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(Auditorium; Large hall) A large hall in a dream means comfort, overcoming financial difficulties, a helping wife, a good mistress of the house, a high ranking position that involves little danger, a highway sign, a praiseworthy son, a hard working employee, or a good investment. Ifthe hall is dark, dirty and filled with insects and spider webs in the dream, then it means the opposite.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Corridor; Doorman) In a dream, a hallway represents a servant who controls and manages the business and life of his employer. It also represents a doorman, or one’s actions that guides him to his purpose, or one’s deeds that could lead him either to paradise or to hell-fire.

A hallway in a dream also represents one’s grave, since the grave is a hallway to either heaven or hell, or it may represent the steps of a sick person or a handicapped person. Its lights, size and the ease of crossing it in the dream reflect the outcome.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Hall)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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