Golden cage Dream Meanings

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Golden Cage Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

5 dream interpretation about golden and cage related.


(Cradle; House; Prison) In a dream, a cage represents a prison, a cradle or a house. Entering one’s head into a cage while walking in the markets in a dream means selling one’s house. Acage in a dream also signifies complications. Seeing a cage inside a courthouse in a dream means marriage.... cage dream meaning

Cage Maker

In a dream, a cage maker represents a builder, a tailor, marriage, a teacher, a prison guard or a weaver.... cage maker dream meaning

Golden Calf

Seeing a golden calf in a dream means pursuing the path of greed, or disobedience or celebrating falsehood.... golden calf dream meaning

Golden Oriole

(See Oriole)... golden oriole dream meaning

Silver Cage

(See Marriage)... silver cage dream meaning