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Understand the meaning of your dreams.

"a dream is never just a dream"

Cashew nus

Seeing scars pimples

Rescued before tsunami

Sheep mating

Giving medicine to dead enmy in dream

My student

Unknown person dies

Elephant footprints


Reading aayat al kursi

Dream interpretation about going home by uding riksha

Smoking in dream

Smoked in dream

Green apple seen indream by pregnant women

Sister giving birth to twins

Seeing lots of insects in bathroom

Performing prayer behind a imam teenager in group

Father have cancer

Dreaming with dead relative

Dream of dead relative pooping

Dead relative pooping me a

Carrying live baby embryo

Live baby embryo

Tide up

Seen your wife having sex with another man

Selling copper utensils


Gemstone rings


Having sex with the president of the country

Emir sick

Emir is sick


Namaz in karbala masjid

Islamic dream about receiving a car and money gift

Prison woman

Water half fill in a dream

In a garden with a horse

Throw to water by some one

Person you like

Dreaming reading surah yasin

Ex president in a dream mean

What does it meaning half filled water in the dream

Receiving gold coins

Seeing your deceased mother praying namaz doing umrah

Seeing crows eggs




Flushing pet turtle down toilet

People seeing me in underwear


Seeing white stones in dream

Finding white stones

Adopt a baby girl

Cooking rice with black colour goat faces

Inter view

Women with breerd

A woman taking a public bath

Two woman talking to each other

Breaking baobab fruit

Breaking gaobad fruit

Lizard crawling cloth standing

Lizard crawling on my cloth when standing

Lizard crawling on cloth when standing

Walking on chair

Holding a hammer

Childhood crush

Teen age girl swiming in school pool

Reciting surah inshiqaq

Provocation for fight

Baby names

Seeing dead father in ahram in dream




Dad cocoa farm fire

Dad cocoa farm

Dead wants shoes

Loved one died because of car accident

Beniseed spiritual meaning

Beeing late to dentist appountment

Receiving fruits from the deceased

Ba t workshop

Making dua to bibi fathima

Red cow meaning

Black tigers

Shoes go missing in mosque

Bleeding from pennis

Dreaming cooking akaro with my baby father

Seeing your husband marrying another woman

What does it mean marrying my brother in a dream

What does it mean to marry my brother

Keep dreaming of husband

Name on a wall

Wearing a ring with a big blue stone

Delivering abnormal baby

Chased by sangomas

Cut head of someone

Hurt snake