Stonemasonry Dream Meanings

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(Cutting stones; Stone carving; Sculpturing) Building a structure in a dream from masonry rather than baked brick represents elevation of one’s status, success, or stretching one’s hopes. It also could denote concerns about protecting one’s wife, adopting what is beneficial, conducting scientific research, or preserving one’s heritage. Building the base, the foundation, or the pillars from uncut stones rather than marble in a dream connotes humiliation and poverty.

If one sees that the gravestones were changed from marble into unfinished stones in a dream, it means alteration of a will left by the deceased.

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Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin

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Seeing a stonecutter in a dream means that one is close to committing a major sin.

A stonecutter in a dream also means enmity or divisiveness. Astone cutter in a dream also represents an experienced person at dealing with, treating and healing the pains of the hardened hearts.

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