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What does Aunts mean in dream?

Aunts | Dream Meanings

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They symbolise a person’s paternal uncles, aunts etc. Any defect ion them is suggestive of similar misfortune regarding them.... Islamic Dream Interpretation
These symbolise a persons paternal and maternal uncles and aunts.

The upper ones will then symbolise the males and the lower ones the females.

If a person sees any of these as fallen, and he does not pick them up nor or count them, it means one of his relatives will die. And if he sees all of them having fallen and he does not pick them up nor does he count them it suggest that he will outlive all of them, being the last to die.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

These symbolise one’s maternal uncles and aunts.... Islamic Dream Interpretation
(Male reproductive glands) In a dream, testicles represent the elements of husband and wife, one’s two children, trade, business, doors, doormen, money pouch, or the female members of one’s family, including sisters, daughters, mother or aunts. Whatever affects one’s testis in a dream may manifest in events affecting any of the above.... Islamic Dream Interpretation
Aboo Ammaarah Attayyaan (RA) reported to us that he revealed a dream of his to Imaam Muhammad bin Sireen (RA) that it was as if he had seen a separ or lance in his hand.

The Imaam asked whether he had seen the point of the lance or not. He said no. Upon this he said: “Had you seen the point, a son would have been born to you. But now you will have female issues only.” He pondered for a moment, then said: “ In all, twelve daughters will be born to you”.

(After many years) it is reported from Muhammad bin Yahya that when he revealed the above incident to Abul Waleed (RA) the latter laughed saying: “I am the son of one of them. I have eleven maternal aunts and Aboo Ammaarah Attayyaan was my grandfather. May Allah shower His blessings upon him and us and all the Muslims.”... Islamic Dream Interpretation