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Understand the meaning of your dreams.

"a dream is never just a dream"

Gold in mouth

Arguing with dead mum in dream

Closing door in bathroom

Holding door in bathrrom

One grey hair

One white hair

I gave birth to the antichrist

Seeing a relative cry

Given a gift

Seeing house full of relatives in joy

Hit with an arrow

Stolen blanket and sheets dream meaning

Seeing multiple suns

Received old jacket

Me and my brother in car accident midnight dream

Lying down on the floor

Someone breaking up with you

Hugging and kiss a death persone

Streetkids attacking me in a dream meaning

Pink colo

Pink blanket

Snake change tiger

Daughterinlaw gave birth to a boy

Dreaming about writing exam

A man was gay

Tearing my body

Opening my body

Tearing my stomach

Doing postmortem for my body while i was awake

Climbing stairs with cats everhwhere

Dreaming my husband go to abroad

Swallowing crown in your dream

Dead persons feet

What does it meaning pulling worms mouth in the dream?

Seeing tied up animals under a tree

Dream of moons cover the whole sky

Seeing yourself hugging a boy you know

Virgin girl having baby girl

Seeing lizard into house wall

Meaning of eating garri in dream

Travelling with a dead father

White hijabi girl

Dream of menstruation on pad

Being a pregnant in dream and bleeding periods

Dead 2nd time

Seeing a dead person bleeding

Frying eggs for dead person in dream meaning?

Seeing your x crush to talk with you

Seeing a loved girl

Beating someone who is stealing from you

Shrimp piercing my navel


What happenes if we see hazart ghouse pak in dreams

Bit by dog

If we see dog in dream

Cat give birth to kittei

Fighting dogs bite

What it mean dream your crush

What it mean dream make fufu

Eating a bottle

Blood for vagena

A big snake bite you

Pee on prayer mat

To dream of dhal

To dream of yellow dhal in clear package in the cupboard

Saw three big fish in my dream

Someone who promised me contract

Someone who promised me

White dupatta in someone

Someone confessing their love for you

Dreaming of kimono

Dreaming of long kimono

My son gets intoxicated

Dirty cloth in the toilet

Receiving money from dead friend of father

Dream about husband gave me money

Picking nailon the ground

Meeting with a king in a dream

Slapping my son

Chase snake

See dead perso

Plucking turkey berry ???? in a dream

Rat leaving garbage cans

Praying soorah al shoora

What does it meaning dead person white hair in the dream

Seeing a woman with rings and bracelets

I saw my neck covered with hair in a dream meaning

What does it meaning brother crying asking forgiveness in the dream?

Giving tasbih in a dream

Giving tasboh bead in a dream

Giving ya

Asking dead person for cold water to drink

Friend stress

Siringes through my hand

Siringes theough my hand

Mother wounded

Someone doing jaddoo on u

Killing plenty ants in the dream

Pain on hand

My child is kidnapped in dream