The meaning of the symbols of writing and exam seen in a dream.

Writing exam on dream

What does the symbols of writing and exam mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Writing Exam

4 dream interpretation about writing and exam related.

Examples Of Geneses Of Thing

Trees, Voracious animals and birds.

If these are seen in ones dream (individually or collectively) they may very likely mean men.... examples of geneses of thing dream meaning

Examples Of The Nature And Characteristics Of Things

A date tree. This may be interpreted as total goodness and virtue since the date tree is regarded as a tree constituting total goodness as is known from the hadeeth. One the other hand a walnut tree may be interpreted as a person who is deceptive as well as quarrelsome. Why? Because it is by nature very hard and its core cannot be attained until broken or split open.

The nature of birds is to fly. Therefore, the one towards whom a bird is associated may be said to be traveling very often and widely.

A peacock may be interpreted as a wealthy non-Arab king who adopts much embellishments and who has many followers.

The same applies to a royal white falcon or eagle. But if it is a crow or a magpie, it represents an evil person.

As shown in the above examples, the Mu’abbir should be able to drawn analogies before interpreting a dream.

If he does so, he will be rightly-guide, by the will of Allah.

And Guidance is from Allah alone.... examples of the nature and characteristics of things dream meaning


(Touch) In a dream, examining means spying, eavesdropping or paying attention to a conversation one should not listen to.... examine dream meaning


(See Book; Letter; Write) y... writing dream meaning