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Oven Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

(Fire; Furnace; Grill; Head of household; Kiln; Range) If one sees himself lighting an oven for heating, or cooking on it in a dream, it means increase in earnings and benefits for one’s own growth.

An oven in a house in a dream means bringing a solution to a problem, or winning victory over one’s enemies.

An oven without accumulation of ashes in a dream means a bad marriage. Dream interpretation of ovens varies sometimes depending on the type of oven one sees in his dream.

A grilling oven in a dream means imprisonment for a free man and freedom for a jailed one.

A grilling oven in a dream also represents a respected man of knowledge who is sought to deliver legal opinions or views of wisdom that will satisfy both parties in a claim.

The house range in a dream represents the head of the household, the housekeeper, the butler, a treasure chest, one’s coffer or a safety box.

The baker’s oven in a dream represents the governor’s house, a juvenile correction house, fulfillment of one’s needs, earning one’s livelihood, or recovering from illness.

If one bakes dough in a dream, it means satisfying one’s needs, recovering from illness, winning victory over one’s enemies, or opponent, winning a court case, teaching one’s son a craft, sending one’s child to a school, enlisting one’s son in the army, or it could mean becoming wealthy.

A bakery oven in a dream also represents one’s source of income, revenues, or shop, or it could denote one’s carnal self, its good and evil nature, or it could mean changes in one’s life, profits and losses. Seeing an unknown bakery oven in a dream also represents the governor’s house, or the court house because of the fires that are kindled therein from time to time-as fire in a dream signifies power and sovereignty.

An oven in a dream also represents a marketplace.

(Also see Furnace; Heater)

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin

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