What Did The Mayans Predict?

What Did The Mayans Predict?As everyone knows, most of us are aware that Dec 21, 2012 was considered to be the end of the world following the calendar of the Mayans. However, did it really come true and occur exactly as what Mayans had said? What we’re more curious about is in what way this apocalypse rumor has started to spread across the world? Take a closer look into the whole matter right now. In general, we don’t have any idea about the way the Mayan calendar is supposed to work, and the reason why it has to be the end of the world foretold by them.

By examining the math and calendar system of Mayan (you can view detailed knowledge of the entire system on HowStuffWorks), but I’d like to give you a simpler explanation of the Mayan calendar right here for your better understanding. First of all, there’s one important thing you need to understand that Mayans are even not there. They’re supposed to be a group of hard-working American ethnic people residing in Mesoamerica, what we know here has been now the southern Mexico of Guatemala and other surrounding regions.

The fact that their own civilization has been divided into 03 periods with their descendants still creates almost the population in the historic zone. Then what kind of thing that could make the Mayans so particular? It must be the civilization of the Mayan, the only pre-Columbian American civilization that is seen to have become a fully developed written system of Math and language.

According to Mayan theories when it comes to time, it’s based on the cycles that could repeat themselves and spread all over the history. For this reason, many of them decided to use different calendars. In their culture, 13 and 20 are the numbers considered to be the most significant, so the Mayan would depend on two calendars using the numbers 13 and 20.

Mayan’s Predictions

In the August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be swallowed with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it. In August, 2000, Kursk submarine actually suffered the perishableness.

The American brethren will be attacked by the steel birds with the wolves are said to be being howling in a bush. The blood of the innocent will gush. September 11, 2001, that really happened.

Several disasters could shake the whole world. People’s mentality can change, and they will be separated by their own faith.

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