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(spa. See Kbimar)

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(A piece of fabric worn by some women as part of their headdress; To conceal one’s face; Attire; Cap; Garb; Mantle; Mantilla; Veil) In a dream, a khimar represents a husband, protection or an ornament.

The extent of its size shows the man’s prosperity. Its finesse connotes clarity and the color white represents honor and dignity.

If a woman sees herself wearing a mantilla in a dream, it means maliciousness, a bad omen, or rancor and falsehood of female companions that might cause difficulties, or separate between a husband and a wife. Ifthe khirnar is made of black torn fabric in the dream, it means poverty of one’s husband, or his being natural, or unsophisticated. Damage to one’s veil in a dream means difficulties affecting one’s marriage, loss of business or a calamity caused by a guardian, a father or a brother.

If a man sees himself wearing a mask in a dream, it means that he will commit adultery with his servant. Ifa woman sees herselfremoving her veil in public in a dream, it means that she will be tried with a calamity that will take away her sense of shame.

If she loses her khimiir in the dream, it means that she may lose her husband. Ifshe finds it again in the dream, it means that her husband will return to her. In a dream, a khimar also represents one’s religion. (Also see Veil; Yashmak)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Attire; Cap; Garb; Mantilla; Khimar; Veil)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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