Iron | Dream Meanings

What does Iron mean in dream?

In a dream, iron represents longevity.

If one sees himself holding a piece of iron in his dream, it means wealth and strength after poverty and weakness. Ifone sees himselfeating a piece of iron in a dream, it means victory in his life.

If he eats it with bread in the dream, it means bearing difficulties in his livelihood. Discovering iron as a mineral in a dream means prosperity and strength in one’s livelihood. Forging iron in a dream means becoming competent and qualified in one’s craft.

To own iron in a dream means wealth which is accumulated with great pain. (Also see Bond’; Fetter)

Iron | Dream Meanings

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He will receive the fortunes of this world if they are in their original form or molten.... Islamic Dream Interpretation
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If a person sees his arms, calves of the legs, clothes etc. Becoming iron it means he will attain along life.... Islamic Dream Interpretation
(See Bondi; Fetter)... Islamic Dream Interpretation
Wealth that a person will receive from the king.... Islamic Dream Interpretation
Seeing a turtle in a protected environment or sanctuary means that the people of that place appreciate and honour Islamic knowledge.... Islamic Dream Interpretation