Bars of iron, steel or lead Dream Meanings

Bars Of Iron, Steel Or Lead Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

He will receive the fortunes of this world if they are in their original form or molten.
Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation
Author: Ibn Seerin


(Chemical; Hunt; Pipe) Discovering lead as a mineral in one’s dream means prosperity and strength in one’s livelihood. Forging lead in a dream means becoming competently qualified in one’s craft. Lead in a dream also represents earnings from a despicable source based on passion and wantonness. Lead in a dream also means becoming courageous, or unfailingly speak what’s on one’s mind. Carrying a container of liquid lead in a dream means that one should be careful about his expenses. Melting a bar of lead means a dispute or a prattle.... lead dream meaning

Bars Of Gold

Seeing bars of gold or crockery made from gold means losing some of a person’s wealth or the king or governor becoming unhappy or disillusioned with him.... bars of gold dream meaning

Bars Of Silver

Seeing these in the dream is regarded as better than seeing bars of gold since they (bars of silver) symbolise excellence and good fortune.

If a person sees himself as having received a piece of silver with no design on it, it means he will marry a beautiful woman.... bars of silver dream meaning

Fire Iron

(See Poker)... fire iron dream meaning


In a dream, iron represents longevity.

If one sees himself holding a piece of iron in his dream, it means wealth and strength after poverty and weakness. Ifone sees himselfeating a piece of iron in a dream, it means victory in his life.

If he eats it with bread in the dream, it means bearing difficulties in his livelihood. Discovering iron as a mineral in a dream means prosperity and strength in one’s livelihood. Forging iron in a dream means becoming competent and qualified in one’s craft.

To own iron in a dream means wealth which is accumulated with great pain.

(Also see Bond’; Fetter)... iron dream meaning


(See Elders; Star)... leaders dream meaning

Limbs Of The Body Becoming Iron

If a person sees his arms, calves of the legs, clothes etc. Becoming iron it means he will attain along life.... limbs of the body becoming iron dream meaning

Ring Made Of Iron

Wealth that a person will receive from the king.... ring made of iron dream meaning

Spiritual Leader

(See Army’s flag; Minaret; Spiritual gathering)... spiritual leader dream meaning

Students’ Leader

(See Assistant teacher)... students’ leader dream meaning

Yellow Ring Or A Ring Made Of Lead

He will be the receipient of things of little value.... yellow ring or a ring made of lead dream meaning