits or good news. As for a traveller, seeing a fishing net in his dream means his return home.

A fishing net in a dream also means increasing difficulties for a worried person.

If one who has lost something sees a fishing net in his dream, it means that he will find his lost object.

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin

5 dream interpretation about fishing and net related.


Fishing in a dream means womanizing.

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Fishing Boat

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Fishing Pole

A fishing pole in a dream means a ploy and deception.

The same interpretation goes for all fishing tools and equipment.

It is better to see oneself in a dream holding it, than seeing others fishing with it or carrying it. 164... fishing pole dream meaning

Mosquito Net

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(Hunting) In a dream, a hunting net means deception, duplicity and fraud.

If one falls into a hunting net in a dream, it means that he will be victimized. Ifone spreads a hunting net and catches an animal or a bird with it in a dream, it means that he earns money through deception and fraud.... net dream meaning